Gibraltar: A Tax Haven Not a Nation 885

There are 32,000 Gibraltarians organised into 11,400 households. Extraordinarily there are more registered companies than households, including 8,464 registered offshore companies.

The Government of Gibraltar’s own website is notably candid about its tax haven activities. It urges you to establish there so you can take advantage of:

Highly-developed business services infrastructure where it is possible to passport an EU licence in financial services such as insurance and re-insurance, EU-wide pensions, banking and funds administration, amongst others.
Distribute competitively priced VAT-free goods and services to the markets of the EU and Africa.
Conduct business in a quality low-tax jurisdiction with a profit oriented capital base at low levels of corporate tax, all in a stable currency with few restrictions in moving capital or repatriating dividends.

It is no wonder Gibraltar voted 96% pro-EU. Its entire economy rests upon the use of its anomalous status to undercut the tax regimes of genuine EU members. Remarkably for a population the size of Ramsgate, there are 17 registered banks in Gibraltar, including Credit Suisse, the money laundering giant raided by combined European police forces yet again yesterday, and RBS/Natwest’s tax avoidance entity.

Gibraltar was occupied by England (yes, England) in 1704 when it was sacked by the Hessian Prince George (wry smile Hessian – sacked) and 90% of the Spanish population fled after being subjected to mass rape.

Britnats have been all over twitter this last 24 hours shouting that Gibraltar was given to Britain “in perpetuity” by the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713. Thankfully the world has changed since 1713. The Treaty of Utrecht also gave Brazil to Portugal, much of Italy to the Hapsburgs and gave Britain the monopoly on the shipping of African slaves to South America. Thankfully none of those turned out to be perpetual and the British occupation of Gibraltar is equally immoral and anachronistic. That the Foreign and Commonwealth still quotes the Treaty of Utrecht is evidence of the moral bankruptcy of the British government’s position.

There is a key point here. Empires cannot cloak their continued Imperial possessions under the “right of self-determination” of Imperial client populations. Still less is there a “right of self-determination” for an entire Imperial client population to leech off tax avoidance activities by virtue of their Imperial possession status. The right of self-determination does not apply to the colonists of Gibraltar, who like the Falklanders are an introduced Imperial population – contrary to myth the large majority of Gibraltarians are not descended from the original Spanish population. Gibraltar is plainly listed by the UN as a Non Self Governing Territory. Self-determination is not applicable in international law. UN General Assembly Resolution 2353 specifically asserted that Gibraltar is a colony which impinges on the territorial integrity of Spain and thus on Spanish right to self-determination, and that a referendum of the colonial population could not change that.

Britain’s fervidly jingoistic attempts to hold on to its remaining colonies are pathetic. I have a memory as a very small child of watching Rolf Harris on TV dressed in union jacks singing “Please Don’t Alter Gibraltar” to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory. Google has just reassured me this really happened and was not a nightmare. I now realise from the timing that was a riposte to the UN General Assembly discussions. That it was Rolf Harris gives the perfect pointer to the grossly immoral British position on Gibraltar.

Ironies abound.

Irony 1
It is the Little England Brexiteers who are frothing at the mouth over the EU saying it will take heed of Spain’s position on Gibraltar – despite the fact the Gibraltarians voted 96% in favour of the EU.
They cry, how dare the EU take into account the position of the United Nations and of its member state, Spain, against what will be a non-member state? Who could have seen that coming?

Irony 2

Gibraltarians of course voted in favour of the EU in order to benefit from the opportunity to continue undermining EU tax regimes.

Irony 3

The Daddy of them all. The Britnats who crowed repeatedly at Scots, extolling alleged (and improbable) Spanish desire to veto Scottish EU membership, are shocked, shocked that Spain may veto a Brexit settlement over Gibraltar.

Anyway, to cheer up you Britnats, here is a picture of the massive audience for Theresa May’s recent Glasgow speech. Dressed as Rolf Harris. Altogether now “Please Don’t Alter Gibraltar”.

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885 thoughts on “Gibraltar: A Tax Haven Not a Nation

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  • michael norton


    so it might have been an alQaeda chemical factory.

