Amber Rudd Prevents Independent Candidate Questioning Arms Sales to Saudi Sponsors of Terrorism 217

In this hustings clip, independent candidate for Hastings and Rye Nicholas Wilson is linking the Manchester bombing to Tory support for arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Home Secretary Amber Rudd can be clearly seen writing a note, passing it to the chairman and speaking to him. He then immediately intervenes to stop Wilson speaking and takes the microphone from him.

I don’t have the name of the chairman who looks like a corrupt, overfed, complacent, Tory, Church of England vicar straight out of Trollope. But as soon as I get his name, I will publish it.


What is happening to the understanding of democracy in this country? I just got a call saying the Residents’ Committee of the apartment block where I live were instructing me to remove the SNP poster from my balcony (It is a small A3 poster). My reply was extremely rude, I am afraid, and I have now put up a second poster.

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217 thoughts on “Amber Rudd Prevents Independent Candidate Questioning Arms Sales to Saudi Sponsors of Terrorism

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  • Karin MacDonald

    Bloody hell. Horrific! Also the anti SNP discrimination. I live in Scotland, which is a bit better, however I want to move out of the UK. Where to, that is the question? After brexit, and without any great skills, not welcome anywhere!

  • Kempe

    ” I just got a call saying the Residents’ Committee of the apartment block where I live were instructing me to remove the SNP poster from my balcony (It is a small A3 poster). My reply was extremely rude, I am afraid, and I have now put up a second poster. ”

    You might want to check the terms of your lease, they generally have a clause prohibiting the display of posters of any kind without consent.

    • Leonard Young

      “You might want to check the terms of your lease, they generally have a clause prohibiting the display of posters of any kind without consent.”

      Yes, but there are other more long standing laws, common and otherwise, that could trump leases like this, among which might even be EU regulations on fairness of terms and conditions in contracts. The usual protection being “such consent can not be unreasonably withheld”. For example, if you are a leaseholder, you cannot be unreasonably prevented from having a party, provided such a gathering does not cause unreasonable inconvenience, or a breach of the peace.

      Lots of leases contain completely unenforceable terms. I would guess the placement of a harmless small poster would be considered entirely reasonable, whatever a lease says.

      • Leonard Young

        ….I once was told to remove a towel from an apartment balcony because it was against a leasehold condition. I refused to remove it, citing the fact that in any normal household it was perfectly ok to allow the outside air to dry washing, and no-one else had complained. They could not enforce this ludicrous term and nor did they attempt to. We have to stand up to these pathetic control freaks.

      • Kempe

        “such consent can not be unreasonably withheld”.

        Fair comment but Craig didn’t say he’d got consent.

        • J

          A perversion of the legalistic mind to assume that consent must be sought merely to display an election poster. I’ve met people who can only piss with permission. That’s not a country I want to live in. If that describes where you want to live, please go there and leave me in peace.

        • Leonard Young

          Answering this: “Fair comment but Craig didn’t say he’d got consent”. Consent can be implied, whatever the lease terms say and whatever you sigend. If a lease term says something like (and forgive a somewhat extreme example for illustration), “no alcohol can be consumed on these premises without express consent”, that is palpably an unreasonable term and could never be enforced. If a lease contains other unfair or unreasonable terms, the tenant can still sign the lease and not be bound by unfair terms.

          Even before the EU regulations, any contract that contained an imbalance of obligations, or had conditions which represented duress, those conditions could be struck out and only the remaining reasonable terms enforceable.

          Thus, a signature on an agreement is no lawful commitment to unreasonable terms and the courts have repeatedly struck out unfair terms, and enforced the remaining reasonable terms. This makes perfect sense.

  • J


    I’ve neglected to give you any US healthcare information these last few days. Sorry about that. But after reading this morning’s terrible news, it struck me my friends in the UK need to hear something many Brits may not have considered.

    If the Manchester Arena bombing had happened in the US, every family with a dead or injured member would begin receiving bills in the coming days. Parents who lost their children would get a detailed and unadorned list of services provided by the medics that tried to save their relations’ lives. And they would be expected to start making payments immediately.

    While they mourned heartbreaking losses, American families would be billed for the ambulance rides, morphine, CPR, anaesthesia. They would be expected to pony up for surgeries that were unsuccessful, medication that didn’t work, and the time the anaesthesiologist spent trying to keep their children comfortable during major procedures. They would continue to receive those bills for month upon month after the death of their children.

