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This Greville Janner interview has simply disappeared from the website of the Holocaust Educational Trust, “founding patron” Greville Janner, and from other such websites which used to host it. I can only now find it on my own blog and on a few places which copied it from my blog. It is an important interview for reasons which are very obvious if you read it.

I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children’s Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, by being out in the woods or by miracles in each case and they all spoke Yiddish and I didn’t speak Yiddish and it was very difficult to talk to them but we knew some of the same songs so we sang together in Hebrew they knew and I knew the songs and then one of them said to me the first Yiddish words I’ve ever learnt , he said “Gavreal”, which is Greville in Hebrew and (he) called me “Gavreal spishtie ping pong, ping pong” and he pushed back and forwards as though he was holding a ping pong bat so my first words in Yiddish were “ping pong” and I played Ping Pong with them and they taught me a few words of Yiddish and I found it such a moving experience that for the next eighteen months I went back to them every weekend

The deletion is not acknowledged – the evidence has simply been quietly expunged. The irony of the Holocaust Educational Trust, which exists to keep alive the evidence of a dreadful crime, expunging evidence of crime which it finds inconvenient, does not need to be emphasised by me.

Janner’s being Jewish was irrelevant to his being a paedophile. So was his being a Zionist. But he was not just any old Zionist. He was the acknowledged leader of Zionism in the UK. He was President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, he was Vice President of the Association for Jewish Youth, Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council, President of the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, on the Advisory Board of the Community Security Trust, Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust and Director of the United Jewish Israel Appeal.

These organisations were led by a man who was a predatory paedophile, yet they apparently feel no necessity to condemn his activities or to acknowledge what has happened, merely secretly deleting any particularly embarrassing references. It is like the attitude of the Catholic Church on paedophilia thirty years ago.

David Cameron, echoed by the corporate media, calls upon the millions of law-abiding Muslims in the UK to denounce and distance themselves from a few terrorist nutters with whom 99.99% of British Muslims have no connection anyway. That apparently is acceptable. But to ask that the Zionist and Jewish organisations denounce the long term criminal activities of the man who actually led those organisations, is portrayed as unacceptable racism.

This is a stinking double standard.

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    PS. Ronson is also vice-president of the NSPCC and Leon Brittan’s cousin. More lols soon…

  • Mary

    Gerald Ronson CBE served 6 months of a one year prison sentence when convicted on four charges of theft and fraud. Also fined £1m.

    No irony then on his aspirations for his family members here.

    ‘When asked about his family and Jewish heritage in an interview with the Jewish Telegraph, Ronson responded: “I am a proud Jew […] when I go back to when I was a young boy, nothing has changed and that’s how I look at the Ronson family, involved in school building, whether it be Israel, the Jewish Leadership Council, Jewish Care or most of the major organisations I’ve been involved in”. He wants his four daughters, six grandchildren and eventual great-grandchildren to “understand who they are, what they are, what their background is and what their responsibility is. I’ve given them the tools to be able to continue doing those things in their life which I believe will make them good people”.

    Ronson is also related to senior UK politicians Sir Malcolm Rifkind and the late peer Leon Brittan.’

    See who loaned him money when his company crashed. A network.
    ‘Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Craig McCaw, Oracle Corporation’s founder, Larry Ellison.’

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Returning to the more immediate matter of Janner, whose connection with Ronson is what I was trying to concentrate on, Mary….assuming everyone else can find Wikipedia too…here, on a site which the sensitive might find distressing (‘White Identity, Interests and Culture’) is a much more comprehensive review of Janner’s associates and activities, much of it verifiable. I fully accept that this is not the sort of site with which one would wish to be seen in public, but the research on this topic if no other is detailed.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Re the c&p from Wikipedia @ 1.52:

    Ronson, and back on-topic, Janner, are associated with a bunch of decidedly shady businessmen and fixers, because they have something in common. In this instance it is Judaism, or the pretence thereof. It might just as easily be tennis, in which case they would have taken over Wimbledon rather than the CST. And the networking value of the takeover might well be similar. Their wives are Jewish too, shock horror. That is because outmarriages are not encouraged in Judaism. They contribute a lot more to charity than we do, if for entirely the wrong reasons. These include social prestige, business connections, tax avoidance, and sometimes, camouflage (see J. Savile, a Catholic). I am glad they do. I only wish they did not have to subvert our government to do so – there might be fewer people needing charity if they didn’t.

