Planning for UK Embassy to Move to Jerusalem Post Brexit 487

UPDATE I find people need more explanation than I realised. The UK is bound by a common position under EU common foreign policy (third pillar). So until Brexit the official line must still be always given that the UK is not considering moving its Embassy. Post Brexit that restriction is lifted. What my source is saying is that secret contingency planning for a post Brexit move to Jerusalem is underway in the FCO. What I have been pressing the FCO for is an admission that planning is taking place. Obviously this is not something they would want to be public knowledge at present.

My source stated that the move is partly ideological, and partly to sweeten relationships with the USA in seeking a trade deal. My own observation is that the Tories probably think this would cause more trouble between Corbyn and the Parliamentary Labour Party, and that the Westminster classes are totally out of touch with real public opinion on Palestine, as they seldom meet anybody who does not share their extreme zionism.


This information about planning being carried out in great secrecy came to me from an FCO source I had no previous contact with, so I do not know the reliability. It might even be a hoax to make me look foolish. Therefore I decided to check the story with the FCO Press Department, but I can’t get any response out of them. Not answering questions appears to be the standard British state response to independent journalists now. If this is nonsense, it would have taken the FCO two minutes just to tell me so.

So I am posting this here with the caveat that the information is not verified yet. There is much to be said on motive, both from what I was told by the source and from my own gloss, but I shall leave that until we can make more progress on validation. Obviously, I hope the posting may spur the FCO to respond, or others to corroborate the leak.

487 thoughts on “Planning for UK Embassy to Move to Jerusalem Post Brexit

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  • laguerre

    Hardly surprising news. Britain will be going full fascist after the expected no-deal Brexit, to join the lot in Israel and Washington.

    • learnmore

      The EU should replace the UK with Russia post Brexit.

      Solves so many problems for both the EU and Russia. Trade, security, peace, prosperity and a border with the whole of Asia. Do it.

    • Nick

      Do you actually believe Britain will become “full fascist”? Do you talk to any real people?

      • Tom Welsh

        One could argue compellingly that Britain has always been “full fascist”, Just a lot more subtle and disingenuous in hiding the fact. Just ask the Irish, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Native Americans (and Africans and Indians and Australians and New Zealanders and South Americans… Or, come to think of it, the Russians).

  • DiggerUK

    And the Labour Party conference is just over three weeks away.
    This may seem to some as a ‘false flag’ provocation, I would caution that it mustn’t be allowed to turn in to a ‘red flag to a bull’ debacle…_

  • Maywood

    I jumped when I read your tweet. But on reflection, I’m not as surprised as I thought I was.
    The UK (at least under the Tories) will be wanting to draw even closer to the USA after Brexit, and what better way to curry favour in Washington than to move the embassy to Jerusalem?

    • DiggerUK

      Plausibility of such a change in U.K. foreign policy is understandable, I repeat my caution in this matter. Confirmation bias must not run riot here…_

    • Deb O'Nair

      Why would moving the UK embassy to Jerusalem curry favour with the US vis-à-vis trade relations? The only people it will curry favour with are the Israelis and the Israeli lobby. Are you suggesting that Israel or their US Israeli lobby have such influence over the US government as to determine the outcome of a future trade deal between the UK and US?

      • fwl

        As down right weird as it may sound I have previously read there is a powerful evangelical US lobby group that actually believes in the end of times, that a restored Jewish Jerusalem would somehow bring that about and that that would be a good thing. I last read about this in a report (possibly in the WSJ) a few years ago. I will have a look into it: its certainly strange to say the least.

        • fwl

          eg see Dianna Butler Bass piece on CNN 14 May 2018 – “For evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics”.

          Apparently this is called Dispensational Pre-Millennialism ??? When I read this sort of thing I can’t help but wonder what is going on with some people and I can finally understand why in the UK some judges tend to treat religious discrimination as a second class protected characteristic to other protected characteristics.

          If people are religious why not keep that interior world interior and let it manifest itself naturally according to one’s station.

          • fwl

            and Ian Lovett in WSJ Dec 2017 – Evangelical Christians Lobbied Hard for Trump’s Move on Jerusalem.

          • fwl

            Craig Unger on American Rapture in Vanity Fair in 2015 noted how Israeli Intelligence have kept an eye on the evangelical right who they considered were sometimes so naive that they put themselves at risk of being used as pasties.

