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This Greville Janner interview has simply disappeared from the website of the Holocaust Educational Trust, “founding patron” Greville Janner, and from other such websites which used to host it. I can only now find it on my own blog and on a few places which copied it from my blog. It is an important interview for reasons which are very obvious if you read it.

I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children’s Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, by being out in the woods or by miracles in each case and they all spoke Yiddish and I didn’t speak Yiddish and it was very difficult to talk to them but we knew some of the same songs so we sang together in Hebrew they knew and I knew the songs and then one of them said to me the first Yiddish words I’ve ever learnt , he said “Gavreal”, which is Greville in Hebrew and (he) called me “Gavreal spishtie ping pong, ping pong” and he pushed back and forwards as though he was holding a ping pong bat so my first words in Yiddish were “ping pong” and I played Ping Pong with them and they taught me a few words of Yiddish and I found it such a moving experience that for the next eighteen months I went back to them every weekend

The deletion is not acknowledged – the evidence has simply been quietly expunged. The irony of the Holocaust Educational Trust, which exists to keep alive the evidence of a dreadful crime, expunging evidence of crime which it finds inconvenient, does not need to be emphasised by me.

Janner’s being Jewish was irrelevant to his being a paedophile. So was his being a Zionist. But he was not just any old Zionist. He was the acknowledged leader of Zionism in the UK. He was President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, he was Vice President of the Association for Jewish Youth, Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council, President of the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, on the Advisory Board of the Community Security Trust, Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust and Director of the United Jewish Israel Appeal.

These organisations were led by a man who was a predatory paedophile, yet they apparently feel no necessity to condemn his activities or to acknowledge what has happened, merely secretly deleting any particularly embarrassing references. It is like the attitude of the Catholic Church on paedophilia thirty years ago.

David Cameron, echoed by the corporate media, calls upon the millions of law-abiding Muslims in the UK to denounce and distance themselves from a few terrorist nutters with whom 99.99% of British Muslims have no connection anyway. That apparently is acceptable. But to ask that the Zionist and Jewish organisations denounce the long term criminal activities of the man who actually led those organisations, is portrayed as unacceptable racism.

This is a stinking double standard.

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217 thoughts on “Destruction of Evidence

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  • lysias

    it has to do with Mossad’s reliance on pedophile blackmail as a control mechanism>

    Mossad are not the only ones. According to Henry Vinson’s Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail, the CIA does the same. And plenty of the evidence that has come out in recent months about the Elm Guest House suggests that the British security services also do it.

  • lysias

    Telegraph has always been peculiarly close to the security services, hasn’t it?

  • Macky

    Becky Cohen; “If you’ll remember rightly Macky, my objection was to do with Craig’s initial demand that “the Jewish community” had a duty to apologise as opposed to the organisations that had Janner at their head. He deleted this, ”

    Yes I recalled that, which resulted in Craig replacing “Jewish Community’ with “Jewish Institutions”; however the issue here is the hyprocisy of different acceptable behaviour iro Public apologies, which in this case, the issue of racism is being used to justify this double standard, and also the refusal to acknowledge that a public leading figurehead figure associated with varous groups, whose conduct brings shame to those groups, is normally disassociated by a public expression of apology or regret by these very same groups.

  • Herbie

    “Mossad’s reliance on pedophile blackmail as a control mechanism.”

    But they’re all doing that now.

    We saw that at Kincora. We see it in so many of these current cases.

    The institutional response to allegations of paedophilia in political circles was to prosecute old DJs and other old media folk.

    That cynical act in itself tells you all you need to know about the coverup.

    Throw a few old names to the mob, and hope that no one notices you’re still protecting the untouchables.


    Anyway. OT. There’s gonna be an anti-trrst thingy in London over the next few days.

  • GideonsCokeAndYoureBroke

    What does BiBi say in private about controlling the USA?

    The UK is the same of course. Just dig a little deeper and it will start to make sense.

    ALL mainstream media in this country is bought and paid for and we cannot mention who the masters are.

    Red Ken exposed the MI5 blackmail in Kinkora as though he were just talking about a cricket match. Such is the disgusting nature of these people.

    We want Janner prosecuted for crimes against children. This shit has to stop.

  • glenn_uk

    Let’s stipulate for a moment that we’re only saying IF Jenner is guilty as one might justifiably assume at this point (before that all kicks off again). But IF he’s guilty, and went diddling these poor orphans every weekend for god only knows how long, it beggars belief that the staff knew absolutely nothing about, had no suspicions, and he was allowed to carry on entirely undisturbed.

