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I am involved quite extensively in the making of what I believe to be a valuable independent documentary. It is based on George Ponsonby’s excellent book London Calling, and has the working title How the BBC Stole the Referendum. We have already done a few hours filming of my contribution.

The film is being directed by Alan Knight. It still requires some finance, having raised over £12,000 so far from crowd sourcing. If any readers of this blog can make a contribution, it would be gratefully received. I vouch for the good faith and commitment of the production team, though I am not in any sense connected with the management or finances.

I should like to ask for a couple of other bits of help as well. Can anybody find the BBC footage of the appalling Gavin Esler puff piece for the “Vote No Borders” PR campaign. The BBC broadcast it repeatedly on every TV news programme on 2 May 2014, but seem to have managed to erase all trace of it from the internet. It might also be useful if somebody could take a little video footage of the company nameplate of Acanchi Ltd at 24 Chiswell Street, London, EC2Y 4YX. Footage of the nameplate, the street sign and a little of the surroundings, just to visually establish it is in London. The technical quality of that little bit of video is not terrifically important.


See Gill R’s comment below. The company may be at Unit 311 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH. If anyone can easily get to either address and see what they can film it would still be helpful.

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  • Ishmael

    Well i’m sure there are still issues to be considered RobG, but yea…

    I don’t know if it’s a “troll/”? though, I imagine those who control nuclear and it’s byproducts, all the capitalist class, petty much anyone with a large disparity of power they want to maintain could be included.

    I’m remained of mody dick. “All my means are sane, my motive and my object mad.”

    Anyway I must get out of this dark place, i’v seen to many discussions about oil prices on here anyway. I never engage because it’s clear what type many are, the preservative kind of horrifies me, how people talk about stuff, it’s totally not me.

    Reminds me what I liked about the recent VFP action. Throwing away medals at the discussion to bomb. I wonder how many noticed that seemingly small thing.

  • Ishmael

    When most people sleep. And it can be stored in heating, batteries. etc, etc, all been said many times before if you wanted to know.

  • fred

    “Fred, last time I looked the sun rises every morning (and I should add that solar panels do not need direct sunlight, just light).”

    Limitless I understand, unlimited I understand, unlimitless?

  • Ishmael

    the (preservative)? kind of horrifies me

    *sigh*, dunno what is was meant to be. But I meant the mindset, in another word.

  • Habbabkuk (defend reason, combat cant)


    Glad to hear you did/intend again to do something practical. Reminds me of the previous Phil, who was involved with homeless people if memory serves. I wonder how many of the other regulars on here do the same.


    BTW, I hope you don’t get reproached for your post by our Transatlantic Friend, who once quoted the Bible on here to tell people it was unseemly to tell people about your charitable or philanthropic actions. And that from a Ya

  • fred

    “When most people sleep. And it can be stored in heating, batteries. etc, etc, all been said many times before if you wanted to know.”

    So Ishmael, have you ever tried it? Did you ever live off grid?

    Theories are just theories, practice is something else.

  • Habbabkuk (defend reason, combat cant)


    “Dave, if you been through the Benelux countries and Germany recently you will see that there are solar panels springing-up everywhere.”


    A slight exaggeration, I think.

    How many bottles have you had this evening?

  • lysias

    Scene in Breaker Morant: Lord Kitchener tells prospective prosecutor the Germans are only interested in South Africa for its gold and diamonds. Prosecutor: “They lack our altruism, sir!” Kitchener: “Quite!”

    That’s an example of somebody tooting his own horn.

  • Habbabkuk (defend reason, combat cant)

    I’m with those who find Loony’s posts on electricity and its distribution clear, well-written and very instructive and interesting.

    It’s good (but unfortunately rare) to find people on here who obviously know what they’re talking about (and don’t have to keep quoting other people they’ve read all the time to make their points).

  • Habbabkuk (defend reason, combat cant)

    I think that was quoted a couple of days ago in reply to an observation of mine. Someone was obviously very impressed with that (decades-old)film.

  • RobG

    Renewables are a no-brainer.

    Many countries, and in particular an island country like Britain, could easily get most, if not all, of their energy requirements from renewables.

    It doesn’t happen, though, because fossile fuels are a ‘nice little earner’ for the Del Boy spivs who have been allowed to take over Britain.

    Cue fracking and the likes of Fred getting out their calculators to twist it all and tell us how much it costs per megawatt.

    It’s all total and utter bullshit.

    People really do need to wake-up to this.

