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There has never been such a fascinating US Presidential race, both I a good way and in a bad way. I would never have believed somebody as genuine and bright as Bernie Sanders could get this close to becoming President. I would never have believed something as florid and off the wall as Donald Trump could become this close to becoming President.

One of the things that makes both Trump and Sanders so entirely different from the mainstream US political class is that neither of them genuflects to Tel Aviv and both of them take the idea that Palestinians have rights too. In fact the only chance of Israeli dominance of US foreign policy appears to rest with Hillary Clinton. She may be Goldman Sachs’ dog in this fight, but she is also Tel Aviv’s.

Unfortunately, despite continuing wins and trouncing Clinton in debate, it seems most unlikely Sanders will get the nomination. Clinton control of party machinery and firm position with those who have made an extremely fat living for themselves personally out of identity politics (sorry heroes of the civil rights movement), should ensure that. Can I commend you to read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo to see how just one ride in a car with Jesse Jackson put me right off him.

It is extraordinary that, with Trump riding a wave of anti-Establishment populism that is undoubtedly a global political phenomenon, the establishment should choose to put up against him the most corrupt, compromised and untrustworthy figure available (except for Henry Kissinger. But don’t worry, he is in there advising her). Hillary is the unacceptable face of unacceptable faces. Her insincerity shines through every word, every gesture, every breath.

With Trump we are left with the hope that he does not actually mean what he says; that his right wing populism and blustering persona is just a brilliant act to get elected. With Hillary we have the stone cold certainty that she does not mean a word she says, that she is triangulating to the left to counter Bernie, and that she has no interest at all except furthering the interests of banks and big corporations.

If I were absolutely forced, under pain of death, to have dinner with either Trump or Clinton, I would choose Trump. Wouldn’t you? Presuming suicide is not an option?

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  • fedup

    I was hoping to see Miliband’s Israel policy.

    Judging by the newlabour ten commandants that he ordered to be hacked in stone (the costs of which remain a tightly kept secret to date) there is little doubt that Eretz zionistan was the order of the day from the Indus river to the Mediterranean and anywhere else that the zionist land thieves fancied!


    the AIPAC Presidential Vetting Assembly

    Ba’al Zevul that is a fair assessment of the august body of the racist and genocide promoting bunch of busy bodies that believe US is a county of the shitty strip of land, that Abraham would have meant to bequeath as antimony too, alas Abraham died before the darn place was discovered. Nonetheless Abraham wishes are well known to everyone and if anyone does not accept that obviously they are antisem…….. bunch of fools and ……………[email protected]*”&! and then some!

  • Good In Parts

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  • bevin

    Old Mark: you are right. The vote in Michigan is very significant, all the polls forecast a Clinton victory, by an average of 21%. Evidently the state’s large muslim population voted overwhelmingly for Sanders.
    Clinton’s support is very superficial- her funds are largely from Wall St and her workers are either professionals or local ‘bosses’. All the machine politicians are leading their followers to the polls. In terms of elected delegates Clinton has a slight lead, nationwide, so far. Most of it comes from the South. From now on Sanders will be favoured and he will probably win the elected delegate race. It will then be up to the ex officios to decide how far they are ready to go to give Hillary the nomination.

    Martinned: Sanders is arguing that healthcare costs under the current system are twice as high as they ought to be. There are several reasons: one is the very high level of profits; another is the astonishing cost of corporate bureaucracy, the insurance companies in particular make it very difficult for patients to collect their benefits. A third is the peculiar law that bans the government from using its market power to lower drug prices- which are very high.

    Sanders argues that single payer system is much cheaper. And Americans, looking longingly towards Canada, know that he is right.

  • Martinned

    @Bevin: Yes, I get that, but that’s not the same as an actual explanation of where the money is going to go/come from. Just because US healthcare costs are too high now, doesn’t mean they’ll be lower when you switch to single payer. Such a switch will remove some expenditures, that’s true, but nowhere near enough to cover the difference.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Tony, the Global Research article missed why NATO’s bombing campaign of Yugoslavia became increasingly destructive.