    A senior politician (just the one, we take it for now) regularly spent a lot of his free time playing ping-pong with orphans? That’s when he wasn’t rescuing kittens from burning trees, and putting out old lady’s dustbins, no doubt.

    Nobody thought anything could possibly be amiss? None of the children confided in the staff?

  • Daniel

    “Btw..…most of the Jewish organisations that Craig lists in his above post aren’t actually Zionist. They may contain a large proportion of members who happen to be Zionist or strong supporters of Israel, but then so does the Republican party of the USA.”

    The key issue raised by Craig is that powerful Zionists within the ranks of powerful Jewish-Zionist organisations they oversee appear to be covering up for the alleged paedophilia of a fellow powerful Zionist who garners a significant controlling interests as well as influence within the wider Jewish community.

    As Craig alluded, by removing the Janner interview from the website of the Holocaust Educational Trust and the websites which used to host it, it’s Jewish-Zionist chief executive, Karen Pollock, its Jewish-Zionist chairman, Paul Phillips and its Jewish-Zionist president, Stephen Rubin appear to be covering up for their “founding patron”, the Jewish-Zionist Greville Janner.

    Perhaps, Becky Cohen, you would care to comment on this specific pertinent issue, particularly as Habbabkuk has thus far failed to.

    The fact that the media aren’t crowing about this absolute scandal, when they would be if such abuse happened within, for instance, the Catholic community is another significant point you may wish to comment on.

  • GideonsCokeAndYoureBroke

    Kincora. Excuse my fat fingers. I despise these touch screen things. Probably a few other sp & gramatical errors too. Please excuse.

    Yes the Telegraph as I have stated have long been told what to print by MI5. I wouldn’t refer to them as security services. They seem to do the exact opposite. Newsspeak.

    Here is Red Ken:

    ‘Boys were being abused and MI5 were filmimg’.

    Like water off a ducks back.

    This system is sick and rotten to the core.

    We want Janner prosecuted for crimes against children.

  • Daniel

    “On an observatrional note: Habbabkuk (la vita è bella) is quite skilled in his art (subtle distraction), just nudging things enough so as to go unnotices but far enough but to enable shrouding of the main point I am so glad that Daniel 29 Jun, 2015 – 2:13 pm took the time to point it out.

    Habbabkuk 29 Jun, 2015 – 1:38 pm:
    “BTW and just to clarify : I have no problem with the idea that the organisations concerned should denounce Janner.”

    The point is though, they haven’t. On the contrary, as Craig’s commentary would seem to suggest, they appear to be rallying around him.”

    I think you’ve nailed it Lwtc47.

  • Ishmael

    What I know about this establishment is any injustice is overlooked, sidelined, for “legitimacy” trumps all. Abusive institutions, like people, you just don’t question. Only when forced is there any accountability.

    “Gentlemen, this is a test. Moments such as these are matters of faith. To fail is to invite doubt into everything we believe, everything that we have fought for. Doubt will plunge this country back into chaos, and I will not let that happen.”

    V for Vendetta, Chancellor speech.

  • Mary

    Lysias The author of the pathetic defence of Janner in the Torygraph you linked to is one Matthew Scott, a barrister at Pump Court Chambers.

    ‘Matthew Scott
    Year of call: 1985

    Matthew specialises in serious crime, including murder, serious sexual and violent offences, offences against children as well as cases involving drugs and fraud.’

    Remember Janner’s son is also a barrister

    as indeed was Janner himself and a QC.

  • Daniel

    “@Daniel. It seems sound to me. I’ve been researching relentlessly for nearly 4 years now. That there is a profound link there is no doubt in my mind.

    Oh and Zionist by name, Zionist by nature. Crypto or not. We’re just not allowed to say it as stipulated by Voltaire and Craig’s posting rules and Mr Cameron etc.”

    A couple of points I need clarification on:

    Are you saying that Zionists/Zionism and Jews/Judaism are synonymous?

    Are you saying that Jews alone have a tendency to abuse power?

  • Ishmael

    Personally I think ‘chaos’ would produce better outcomes than we currently exist in. Things would never get like this if it was not for these institutions nature…

    Ie look at BB, one nutter in a living room acting like god. What do people expect? Most all institutions are totalitarian, corporations, government, law. And your likely out on the streets noways if you get the boot. There is no safety net. And if anyone does not think they don’t keep tabs on some people, I think your mistaken.

    Maybe we can rent a nice French bomb To poof them out of existence.