  • MerkinScot


    “Thanks, MerkinScot, for establishing the relevance of my post to this thread’s subject. You’re quite right, my sumMary was intended to highlight BBC bias in its reporting of the illegal occupation of Palestine.”
    Thank you, Node.
    Needless to say, the BBC bias which is the subject of Mr Murray’s article needs to be fleshed out ie I am sure that the atrocities to which you referred will not be the last. That is the sadness of the situation.
    When I wrote : “Node, thank you for posting an update of the Israeli Atrocities which the biased BBC doesn’t really want us to know about.” I did so in relation to Mr Murray’s article which exposes the BBC bias in certain areas.

  • Ishmael

    “So Ishmael, have you ever tried it? Did you ever live off grid?”

    Yes, I travel and camp a lot, and lived in a house in Ireland, off grid, no solar. Fine.

    Solar is a bit of a luxury really.+ Most places in the mountains (Himalaya) its not a big issue, many live a nice life…

  • RobG

    Oh, and I don’t have the energy (Ha!) right now to give links, but I would strongly advise folks to look into the deal that allows the Chinese to build a nuclear power plant in the UK, and the cost of the electricity it will produce.

    It’s insane beyond belief.

    All the government/corporate trolls, rats, vermin, scrotums that infest boards like this will no doubt beg to differ.

    Fukushima, anyone?

  • fred

    “Cue fracking and the likes of Fred getting out their calculators to twist it all and tell us how much it costs per megawatt.”

    Don’t let me stop you. Go right ahead and tell that electricity company what they can do with their fossil fuels. Get yourself some solar panels, a wind mill and lots of batteries and go for it.

  • Ishmael

    Let’s face it, most ‘useful’ power is used to data-stream fear, control, and the ‘antidote’ to the masses.

    Plus (personally maybe) some types of artificial light are not restful, so I much rather candles in the dark, when it’s meant to be dark,

    Not that were arguing for no power, but even that with ‘innovations’ like at least Canadian speck buildings (for a country harder to say warm in many places) doesn’t put such and idea out of reach for some.

  • Ishmael

    IMO The main difficulty with UK is it’s damp, and the walls are too thin. People plough stupid amounts in to keep many places ok.

  • Herbie

    “Do her bits of “sleuthing” actually empower the oppressed and duped masses?”

    Information is Power, habby.


  • Ishmael

    O, and we have no socialism so we can’t afforded, anything, apparently. (rockets and bombs excluded from ‘reality’)

    I begin to question of it’s even moral to live in this society. like taking money from the most scumish scum ever. Though it’s the peoples money they gave away.

    Uk needs to do something like an Iceland, x10. They are just other people ffs. Not really ‘lords’ etc, etc ad-nauseum.

  • glenn_uk

    Ishmael: ““Security of the population is of zero concern to planners” Noam Chomsky.

    That’s interesting to hear it from someone so well informed, thanks. (I’m talking about NC there, of course – no offence!)

    This is a thought I’ve been pondering for some time, and argued it around with Habbabkuk too, in proposing that the government doesn’t _really_ care that much about the people it purports to represent. They’ll go ape if some danger might harm a hair on a precious, innocent citizen’s head – but only if it suits them in some fashion.

    Embarrass the opposition? Gin up a war? Opportunity to make money for your friends, or further some ludicrous point of ideology? Then champion the case of this injured innocent! Otherwise, forget about it – hasn’t the person thought about taking personal responsibility, the cry-baby? Sheesh!

    Just as a for instance, the terrorists that supposedly threaten us at every turn have entirely changed our way of life. Just as we swore they never would. We now have a lot of the trappings of a police state, spend many billions annually, when far fewer die from terrorism than in the good old days when we only had the IRA to contend with. Hardly even into two figures, on average per year. All the while, tens of thousands of pensioners freeze to death each Winter.

    Now, we’re on a war footing – and have the bills to show for it (legal and monetary).

    In the meantime, people starve while having their cases appealed or assessed. Thousands have died very soon after being declared fit for work, and their benefits denied.

    Health rationing has to take place, given limited resources. The cut-off point makes the difference between a smaller or larger number dying as a result. The cuts “savings” the NHS produces will very obviously cost a lot of lives. So will pollution, because of the lack of a decent public transport network.

    Gross inequality means that people don’t just die much younger than necessary, they also lead miserable lives.

    All of this could be addressed, but it is most deliberately ignored by government. It does not benefit the Establishment, so people can live in misery and poverty before dying there, and the only concern of government is excusing away these irritations. If they got blown up, these same worthless scroungers would be transformed at once into heroes of the first order!

    Yet the seething masses still insist on voting against their interests, time after time. That’s the power of propaganda.