    Pro-government journalists later cited military sources as saying there had been an explosion at an al-Qaeda chemical weapons factory in Khan Sheikhoun that was caused either by an air strike or an accident.
    Ministry of Truth

    • michael norton

      Mind you, that begs the question:
      If the White Helmets are so wonderfully brave, honest and fluffy, why are they on-hand outside an alQaeda chemical weapon factory?

      • michael norton

        The UK and France, which said that reports suggested it was a “particularly serious chemical attack”, have called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

        There was no immediate comment from the government, but a Syrian military source told Reuters news agency that it “does not and has not” used chemical weapons.

  • Habbabkuk

    With reference to the latest chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government, I would rather believe the BBC than “President” Assad and his charming Russian allies.

    Of course both the butcher of Damascus and the conqueror of Chechniya have form when it comes to poison gas, don’t they RoS 🙂

    • RobG

      What’s worrying about this latest BS from the biggest propaganda machine in history (accusing Assad – yet again – of using chemical weapons) is that Uncle Sam & Co are trying to up the anti in Syria; ie, more innocents are going to be butchered.

      Can Habba explain why Britain is taking military action in Syria, totally against all international law?

      Can Habba explain why Britain is trying to overthrow a government that was democratically elected in 2014 (UN verified) by nearly 80% of Syrians?

      Can Habba explain why we are committing war crimes in Syria, primarily with the use of depleted uranium munitions?

      Lots of people want answers to these questions, as opposed to childish propaganda.

      • Bobm


        This place seems to be heavily populated by people who don’t want to respond to difficult questions.

        I’d be interested to know how Craig views that,

        • Republicofscotland


          I agree Bob, the British defenders of Gibraltar in here are running scared of you. ?

          Habb appears petrified. ?

        • fred

          If you have a comment to make on Craig’s post make it, discuss it with others but soliciting answers to your questions is really not what comment sections are for.

          • fred

            He wants to know why nobody is answering his question and I’m telling him.

            Nothing awkward about the question at all, people of Gibraltar want to be British because they don’t want to be Spanish it’s quite simple.

            Nobody here is under any obligation to answer people’s questions, it’s a comments section, I’m just stating the obvious.

          • fred

            RoS seems to think his pals can cast aspersions on the contributors here but we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves Alcyone.

  • Habbabkuk

    The day will come when the Butcher of Damascus will end up like many another Arab tinpot despot – dragged along the road behind a lorry, swinging from the end of a rope or with a bayonet up his backside. It’s the Arab way.

    • Sharp Ears

      The death with a bayonet is as recommended by an ex Minister of State at the Foreign Office, Alistair Burt, CFoI
      and a ‘Christian’.

  • Habbabkuk

    I rather hope “President” Assad is disposed of in an other way than hanging from the end of a rope. After all, his neck is already quite long enough, thank you.

    • RobG

      In 2002 Iraq announced that it would start selling its oil in Euros instead of petro-dollars.

      In 2003 Iraq was invaded and effectively destroyed on the flimisiest of pretexts. Iraq now sells its oil in petro-dollars again.

      Similarly, Libya started selling its oil for gold instead of petro-dollars.

      We all know what happened to Libya.

      Similarly, Syria, Iran, Russia, etc, all refuse to sell oil in petro-dollars.

      You really don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes here…

    • Republicofscotland

      Noth that I’m a big fan of Assad, but your ilk will be pleased to see the back of him, and his regime, so that your illegal possession of the Golan Heights can go unchallenged.

      Apart from the odd toothless resolution from the UN, who are powerless due to Israels hector in the shape of the US.

      This latest charade of a chemical attack, is a clarion call for a push to remove Assad, however as long as Russia backs its long time ally, it will not be straight forward.

    • bevin

      Do you have any more puerile and sadistic fantasies that wish to share with us? Perhaps you ought to keep them to yourself.

      • Habbabkuk

        The methods I described may well be sadistic, Bevs, but I have merely supplied a partial enumeration of how tinpot Arab despots met their end in the past.