    Returning to the topic: ‘Lord’ Kalms (for donations to the Conservative Party) is a trustee of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation. Google ‘kalms janner’ and you will find a link on the first page to this :
    with the usual extract from the page:
    Canon Dr Giles Fraser; The Rev Lord Griffiths of Burry Port; Sir Ronald Harwood CBE, FRSL; The Lord Janner of Braunstone QC; The Lord Kalms; David Kaye …

    Ah, but. If you actually go to that link, The Lord Janner (for services to the Labour Party) has disappeared. You may only have my word for it until Google updates itself, so check it out.

    Janner is rapidly being written out of Jewish history, it would seem.

    And for the Wikipedia war, Janner was once hit by Lord Bramall:,_Baron_Bramall

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Developing the theme of the JLC as an association for the seriously moneyed, in which Janner was omnipresent, another major party donor, ‘Lord’ Fink (for £2.62M to the Tories, of which he is treasurer), was present under its aegis at the second annual Purim tea in the House of Lords:

    And so was Janner. See also:

    What comes around goes around and around and around.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    I know you mean well, but do please think a little before posting. You do neither your own reputation nor that of this blog any favours when you write things like this:

    “far too many apologists here for Janners past”

    I don’t think a single person posting on here has tried to excuse the crimes Janner is accused of having committed. At best (or worst) some people have cautioned against finding him guilty before a trial (pr trial of facts) has so found.


    “@Habby. You sing too much propaganda, what off the 300 killed in Syria this last weekend, I’m making this point to show you how your very own diversion on this blog has worked for some time now.”

    I do not see how not talking about the daily death toll in Syria can be construed as propaganda, nor how my not talking about it constitutes a “diversion”. How can not talking about the deaths in Syria be a diversion from the subject of Craig’s post, which is about Janner and the organisations he headed?


    “I repeat, those who travel to ‘ghetto resorts’ , i.e. those holding pens for tourists that like to roast themselves in the sun, get pissed and don’t do much else bar a couple of sightseeing tours, are MAGNETS, big fat juicy targets to terrorists.”

    And I repeat that that sort of observation comes unpleasantly close to saying it was the tourists’ own fault – and excusing the actions of the terrorists. Is that how you want to be interpreted?


    “I’m assuming Janner will die quite soon, much like Leon Brittan. These chaps must take their secrets to the grave.”

    Some on here will certainly interpret the above as meaning that Janner will be “died” soon (as Stavisky was “suicided” in his time). I submit that it is quite likely Janner will die in the not too distant future since the average age of death in the UK for males of Janner’s generation is around 84 – which is more or less Janner’s age now.
    It may be that you meant to say that investigations have been held off until now in the hope that he will die of natural causes before the completion of investigations: if that is so then you need to say it more clearly and not in a way which is wide open to conspiratorialist interpretation.

    I should prefer to think of you as a fool rather than as a knave. Which are you?

  • Kempe

    ” This naive blind faith in the UK Justice System is quite amazing, ”

    No one is suggesting that it’s infallible but if you can think of something better we might take you seriously.

  • Kempe

    ” Looks like Craig’s assertion of a false BBC narrative which he posted on his previous ‘ Tunisian massacre ‘ blog are proving to be validated . ”

    Except it wasn’t just the BBC and much of the confused narrative in the Guardian report is second or third hand.

  • lysias

    Once you’ve survived to a certain age (like 84), what predicts the length of your further life is not your life expectancy at birth, but the life expectancy of people who have reached that age. For an age like 84, it’s probably a few years. (Once you reach 100, it’s less than a year.)

    However, Alzheimer’s is an ultimately fatal disease. And that may accelerate Janner’s death.

