Tel Aviv Pins Hopes on Clinton 180

There has never been such a fascinating US Presidential race, both I a good way and in a bad way. I would never have believed somebody as genuine and bright as Bernie Sanders could get this close to becoming President. I would never have believed something as florid and off the wall as Donald Trump could become this close to becoming President.

One of the things that makes both Trump and Sanders so entirely different from the mainstream US political class is that neither of them genuflects to Tel Aviv and both of them take the idea that Palestinians have rights too. In fact the only chance of Israeli dominance of US foreign policy appears to rest with Hillary Clinton. She may be Goldman Sachs’ dog in this fight, but she is also Tel Aviv’s.

Unfortunately, despite continuing wins and trouncing Clinton in debate, it seems most unlikely Sanders will get the nomination. Clinton control of party machinery and firm position with those who have made an extremely fat living for themselves personally out of identity politics (sorry heroes of the civil rights movement), should ensure that. Can I commend you to read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo to see how just one ride in a car with Jesse Jackson put me right off him.

It is extraordinary that, with Trump riding a wave of anti-Establishment populism that is undoubtedly a global political phenomenon, the establishment should choose to put up against him the most corrupt, compromised and untrustworthy figure available (except for Henry Kissinger. But don’t worry, he is in there advising her). Hillary is the unacceptable face of unacceptable faces. Her insincerity shines through every word, every gesture, every breath.

With Trump we are left with the hope that he does not actually mean what he says; that his right wing populism and blustering persona is just a brilliant act to get elected. With Hillary we have the stone cold certainty that she does not mean a word she says, that she is triangulating to the left to counter Bernie, and that she has no interest at all except furthering the interests of banks and big corporations.

If I were absolutely forced, under pain of death, to have dinner with either Trump or Clinton, I would choose Trump. Wouldn’t you? Presuming suicide is not an option?

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  • Macky

    Eric Margolis highlights the “ammo” that could be used against Clinton in this piece, which also mentions among other things that murderers of Gaddafi were reported to have been French intelligence agents, that US Ambassador Stevens was killed by anti-American jihadists battling the occupation of Libya, not “terrorists.”, and the “Clinton’s State Department green lighted over $150 billion of arms sales to 16 repressive nations that had donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation”

  • Bert.

    “I would never have believed somebody as genuine and bright as Bernie Sanders could get this close to becoming President.” How sad is it that such a sentence should be written. It is not that I do not understand or agree; but that the very idea that anyone with a brain might get anywhere near political power is so shocking in this day and age.


  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    There is plenty of ‘smart’ politicos, IOW those with crafty and subliminal ;personal motives. It’s a form of intelligence you might ascribe to a voracious predator like a Tasmanian Devil. Many serial killers have high intelligence, without a moral core.

  • Anon1

    Trump is trolling the liberal establishment in the US for shits and giggles and votes.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    Macky; Expect Killary to offer the Veep to Sanders, but I think he would refuse. However, an alliance of that sort would require the Republican candidate to expose the long-range US strategy in Libya, because the misplaced loyalty of dems toward their candidate would put it back under the bushel.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Sanders is a pipe-dream to some. To me he’s another poseur to engender belief in ‘choice’. Hillary has been buying delegates far longer, and the Popular Vote can go suck hind tit.”


    Ben yes Sanders does appear to be a “pipe dream” as you call it, mores the pity, here he shows that wealth in the USA, plays a major role in influencing American politics.

    “United Supreme Court decision, by a 5-to-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court essentially said to the wealthiest people in this country: you already own much of the American economy. Now, we are going to give you the opportunity to purchase the U.S. Government, the White House, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, Governors’ seats, legislatures, and State judicial branches as well.”

    Sanders propses some sensible options for American society pity they’ll never come to fruition.

    Robert Reich who served in the Carter and later the Clinton administration, said, that there just wasn’t the political will to change things in America to help the less fortunate.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    That’s a great idea, but there is no way it would work, unless the donor was so incredibly rich, that he had the resources to seriously challenge Western Propaganda.