            So Trump’s granting of the evangelical’s wishes creates an odd meeting. Israel may appreciate support for the advancement of its interests in Jerusalem, but it has to consider that some of the outside lobby groups supporting them are basically bonkers and may end up causing harm.

            Some British conservatives may wonder how they came to be in bed with the DUP, but they may consider that their position is nothing like as strange as that say of a pragmatic Israeli politician wondering how he came to be supported by the armageddon evangelicals.

        • Deb O'Nair

          Yes, I am familiar with the US Christian Taleban, the likes of John Hagee, who can be regularly seen on UK TV spouting his pro-Israel ideology dressed up as religion. I just question that the US negotiating a trade deal would put anything or anyone before the profit of US corps.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Deb O’Nair August 31, 2018 at 22:13
        ‘..Are you suggesting that Is^ael or their US Is^aeli lobby have such influence over the US government as to determine the outcome of a future trade deal between the UK and US?’
        I would, yes.

        • Deb O'Nair

          I was being mildly rhetorical. However that suggestion is the sort of thing that would be deemed AS by IHRA ‘guidelines’

      • lysias

        Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner iis very powerful in the Trump administration and in tight with Netanyahu.

      • Tom Welsh

        Doing anything that curries favour with the Israelis will automatically get brownie points in Washington. After all, the dog does wag the tail.

  • SA

    Is this not something that parliament should vote on? After all there are international legal implications.

    • DiggerUK

      This is only an unconfirmed report. No statement from the F.O., and no proposals or reports to parliament. Sit tight and wait for more news.
      I shall make this my last cautionary note, could I ask for others with a level head to speak in a like manner. Thankyou…_

    • craig Post author

      Indeed. But the UK has to have that policy at present as it is bound by EU common foreign policy. It soon won’t be.

      • What's going on?

        I wouldn’t be so sure of that… It’s unlikely that Brexit will happen. When faced with a no deal exit the HoC will do anything it can to trigger a GE and that is likely to lead to a change of policy or a 2nd ref. It was never going to happen, it was all just a game to make sure we stay in. There is absolutely no way that there could be a vote in the UK, USA and Italy with the exact same result and media movements before the elections without some sort of interference. The only question that remains is, if it wasn’t the Russians, who was it?

        • Deb O'Nair

          But Brexit means Brexit and leave means leave. What about the democratic will of (one third) of the British people? More importantly, what about the multi-millionaires and billionaires who demand Brexit? If anything not only is Brexit extremely likely, but a hard Brexit is looking more likely than not. I can not accept that the past two years posturing by the UKG has been a charade to make sure we stay in, the only charade has been that the UKG has been in negotiations with the EU.

          • What's going on?

            There is too much perfect irony in Brexit-Trump-Pentalega for it all to be accidental for me. You are right that we are headed for a no deal Brexit. However, that is such a disastrous prospect that parliament will do anything to avoid it and so a GE and/or 2nd ref is inevitable. Alternatively we crash out and that would be such a disaster that we will be going back in with our tail between our legs in no time. Perhaps the plan is for the UK to join the euro, who knows?

          • fwl

            Or go back into a reconfigured EU playing UK HK to a EU China ie offshore island. One entity two systems.

          • Hatuey

            What strange opinions we read on here.

            I advise you all to consider what “trade” actually is. It’s complicated but the reality is that trade throughout history — not completely but for the most part — is a means by which businesses conspire to undercut domestic labour and producers.

            It’s no coincidence that as trade relations have increased between Britain and the rest of the world, manufacturing and production in Britain itself has fallen. The consequences of increasing trade in terms of unemployment and the shift from real jobs to low paid service sector jobs are plain to see. It’s the same everywhere in the first world.

            I’d guess about 80% of trade benefits businesses in terms of cutting costs rather than people in any direct way. A marginal reduction in the price of a sprocket doesn’t excite you too much when you’ve lost your job and can’t afford a sprocket anyway.

            More people in the U.K. would benefit from trade falling rather than increased trade. If businesses in the UK were to source materials and parts at home, rather than buy them from the cheapest suppliers in the ever growing EU, or China, the consequences of that would be positive for most ordinary people here and the economy as a whole.

