Independence Here We Come!!!!! 93

Wow! If the exit poll is right, Independence is a nailed on certainty. New Labour a total busted flush, and a Scotland firmly behind the SNP being ruled by David Cameron and a Tory, UKIP and Democratic Unionist coalition. Get down the bookies tomorrow and put your house on independence within five years. We won’t need a referendum. Put your mum’s house on UDI.

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93 thoughts on “Independence Here We Come!!!!!

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  • Richard

    I’m starting to hope Scotland votes for independence as well. Scotland can have the country it wants – but will have to pay for it themselves without any English subsidy.

  • enda clarke

    Euphoric poppycock. Wisely after the rebuff, the SNP did not make its fatuously weak and economically garbled conception of independence an issue in the GE campaign. It has no mandate for it. All opinion polls show that most Scots consider the matter closed.

    All that has happened is that the Scottish Labour political machine, which has produced mediocre ‘hard man’ MPs and southern-heading careerists for decades, received an overdue kicking. It is no more permanent a state of affairs than Labour’s national rout in 1931, which within 15 years was supplanted by its most momentous victory.

    The bounce back in Scotland may be quicker, too. It all depends on how soon and seriously Scottish Labour learns its lessons. Many voters who were Noes last autumn chose to teach it one; but that does not make them convinced Yessers when the question is posed directly and the polling-place pencil is hovering over the paper.

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