        Thus they are not my fantasies; they are fact.

        Oh, I should have added assassination, shouldn’t I 🙂

  • reel guid

    The Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union has urged Theresa May to respond “as a matter of urgency” to the devolved administrations options papers on Brexit. In other words they think she’s been behaving like a total eejit.

    Rather than deal with the Scottish Government in a grown up way she’d rather get the Royal Navy to chase Spanish vessels and she’d rather rail about the names of chocolate eggs. Eejit.

    • michael norton

      As I’ve said before,
      I think Theresa and Nicola, should slug it out, woman to woman, Scottish style.

      • reel guid

        Like to watch all woman wrestling bouts do you Michael? Is that your thing?

      • Republicofscotland

        We’ll need to wait until Theresa May is finished grovelling to her paymasters in Saudi Arabia.

        The British establishment will kowtow to any nation with money.

  • Bayard

    Both Scotland and Gibraltar are currently part of the UK, both with their own parliament, both voted in one referendum to remain part of the UK, and voted in another one to remain part of the EU. Craig Murray’s verdict: they should both leave the UK and stay in the EU.
    However, Gibraltar should achieve this by being handed over to another country, but Scotland by becoming independent. By the same reasoning, why should Gibraltar not become independent, like Malta? Why are the Scots so much more suited to running their own affairs than the Gibraltarians?

    • reel guid

      There are certainly half a dozen or so microstates with smaller populations than Gibraltar. But Gibraltarians haven’t previously shown much of an interest in independence. Not as far as I’m aware anyway. Perhaps someone can correct me on that.

    • Gaelstorm

      Scotland was a country when it “joined” with England in 1707. Gibraltar never was. That’s the diffenence.

    • lysias

      Easiest way for Scotland to exit the UK and remain in the EU is for it to join a federation with Ireland.

      • Bayard

        If it’s OK to hand Gibraltar over to Spain, perhaps the UK should just hand Scotland over to Ireland. After all, they share a common heritage.

  • michael norton

    REVEALED: E.U. budget CRISIS as Juncker facing cliff edge over £200BN deficit

    Holy shit, they are in it up to their greasy e.u. elite necks

    • michael norton

      In 2016 the U.K. taxpayer paid £13.1bn to the E.U. budget,
      E.U. spending on the U.K. was forecast to be £4.5bn.

      So the U.K.’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.6bn.

      Sooner we get out of this gravy train for E.U. Elite the better.

  • Habbabkuk

    Attention RobG !

    How long did it take you to get your definitive French social security number ?

  • Alcyone

    I was completely wrong, when i predicted that Deep State would become one of the more frequently used terms this year. Not in these parts.

    Anyone interested, look into the bowels of the Deep State here (listen to the radio interview by Raheem Kassam), its quite fascinating:

    Trump was 100% right that he was being wire-tapped by Obama, bad dude. Whereas Trump is no bullshitter.

    PS Craig no bullshitter either. When will the US media conclude that the Podesta emails were NOT hacked by Russia and in fact came from a Washington insider? Also, as Assange told us, Podesta’s password was Pa$$word??!!!

      • Alcyone

        You are a depraved cad and your sense of humour as degenerate. Assange has been seeing Pamela for some time now: I have said before lucky him and good luck to them. It is embarrassing to see a doddering old fool, who actually likes to convey the image of being erudite, sitting here drooling over Assange’s personal life, misfortune and uncertainties as if it’s the only thing in the world to laugh about. Just take a good long look in the mirror of your hardened, embittered mind and your gaping mouth that has become your most desirable signature. It is embarrassing to see you strive so hard to appear young.

        On the matter of the Ecuadorian elections, they were settled on Sunday night–you are way behind the curve. I had commented on it 48hrs ago along with Assange’s tweet in good humour, way back on page 4:

        “I cordially invite Lasso to leave Ecuador within 30 days (with or without his tax haven millions) … #AssangeSILassoNO
        Nice one Julian, brilliant actually! Some dramatic relief required these days.”
        Now please stop drooling over other people’s women and mocking people with REAL balls; you there with your copy-paste typewriter also need some boundaries.