            The emphasis on free trade in recent years is really one of the biggest scams in history and tells you more about the values and objectives of the business community and rich than anything else. It’s the most crude expression of profits before people you’ll find anywhere.

            Trump knows all this and has made China the focus of his attack on trade — given the scale of Chinese exports to the rest of the world, an attack on Chinese imports is really an attack on trade itself. The indications suggest his economic policies are working with more and more jobs in manufacturing etc. being created at home.

            Trade was always for the rich, not the poor. It’s about profit maximisation. On that basis, no deal on Brexit might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to many people here and the U.K. a economy as a whole.

      • Antonyl

        Good point pro Brexit.
        A free Scotland would also like to have its own voice, not echoing “his master’s voice”.

  • Millsy

    I think that , if this rumour is true , that Corbyn should respond with the threat that when he wins the next election , George Galloway will be appointed ambassador to Israel .

    • N_

      Britain should break off diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity and ban its network and its propaganda in Britain. It is supposed to be against the law to praise or encourage terrorism and to encourage ethnic hatred.

      One thing I’d like to see Jeremy Corbyn promise to do is publish the secret treaty between Britain and I__ael. This must exist because Theresa May referred to Britain and I__ael as being very close allies. “Allies” is a military term, yet no military treaty between the two powers has ever been published. Why the f*** not? Britain declared neutrality during the Six Day War and was also neutral during the Yom Kippur War. When did things change?

      There is a petition calling on Thersa May to publish the treaty. Unfortunately it hasn’t had many signatures, only 467 so far.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ N_ August 31, 2018 at 19:36
        The low number of signatures reflects the dodgy Change petition site.
        The petition should be relaunched on the Parliamentary petition site.
        If anyone knows who ‘Cedric Smith’ is, please pass this suggestion on to him.
        I don’t know if it would be illegal, plagiarism or whatever, to just cut and paste the petition onto the Parliamentary Petition Website.

      • Charles Bostock

        “There is a petition calling on Thersa May to publish the treaty. Unfortunately it hasn’t had many signatures, only 467 so far.”

        Some people would sign anything. There is no such UK – Israel Treaty, secret or otherwise.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Millsy August 31, 2018 at 17:47
      Not really, just that the decision would be reversed, and the Embassy would be reinstated elsewhere. If the Is^aeli regime poses problems, so sod the Embassy, Britain reverts to a ‘Charge D’Affaires’. And the Is^aeli regime’s Embassy gets the heave-ho.
      Who the f*ck do they think they are, apart from War Criminals and a pariah regime?

    • Tom Welsh

      Galloway for PM; Craig for FM; put Assange in charge of information and publicity. (If he is willing to stay in this country, of course).

  • Greg Park

    At least it would finally strip away all pretence, laying bare the reality of the British political class’s position on Israel/Palestine. A political class that tried to represent our country as an inclusive, tolerant model for the rest of the world.

  • CanSpeccy

    Good idea to move the embassy wherever the Israelis want it.

    Israel is there to stay, or as they have promised, they will bring the World down with them.

    The real issues are (a) the Israel-First diaspora, and (b) the Palestinians. The Israel-First diaspora should be encouraged to return home to Israel.

    The Palestinians should be provided with a new home: a piece of desert land, maybe in Sinai, or elsewhere in North Africa, or perhaps something like a quarter of that almost uninhabited Mexican state of Californai Sur, the cost of the land and its development to be borne by the Western states responsible for the creation of the state of Israel.

    And the cost is really no big deal, about a $trillion dollars, perhaps, which is kind of cheap compared to a small ME war.

    • Greg Park

      It’s not their home though is It? Unless you believe everybody should be living wherever their ancestors lived a thousand years ago.

      • CanSpeccy

        Of course it’s their home.

        They stole it fair and square, just as the Americans, the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, stole their lands. And also, come to think of it, the Brits, which is to say the Normans, who stole England from the Angles, or whoever, who replaced the Romans, who punched up the Picti, who no doubt stole the country off someone else.

          • Republicofscotland

            Well we’re already murdering thousands in Yemen, through our Saudi allies and British supplied weapons and training.

            Soon well be robbing Yemen of any assets.