    Washington expected Milosovic to withdraw his forces from Kossovo in three days, but it took three months, thanks to a Turkish spy infiltrating what was planned, and the President taking appropriate measures to limit the damage.

    When Clinton found out about the spying which also included Chinese communication help, he not only had its embassy in Belgrade bombed, but also had an NRO satellite laser to kick off an earthquake in Ismiit which was intended to cause a nuclear disaster.

    While it didn’t, it still brought about the fall of Ecevic’s nationalist government, and brought on Erdogan’s toady regime.

  • Martinned

    When Clinton found out about the spying which also included Chinese communication help, he not only had its embassy in Belgrade bombed, but also had an NRO satellite laser to kick off an earthquake in Ismiit which was intended to cause a nuclear disaster.

    Wow! Have you sold the movie rights yet?

  • glenn_uk

    Writerman: Good to see you! It’s been quite a while.

    The Republicans have spent at least thirty years dog-whistling their bunch of racists, homophobes, misogynists and various bigots. They quietly work xenophobia and white supremacy into their campaigns, scurrying away if the MSM bother to do their job occasionally and question it, but then go right back at it.

    In the meantime, hate-radio run by the pig-man Limbaugh can be heard every day, coast to coast, poor-shaming, denigrating women, blacks, Latinos, immigrants, foreigners and particularly any sort of civil rights activists. This is more than supplemented by the entirely partisan Fox News, which tells lies 24 hours a day on behalf of the GOP.

    The fake “grass roots” movement of the “Tea-Party” sprang up to greet the racist tendencies that followed Obama’s rise to power. Now these Teabaggers are off the leash – they lap up the blatant bigotry of Trump, and Trump sees no need to disguise it. No dog-whistling anymore, he’s picked up a megaphone.

    The Republicans Establishment have lost control. Instead of some pliable, useful idiot like Cruz, Bush or Carson, they have a loose cannon who is not going to take their orders.

    Very worrying, but still quite entertaining for all that.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I wrote a series of 16 articles about what the National Reconnaissance Office has been doing, but have received no offer about a film.

    Hollywood is only interested in bullshit about such operations, as The Bridge of Spies amply demonstrated.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Hmmm. Belgrade was bombed on May 7th, 1999. The disastrous Izmit* earthquake was in August of the same year. With a further major shock in the area in November. Given the high frequency of earthquakes in this part of Turkey, it’s strange Clinton didn’t just wait for it to happen, isn’t it? Maybe he got impatient. Mass murder smacks of overkill for a little espionage, even for Clinton, too. Details welcome, but not seriously expected.

    Turkey currently has no nuclear power plants, and the two under development are at Sinop on the Black Sea coast, and Akkuyu in the south – neither is anywhere near Izmit. I anticipate Trowbridge revealing the existence of a secret nuclear site…but he’d have to kill us first, I guess.

    While it would doubtless be lovely to fire a whizzo laser from a satellite all the way to the ground, a number of factors would need to be considered. Not least, beam divergence (optically inevitable, even for lasers), ionisation of the intervening air and simple absorption. Actually, it rather makes you wonder why, since bombing Belgrade was ok, a B52 wasn’t diverted to drop a bomb on the faultline, which would probably have had much the same effect, ie none.

    Bollywood might buy it, if Trowbridge can work in some singing and dancing and set it in Mumbai….

    *We can only assume that was what Trowbridge meant

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Interesting that the only thing to take seriously from Ba’al Zevul is his denial of a laser beam reaching the ground when the Challenger shuttle was hastily sent up in January 1986 with such a satellite on board to stop the Soviets from launching a liquid-feuled ICBM in response to Moscow being set up for Palme’s assassination, and a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War hopefully taking place.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Trowbridge H. Ford @ 9 Mar, 2016 – 2:23 pm

    Are you O.K.??? You normally write a lot of sense. You are not a closet Treckie are you?

    You wrote
    “but also had an NRO satellite laser to kick off an earthquake in Ismiit which was intended to cause a nuclear disaster.”

    I’m afraid this does not compute with the known laws of physics (even if you live in Colarado)

    “Early reports from Colorado’s cannabis tax scheme show that revenues that will ostensibly help schools and rehabilitation efforts by flooding the state with cash. In fact, Colorado became the first state to generate more tax revenue from cannabis than alcohol in one year — $70 million.”