    People’s minds are programmed by it. They can only vote how they are programmed to vote.

    All Western Mainstream media and a lot of The Internet is Totally Controlled, by forces most people are completely unaware of.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    RoS; Indeed. We’ll get abrasions from compulsive masturbation until CU is reversed and we take the cash incentives out of serving in government. Bernie has my respect for his consistency throughout his career. He shows up for votes in the Senate and takes his responsibility toward the Public very seriously. He has NO chance under present circumstances.

  • Martinned

    Let’s not get too excited about Sanders. I don’t see why any sane person would want him near the White House until he can get his numbers to add up.

  • fedup

    O/T how about this bit of dirt?

    Former paid agent of Swedish Security Police dictated Amnesty Sweden’s stance against Assange

  • Anon1

    “Let’s not get too excited about Sanders. I don’t see why any sane person would want him near the White House until he can get his numbers to add up.”

    They never add up. The promise of socialism is happiness for all from the magic money tree. Because it’s Fayre.

  • Ben-Mysogyy is my name

    THE MONEY TREE IS NOT FOR THEE. The poisoned fruit of politics is overripe with cash and only the 1% have access to the drunken nectar. Now that’ a promise.

  • glenn_uk

    Anon1: But socialism for the investor class, the war-mongerers, the banksters, agri-businesses and high level politicians is just fine, right? Just too good for the rest of society.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is nominally about France, but really it is about much more than that.

    It is about The American economic attack on Europe. It is exceedingly interesting as is the link to an interview with “American superstar economist, Michael Hudson”

    Small Extracts

    “…Stealing from the lower classes was standard for a long time, but at least two things have changed. One is that the economic system is itself morbidly dysfunctional, and now with the internet the dysfunctionality is widely known and explained. The culprits are known and have names.

    US-imposed sanctions against Russia are wrecking havoc on Main Street France. In response, Russia has been forced to impose its own counter-sanctions. French farmers were selling 4 billion euros a year of produce to Russia, and that’s completely stopped. The resultant oversupply means that French produce prices are in free-fall and the real damage to the farmers is about 10 billion Euros. Farmers are going broke and becoming desperate.

    Shipyards and the aerospace industry have lost customers because of these sanctions, but in reality they have lost their future markets. When Paris cancelled the sale of two custom-made warships for Russia, high-tech customers worldwide were warned off from buying French hightech products because France became an unreliable vendor….

    The larger picture is that the empire sees a unified Eurasia market and 1.5 billion people as a colossus that threatens the empire – so it must be broken up. That means Europe’s best and most competitive industries must be made uncompetitive, and that economic ties between Europe and Russia must be permanently broken up. That was the point of Washington’s imposition of sanctions on their vassals in Europe.

    Among the French managerial class, the true purpose of the sanctions is well understood. But it can career-ending to admit to knowing the truth. It’s a common phenomenon seen in other cultures, at other times in history. It’s just a matter of time before the obvious also becomes mentionable “in respectable circles.” When this truth finally becomes mentionable, it will go viral. And, it will have consequences that people have not yet considered … As a culture, the French are bigger on revenge than, say, the Italians. Come 2017, the French will taste some of that revenge. You will not see any of this in the 100% controlled media, but most people in France have some awareness of it by now.”

  • Hieroglyph

    Far as I can tell, Shillary has no redeeming features whatsoever. A lot of female voters don’t like her either, even when leading ‘feminists’ are trying to manipulate them into voting for her. So, yes, Trump for dinner over Shillary; Trump can be vaguely amusing sometimes, though he is of course a jerk.

    The larger question, would I vote Trump to keep out Hillary? That’s a toughie. Probably no, as there is a green party candidate, but I’d certainly think about it. This probably makes me a mysoginist or something, I should apologise to the Guardian.

  • Republicofscotland

    “They never add up. The promise of socialism is happiness for all from the magic money tree. Because it’s Fayre.”


