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Project Corbyn, that astonishing tidal wave movement of a tiny minority of hard left activists and other entryists which swept Labour into the ocean of unrealistic economic policy and unelectable beliefs, has run aground within 48 hours on the issue of alphabetical discrimination.

Many senior Labour sources have, within the last hour, told me that Corbyn had proved he was out of touch and a complete throwback to the 1930’s by his appointment of a shadow cabinet consisting of “old people from the start of the alphabet.”

Most people believe it has been a terrific mistake to appoint a shadow cabinet dominated overwhelmingly by people whose names begin with just the first few letters of the alphabet. Is Corbyn totally unaware of the identity politics of the modern media, many are asking. One very senior former Labour Cabinet Minister told me “Look at the key figures here. Abbott, Benn, Burnham, Corbyn. That is four of the most important posts and it doesn’t take you past the first three letters of the alphabet. This is disgusting and Labour MPs simply may not put up with it. Eagle does not take us much further and her first name is Angela. Why was there no space for Umunna?”

This kind of whispering from his own benches has the ability to undermine the completely unelectable Corbyn. A great many anonymous people have told me they were hopeful that Watson would provide balance, but these hopes were dashed by the appointment of Abbott.

Significantly I tried to query John MacDonnell on this but the aged terrorist supporter kept talking about income inequality and seeking completely to avoid the genuine issues which are worrying so many formerly very important Labour MPs, and so many in the media, today.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior former Labour Prime Minister told me “I predicted the Labour Party would fall off a cliff and they ignored me. Corbyn will be out by Christmas.” It does seem that the unelectable Corbyn, who refused to answer questions on alphabet balance, has no answers to these key questions.

Laura Kuenssberg, BBC

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69 thoughts on “Guest Post by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg

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  • Mary

    How about this for outright hounding of the man?

    Labour Leader Corbyn’s Long Walk Of Silence

    Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn ignores repeated questioning from Sky News about key appointments in his shadow cabinet.

    Who the hell is this Darren McCaffrey?

    Followed by an appearance by the NuLiebour shill Frank Field who made some sneering comment about Trappist monks and a vow of silence. Field was on BBC Radio 4 Sunday at the same game.

  • Resident Dissident

    Corbyn is in desperate need of a good press spokesman – the amateurism of his team at present is embarrassing in the extreme.

  • fedup

    I am in a quandary, is this really a serious post? Or is it a piss take?

    Sadly having lived through the nightmare of the last decade or so, and becoming used to the vernacular of the psychotic neo-tossers of all sides, in the neo21st century so far. I could take as a seres article by some hand picked propagandist who is busy rubbishing the opposition any which way, so long as they can call them, that is all that matters.

    Have you noticed that already Saddam hitler has been replaced by Corbyn hitler, in the Tory party’s effort to counter the latest developments?

    Corby is a danger to the security of our country!
    Corby is a danger to the security of our families!
    Corby is a danger to the security of our economy!

    Looks like Corby may even have some memos or speeches that can in forty five minutes create havoc in our fair lands. when do we get to send the bombers to bomb his house and the Labour party HQ?

    Sad state of affairs, how did we come to be up to our necks in this neoshit ?

  • Robert Crawford

    This is how it works, as I understand.

    Draw attention to yourself by saying something stupid, like above. This attracts the media to you and away from Corbyn, and gives energy to you, instead of Corbyn.

    They know how to draw energy away from those they are afraid of, and draw the energy to themselves.

    We are not talking up Corbyn, we are talking about this Laura whatshername. Mission accomplished. Is it not?.

    Maybe more beneficial to change the subject?

  • Alasdair Macdonald

    So, you heard it, too, Craig? Thanks for the confirmation. I am getting on and my hearing is not good. I had been thinking that Ms Kuenssberg’s reporting had been part of a dream – us older people nod off rather regularly.

  • Jon

    I don’t get to see the BBC very often, but right now a Daily Telegraph journo is being interviewed for the right, and Left Foot Forward is being interviewed for the, ahem, Left. Isn’t LFF a project of Straw Junior, and thus essentially Blairite? LFF not offering Corbyn any support.

    “Balance” indeed.

  • John Goss

    “Corbyn is in desperate need of a good press spokesman – the amateurism of his team at present is embarrassing in the extreme.”

    Are you out of a job with the move to the left? I notice you don’t normally write during the day. Were you writing for one of those front-benchers who will ‘not serve’ under Jeremy Corbyn?

  • Peter Beswick

    “This is a debate of vital importance not just about the BBC, but of broadcast journalism in general. Every journalist is affected by this, and our right to know and hear a range of views and sources. Across the Atlantic the commercial giants succeeded in under-funding and denigrating the role of National Public Radio; the continual pressure to gain new and ever more instant commercial markets has given us Fox news, (the war station), and all the news values it represents. Whatever we might think day to day about the BBC and its coverage, we must defend the principle of public service broadcasting.”