  • Daniel

    No reasonable person can read the above from Mary (followed by a lost of the charities she supports/supported) – and indeed the stuff which suddenly appeared about Gerald Ronson himself – and still support the claim that there is not an very unpleasant thread of anti-Jewishness alive and well on this blog.

    All expressions of opposition to ideological and racist beliefs pertaining to choseness, exclusiveness and exceptionalism (Jewishness) ought to be welcome. Or, as far as you are concerned, is it only powerful forces within the Jewish community who are permitted a ‘free pass’? I have seen no evidence that Mary has an issue with Jewish people.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Well, your post will not make much sense to most readers because the Mod has evidently deleted mine (which was somewhat fuller than the bit you quote).

    But you have seen the full post, so perhaps you could explain the relevance to Janner and the Janner case of Gerald Ronson and his wife (about whom there have been several posts, not especially friendly in tone).

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Ah, I see that the Mod has also removed another bit of the evidence – namely, Mary’s long screed about Gerald Ronson’s wife and her charitable activities.

    So, of course, the reader who wasn’t around a few hours ago will have even more difficulty understanding what you’re writing about.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    The point was that it would not be surprising if Janner, who is now 84, were to pop off tomorrow, next month or even next year.

    Hence insinuations that he might get “died” before a trial are vexatious rather than illuminating.

  • Mary

    For clarity, all I said was that she is an assiduous fundraiser and worker and then copied the short Wiki entry (Dame Gail Ronson) which was basically a list of the charities she is associated with, some Jewish and other well known charities such as the RNIB and another at St Mary’s Hospital. It said she was given her Damehood for that work.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “For clarity, all I said was that she is an assiduous fundraiser and worker and then copied the short Wiki entry (Dame Gail Ronson) which was basically a list of the charities she is associated with, some Jewish and other well known charities such as the RNIB and another at St Mary’s Hospital. It said she was given her Damehood for that work.”

    Come off it, Mary.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Was the Swedish/Palestinian vessel “attacked” in the way most normal people would understand the word, Mary? And can you back up your “robbed” word?

    It appears that the vessel was diverted to Ashdod port, unattacked and unribbed.

  • lysias

    The life expectancy of a man at age 85 in the U.S. is 90.7 years.

    I.e., it is more probable than not that he will live a further 5.6 years.

  • Je

    Well, deleting that doesn’t exactly look like a vote of confidence in his innocence.

  • lysias

    Looking at tables, I would estimate that 5 years is about the standard deviation for life expectancy at age 84. That is to say, the probability of dying within one year is something like .025.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Hypothesis: The JLC (whether JLC stands for what it does or for ‘Just Love Corporations’) is an association of very rich and influential people with close ties to both political parties and to individual senior politicians. Several have been granted honours which look very much like rewards for throwing cash in the right direction, Michael Levy, who fundraised for Blair’s first election, being just one. The linkage between this group and the Establishment approaches that between Siamese twins. And Janner is a longstanding, central member of this group.

    If the Establishment is protecting Janner, that is why.

  • nevermind

    Thanks for the links Ba’al and Mary.
    @Habby. I don’t really care how YOU interpret my posts. And do keep up.

    Two month ago the Telegraph warned holiday makers not to go to certain Magreb countries, due to the threats of terror incidents. Should they have taken that advice, very likely backed up by some Home office information?

    Did the Home office also warned the tour operators? and what was their response to their customers?
    money money money money, who cares about their subjects…..

    It is stupid and unfortunate for anyone to holiday in ghetto resorts that have been flagged up by the Home office as dangerous countries to be enjoyed with a warning! They are magnets for Saudi/Qatari backed ISIS criminals!

  • Puzzling

    After 30 dead, any betting on what the next commons vote will be like. At least we will not see a lithuanian charge to war signaled by bercow on the floor of the commons, after Agent Cameron leads off.

  • Puzzling

    BTW there are too many issues eg bailiff/dd terrorism,NHS breakup,proprep,etc that sorely need political attention/resolution, can Mr Ronson persuade gavilea to do a Lady Porter and leave us real denizens in peace from the transient reptilians.

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