Tel Aviv Pins Hopes on Clinton 180

There has never been such a fascinating US Presidential race, both I a good way and in a bad way. I would never have believed somebody as genuine and bright as Bernie Sanders could get this close to becoming President. I would never have believed something as florid and off the wall as Donald Trump could become this close to becoming President.

One of the things that makes both Trump and Sanders so entirely different from the mainstream US political class is that neither of them genuflects to Tel Aviv and both of them take the idea that Palestinians have rights too. In fact the only chance of Israeli dominance of US foreign policy appears to rest with Hillary Clinton. She may be Goldman Sachs’ dog in this fight, but she is also Tel Aviv’s.

Unfortunately, despite continuing wins and trouncing Clinton in debate, it seems most unlikely Sanders will get the nomination. Clinton control of party machinery and firm position with those who have made an extremely fat living for themselves personally out of identity politics (sorry heroes of the civil rights movement), should ensure that. Can I commend you to read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo to see how just one ride in a car with Jesse Jackson put me right off him.

It is extraordinary that, with Trump riding a wave of anti-Establishment populism that is undoubtedly a global political phenomenon, the establishment should choose to put up against him the most corrupt, compromised and untrustworthy figure available (except for Henry Kissinger. But don’t worry, he is in there advising her). Hillary is the unacceptable face of unacceptable faces. Her insincerity shines through every word, every gesture, every breath.

With Trump we are left with the hope that he does not actually mean what he says; that his right wing populism and blustering persona is just a brilliant act to get elected. With Hillary we have the stone cold certainty that she does not mean a word she says, that she is triangulating to the left to counter Bernie, and that she has no interest at all except furthering the interests of banks and big corporations.

If I were absolutely forced, under pain of death, to have dinner with either Trump or Clinton, I would choose Trump. Wouldn’t you? Presuming suicide is not an option?

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  • katherine hamilton

    Hiya Craig,
    I must admit to a soft spot for the Donald. He is so totally out of his depth it’s breathtaking. I don’t think he expected to get this far in the race. He can’t beat Clinton and he knows it I think. The Republicans hate him but they seem to hate the other guy more!
    Beware the assassin’s bullet? It is the good ol’ USofA, after all.

  • fedup

    The puzzle you have outlined has Tonykins Miranda bLiar thinking out loudly; “what is wrong with these people?” (as per DM articles)

    Corbyn in this country and Sanders in the US as well as the off grid Trump all are indicative of the nest stop is the mass uprisings station. People are no longer content with getting fobbed off, soft soaped, and the promises of free beer tomorrow.

    This fact is fully understood and catered for by the oligarchs and the relevant Plutocrats (the 746 internal spying agencies are not there for the sake of appearances). However the notion of Clinton the female getting elected is a recipe for WWIII as her joy in killing is so evident not forgetting that she was only a minion when she was boasting she went and she saw! Hence the hopes and aspirations of zionistan that are pinned on her.

    I think dinner with Trump will be entertaining at least, although I doubt he will be paying for it!

  • bevin

    These two, right wing, commentators sum up Clinton’s record in Foreign Affairs very well:

    The suicidal urge in the Democratic leadership is very interesting. Clinton is really unelectable. And they know it. On the other hand she won’t interfere with their careers or rock any Establishment boats. so they are quite reconciled to being on the outside-in the duopoly- for a few years just so long as they retain control of the apparatus.

    The same is true of the Unions who are, for the most part, backing this woman who was an active member of the Board of the most anti-Union firm in America, Walmart. They are pouring millions of the last remains of their treasure chests into a campaign which is guaranteed-win or lose- to hurt their members.

    What few commentators are pointing out is how few people are involved in these ‘elections’. In some cases less than 10% of the party’s supporters are taking part.

    Today’s big event is the Michigan primary, involving voters who have just about seen it all so far as de-industrialisation, offshoring, union busting and collapsing infrastructure are concerned. And Clinton, relying on the votes of the disenfranchised people of places such as Detroit and Flint, is widely expected to prevail. It’s not unlike Blackburn electing Jack Straw or Mandelson and Blair holding Geordie seats.


    I refuse to give up my hope for a better America and a better world. “Help us Bernie Sanders you’re our only hope!” seems apt but may not be original.

    But Clinton holds a lot of aces in the hole and I suspect she may have a few extras beyond the 4 in a straight deck.

    The media is flagrantly refusing to give Sanders any fair coverage and we are left to alternative sources to make up for their criminal lack of due diligence.

    A lot rests on the next few states to hold primaries. If Sanders can claw back some of the ground Hilary gained in the blatantly biased super Tuesday fiasco it will make all the difference.

    In many ways she is as unwomanly as the late much unlamented MP for Finchley. Neither gives a cuss for the women’s equality in general only in their own particular cases.

  • bevin

    There aren’t many reasons left for reading The Guardian but this guy is one of them:

    Wisconsin used to be, famously, the most progressive state in the US, with one of the very best (effectively free) education systems in the world. Milwaukee had socialist mayors for decades. It was one of the low points of Obama’s administration that, while Wisconsin was riven by strikes, demonstrations and a recall election-after Republicans had introduced anti-union laws to break public sector unions- Obama went out of his way not to get involved, not to get tainted by association with the working class.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    “There has never been such a fascinating US Presidential race”

    It’s as boring as hell, and they all suck up to Tel Aviv.