    Jeremy Corbyn

    I suspect his view on the principle remains but the BBC as an entity has proved to be not fit for purpose. Governments, the governors, self regulation, regulators and boards have failed repeatedly to get the BBC to behave as a public service with integrity.

    The BBC has to go, replaced with what, I don’t know or little care but its continued existence is harming Britain.

  • Robert Crawford

    Please let me run this past you.

    How do you respond when someone says something nasty to you, or about you?

    How do you respond when someone says something good to you, or about you?

    What happens is this, the bad goes straight back to the perpetrator. The good goes straight back to the perpetrator.

    What goes around comes around, what you put out you get back, you can only reap what you have sown.

    We always prefer the good and we respond likewise. The same is true of bad. Therefore, it goes back to source.

    If they are talking about me they are leaving someone else alone. And so on.

    The same crew rubbished the SNP and those like me who wanted Independence. They got away with that bit. Then, the public woke up to what had been done to them. How did they react? They sacked the perpetrators, wiped them out politically in Scotland, left them impotent!

    The people of England learned that lesson from the people of Scotland and did not cave in to the threats and elected Corbyn to carry out their wishes in the future. After all, it is them who pay for everything. Therefore, they are entitled to get what they pay for. Which is not AUSTERITY!!!

    Well done to them.

    How are going to sack the MPs that are against you in the Labour Party? You will need to, if you are to progress to a better and fairer life.

    The detractors will try and thwart your every move towards progress.

    Good luck, and well done again. Keep strong and do let them bully you.

    Just do it.

  • Clydebuilt

    Over weekend saw Jezza stone wall Chris Ship and Keunsberg after asking stupid Questions. Seems to me he knows exactly how to deal with the media………..c’mon Jezza

  • Sixer

    Poor Jeremy! What the Shadow Cabinet appointments actually reveal is the paucity of talent in the PLP. There aren’t 20 people with a) principles or b) a proper grasp of any particular brief amongst them. And that’s before we even get to the topic of whether or not they can agree with Corbyn’s mandate from the party members.

  • Mary

    ‘Corbyn is in desperate need of a good press spokesman – the amateurism of his team at present is embarrassing in the extreme.’

    I am sure Campbell Claret would offer his services. He’ll do anything for a fee. 30 pieces of silver perhaps.

    Alastair’s Latest Blog Post 10 August 2015

    Nice guy, good MP, making the weather: but it has to be ABC – Anyone But Corbyn. Labour could be finished if he wins I have thought long and hard, having said two months ago I didn’t intend to get involved in the Labour leadership debate, about whether to publish this piece. I am also aware that there is a risk that it will have precisely the opposite of the effect I hope it has – namely to make […]

  • Salford Lad

    I have attended Jermy Corbyn rallies and been impressed by the mans honesty and principles.He does not shirk from answering the hard questions and is well able to handle himself in any forum.
    I believe David Cameron is a political lightweight,with no core beliefs and will be shown for an empty vessel at the Dispatch Box by Corbyn.
    What JC has done is to revitalise the Labour Movement and cleanse it of the toxic legacy of Nu-LABOUR.
    This is a beginning,it may not lead to election in 2020, but the LABOUR MOVEMENT is back on track with policies to re-invigorate the Industrial base of Britain, re-shape our Foreign policy objectives and reject the obviously failed policy of austerity.

  • Salford Lad

    Repost from QE PAGE,
    Jeremy Corbyns Peoples QE is a misnomer and confuses the policy. What is meant is fiscal/money investment into the Economy to stimulate Industry, create employment and wealth.
    A Sovereign country can issue as much money as required,with the proviso that it is invested in productive wealth creating industry, using the natural resources ,labour and ingenuity of the population.Fiscal deficits do not matter. Money is created from thin air and returns to the ether.
    Keynes Quote, ‘Take care of jobs and the Economy will take care of itself.’
    Money is not wealth, it is a tool, a means of exchange, a token, When issued as debt,it is a weapon of extortion,(see Greece).
    Consider 2 men ,stranded in an arid desert,one with a suitcase full of £1 million pounds, the other with a bottle of water. Who is the wealthiest.?

  • Geoff

    The trouble is, this clearly satirical post would genuinely not even register as such if it were printed verbatim in the mainstream, such is their rabid hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn for failing to put business interests above the people he’s supposed to be representing.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior former Labour Prime Minister told me “I predicted the Labour Party would fall off a cliff and they ignored me. Corbyn will be out by Christmas.”

    PMSL. Tony Blair wanted to be anonymous? Bollocks. Kuensberg made up the quote (anticipating Blair by minutes, I would guess) but couldn’t attribute it in case Blair sued.

  • DiamondFish

    I don’t know whether to congratulate Craig or express dismay that the satire is so close to the truth that many readers couldn’t spot it immediately.

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