    • Alcyone

      Here we don’t talk about what is happening in the US of A. We are not just poodles, we are stray poodles now.

      • bevin

        Given that the entire, albeit exceedingly flimsy, body of evidence behind the ludicrous claim that Russia threw the election to Trump, appears to have been concocted by Christopher Steele, (whose cover is that he no longer works for MI-6) you are probably underestimating the poodle’s influence.
        The truth is that Hillary lost the election to the weakest candidate imaginable because she is useless, incompetent, unbalanced and surrounded by women and men like her. This appears to have come as a complete surprise to HMG which invested all it credibility in a campaign to get her elected.
        It will all seem worthwhile if Congress can get it together enough to conduct an exhaustive enquiry of Britisjh attempts to influence the 2016 election. They could start by extraditing Mr Steele, who no linger work for the people who are hiding him, and, after proper assurances, inviting Mr Assange to testify too.

        • BobApposite

          “Hillary lost the election to the weakest candidate imaginable”

          Someone who beat 15 Republican contenders is the “weakest candidate imaginable”?

          Misogyny much?

          “useless, incompetent, unbalanced and surrounded by women and men like her.”

          Just more misogyny.

          *Something* EVIL hit this election. Whether it was Russia or Misogny, or some combination of both – it’s clear that something foul happened.

        • lysias

          If the thought that Russia may have had some influence on the U.S. election is so awful, what about the thought that the UK may have done so? (There’s pretty solid evidence, by the way, that Brit intelligence played a substantial role in the 1940 U.S. election, among other things preventing isolationist Bob Taft from getting the Republican nomination. The Taft supporter who would have chaired the Republican convention died a suspicious death, with the result that an East Coast internationalist who could steer the nomination to interventionist Wendell Willkie got the job.)

    • Habbabkuk

      Thank you for that, Ba’al – interesting articles which well merit re-reading (especially by those who love the actions of any state provided it is not the UK).

      BTW, I note that one of the articles mentions Peter Hain, then a minister. I have often wondered the following about Mr Hain : as a doughty opponent of apartheid, not afraid to resort to action as opposed to mere words, I wonder why it is that once apartheid fell he did not go back to his native country to help it build up its post-apartheid destiny?

      Perhaps he found life in UK politics tooooo pleasant…?

    • Republicofscotland

      Hitchens seems to claim a lot for a guy whose only visited Gibraltar once, and even then that was 16 years ago. Still in his defence, he does claim he’s only musing.

      He then finishes with whataboutery, over Cueta.

      • Habbabkuk

        Well, what about Ceuta and Melilla, RoS?

        What’s your feeling about the last European colonies in Africa?

    • Habbabkuk

      I suppose you would prefer the Royal Navy to state shooting?

      You seem a bit confused, don’t you?

      UK-haters often are.

    • D_Majestic

      Wait till the F-35’s don’t fly properly, Bobm. Should be interesting since the taxpayer has payed upfront.

    • Dave Lawton

      I remember when I was in Gib the Spanish machine gunned some poor bugger in his speed boat who they believed was smuggling
      contraband from Tangiers.I always use to find them a little trigger happy.

  • michael norton


    Ken Livingstone Hitler row: Labour suspends former mayor again

    by jove

    • michael norton

      Kens point is he should be allowed to say Hitler as often as he likes.
      The media are only bringing this up as local elections are round the bend
      and his chum corby is in the shit.

      • Bobm

        What has any of this to do with Craig’s post?

        Could the the people who are currently clogging it up with off-topic stuff consider, please, setting up their own site, and letting us all know where it is?

        Craig’s followers would then be able to focus on his comments, and know where to look for the private adumbrations of those who will be nameless A.H..M..etc.

        Have I missed anyone?

        • John Goss

          You missed me Bobm. I would normally agree certainly not to introduce non-related matter on the first page but this has been running for four days now and nearly everybody goes off topic at some time. The continued suspension of Ken Livingstone is topical.

          I have my own blog but nobody reads it. 😀

          • Bobm

            Thank you, John.