    I am still trying to work out why…Is it something to do with Gog & Magog???

    Read Richard Hugus instead if you really want to have a clue. It amazes me, how so many highly intelligent people (the vast majority it seems) cannot understand and accept what he writes is true. Well it doesn’t really. I do understand a fair bit about psychology (and psychopaths), but it is still very shocking….those who are very well aware of evil – but who have always got to blame another alien culture (the one Authority told them who did it) – rather than their own Western One.

    “Who are dropping those bombs? – We are – Who are The Terrorists – They are – the men, women and kids we are dropping the bombs on” That is the power of Mass Brainwashing – from your TV and Newspaper 24×7 – and you never noticed….You even like the US Election.

    “Hall of mirrors: the psychology of false flags”

  • Charles Edward Frith

    The Neocons are left with Zionist stooges Clinton, Cruz and Rubio.

    I’m hoping for a Trump vs Sanders race and I don’t mind who wins. Either side will be interesting.

  • Martinned

    8 Mar, 2016 – 2:05 pm

    Clinton is really unelectable. (…) [In Michigan,] Clinton, relying on the votes of the disenfranchised people of places such as Detroit and Flint, is widely expected to prevail.

    1. Not that unelectable…
    2. I’m not sure that you know what disenfranchised means…

  • Republicofscotland

    “In fact the only chance of Israeli dominance of US foreign policy appears to rest with Hillary Clinton. She may be Goldman Sachs’ dog in this fight, but she is also Tel Aviv’s.”


    And in my opinion Craig for those reasons that’s why she’ll defeat Trump to become the USA’s 45th and first female president of America. Trump is self funded and a threat to the current set up, unless of course they have explicit dirt on him.

    For anyone who doubts Clinton and her big backers, who fund her campaign as she amasses a fortune in the Clinton foundation, this will interest you.

    Hilary is indeed a career criminal, and Americans (mostly) love her. Because she portays herself as a strong minded woman.

  • MJ

    “Clinton is really unelectable”

    She’ll get in though, even if no-one votes for her.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Think you show poor judgment in siding with Trump, an obviously seriously brain damaged person who is capable of doing almost anything at the drop of a hat.

    If confronted with the threat, I would say: pull the trigger.

    At the voting booth, I shall reluctantly cast my ballot for Hillary, though the Clintons have sought my death for over a generation.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    Sanders is a pipe-dream to some. To me he’s another poseur to engender belief in ‘choice’. Hillary has been buying delegates far longer, and the Popular Vote can go suck hind tit.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    In a way I curry some favor toward electing Trump to speed up the critical mass for true change.

  • bevin

    “2. I’m not sure that you know what disenfranchised means…”
    In Michigan it means having your municipal councils replaced by the Governor’s nominated “Emergency Managers” such as the one in Flint who took the decisions that caused the water crisis there, and then went on to privatise the school system in Detroit.
    It also means that following a referendum in which the EM system was rejected, the legislature re-instates it.
    Is that enough disenfranchisement for you?
    Personally I’m not sure that you know what democracy means, but that is only the beginning of a long list of things that you don’t seem to understand.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    I can’t see any health record release since he promised in December within two weeks. I don’t know what could be exclusionary based on his base of support. The Trumpettes seem to delight in setting fires in the system.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    …not having the ​right to ​vote, or a ​similar ​right, or having had that ​right taken away:….

    I think the Two-Party System reflects that definition. Choose between being hanged and shot. That’s choice for you.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Trump’s behavior is consistent with suffering from autism or surviving meningitis.

    Could well have skull scaring from operations which would explain why he is obsessed with keeping it covered up.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    That would explain the hair-do. Maybe a hidden antenna for receiving messages in there. I’d like to know the frequency of the receiver.

  • Alex Holmes

    I know that the vast majority of Scots / Brits / Europeans dislike Trump and I can’t say that I like him either. However, I gained a lot of respect for Trump when he placed the blame for the present mid-east crisis on President George W Bush’s illegal Iraq war.

    I have a greater fear of extreme evanzealical Senator Ted ‘Felito’ Cruz who has all the appeal of a Spanish Grand Inquisitor escaped from Hell. Super ‘Christian’ Cruz states he will ‘carpet bomb ISIS till the sand glows’ including, presumably, all innocent civilians in the area. Be sure that any refugees fortunate enough to survive the ‘glowing sands’ will not be welcome in Cruz’s ChrISIS America. Cruz intones that on his first day as President he will move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Just what the world needs right now: an arch-Zionist and fanatical ‘End Times’ believer in the Book of Revelations with his finger on the nuclear button.

    Marcito Rubio will, thankfully, be out following the Florida primary and Dr.Zzzzen Carson has finally dozzzzzed off the nomination stage. That leaves John Kasich on the Republican side and he appears qualified, knowledgeable and the most statesman like of any of the contenders in the debates.

    Hillary Clinton has all the self serving, trustworthy qualities of a Tony Blair on steroids and America is not ready and will likely never be ready for a Bernie Sanders.

  • Tom

    Yes, Trump is the better option. Clinton is compromised and discredited from the start, as well as symbolising to the world that the presidency is no longer a meaningfully democratic institution. There is at least a chance of something better with Trump, although it’s only a chance.

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