Independence Here We Come!!!!! 93

Wow! If the exit poll is right, Independence is a nailed on certainty. New Labour a total busted flush, and a Scotland firmly behind the SNP being ruled by David Cameron and a Tory, UKIP and Democratic Unionist coalition. Get down the bookies tomorrow and put your house on independence within five years. We won’t need a referendum. Put your mum’s house on UDI.

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93 thoughts on “Independence Here We Come!!!!!

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  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Paisley South

    Mhairi Black (SNP) : 23, 548

    Douglas Alexander (Labour) : 17,864

    Bye bye Dougie, Hello Mhairi

    Unofficial : Alex Salmond has won Gordon seat

  • Daniel

    Mary Black of the SNP spoke for English Labour voters like me. Her victory speech was inspiring and she is only 20 years of age.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Most people assume integrity in the overall electoral process – why so when the overall governmental process is fundamentally corrupt?

    Why bomb Iraq with lies – and – why destroy a functional Libya?

    Any rational answers?

    And if none – then as much as the international system is “stitched up” – why the fuck do you think that it is that difficult to stitch up a little UK election when the whole world can be done up shit street with more than a little stitching up ( thanks – Tony Blair).

    My prediction – Tories will take it – Milliband moved right – so electorate sees that as the great indicator ( regardless of rhetoric).

    That is the world we live in.


  • Courtenay Barnett


    No “And in the morning most of remain slaves..”

    Absolutely not – all shall be slaves because they all believe in an impossibly flawed electoral system assumed to be ” democracy”.


  • DavidH

    So it looks like exactly what the Scottish Nats and The Sun had hoped for – Tory coalition rule in London, SNP landslide in Jockland. Beware, though. The SNP are playing the game already.

  • Abe Rene

    Iain Orr: I wouldn’t regard every number as equally fishy, because a rigged number is not a random number. It may be more likely to be round.

    It looks as though Labour are the big losers in Scotland to the SNP, and the LibDems in England to the Conservatives. An increasingly polarisation of Parliament on national lines may be what we are witnessing, and I find it worrying.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I was just trying to explain the concept of money on The Daily Telegraph, especially to These Economic Austerity Merchants such as One of The Main Top Bods on The Daily Telegraph who wrote…

    “The parties of the Left just cannot understand that money has to be earned before it is spent”

    Number 1

    tony_opmoc 11 hours ago
    “Money has to be earned before it is spent?”
    That doesn’t even apply to a company….ask any company you like. It certainly doesn’t apply to a Sovereign Country…that issues its own money, and in fact has no need to borrow any money whatsoever. It is ludicrous to leave most of the Youth of this country either on the dole, or doing jobs that do not create any wealth. The Government should be investing, using every available means to get this Country Working and producing things that people actually want to buy, that are useful and improve the quality of life.
    The Real Wealth of a Country is in its People…and Money should be used to Motivate them to do something useful. They could for example be producing widgets to Export, and Earn some Real Money for the UK, which would more than pay back the Investment in them.
    This neoliberal nonsense is destroying real wealth, by failing to invest in the things that need doing.

    Number 2

    tony_opmoc johngault3 • 19 minutes ago

    You missed it mate, but you will never understand…until you end up on a desert island…a million miles from anywhere…with 100 other people…and no one has any money..cos its not yet been invented….

    What happens next…when I come along with these golden pebbles..I found on the other side of the island in a high up mountain..and I alone know their secret location…and they all want one…

    Will they start doing some build some shelters before the storm comes..and do some fishing…and find some food..and do all the work required to survive utilising their own individual talents..the things that they are good at???

    Or will they just kill me, and steal all my golden pebbles, do fck all and die?

    I don’t know…but that is the only real use of money.

    To motivate people to do some useful work.

    People like being motivated and encouraged..and they like rewards for their hard work..golden pebbles..which they can trade with other people..for the things that they have done…like a few fish to eat.

    I can’t explain it more simply than that.


  • Daniel

    Abe, Ed’s big error in Scotland was his adamant rejection of doing any deal with the SNP. It’s predictable, therefore, that many leading Labour figures are disingenuously blaming the people of Scotland for having the temerity to vote for the SNP predicated to a large degree on old Labour values. What has to be recognized it that the majority of English voters essentially lean to the right and the Scots to the left.

  • DavidH

    Sorry to try and piss on the parade already, Craig, but there is no way you can think of the SNP as anti-establishment. Salmond is still in bed with Rupert Murdoch. Sturgeon is riding a wave of popularity bought with dishonest or delusional promises of government spending she can’t hope to fund. Their track record in areas such as education in Scotland speaks for itself, where they’ve had complete control for years now and still haven’t been able (couldn’t be bothered?) to do anything better for the Scottish people. No – they are a useless, inward-looking, in-fighting, power-hungry bunch of politicians. Just like all the others.

  • lysias

    It’s a disaster for the credibility of the pollsters.

    It will be if the exit poll is borne out by the results. But how much has Labour so far lost outside of Scotland (and the pollsters predicted the losses in Scotland)?

  • lysias

    If the results in England do indeed turn out to be influenced by the fear factor about Scotland, that will mean the switched votes were anti-Scottish. Let Scots draw their conclusions from that.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Salmond has always been on the “Team” – The Neocon Team.

    The same Team as Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Miliband…etc…Probably Putin too..but maybe he jumped is possible to escape this mind control and Do the Job you Are Supposed To Do..which is To Represent The People of Your Own Country Who Made You Their Leader..Rather Than working For “The Americans”

    I don’t know about Ed Miliband…but the fact that the Nu-Labour Blairites hate him is a Positive Sign..Just Because They are Brothers…doesn’t mean that they “THINK” the same…and please do not try and drown me with “this” Religious shit. Its just as much bollocks as The Catholic shit I was drowned in when a kid…I resurfaced and crawled myself up out of the swamp, and escaped this Religious Dictatorship…when I was 15 on moral grounds.