          • CanSpeccy

            It’s not a question of “should.” It’s a question of what is the case: namely, that robbers will keep what they have stolen unless compelled by force to relinquish their grasp.

            But who will compel nuclear-armed Israel to relinquish its grasp of Palestine. No one in their right mind. With that understanding, one is then in a position to devise a rational course of future conduct.

          • Anon1

            Yup. That’s the way of the world, N_. Israel isn t going anywhere until someone comes and takes it. Who’s going to do that? It’s a nuclear armed state and none of the Arab nations care a fuck about the Palestinians. They’re more interested in making friends with Israel these days. It’s time you accepted the reality of the situation.

        • laguerre

          Live by the sword, die by the sword. Unlike the cases you mention, Israel is a pimple in a great continent, which detests them. Things will go wrong one day, but that could be in a century or two. The Crusaders had the same arrogance, right up to the day they lost the Battle of Hattin, in 1187.

          • N_

            The story of the second Christian loss of Jerusalem, including the Old City, is more rarely told. They barely had time to shore up the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

          • laguerre

            “They barely had time to shore up the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.”

            I don’t think that’s right. A Christian horror story, what we would call today fake news. The Holy Sepulchre was rebuilt in 1048, after the depredations by al-Hakim, who was by the way a George IV style madman, and then again in the mid-12th century, according to wiki. The present basilica is Crusader. It wouldn’t have needed “shoring up” in 1187.

          • Anon1

            They already tried destroying Israel. Today Israel has made peace with virtually all its most powerful neighbours. It’s even best buddies with Saudi Arabia. It has nuclear weapons now. By all means keep dreaming about the destruction of Israel, laguerre, but it’s not going to happen.

          • CanSpeccy

            “Things will go wrong one day…”

            Well, obviously. Things always go wrong one day. But one day may be a long way off. In the meantime those seeking to make things go wrong for Israel now, could find that they have made things go badly wrong for themselves.

            As David Henry Thoreau wisely concluded, one cannot prevent all the evil in the world. Instead of treating the plight of the Palestinians as of such central importance, it would be more admirably, in my view, if all the moralists in Britain turned their attention to the genocide of the British people by a treasonous globalist elite that, by a policy of suppressed native reproduction plus mass immigration, are making the Brits a minority in their own home, as they already are in London, Luton, Leicester, Birmingham, etc., etc.

          • laguerre


            “Today Israel has made peace with virtually all its most powerful neighbours. It’s even best buddies with Saudi Arabia.”

            You make the mistake of thinking that unrepresentative dictatorial regimes represent their peoples. Israel prefers dealing with dictators, it’s easier. But those dictators don’t last for ever. Their main ally, Saudi, is pretty unstable. Could all go bang in a moment. Egyptians are very submissive and without resources. I could go through the lot if you like.

          • laguerre

            re canspeccy

            “Well, obviously. Things always go wrong one day.”

            The point being that when things go wrong for Israel, it’ll be fatal for the current regime, which we call Zionist. Israel is already being hollowed out, by the departure of people who don’t want to spend all their time at war. Who want a normal civilised life, which is impossible in Israel. How many have their second passports ready renewed, as they renewed during the war of 2006? The Israeli land army is already unfit for purpose, as military experts recognise. Only capable of shooting unarmed Palestinians. And proven in the Gaza war of 2014. It’s only the air force which is up to it, which is why it is always being used. There won’t be another invasion of Lebanon.

          • CanSpeccy

            “The point being that when things go wrong for Israel, it’ll be fatal for the current regime, which we call Zionist. Israel is already being hollowed out, by the departure of people who don’t want to spend all their time at war. Who want a normal civilised life, which is impossible in Israel.”

            Israel seems a rough place, but the appeal for Jews of a Jewish state apparently remains strong, since Israel’s net migration rate remains positive.

            Let’s hope it stays that way, since if Israel implodes, its hard to know who would welcome six million Israeli refugees.

            That is likely a reason that Jews mostly promote open borders and multiculturalism: which ensures them entry to any place they may want to go. And as the only one of the multi-culti groups that have age-old experience acting on a tribal basis however widely they are dispersed, a disintegration of Israel could greatly strengthen the Zionist hold over the rest of the world.

          • Laguerre


            “Israel seems a rough place, but the appeal for Jews of a Jewish state apparently remains strong, since Israel’s net migration rate remains positive.”

