Sadly, Terrorism Is Easy 472

I wish a speedy recovery, both physically and mentally, to the people stabbed at Leytonstone tube station. It must have been horrifying.

The following comments are in part predicated on a presumption that the media reports of the incident are broadly true. This comes with a serious health warning. At this stage after another tube station incident, we were universally assured that various official “sources” and “eye-witnesses” had affirmed that Jean Charles leapt the barriers and ran through the tunnels, wearing a bulky jacket with wires sticking out. All of those turned out to be absolute lies deliberately spread by the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office.

But assuming this time the account of his shouting about Syria is not lies, what we can see from video is that a single man in a very silly hat, armed with a very small knife indeed, can carry out a vicious terrorist attack with apparently no need for planning at all. Not even planning enough to get a less tiny knife from his kitchen.

Because, sadly terrorism is easy. As I stated recently, if I were crazed enough to want to kill somebody tomorrow, and did not care how I did it, who I killed or if I died myself, I could kill a few people without too much effort or planning. That is why the continual propaganda about “seven foiled ISIS terrorist plots” or “4,000 active Islamic terrorists in the UK” is quite simply untrue. If all those terrorists existed, they would not be so entirely unproductive. What the authorities do catch continually are fantasists, often children, boasting and “plotting” online about being terrorists. That is quite a different thing. It is worth noting that nobody has been charged over any of these seven foiled ISIS plots. Strange that, isn’t it?

As for the man in the silly hat, I fear he is mentally unstable. That is no comfort to his victims. The truth is, of course, that it is always the little people who get hurt. None of the 1% who foment, promote and profit from war have ever set foot in Leytonstone Tube Station. But their agenda is forwarded today. By its continual acts of violence and repression, the neo-con state eventually goads a mentally unstable person into a nasty, vicious and pointless act. They then use that act to justify more wars and repression.

For the security and armaments industry it is a very profitable cycle.

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472 thoughts on “Sadly, Terrorism Is Easy

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  • Mary

    From Poetry on Sunday on Dissident Voice

    by Robert A. Davies / December 6th, 2015

    It is imperative that we send billions
    for Israeli tanks and missiles
    to meet the threat
    of youths with rocks and slingshots

    Billions for settlements
    on land belonging to others,
    for cluster bombs to dump
    on the Ghaza ghetto.

    Billions to tell
    how a fear filled country
    can turn man into monster.
    Holocaust never again.

  • MJ

    “The destruction of the Middle East including Syria, Libya and Iraq, was planned. According to high ranking US General Wesley Clark”

    Yup and that was in 2007, long before any “civil war” started up in Syria. Just a coincidence obviously.

  • Ishmael

    “Has anyone else noticed much of the world has gone rather mad or is it just me?”

    Think it’s the new norm Tony. They never where very in touch with reality. It’s convenient for them not to be…

    Re- Mary 6:29 pm

    Maybe he’s on to something, they can’t imprison us all. Seems to me we should all be mightily pissed of, just because most of us are less likely to have relatives in harms way, it no excuse not to be angry….

    My labor mp was lucky he got no shitty email this time, I don’t think he voted for, but it matters little. We are now a Tory run area. It’s something watching this cow milk the sentiment for the poor and sick, as they milk them. I think an email to much recognition.

  • Mary

    On Airstrikes
    by James Butler

    Crispin Blunt MP: Is that not an argument for not getting involved in the first place?

    Lt Gen Sir Simon Mayall: Not for a country like ours, Chairman, surely.

    – Oral evidence: UK Policy on Syria, Foreign Affairs Select Committee, 8 October 2015

    On 2 December, the British parliament voted to extend anti-ISIS airstrikes to Syria as part of the US-led coalition operating in the region. Within hours of the vote, RAF fighters carried out strikes on oilfields in Omar in eastern Syria, in an ongoing effort to cut off one of ISIS’ chief sources of funding: black market oil production. The strikes were launched so quickly because British military forces are already active in the area, carrying out strikes in Iraq, and surveillance and reconnaissance missions in Syria. Further, British pilots embedded in allied military forces have been conducting strikes in Syria for the last two years, with government approval and despite parliamentary resolution against airstrikes in Syria in 2013. The vote, then, was less a fundamental change in British stance than an incremental shift towards full military engagement, yet it possessed serious symbolic weight as a sign of British commitment to what the defence secretary has already signalled will be a long and complex war.


  • Alcyone

    ^ Nice one Anon! Are the Old Trolls completely devoid of wit and humour?

    And now it appears devoid of any poetic sensibilities too.

  • Alcyone

    “Thanks Anon1 but I am not of the faith.”

    That’s a relief, Mary. What do you think of organised religions? Do you think they have any role to play in conflict in general?

  • Mary

    Who’d have thunk it? And on this special night too.