    Watch out for those silent poison darts.

    Otherwise keep up the good work.


  • Rehmat


    Your Israeli hasbara source is named after the “Proud Jew” Andrew Breibart.

    As for Barack Hussein Obama is concerned, who would know him better than his old Jewish pal from Chicago. “I think when it is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president,” – Abner Mikvaner, former Chicago’s Zionist Congressman, a Federal Judge and White House counsel to former president Bill Clinton.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Trowbridge H. Ford @9 Mar, 2016 – 3:34 pm

    Its not the issue of “of a laser beam reaching the ground” its a matter of the amount of energy contained in that laser beam.

    laser beams typically contain very little energy – they are more the equivalent of a very fine needle.

    It may or may not be possible to kick off an earthquake, by digging an enormous great hole in a fault line – and sticking an enormous great nuclear bomb in it…

    But doing it with a fine beam of light from space???

    Even the Klingons would have a few problems with that.


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    What if one continues firing beams until the missile blows up, or the ground starts shaking because they have been fired along a fault or into an unground or underwater space?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Trowbridge H. Ford,

    You’ve not been reading Dr Judy Wood have you?

    She knows bugger all about physics.

    The main thing that has happened to physics since 1972, is that it is rarely taught in schools any more – or even the very best universities…certainly not in Cambridge any more.

    I have some evidence that it is still taught at Imperial College, in London, and very probably in places like Russia…

    But even then, even when it is taught in Universities in The West – the very best of them – including a friend of mine who is only about 23 – they get recruited by the likes of Goldman Sachs – to design Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction…so that they can come home and visit their Mum & Dad in a brand new Red Ferrari.

    The West has gone to Pot (quite literally).

    Its all bullshit and manufactured virtual reality.

    In a real hot war against the Russians – we would be wasted very quickly…even our latest jet fighters have been designed by committee and powered by the equivalent of Windows Vista. They are fat, bloated and useless against any real technology…and even then – The Afghan Peasants keep sending them home in body bags with little more than the technological equivalent of a bow and arrow.

    Its time we gave up and stopped all these useless wars. We are now completely crap at it.


  • Clark

    I used to book lasers for rave dance parties in the ’80s. I remember one three-colour laser. It needed a three-phase electrical supply drawing thirty kilowatt of electrical power. It needed continuous water cooling. I’ll never forget because it was freezing outside and the water outlet had been routed into a frozen drain. It flooded the loading zone which was like an ice-rink by 3am causing me to flatten the transit van’s exhaust pipe against a low wall, which made the engine overheat on the way home.

    This 30 kilowatt laser produced two watt of light. No three-phase or water supply in orbit.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Noi, Tony, but I seem to remember her being dragged into the 9?11 disputes, especially when they concerned loony Dr, Jim Fetzer.

    Once scientists started making whatever their bosses told them, or what suited them, seems the laws of physics were reduced to human invention.

  • fedup

    be lovely to fire a whizzo laser from a satellite all the way to the ground, a number of factors would need to be considered.

    You forgot to add the time duration needed for the laser to lase away to set off the subduction for the Earthquake; give or take away a twenty years, around four hundred years ought to be sufficient!

    What is an Earthquake is a different story that we won’t get into at this juncture!!! Evidently Tesla was setting it off with his weird beam and these days the satellites and their lasers are deployed to do so. But what is the cause of Earth quakes? Yeah I know lasers!!!!!

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The interplay between the locused laser pulses and the plasma bursts can reduce the whole process to a second or two.

    No wonder you are calling yourself fed up.

  • fedup

    The interplay between the locused laser pulses and the plasma bursts can reduce the whole process to a second or two.

    No wonder you are calling yourself fed up.

    What is plasma?
    What is the function of a laser?
    Prey tell these pulses and durations of, the frequencies of and the correlations of?
    Locused? How, why, what for? Perchance any papers on this miracle phenomena?

    What is an Earthquake?

    It would be nice to back up these “facts” with some science instead of the feelings in ones water, won’t you agree?