            Not that I would believe Israel on a headline point of their self-justification – the figures are certainly “massaged” – but my point is that the “normal” people are leaving (on which a country depends), and being replaced, if they are, by ideological extremists. That’s why the government in Israel is like it is. No normal person these days wants to spend their life in the army, eternally, with no prospect of change. So they ship off for a more peaceable life in the US, and Israel puts intense efforts into recruiting others, including stirring up fear among Jews elsewhere, it’s all pretty well known.

        • lysias

          Not much you can do to repair the injustice when very few of the original inhabitants still around. But there are still millions of Palestinians still very much alive.

          The Jewish Israelis claim they have a right to the country because their ancestors — they say– were there many centuries ago. But doesn’t that mean the Palestinians have at least an equal right?

          • CanSpeccy

            “The Jewish Israelis claim they have a right to the country because their ancestors”

            The Jewish claim is bunk. They stole the place the first time around, exterminating the indigenous people from whom they took it, and they have stolen it this time time around too. The Jewish right to Palestine is based solely on their own violent actions and the power of subordinate states: the US, UK, France, etc.

          • Laguerre

            The invading Hebrews didn’t exterminate the indigenous population of Palestine – they lived alongside them. The Hebrews only ever occupied a small proportion of what is today Israel. The Palestinians are descended from the rest.

          • CanSpeccy

            @ Lagueurre

            “The invading Hebrews didn’t exterminate the indigenous population of Palestine

            Well the sure boast about having done so:

            Joshua 6, 20: When they heard the blast of the trumpet, the people gave a great shout, and the wall collapsed. The people charged into the city, each man straight ahead, and captured the city.

            21: At the edge of the sword they utterly destroyed everything in the city— man and woman, young and old, oxen, sheep, and donkeys.

            That was how they death with the people of Jericho, and by their own Torah account, that is how the dealt a lot of other people too.

      • Gary

        Jerusalem is ‘shared’ with the Palestinians and therefore not recognised as Israel’s capital by either the UN or the EU. This is as per all the treaties involved in setting up Israel as an independent country. Many of which have been broken by Israel over the years. (including the one regarding their capital)

        Israel’s failure to adhere to these treaties has been the cause of much of the problems they have faced. Were they simply to adhere to these treaties and UN resolutions peace would be an actual possibility.

        Israel has acted towards the Palestinians in a similar way as settlers to what is now the USA acted towards the Native Americans.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      The invading Europeans tried that with Native Indians. They all became alkies. The ones that did not try to escape and return to their homelands…..

      It is patronising third rate bollocks, what you suggest….racist Israeli garbage in fact….

    • nevermind

      There is no such country as Israel ( and there.never will be).
      A strong diametric response to violent Zionists who want to burn down the Al Aqsa mosque and deTh to all of their fellow Arab semites.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      As I recall, Dr. Kelly was ambushed, subdued, and smoothered to death by the unarmed resident Mossad kidon as Britain was preparing its attack on Iraq to remove Saddam as another step in implimenting the Mediterranean Dialogue.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hope the UK moves Parliament to Jerusalem too, so they can have less effective Mediterranean Dialogue since it will no longer be part of Europe.

    • Republicofscotland

      If they do move it, what message does that send out to the Arab world, and the oppressed people of Gaza and the Westbank?

      It says f*ck you, we’ve openly chosen a side.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        For anyone of importance to show support or sympathy for the Palestinians just gets their guts cut out, like former EU Foreign Commissioner Anna Lindh. Remember her?

      • CanSpeccy

        “It says f*ck you, we’ve openly chosen a side”

        The US/UK openly chose a side long ago. It merely says we are acting in accordance with our established policy, which is that the interest of the Palestinians is to be sacrificed without limit.

        I think the Palestinians should accept the fait accompli and start looking for another home. And the Western states should help them, since it is greatly in the interests of the Western states to prevent a new Jewish diaspora, while they are still struggling to survive the first one.

          • CanSpeccy

            “How about the Israelis resettling in the US?”

            Good God! Not content with the Jews ruling Palestine, you now want them to take over the World’s hegemon?

            “btw It is already the Palestinians’ home and land.”