            Just how off-topic do you think it is sensible for matters to run?

            Maybe Craig should have two week limit?

            It is nonetheless odd that the board is hogged by a minority of driven[?] commentators.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            ‘Twas ever thus, Bobm. But it’s Craig’s blog, and this seems to be the way he wants it. And it’s sometimes fun to trace the devious lines of thought which lead to the topic changes. Think of it more as a conversation in a pub. (unless the landlord of your own local throws out anyone not talking about Aston Villa)

            Staying on the topic of changes of topic, this is very well worth watching:


            (Hebrew, English subtitles)

          • Alcyone

            Who is he Ba’al? It says comedian somewhere but i didn’t find anything funny. Or anything particularly new? True, not new.

            Q: Will all the rants in the world change society?

      • nevermind

        No its the BBC that mention Hitler, as much as they can, all day long until another Labour story can be concocted. This sounds like another Mandelschwein prepared attack at weakening democracy and the opposition, he should be dispelled by Labour for being a self serving corporate agenda pusher and arch back stabber.

    • John Goss

      It just shows the power of Jewish influence over all the political parties. To suspend Ken for telling the truth shows that the Labour Party is scared to death that some of the Jewish money that buys political influence might dry up. Where is the moral fibre?

      As many of you will have noticed I don’t comment on the main thread these days because my comments are unjustly deleted. So what’s the point? I expect this to go into moderation because of a word in the link. But nothing can be done about that. I think favouring one religion above all others is discriminatory. So I will say the word myself in support of Ken Livingstone. There was a Nazi-Zionist agreement.

        • Republicofscotland

          John Goss.

          Oh not all the Hitler’s were bad, Adolf’s nephew William Hitler, joined the US Navy to fight his nastly uncle. He wrote a letter to FDR begging him to let him join the US forces to fight Nazism.

          William even won a Purple Heart medal, eventually he had to change his name because it was synonymous with Adolf’s.

          He became Stuart Houston.

          • Habbabkuk

            Another of RoS’s little anecdotes. He must have prized it greatly because, most unusually, he posted it in the morning. Hope he’s not at home sick 🙂

    • Alcyone

      I’ve heard it recommended to count sheep, to help you sleep. But this is a new one on me. Hope you had a good night’s rest.

      And I would want to reiterate how I miss Dreoilin, a fine lady with a flexible mind and a sense of humour to boot. Bless her if she’s passed on, bless her, regardless. The mystery to me is Technicolour who stopped visiting around the same time–anyone with information?

      Finally, I also hope IrishU will join in more often, whatever your politics. I’ll raise my cup of Barry’s tea to that. And with the glorious sunrise and listening to this, what a lovely morning:

      My only wish for all: Know your self. And you will know the Kosmos, the order of things, of which we are but flecks.

          • IrishU

            Thanks Alcyone, I read the blog most days but I will make an effort to comment more.

            I will raise my cup of Punjana tea in return to your toast, well, until 5pm – after that I will return your toast with something more fitting!

      • Sinister Burt

        I wish similar to all. But physician heal thyself. while always iconoclastic and cheeky in your posts (good things) since you’ve come out as an anti-islam bigot and breitbart poster you’ve become rather unpleasant I’m sorry to say. The order of the ‘Kosmos’ includes stuff like ‘we are all one consciousness’ in my view – being bigoted or hateful (like drips out of brietbart) is only self damage. Love, understanding and compassion or fear, ignorance and hatred, which is it to be? (there are no other choices)

    • IrishU

      Is there a point to this?

      Could we have a full breakdown by all posters from pages 1 to 8? What were the figures for yourself, Michael Norton and Republic of Scotland?

  • RobG

    At the end of a rally in Le Havre on March 29th 2017, Jean-Luc Mélenchon read the poem “The Albatross” by Charles Baudelaire:

    Nah, we’ve all got to vote for totally corrupt psychopaths.

    The red pill or the blue pill.

    Watch the French presidential election.

    This is history in the making.

    But for those totally brainwashed by the MSM it’s just another day in the meat grinder.