    The US military budget alone, (if it stopped terrorising the world) could be slashed, the difference could be reinvested.

    But then again big business and its bought and paid for politicians would put the kybosh on it.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Paul Craig Roberts apparently knows about these things, and quotes Michael Hudson too…

    The richest country in the World?

    “Central banks, neoliberal economists, and the presstitute financial media advocate negative interest rates in order to force people to spend instead of save. The notion is that the economy’s poor economic performance is not due to the failure of economic policy but to people hoarding their money. The Federal Reserve and its coterie of economists and presstitutes maintain the fiction of too much savings despite the publication of the Federal Reserve’s own report that 52% of Americans cannot raise $400 without selling personal possessions or borrowing the money.”

    And the price in Europe…

    “In Europe entire countries are being foreclosed. Greece and Portugal have been forced into liquidation of national assets and the social security systems. So many women have been forced into poverty and prostitution that the hourly price of a prostitute has been driven down to $4.12.”

    Someone is bound to complain eventually???

    So ultimately, the banks own the entire world, which is worthless. Nothing works, and Billions starve to death. Great plan if you are a genocidal monster.

    “Policymakers have a crackpot economic policy and those with control over your life value their scheme more than they value your welfare.

    This is the fate of people in the so-called democracies. Any remaining control that they have over their lives is being taken away. Governments serve a few powerful interest groups whose agendas result in the destruction of the host economies. The offshoring of middle class jobs transfers income and wealth from the middle class to the executives and owners of the corporation, but it also kills the domestic consumer market for the offshored goods and services. As Michael Hudson writes, it kills the host. The financialization of the economy also kills the host and the owners of corporations as well. When corporate executives borrow from banks in order to boost share prices and their performance bonuses by buying back the publicly held stock of the corporations, future profits are converted into interest payments to banks. The future income streams of the corporations are financialized. If the future income streams fail, the companies can be foreclosed, like homeowners, and the banks become the owners of the corporations.”

    “The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism”

  • Anon1

    Glenn – we could smash all those things, but life still wouldn’t be fayre. 🙁

    (Warmongers btw)

  • Tony_0pmoc


    The island in your link looks absolutely nothing like Lesbos, an island I have visited, and was not impressed with…for several reasons – one of which was that I was snorkeling quite a long way out, alone and got stung by a Portuguese man o’ war across my neck and chest. This was not only extremely painful, but it also interrupted my breathing, such that without self control, I might easily have drowned. the traditional remedy had some positive psychological effect when I got back to the beach, but did little for the pain. The Lesbos Lamb however was very nice. I will not be going back.

  • RobG

    Actually, Jill Stein is the only half-way sane presidential candidate in what is the usual ‘horror show’ of American politics.

    Please, how can anyone take these bozo psychos seriously?!

    All of them, Republican and Democrat, openly call for endless war and the shredding of both the American Constitution, and the international conventions which have been established since the Nuremburg Trials.

    God help American citizens who vote for this complete bullshit.

  • Hieroglyph

    “The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism”

    It is my suspicion that the aggressive loudmouths that infest boardrooms are, basically, totally incompetent. And not that bright. They get their 1st from Oxbridge, and think of themselves as economic intellectuals. All they’ve done, those that didn’t cheat, or have expensive private school education, is parrot neoliberal orthodoxy, and (possibly) work hard. I salute their hard work, but wish they had more imagination.

    So, they get to corporate sector, which is a sector in which total bastards thrive. I’ve worked in the corporate sector, and it was full of thugs and dipshits, and dead-eyed bullies, who were encouraged in their bastardry, indeed got promoted due to their ‘leadership’ skills. Not nice. The genuinely bright ones know it’s a crock, and probably don’t get to the boardroom. And the bastards get to the top, and don’t care about anything other than their careers, their portfolio’s, and their personal power-base. So, why do we think these are the people who should make the decisions on the economy? I’ve no idea.

    And these thugs, they love Clinton. She’s one of them, after all.

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