  • Ken

    ‘Scottish Enlightenment’ Scotland was one of the first countries in the world to have tertiary (church) education. The Chinese – ‘Scotland the Land of Invention’.

    Act of Union 1707. Scotland was guaranteed a separate legal system, Church (education) and was supposed to be treated equally. (Forever). Shared Protestant Monarch. The ‘clearances’. The Irish Famine. The European Royals (Interdependant treaties) caused the 1WW. The ‘divine right of kings’. Czar invaded Germany. Victoria’s grandsons. Inbred Royals. Cousins married cousins, their parents were cousins. Russian Revolution 1917. The Royals are supposed to be impartial but are involved in illegal Wars.

    Westminster caused the Irish troubles. Westminster passed an Irish Home Rule Bill in April 1914. The Lords delayed it till September 1916. The 1WW 1914 – 18. Ulster an Apartheid State. Discriminated against Catholics – not treated equally. The Masons.

    Scottish Oil sector Westminster takes 50% of production. + 25% tax. Costing Scotland £Billions.
    Multinationals making vast profits tax evade through the City of London, including Whisky Companies, with Westminster collusion. HMRC is not fit for purpose. Westminster does not enforce it!’s own Laws but hides it’s criminality under the Official Secrets Act. The McCrone Report. Thatcher.

    Scotland voted against illegal Syria airstrikes. The planes are taking off from the NE. Scotland wants rid of Trident based at Faslane costing £170Billion but has to pay for it. Where’s the waste being dumped. Rosyth. Where’s the democracy or equality? Cameron wants less immigration in Europe but commences illegal bombing the Middle East. It has created the biggest migration crisis in Europe since 11WW.

    The Chilcot Report has already taken 7 years. Leveson has not been implemented

  • Phil

    Renewable energy is the future, thats obvious but at the minute its too unreliable hence the new nuclear facility. Sensible IMO. Build a facility that should provide energy for a long time until the infrastructure is ready for the change to ‘clean’ energy.

  • YouKnowMyName

    UK energy problem solved,

    1) build a very large cardboard box [VERY LARGE] somewhere near Windscale, or Hinkley, paint it white, (charge £16Billion pounds for this)

    2) write on it chineeze nuklear power station, in crayon, perhaps some yellow nuke trefoils too

    3) plug it into the mains. (consume power at the wholesale rate of approx 4.3 pence (£0.043) per kilowatt-hour, perhaps via extension lead from France or the nearby PV/wind installation)

    4) inside the box, install a suitable sized ‘chocolate block’ connector that will take the 240 volts in and feed it out, unmodified, via the producing meter

    5) feed the “nuclear electric” directly back into the UK national grid, charging consumers a wonderful 9.3 pence (£0.093) per kilowatt-hour. and remind them not to look into the box because of all the dangerous Higgs Bosons on-the-loose inside.

    its a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY trick, just don’t let them open the box and remember to run-away to Bolivia as soon as the lights go out

  • fwl

    Thanks Ken, there is much of which I am unaware and had not heard of the McCrone report. There is often much grumbling on this blog about the quality of posts, but nonetheless there are always gems hidden in the muck. So thanks to Craig for hosting and to all those who post.

  • YouKnowMyName

    for the time being. . . auf den TV-Debatte mit Donald Trump und Ted Cruz

    Trump spouted truths

    On the war in Syria, Trump rejected regime change for the time being, saying the focus should be on fighting “Islamic State.”

    “We can’t be fighting Assad,” Trump said. “When you’re fighting Assad, you’re fighting Russia – you’re fighting a lot of different groups.”

    und Scheiße

    Donald Trump has surged in a national poll of Republican primary voters after calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” According to Monmouth University, the real estate mogul crushes his closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, with a 27 point lead.

    The billionaire’s Republican competitors have condemned his plan against Muslims. Trump, however, was under no pressure to back down during the debate in Las Vegas. According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, nearly 60 percent of Republican voters agree with him.

    oh and we might as well let the NSA (continue to) run the world, except for one of em GOPs

    Cruz (who he?) said:

    defended his vote in the Senate to end the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of metadata in the United States, saying surveillance should be targeted against “bad guys.”

    He called for a foreign policy that shuns regime change and sending weapons to “mythical moderate rebels,” pointing to the 2011 overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi.

    “Well, the result is, Libya is now a terrorist war zone run by jihadists,” Cruz said.

    two AWARE candidates asking for a pause in that specialised form of USAID called snipers on roofs, dictatorship to democracy, umbrellas for Ugyhurs – unheard of, call-in the cleaners. . . don’t wake up the people

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