  • Brianfujisan

    “I rather hope “President” Assad is disposed of in an other way than hanging from the end of a rope. After all, his neck is already quite long enough, thank you”

    Sickening Hatred

    • Sharp Ears

      I agree Brian. That remark referred to the barbaric manner of the killing of the Libyan president. The ex Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East, a self described Christian and a staunch member and officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel, advocated the same fate for President Assad.

      ‘But Burt – a close ally of the foreign secretary, William Hague – revealed his deep anger at the failure of MPs in August to back the principle of military action. “We have put ourselves in a constitutional mess this way. I think government needs to take executive action in foreign affairs. It informs parliament. If parliament does not ultimately go for it, then the issue becomes a vote of confidence issue. I don’t think you can handle foreign affairs by having to try to convince 326 people [a majority of MPs] each time you need to take a difficult decision. You do it and if they don’t like it, they can vote you out and they can have a general election.”

      Burt insisted the British government “knew exactly what would happen if there was not a strike against Assad over chemical weapons. He goes on. And the only thing that would deflect this man and this regime is if they fear they are going to end up in a storm drain with a bayonet up their backside. If they don’t fear that, they will go on killing as many people as they need to stay in power.”

      Burt added: “I think moderate Syrian opposition was absolutely devastated by this decision. They felt in a sense that their last hope had gone. They had heard the west talk a good game about support. They had heard Americans hint about arming them in some way or other. They had heard us say we support you 100%, but then our parliament will not let us give you anything.”‘

      ‘Burt was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on 14 May 2010. His roles there included overseeing British-Syria policy for three years that included the start of the Syrian Civil War, and leading on Israeli issues for the government at the United Nations.’

      Also a member of the Henry Jackson Society as you see.

      His words in Parliament in 2008. A hypocrite.
      ‘I have a Christian world view, which impacts on those issues. It is not much of a secret, either in this place or my constituency. I do not believe in an impersonal universe—one made up of random collections of matter and energy. I believe that there is a God. Among other things, I believe that his plan for his universe holds life to be dear and sacred. No other understanding of my world makes sense to me.
      I also hold a view, deeply influenced by Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son, that God’s laws for us are not designed to punish, to hurt or to prevent good things happening, but to warn us away from things that do us harm, and to safeguard the creation that he loves.’

      • IrishU

        I would have preferred Gaddafi to stand trial for his role in supplying the IRA with weapons during the 1970s and 1980s, however, I didn’t shed any tears for the manner of his death.

    • Habbabkuk


      Sickening hatred but at least I haven’t dropped nerve gas on anyone nor had people tortured to death.

      And now go and fuck yourself, you silly man. 🙂

      • michael norton

        I think I have read that 85% of the remaining population of Syrian people
        live in provinces controlled by The Syrian Government.
        I have also read, that the majority have voted for Assad, not because they love him but they don’t want to be killed/controlled by the Turks of Islamic State.

  • giyane

    Mrs Matcher on the phone to Boris Johnson:
    TM. “Bollocks! I mean Boris. Look. Monday I’ve got to face King BuggerAll and squeeze him for another coupla trillion and all I can offer him is Mosul gone and no new arms from Trumpface. Do something!.”
    BJ. ” Calm down dear. The FOC’s got it all covered. Going to do a re-run on the Assad chemical warfare theme with the BBC. Show him a bit of genuine clergyman’s daughter white thigh and he’ll be drooling, foaming like a good ‘n.”
    TM. ” Why’s it always me that has to dress up in stupid clothes. Why can’t you, some times?”
    BJ. ” Full-time job as a comedian, Teaser. Fuck , this chlorine stings.”
    TM. ” You’re using Chlorine, Bo?”
    BJ. ” Use it every day Mia, sorry Ma-y, I’me a true blondie cutie. Noibody’d believe me otherwise.”
    TM. ” Oh you’re as bad as that car insurance ad “

      • nevermind

        trying to attract all those lost commenter’s you’ve been missing of late, alcy?