    San Bernardino attack: Obama to give rare Oval Office address
    2 hours ago

    – Photo
    Memorial in California for the victims of the San Bernardino
    President Obama will seek to reassure Americans following the mass shooting

    . San Bernardino shooting

    . What we know about shooting

    . San Bernardino shooting: The victims

    . Who were the attackers?

    . What makes this shooting different?

    President Barack Obama is to deliver a rare Oval Office address later on Sunday on the San Bernardino shootings.

    The US leader will discuss the broader threat of terrorism, how it has evolved and how it will be defeated, the White House said.

  • DomesticExtremist

    Fake terrorirsm is easy, howver, just screaming “this is for Syria” after some random act of GBH doesn’t make it terrorism.
    Real, effective terrorism is more difficult and takes a considerable amount of effort and planning.

  • Pan

    Craig –

    “By its continual acts of violence and repression, the neo-con state eventually goads a mentally unstable person into a nasty, vicious and pointless act. They then use that act to justify more wars and repression.”

    It’s all so totally and utterly transparent, isn’t it.

    Then again, someone once said something about the hardest thing to see being the thing right in front of your nose.

    “For the security and armaments industry it is a very profitable cycle.”

    “Very profitable”, as in “leading to wealth beyond the wildest imaginings of mere ordinary people”. (Forget winning the lottery on a ‘rollover’ week – we’re talking many, many orders of magnitude BIGGER than that!).


    Salford Lad
    6 Dec, 2015 – 12:04 pm

    Well said.

    It’s welfare for the rich (euphemistically called ‘grants’ and ‘subsidies’) and capitalism for the rest!


    Tony M
    6 Dec, 2015 – 4:29 pm

    “Nothing exists yet in the lexicon to describe successive UK governments, that encompasses the full enormity of their vileness, corruption, evil intent and conduct.”

    Quite agree. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the words to describe the current state of things.


    6 Dec, 2015 – 1:27 pm

    You can always tell who the REAL gangsters are…

    Impeccable manners, perfectly groomed and utterly charming!


    Robert Crawford
    6 Dec, 2015 – 3:10 pm

    The point is unfortunately not what gives a normal man a hard-on, but what gives the psycopaths in power a hard-on!

  • Herbie

    ““At its heart, Hanukkah is about the struggle for justice in the face of overwhelming obstacles. It’s a chance to reflect on the triumph of liberty over tyranny, the rejection of persecution, and on the miracles that can happen even in our darkest hours.

    “It renews our commitment as Americans — as people who live by faith and conscience — to lead the way and act as unyielding advocates for the fundamental dignity of every human being.”

    Loada bollocks!!

    It’s Halloween. It’s Diwali. It’s the journey into the Underworld.

    Most religions have something similar at this time of year.

    It’s just the sun pissing off and leaving us in darkness for most of the day. It’s the cold and rain. The hibernation of all that depends on the sun.

    The seasons.

    Light the lights. Fair enough. But less of the bullshit.

    In a few weeks we’ll celebrate Christmas. Now a festival of consumerism. Used to be a god thing.

    The sun turning around and coming back to us.

    A few months later, we’ll celebrate Easter.

    The blossum. The return of fecundity and fertility.

    The cycles of earth and sun.

    Nothing to do with that drivel above.

    No need to invent a lot of hocus pocus about it.

    Fraudulent American twats!!

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I am very tolerant, kind of laid back kind of guy. Sure, shit happens…things go wrong…just expect it to at just O.K …when it all goes to shit..O.K. – its natural…you are going to be really upset – maybe even Depressed for a bit.

    But what the hell is wrong with the Company who own and are Responsible For The Best Rock Venue in London…its not the biggest..which is part of its charm…

    O.K. – Maybe it is falling down…and they are all in shock..and they don’t know what to say.

    They haven’t released any News. They haven’t told anyone. They are still selling Tickets To Gigs at The Shepherd’s Bush Empire..which aren’t going to happen..And I quote.. (read some of the comments)

    absolutely nothing – officially announced that the Shepherd’s Bush Empire has Structural Problems and is effectively closed down – for Months..It might never come back

    People buy these tickets …and some people travel many miles to London – to see Their Favourite Band…and you are still selling tickets…Taking Their Money.

    I mean WTF?

    O.K. You might have said something on Twitter.

    We don’t Do Twitter.

    The Hawkwind Christmas Party Gig is Still On..But Not at The Shepherd’s Bush Empire

    20th December 2015

    It’s on here


  • Ishmael

    “Real, effective terrorism”

    It’s all just violence. But i’d agree states are far more…. ‘effective’…..*sigh*

    I think it’s the taxes that does it. Complicit mass media. Iraq was a stellar example. First you terrorise your own population, with a massive PR campaign making them fear for their lives, then let the bombs fall ‘saving’ them.