    Many families would set up GoFundMe accounts to pay for the medical expenses of their deceased child. The bills would run in to the hundreds of thousands, so even the best-funded account would only pay a fraction. The parents might have to sell their homes while trying to wrap their minds around the needless loss of their children. Ultimately, many would declare bankruptcy: who has time to pore over bills, fight the constant inaccuracies, totalling hundreds or thousands of dollars, when they’re battling depression and anger?
    Think about that It’s the kind of society you’re really signing up for when you vote for a party that wants to privatise your healthcare. Please don’t make that mistake.

    Hannah Middlebrook (a supporter of social justice who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  • Hieroglyph

    Galloway saying that David Davis will be leader of the Tories, by August. With any luck, this means that Rudd will quietly disappear from the radar, to pursue her other interests, no doubt. She is utterly useless, and unpleasant, and I can only think that her wiser colleagues have already mentally thrown May under the bus.

  • Baz

    ‘Amber Rudd Prevents Independent Candidate Questioning Arms Sales to Saudi Sponsors of Terrorism 167’

    How do you know that? Not defending Rudd, the Saudis etc, but you don’t know that. You dont know what was on the note, you dont know what she said.

    • J

      No, you’re right. We don’t. But importantly, we can see it. Whatever was on the note, whatever it said, the effect is clear enough.

  • johnf

    In case you haven’t seen this article by Lee Fang in Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept:

    “Saudi Arabia Lavishes Conservative U.K. Officials With Gifts, Travel, And Plum Consultancies”

    “Some of the the Saudi kingdom’s largesse came in the form of gifts. Then-Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, now the Chancellor of the Exchequer who has come under fire for defending a mass execution in Saudi Arabia that included a nonviolent government critic, accepted a watch from the Saudi ambassador worth £1,950 ($2,514). Tory MP Charlotte Leslie, who has presided over parliamentary debate regarding foreign policy in the Middle East, received a food basket from the Saudi Embassy with an estimated value of £500 ($644).

    The Saudi Arabian government has also picked up the tab for four expense-paid junkets taken by Tory lawmakers to visit the kingdom since the Yemen war began. The costs for accommodation, travel, and meals for the lawmakers range from £2,888 ($3,724) to £6,722 ($8,668). At least 18 conservative lawmakers have participated in the trips, according to the register of financial interests.

    Tory Rehman Chishti, one of the participants in a Saudi junket last year, was also paid £2,000 ($2,579) per month as an adviser to the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, a state-backed think tank in Saudi Arabia. The arrangement began in February 2016.”

  • Dave

    She probably said can’t mention Manchester for national security, legal reasons regarding on-going investigations, which is why the investigations are never closed, to stop anyone officially highlighting and getting an answer to the obvious faults in the comic script.

  • fwl

    Qatari Saudi split looks like an important event and not only for 2022 consequences. Difficult to know what to make it it at present.

  • m boyd

    UPDATE: Craig, I live in a quiet rural Perthshire village… I had a posse of Tory/ Libdems voters outside my house when I put Pete Wishart posters up. Not to be perturbed I told them to ….

  • laguerre

    Nicolas Wilson is not the only one who got shut up. The Angry Arab reports:

    “BBC Arabic called me twice last night to comment via phone on the attack on London bridge. The second time, I started talking about how Western policies and wars produced Jihadi terrorists of various kinds in different parts of the East when the interviewer clearly did not like what I had to say and abruptly ended the interview. ”

  • exiled off mainstreet

    Of course Ms. Rudd and other tories want to prevent the discussion of the tory regime’s culpability in supporting the barbaric Saudi kingdom, the font of support to the terrorists. By preventing this particular question, they are bringing more attention to it.