        • Alcyone

          There’s no need to say hello
          If all you are, is a silly fellow
          Lots of fools in this World
          Walkin’ around with their pillow

  • nevermind

    the media’s demonisation and demolition job of Labour continues as ken Livingston is mentioned three gazillion times over an allegation of anti-Semitism that he is supposed to have uttered over a year ago.
    That it happens now is a clear sign that the media, especially the BBC is not biased against the right wing Government that is in charge of the bust up of the union and is prepared to hound labour during the local election campaign. Except no facts of the draconian cuts and hardship to be discussed, its all going to be tub thumping good stuff with lots of celebrity comments thrown in to make it stick in fickle minds.

    Who sold the rebels the chemical precursors to make banned weapons with?chemicals that were stored in the ammunition dump bombed? No good accusing Assad for having a go at the western aligned/paid rebels of Daesh/IS when we can’t answer the questions of the origins of the stored chemicals they were holding.

    • michael norton

      The Free Syria Army
      was started by the Turkish and Turkomen in Hatay Province.
      Hatay Province was stolen by Turkey from Syria.
      Hatay Province is the only part of Turkey that borders on the massive |Eastern Mediterranean Methane zone.

      Syria is to be divided up with Turkey stealing the North.

  • Habbabkuk

    “(There’s pretty solid evidence, by the way, that Brit intelligence played a substantial role in the 1940 U.S. election, among other things preventing isolationist Bob Taft from getting the Republican nomination. The Taft supporter who would have chaired the Republican convention died a suspicious death, with the result that an East Coast internationalist who could steer the nomination to interventionist Wendell Willkie got the job.)”

    Another conspiracy theory, and not before time: readers must have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

    And a new one for us**, not one of the tired old ones.

    Is our Transatlantic Friend the gift that keeps giving or just a Mischievious Leprechaun (“Kobold” in German)?


    ** cue for him to cite a few of the works he has read on this non-subject.

  • Bhante

    According to Craig’s testimony people were tortured to death in Uzbekistan by boiling water, with the connivance of the British and US governments.

    Something similar was done in a US prison to a mentally ill black prisoner, and the perpetrators were cleared of any wrongdoing by the courts (or in other words, were given state protection). The prisoner was murdered by boiling for two hours in a shower that was specifically modified for the purpose of torture, and had water at 160 degrees F or 71 degrees C. (Bear in mind that modern commercial methods for cooking foods often use much lower temperatures than this and for shorter times). He was then found dead in the shower with large amounts of his skin peeling off. Other inmates reported cleaning up large amounts of skin from the shower afterwards.

    Darren Rainey, a mentally ill black man serving a two-year prison sentence for drug possession, was killed by four prison guards at Dade Correctional Institution in Florida.

    Click here to sign a petition to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to request a comprehensive review of the evidence and verdict provided in Darren Rainey’s case.

    The Florida guards kept Darren Rainey locked in a shower for two hours with the water turned up to a scalding 160 degrees or higher — even though Florida state law mandates 120 degrees as the highest available temperature allowed.

    According to the assigned medical examiner, when Mr. Rainey was removed from the shower, his skin was falling off of his body. Darren Rainey entered the shower around 7:30 p.m. and was pronounced dead around 10:00 p.m.

    One prisoner said he heard Rainey screaming, begging to be let out. Another stated that he helped clean up chunks of Rainey’s skin from the shower the following morning.

    Multiple inmates have revealed that the shower was used against them too, as a torture device. Click here to help put an end to this.

    Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s office has revealed that, after a five-year legal dispute, no charges will be filed against the four prison guards who allegedly tortured and killed Darren Rainey. In addition, the four accused guards will be allowed to keep their jobs.

    Prosecutors concluded that Rainey’s death was an “accident,” stating that he died from a combination of factors, including health complications of his mental disorder, heart disease that had gone undiagnosed, and what they described as “confinement in a shower.”

    According to prosecutors, the medical examiner’s report played a key role in their decision not to press charges against the four prison guards. The Miami-Dade prosecutor’s office maintained that the DCI medical examiner report reveals no burns on Darren Rainey after discovering him in the shower, and that any deformed skin was a result of skin “slippage” from being in the shower for too long.