  • Clark

    Tony_0pmoc no I didn’t, but I did roadie one foggy night in Yorkshire for Bob Calvert and his Starfighters, then had them all sleep over at my place in Tang Hall. Bob made a huge fried breakfast, I’m not surprised he eventually had a heart attack.

    Trow, ‘fraid someone’s been having you on about physics. Chat with me about it at

  • Paul Barbara

    Bernie’s latest financial appeal:
    ‘By the time the polls closed in Michigan last night, the corporate media had written us off. The political establishment was trying to get us out of the race, and the Clinton campaign was eager to “wrap up” the primary as soon as possible.

    But the people of Michigan had other ideas. Last night our political revolution scored “one of the greatest upsets in modern political history,” and we’re seeing the same kind of come-from-behind momentum all across America.

    Next Tuesday is the most important night for our campaign to date. Five large states vote, and we have all the momentum. And what we’ve shown is that when we come together, we have what it takes to overcome what was once thought to be an inevitable campaign.

    The financial and political elite of this country are going to throw everything they have at us this week. The stakes are too high for them. I need your support if we’re going to be able to fight back and win.

    Contribute $3 to our campaign today and we are going to win this Democratic primary, the White House, and take back our country from the billionaire class.

    This is going to be a long, hard fight. And we’ve only done as well as we have because millions of people have come together to say they’ve had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying elections in this country.

    If we continue to fight, and if you contribute, we are going to win.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders’

    Still the ‘Prestitutes’ write him off; why on earth do people buy their bs newspapers, or watch the bs TV stations?

    I used to be an avid Guardian reader, 5/6 times a week, but stopped buying newspapers after my intro to 9/11 Truth; I was disgusted with their coverage, or rather, lack of it.
    I haven’t watched TV (except in pubs) for over a year, probably two.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    As you mentioned the Bridge of Spies, I think I should mention the Bridge Of Sighs. I assume you have been to Venice, Cambridge or Oxford and seen the real bridges??

    You may not know that it was actually The Scottish Bass Player James Dewar who had one of the Best Voices ever…(he died in 2002)

    Robin Trower however (from Catford) is still playing guitar and gigging…Are you related?

    I’m talking Quality here – right up there with the Very Best Ever. I think my girlfriend and I were hitching a lift in a Transit Van going to a Festival – the first time we heard this…

    “ROBIN TROWER – Bridge Of Sighs”

    (don’t worry – even if you noticed the word correlations)


  • Tony_0pmoc

    What people need to realise is that there is an enormous wealth of differing cultures, emotions, religions and appearances, not just in your local village, community (and in my view to have a local village, community – is exceedingly important – a place you know is home)…

    but when you travel independently to different places in the world – and maybe its just a couple of you…

    you realise that the same is true throughout the rest of the world….

    basically we all exhibit similar kinds of behaviour – no matter where we are – to others

    We are Human and much The same…

    Then there is this other Category…

    Tony_0pmoc on March 09, 2016 · at 10:08 am UTC

    “Subhuman – is biologically at first glance completely identical to the creation of human nature with hands, feet, a kind of brain, eyes, and mouth. But it is quite different, horrible creature. (zombie?) This is just like a man with a human-like features, situated in the spiritual sense is much lower than the beast. In the soul of these people are violent chaos reigns wild unbridled passion, unrestricted desire for destruction, primitive envy, the most blatant meanness. In short, subhuman. So, not everything that has a human form as well. Woe to him who forgets about it. Keep this in mind.” “Der Untermensch” (The Subhuman), Heinrich Himmler, 1942.”

    I didn’t realise that Himmler had accurately described Neocons. I understand they were Trotskyites at the time, who have since largely infiltrated, a large percentage of the power elite in the USA and much of the West.


  • Nevermind

    Big fat yawn to the Americanisation of independent thought, however much we have to deal with these unfortunate characters. I would supp with Trump , listen to his Matheus, smile and whence he’s lulled into a sense of security, shove my fork as deep into his ……. As I can.

    I hope you all recover soon from this filthy habit of following the Pirates money.
    Best to all from Porto and international women’s day.

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