            Sure, if you want to ignore the facts on the ground. Living in a fantasy world doesn’t solve any problems, unfortunately.

          • Dungroanin

            Well at least the UK could get it’s own independent nukes!

            We could finally ditch the dodgy US missiles and defunct submarines.

        • Akos Horvath

          Sadly for you and your Israeli friends, human civilization has advanced enough that creating a country by ethnically cleansing the indigenous population is no longer possible. You are right to draw parallels between the US and Israeli settler states, the attitudes towards the natives are the same. But what the USA could do in the 18th and 19th century, Israel cannot do in the 21st. The Palestinians will not go anywhere, Israel will, or actually already has turned into an open apartheid state, which cannot be maintained in the long run. Nuclear weapons won’t protect you from the internal contradictions and evilness of your system. South African apartheid is a case in point. Besides, Israel is a tiny country, which cannot bring down the world, no matter what delusional Zionists believe. BDS is growing in strength and will eventually succeed. Your relocation plans, which are correctly termed as ethnic cleansing, just won’t work in the 21st century. But I have a suspicion you are trolling, because of the inane nature of what you are suggesting.

          • CanSpeccy

            “Sadly for you and your Israeli friends, human civilization has advanced enough that creating a country by ethnically cleansing the indigenous population is no longer possible.”

            We’ll see. And I have no Israeli friends. Moreover, I am sympathetic to the Palies, which is the reason I think there should be an international resolve to find them a new home. That would, in my view, serve the interest of the Euro nations generally, by keeping the Israelis bottle up where they are — six million Israeli refugees would, after all, be about as beneficial to the Euro nations as an influx of six million Nazis.

        • Rhys Jaggar

          I will agree to that if you pay the price that your descendants are all wiped ou.

          Call it acceptable collateral damage…

          Can you give one convincing reason why Netanyahu’s racist son is fit to procreate??

        • BarrieJ

          There is no limit to Israel’s rapacity for capaciousness and having sacrificed Palestine to Israeli greed and criminality, what then?
          The Golan Heights, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon; maybe a little bit of Iraq, maybe a lot more of it?
          On reflection, so much unpleasantness might have been avoided if we’d treated the German Reich Chancellor’s desire for Poland in the same way, or maybe helped him to relocate his Jewish population to a new home. Surely that would have been in everyone’s best interests?

    • Sharp Ears

      They are as good as there already with 80% of the Tory MPs in the CFoI.

      LFoI, LFFoI too. I don’t think the SNP has any similar affiliation.

  • N_

    I have to question the view that “the establishment” (“SW1”, etc.) are all fanatical Remainers who aim and intend to keep Britain in the EU when I listen to BBC radio and the newsreaders pronounce the letters “EU” as if they’ve shit on their hands by accident.

    • Tom

      at is a ‘view’ deliberately promoted by the liars behind Brexit to try to subdue opposition and position their extremism in the centre ground. Like most aspects of the Leave campaign it is based on deceit and crushing British institutions like the BBC, so that the foreign-operated press and the fanatics controlling the Conservative Party can take control of the UK with minimal opposition.

  • N_

    If this is nonsense, it would have taken the FCO two minutes just to tell me so.

    Sure, but a statement does not imply its contrapositive. And running a barium feed is much more fun than confirming or denying.

    What is being alleged wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. But it wouldn’t go down well among the MI6 officers who want to retain their super-rich Arab assets and contacts.

    • craig Post author

      No. The Saudis and Emirates (who are the only Arabs MI6 care for) have been furiously signalling their pro-Israel alignment and abandonment of the Palestinian cause for a while now. Where have you been?

      • N_

        MI6’s Arab friends don’t really care for the Palestinians. But can they cope with the Arab street – during and after a battle of Jerusalem?

      • laguerre

        Craig, you know perfectly well that it’s only the unrepresentative Saudi and Emirates regimes who are “furiously signalling their pro-Israel alignment and abandonment of the Palestinian cause”. Their peoples are not. Of course, in the Emirates there is no real “people”, but in Saudi there is. And the Saudis are unable to say in public what their policy is, because it would provoke a revolt (which may not be far away anyway). Indeed, it may be one (additional) reason why Israeli planes have not crossed Saudi to bomb Iran. Saudi is pretty unstable, we just don’t hear about it, as they have good control of the media.