    When that same medical examiner’s report was reviewed by investigators at HuffingtonPost, however, it was discovered that Britney Wilson, a licensed practical nurse at DCI, examined Rainey’s body approximately 10 minutes after he was found, and noted “1st degree burns to 90% of his body.” An additional medical examination conducted by Lt. Alexander Lopez, a firefighter and paramedic with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, reported that Darren Rainey was found “with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on approximately 30 percent of his body.”

    Huffington Post: Officials Ruled Inmate’s ‘Boiling’ Death An Accident. But Documents Show They Omitted Key Details

    Miami Herald: No justice for inmate Darren Rainey

    Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Report on Darren Rainey’s death

    Click here to sign a petition to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to request a comprehensive review of the evidence and verdict provided in Darren Rainey’s case.

      • Bhante

        Alcyone, if you are not up to any text too long to read while going up a flight of stairs you are perfectly free to skip it.

  • RobG


    “Mélenchon was found the most convincing performer by French viewers of the debate, a snap poll showed. The poll by Elabe for BFM TV said Mélenchon had managed to convince 25% of those who had watched. Macron was rated as second most convincing, on 21%. Le Pen (11%) came in fourth behind Fillon (15%).”

    The above quote is at the end of the Guardian piece (which heavily promotes the Macron Le Pen show) and is the only comment about Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

  • reel guid

    Theresa May in Saudi Arabia selling weaponry to be used on the Yemenis.

    Nicola Sturgeon in California signing a climate change accord with the state governor.

    Which one represents Scotland’s values?

    • fred

      October to December 2016 Scottish economy contracted -0.2%. UK economy grew by 0.7%

      • reel guid

        Renewable energy is a golden opportunity for Scotland economically. But the Tories and the Blue Blairites are interested in fracking and nuclear power – a vested interest in the case of many MPs – to the detriment of Scotland’s renewables potential.

        All the signs are that environmental powers coming back from Brussels will be kept at Westminster in contravention of existing legislation. Since the environment is a devolved matter.

        Fracking, selling weapons and being a tax haven is the prospect for the UK.

        Scotland just no longer belongs in the British state where it’s not merely a case of our interests coming well down the list of priorities but a case of UK governments actively seeking to implement policies that are extremely harmful to Scottish communities.

        I’ll repeat it.

        Theresa May in Saudi Arabia selling weapons in the full knowledge of where they’re going to be deployed.

        Nicola Sturgeon signing an accord on climate change and making worthwhile friends and trade deals in California.

        Which one represents the real Scotland?

  • Republicofscotland

    So Britain’s playing down the “alleged” gas attack in Syria. The cash strapped nation is right not to send forces into Syria, Britain’s in a terrible state as it is with Brexit, which has caused all manner of uncertainty including that to do with Gibraltar.

    In which the stiff upper lip brigade rant on in whataboutery style, over Cueta and Melilla, but forget that its Brexit a self made catastrophe that’s put Gibralter in the spotlight.

    Going back to Syria, I doubt any bleating to the UN by Britain, France, or even the rogue state of Israel would do any good, as China and Russia would veto any madcap plan.

    Best just stick to sending in proxy moderate fighters, if such a thing even exists.

  • RobG


    “The near-total silence of the Trump administration over its plans for the African continent has become something of a cliche among commenters on African politics. Indeed, the US government is maintaining military-style secrecy over its foreign political activities not only in Africa, but in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and elsewhere around the globe.”

  • Republicofscotland

    So Phil Hammond is in India trying to expand Emipre 2.0, you’d have thought the Indians were canny enough to remember the last time the Brits came calling.

    But no after ejecting Lord Mountbatten, (the last Viceroy of India) and the British inspired break up of India, which led to Pakistan. India is once again opening the door to Britain. As Hammond seeks to gain trade with the country.

    One question that comes to mind though is, as the Brexiteers seek to throw foreigners out of Britain, one wonders just how much of a influx from India, Hammond will need concede to get a fair deal.

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