  • dawn Jelley

    Thank you for this. Several of my friends and I have shared this on facebook. It is an example of the wheels of democracy slowly grinding to a halt and how entrenched this government are in dealing with murderers. The only part of your report I don’t agree with – though I know said tongue in cheek – is the Church of England Vicar reference. I can assure you, that the Church of England are equally disgusted with our Government and I haven’t once come across one who will be voting Tory this Thursday 🙂

    Peace be with You

  • Josephine Sayer

    It is terrifying and disturbing what the Tories are doing. The above clip is yet more proof of their under handed actions. They are getting quite blatant about it too. I watched Amber Rudd on the leaders debate in Cambridge. I had never seen her before but she oozed a callous, hard hearted persona which is typical of most Conservatives. How anyone can vote for them I do not know and how can she get away with stopping the truth being spoken about the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. All this nonsense about terrorism, when they themselves are supplying terrorists with the weapons to destroy us because selling arms makes money. The psyche of world leaders is alarming. The majority are mad. Jeremy Corbyn is not like them. He is still sane and wants to ban nuclear missiles and make a world that is full of good not evil and works for the many not the few. He wants to save the NHS. There are too many false flags but you can’t get away with these things for much longer. The people are waking up finally.

  • Richard Swain

    Craig – thanks for your blog, it really helps us to see through the MSM BS when trying to get to the truth.
    Well done for sticking to your guns with the poster. Can you put Labour one up too please 🙂

  • Anthony Proc

    you know this is not acceptable in any shape or form, shame on those who try and pervert our/the peoples right to freedom of speech.

    • nevermind

      Thanks for that important little snippet Ba’al, I guess Saudi A. was not present at the Paris climate conference. Anyone who is still contemplating to access and develop new wells, oil or gas, does not really mean what they said, they have been wasting their own and our time.
      Looking at the condition, all strings are being kept in Saudi hands and taxes will be raised on the profits from this lawyer friendly endeavour.

      PS, any light and easy bike for sale you know of? got rid of my R75/7

      • Ba'al Zevul

        I’ll keep an eye open, Nevermind. Preferred cc’s, twin/three/four?

        • nevermind

          500 to 650 please, not too heavy and as high a seat position as poss. but not essential, nothing with a fairing, maybe best with high bars. Thanks for having a look out.

  • Gillian Horn

    I have emailed rev.Richard Jackson, Bishob of Lewes to ask what was written in the note. The publicity for the hustings states that he will chair the proceedings but he looks much fatter in the footage compared to his profile online.

  • Doug Scorgie

    Habbabkuk’s answer to
    June 4, 2017 at 13:40
    “I want to clarify the question about fasting in Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a holy month in which fighting is forbidden.”

    June 4, 2017 at 18:38

    “Thank you for that, I believe that sexual intercourse is also forbidden.”

    “…is also forbidden.”

    So Habbabkuk you accept Giyane’s statement about fighting.

  • Michael McNulty

    As the Home Secretary Amber Rudd is in charge of the police so can she explain why cops in this video change clothes in the street with one changing into camo pants? Is this meant to confuse eyewitnesses and if so why would such a deception be necessary? If as some suspect it was a hoax event maybe they couldn’t prevent things being witnessed that night and they want to really muddy the waters.

    • Brianfujisan


      WTF..Amazing this only came to light yesterday.. I hear a similar video vanished off youtube..

      The Trillion dollar question is..Why would they allow themselves to be filmed.. Mmm Cos they don’t Give a Fk..and the Mass Hypnotics will still work..

      here is another video with some of the same footage –

  • Rita

    Hi Craig

    Called into the reception desk at your flat this morning to express my dismay at the Residents’ Committee’s attempt to stifle your voice. If we cannot express our political views, and particularly at an election time, through peaceful and innocuous display of posters supporting legitimate parties contesting the election, then what does that say about the character of our democracy. How infantile and petty of them. SHAMEFUL. Very pleased to see your posters (plural) on display.

  • Graham Warwick

    Straight out of the Joseph Goebbels’ handbook on how to stifle dissent. If this country is stupid enough to vote May and her cronies like Amber Rudd back into office we will have the equivalent of the Brown Shirts ruling in Parliament; if not overtly then with a subtler presence. Such a blatant attempt to shut down legitimate comment from an honest politician by a powerful one spells a very murky future for us all if it is allowed to take firm root

  • Ian McDonald

    You must do all you can to get this covered by the i, Guardian,Morning Star and the local Hastings Gazette, so that people understand unacceptable Tory mentality and the hypocisy about terrorism, increasing influence of Wahabi islam, with lovely new mosques paid for by Saudi money, while our Government sells arms to the saudis…..And what about free speech!

  • Fritz

    You have every reason to be angry at their request to remove the poster. They certainly can’t force you. Did they give a reason?

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