  • Ishmael

    How many people go on about this as a “Free country”? since I was a child. Have you no shame. Self inflicted blindness on a mass scale. It’s not like it’s new here is it.

    Whole place needs scrapping and rebuilding from the ground up. Goodnight.

  • RobG

    The following is an interview done last Saturday by George Galloway on his programme on Sputnik News (part of Russia Today). Galloway is interviewing Mark Watts, Editor of Exaro News, which has been in the forefront of exposing the Westminster child sex abuse scandal. This clip has been taken directly from RT, but notice that during the early part of the clip, where Galloway starts naming names, the sound goes down.

    Even Putin & Co are too afraid to say it out loud.

    The complete RT show can be found here:

  • Tim Hoddy


    You ought to do a bit more research. There is an elephant-in-the room sized connection between Zionists and Paedophilia and crimes against children. They are desperately trying to keep a lid on it. Ask Jill Dando and Gareth Williams. Oh you can’t. My bad. Maybe drop Sir Cliff a line then. Sir Cliff was told to come play tennis in Israel. He said no. Then he changed his mind pronto. I wonder why?

    Have you any idea how deranged all this sounds? Where’s the real evidence for these bizarre ideas?

    This is simply anti-semitic nonsense.

  • lysias

    Gavreal, Don’t forget the recent revelations about former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who it appears molested several teenage boys as a teacher/coach at his town’s high school. In the case of at least one of the boys, the molestation started at age 14.

    Is it just coincidence that this man was suddenly elevated to the post of Speaker of the House. Or did the Powers That Be choose him because they knew they could control him?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Becky Cohen
    29/06/2015 7:00pm

    “The tide of sympathy might well turn away from those who are claiming that they were tortured and raped by an establishment paedophile ring to a frail old man with dementia – whether he is guilty or not, there’s a good chance that the general public will start to see him as a sad, confused man with a terminal illness being persecuted”

    Highly unlikely. Strictly in the sense of arousing the sadism and bloodthirstiness of the public at large, paedophiles are the new witches, in my opinion. I have seen comments on discussion threads about this topic which are so barbarous as to defy belief. They would be put to death by slow and prolonged torture as a spectacle for crowds, if a large body of public opinion had its way.

    I confess to considerable concern about this, not because I have sympathy for paedophiles, but because I think it’s undesirable for there to be a group of people against whom it is publicly felt that anything goes, any atrocity is justified. I feel these impulses towards sadistic revenge and punishment myself, and I am thoroughly on guard against them. I believe that the more horrendous the accusations against someone, the more important it is that due process is most scrupulously followed.

    I am very glad that it looks as if there will be a trial of the facts for Janner, because it will give his alleged victims an opportunity to give their testimony formally and under oath, and to have their credibility ruled on by a jury. The Telegraph writers do not seem to appreciate how important it is that alleged victims should have their day in court.

    Kind regards,


  • Resident Dissident

    Perhaps rather than seeking to destroy evidence the Holocaust Education Trust is just trying to distance themselves from Janner and removing all references to him from their website – which is of course what they have done

    I very much doubt that they are naïve enough that in this day and age evidence can be destroyed by its deletion from a website.

    One would hope that in the course of time and if Janner is found guilty they will come to acknowledge and condemn his activities – but as a first step in that direction I would have thought that removing I daresay fairly laudatory references to Janner would be something to encouraged as moving in the right direction rather than discouraged. And I would say the same for those who in the past have supported other terrorists or tyrants and have started to see through them.

  • mike

    I’m assuming Janner will die quite soon, much like Leon Brittan. These chaps must take their secrets to the grave.

  • Resident Dissident

    I should add that given his work on getting Janner brought to trial and on exposing Cyril Smith Simon Danczuk would be a very worthy recipient of the Contrarian Award for which he has been nominated.

  • lysias

    If Janner doesn’t cooperate and die soon, perhaps his departure will be facilitated.

    Just watched that Sputnik News clip. “Biggest scandal in Britain since the war.” Boy, I sure wish I could lipread.

  • GideonsCokeAndYoureBroke

    Watch Hague squirm (no donughting there):

    He’s lying. Again. Ask him about care boy’s care homes MI5 and Dolphin Sq.

    He just loves to bomb Syrians though.

    Cui Bono?

  • BrianFujisan


    Here one can find some Videos of the Crew of the Marianne speaking ” if you are watching this video, it means israel have yet again broken international Law ”

    i think if you let the videos run, one follows the next –

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