    Meanwhile, I could of course be Deceived..but To Me, Nicola Sturgeon not only appears to be a Massive Breath of Fresh Air….But The Only Current Leader IN THE UK…

    I mean..look at The Rest of Them..

    I get the Distinct Impression That Nicola Sturgeon would Fight Any Leader in The World – Putin, Merkel or Hillary Clinton etc.. in Order To Support The Interests of The People who Elected Her

    The Rest of Them are Already, Bought, Paid, Blackmailed and Indoctrinated/Brianwashed..with This Neoliberal Shit..which Ultimately is a World, Dictated To By Extremely Evil Powerful Psychopaths who have absolutely no Conscience whatsoever. Their only interest is Power and Control. They are not there to do any good to the Rest of The Life on This Planet (including us humans)

    That is just the way it is..There is Virtually No Resistance To it.

    Welcome to Your Resistance To World Globalisation – Craig Murray…Your Independence is Refreshing Too.

    What’s The Score??

    Lying Bastards 10 – Honest People 0 ?


  • Tony_0pmoc


    I have no idea what “tiotropium mist inhalers” are..but when I was a kid, and yes I had all the childhood diseases….and a very small number of innoculations…asthma was extremely rare..sure most of us got bronchitus…but the air was thick with coal dust…we got over it..seriously I cannot remember a single death in my childhood years..yet we were brought up in some of the most polluted, hardest conditions…

    Now ask any school teacher…about 10% of the kids in any class are asthmatic and carry inhalers….I have no idea what other drugs they might be on…

    Our kids were brought up by their Mum at home..when they came home from school they would typically ask for a fresh carrot (I don’t know how the fck we did it..but we did)

    I Know asthma attacks can be incredibly dangerous..cos I used to work with a young bloke who was asthmatic…He had one when he was about..25-30 ..and he died..and he was a lovely guy.

    My Son’s current Girlfriend had an Asthma Attack at Work on Tuesday and Was Rushed To Hospital.

    She now seems O.K…but a little bit vulnerable.

    She is 22 years old.

    wtf can I say..cos I know how EVIL The Pharmaceutical Industry Is…but that is just an example of how totally corrupted all our institutions have become.

    I keep well away…work hard…and only go to my Doctor…the Day Before I am About To Die..well for My Death Certificate…I like to keep The Paper Work in Order.

    Cunts – They Tried to Kill Me 11 Years Ago.


  • DavidH


    I think you are right and well thought out. Also your views on money elsewhere – very enlightened! It’s a pity others have to be so tribal in their responses. If what you are saying doesn’t fit easily and exactly into the “Left” or “Right” boxes and up or down voted accordingly then they can’t even read it. Their loss, in my opinion.

    I’m actually quite a positive and optimistic person myself. I just don’t think we can or should expect miracles from politicians.

    And Craig used to impress me with his independence and insistence on seeing things from all angles. I think now he’s getting a bit carried away with this SNP stuff and displaying the same kind of tunnel vision he used to despair of in others…

    Sturgeon will fall in line, no doubt who’s paying her bills.

  • Daniel

    Post-Miliband, will Labour revert to Blairism or will they acknowledge the changing ideological shifts reflected by the success of the SNP and return to their core? I maintain that in the medium to long term Scotland’s victory will be a victory for progressives throughout the UK as a whole.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Craig Twists in The Winds..He is Vulnerable Too Like We all are.

    His Book “Murder in Samarkand” Blew Me Away.

    He will find his own destiny.

    I am convinced he is an honest man of tremendous courage.

    And it is O.K. to change your mind in the face of extremely strong evidence that conflicts with your own opinion which you were convinced was the truth…

    If you can do that, then your mind is still alive and you are capable of learning no matter how old you are…

    The old jesuit thing….”Give me a Boy Till The Age of 7″ is unfortunately true..for the vast majority of us…

    That is the Problem..Our Critical Thinking – that we were all born with – is then destroyed by Authority whilst we are still a Child.

    Very Few Escape This Mind Control.

    The TV..just Reinforces it and then we are just brain fodder for the mass programming.


  • Observer

    INCREDIBLE !! Labour (and the chatterati) have still not figured out “wot won it” for Cameron and his Cons.

    HINT -£800 BILLION over 5 years

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Delighted at the result for the SNP. Well done you. Also the Brighton Greens.

    BUT (when you sober up).
    Reflect that the Tories and Labour will scramble into bed with each other to prevent the disUnion. The dirty tricks haven’t started yet.

    And that this looks very much like a protest vote by everything that isn’t a Tory, due to Tory brutality and perceived Labour ineptitude and impotence. Labour wouldn’t have done so badly in England if UKIP hadn’t been picking up a rather consistent percentage of their votes. The SNP now has five years to establish a modus operandi, and obtain results.

    It’s not that long.

  • Observer

    In ONE TERM of 5 years they have burrowed and infused MORE money (£800b) into the economy than Labour did over its preceding THREE TERMS of 15 years ! Bwahahaha, balls !

  • Observer

    Osborne’s ecocainomics “wot won it”. The £800b bill to be paid by future generations – the national debt stands at £1800 billion as of today.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Though it’s entirely possible that the stockmarket surge reflects 100% approval of the Scots vote…

  • nevermind

    The nasty Tory’s kept UKIP out of Brighton Pavillion, what a shock horror, With Caroline Lucas increasing her majority to 5000.
    That some youthful new posters here blame the Greens for an increase in Tory support is wishful thinking, its the tax promises and give away’s to the rich, the lack of financial probity in tax havens, which has got them re-elected.

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