    Nothing has really changed has it.

  • Ishmael

    lol, Thanks Pan, i’ll have to keep that note of truth.

    Guess we should expect nothing else, top of the peaking order.

  • Mary

    Thanks for that Ishmael. Pablo Neruda was a wonderful poet who spoke out. He was murdered for doing that by Pinochet operatives, Pinochet friend of Thatcher and protected from justice by her.

  • Laguerre

    It really was a very little knife. It hardly extends beyond his fist in the video. I suppose we should be grateful they didn’t call in the firearms officers, who were ready and waiting outside.

  • Ishmael

    “He was murdered for doing that by Pinochet operatives”

    I never knew that. Don’t know much about him. Thanks.

    and yea, ‘by their friends ye shall know them’.

  • Alcyone

    Mary, there is no why, I too would be rather more interested in your insights, than your insults.

    Should we mutually agree to drop the accusatory trolls?

    Come on, even Vienna will find an answer.

  • Republicofscotland

    Alcyone @ 6.59pm.

    Pity Krishnamurti didn’t discover how to use paragraphs as well.

    There’s no way I’m reading that ruddy great lump of text.

  • Alcyone

    Krishnamurti long uncovered the brutality of Wahhbism and the Evil of Saudi Arabia, well before the World, of late has begun to see it…

    ” Is all that is going on in the name of religion, the Judaic, the Arabic, the Islamic world, their brutality, their whippings – you know what is happening there.

    And all the vast superstitions of India with their three hundred thousand gods or more. You can invent as many gods as you like and that is more fun than having one god!

    But all gods are invented, as all the rituals. But the longing, the feeling that there must be something beyond all this, beyond all the human suffering, beyond all the human sorrow, work, labour, all the materialistic world with their marvellous technology, there must be something beyond all this, otherwise life has become… life has very little meaning as it is now.So, man invents: my life is empty, shallow, meaningless and I must have something more. So he invents gods. And gods are invented. God hasn’t created us – if he has he must be rather a crummy god, because he has made our life into such appalling misery, hate and all the rest of it.

    So we have made god after our image, which is the opposite of what we are – kind, benevolent, all-knowing, protecting, great comforter, and so on. Is all that religion? Man has always searched for something sacred. You may not believe in anything sacred. That is your affair. But there are many millions and millions, including oneself, if one is serious, one asks is there something sacred, imperishable, not measurable?”

    J. Krishnamurti
    Fourth Public Talk at Brockwood Park
    September 1982

  • David Halpin FRCS

    Thank you Craig.

    San Bernandino – photo not on my web site yet but go to Rothermere’s organ – first image

    You will draw your own conclusions. I imagine the ‘Fed’ must be a little concerned.

    When I think of a young Brazilian, buying a newspaper and then unhurriedly descending into Stockwell tube, my anger rises with the knowledge that lawless acts of the greatest importance stay submerged in this rotten ‘state’. Key words Jean Charles de Menezes and Dr Kenneth Shorrock. One of six essays on the Unnatural Death of Dr David Kelly – also on Global Research

    Consider. And good friends, read a quote from Milton Mayer

    We are there – in the Germany of 1938. Heil Cameron

  • Republicofscotland

    Thank you Alcyone for insertjng paragraphs I clicked your link, and this sentence at the beginning caught my eye.

    “This is the last talk. I suppose you will be glad and I’ll be glad too.”

    Finally something I can agree on.

  • Tom

    I think your ‘health warning’ is sensible. We’re sadly in the position where it’s in the interests of the authorities for this kind of incident to take place to bolster their flimsy case for war. We have another alleged terrorist conveniently spelling out his reasons just days after a Commons vote. I wouldn’t necessarily believe all the witnesses either – they could easily have been planted.
    It could be all true but I have so little trust in either the government or media now that I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole incident wasn’t fabricated.

  • Anon1

    David Halpin FRCS

    “We are there – in the Germany of 1938. Heil Cameron”

    No we’re not, David, or you wouldn’t be writing on a public blog under your own name.

  • Anon1

    We have another alleged terrorist conveniently “spelling out his reasons just days after a Commons vote. I wouldn’t necessarily believe all the witnesses either – they could easily have been planted.”

    Oh dear, here we go again.

  • Ishmael

    “ That is why the continual propaganda about “seven foiled ISIS terrorist plots”

    It actually makes me chuckle. That they can even say it with no evidence or substantiation, but I guess many still trust.

    The UK fighting terrorism…It’s a joke right? I know they are putting me on. How the hell can a country like this fight terrorism.

    Cultivate terrorism and that’s what you do, are, and that’s your major influence of the world. If they where to ‘fight’ it, it would have to mean a total reconstitution of the make up of the state…

    Until then any ‘efforts’ are a total a joke. A dangerous joke.

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