  • Republicofscotland

    It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if its true. What else is in the pipeline, once the rabid British government slips the EU leash.

    Theresa May would most likely prostrate herself to any nation willing to give Britain a trade deal. More so to Trump, I suppose moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a sign of appeasement, she might as well just kiss Netanyahu’s arse, it would be quicker.

    Jeez, Scotland must get shot of the embarrassing Tammany hall, known as Westminster, through indy asap.

    • Clark

      Remember, remember, remember, remember
      In the case of sonic attack survival means
      Every man for himself, himself, himself, himself, himself, himself
      Statistically more people survive if they think
      Only of themselves, only of themselves, only of themselves

      Do not attempt to rescue friends, relatives, loved ones
      You have only a few seconds to escape
      Use those seconds sensibly or you will inevitably die

      Do not panic, do not panic
      Think only of yourself, think only of yourself
      Think only of yourself, think only of yourself

  • Amber Trudeau

    I am amazed that Sharp Ears hasn’t been all over this…Net an Yahoo’s string of tweets with this being the first.
    ** The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.**

    A’la mein k a m p f. Oh my, where is the world heading.

    • Gary

      Is that petition open ONLY to Labour Party members?? I’m not a member, nor a Labour voter, but I do care about democracy…

  • OAH

    Surely it’s time to change the country’s name from the UK to the VK or Vassal Kingdom.

    • giyane

      Britons never never never shall be Slavs. The Polish are coming back for the new school term.

    • Ken Kenn

      Or the next US State behind Puerto Rico?

      The problem with “falling out of the EU ” ( like a drunk out of a pub) is that the UK then falls out onto WTO rules.

      The fact that Trump and his lot are busy destroying the WTO seems to be passing the media and many others by.

      No WTO – no rules to fall out on.

      As David Coleman used to say ” What happens next ?”

  • Gary

    An untested source, a story linked with Israel at a time when Corbyn is being pilloried for anti-Semitism. Seems overly neat timing.

    Either someone is doing this in the hope it will be picked up so that they can point to ‘tinfoil-hat wearing’ anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists OR they could be leaking to test the waters. I’ll be honest, I doubt it is either.

    I don’t see this being seriously considered as it is a huge cost for minimal benefit. Although, having spent many years in the Civil Service I know that does not preclude it from being true. The idea of doing this should be an obviously stupid one to anyone with any sense. Again, just because it’s incredibly stupid, doesn’t mean a politician won’t do it to try and win the ‘Jewish Vote’ I think this is the kind of thing a ‘wonk’ would float at a meeting, rather than a politician. But again, politicians are a breed apart and prone to extreme blindness if they think there’s a vote in it.

    I can only HOPE it’s not true, combined with the US and (can’t remember who else is moving their embassy) if WE move ours it will be a strongly negative message to Palestinians seeking the merest morsel of respect and justice. If ANYTHING could turn moderates into extremists, it would be this…

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Gary August 31, 2018 at 21:20
      Guatemala, with Colombia, Paraguay and Romania considering it. Others will surely follow (for a ‘consideration’).

  • Clark

    Yet again, the indication is that British interests interfered in the US election to get Trump to be president. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have swung both Brexit and Trump’s election. Cambridge Analytica has a military psy-ops history, swinging elections all over the world for decades.

    This is all looking very nasty. All for the most right-wing Israeli government in recent history.

    • Herbie

      “Yet again, the indication is that British interests interfered in the US election to get Trump to be president. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have swung both Brexit and Trump’s election.”

      What do you mean by British interests?

      I thought CA was Bannon and Mercer.

        • Clark

          Formed from Strategic Communications Laboratories – SCL Group. The company describes itself as a “global election management agency”

          SCL claimed to be able to help foment coups. According to its website, SCL has influenced elections in Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, Albania, Romania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, Antigua, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Trinidad & Tobago. While the company initially got involved in elections in the United Kingdom, it ceased to do so after 1997 because staff members did not exhibit the same “aloof sensibility” as with projects abroad.

          SCL claims that its methodology has been approved or endorsed by agencies of the Government of the United Kingdom and the Federal government of the United States, among others.

          Old Etonians. Roger Michael Gabb, Alexander Nix, Nigel John Oakes and Julian David Wheatland.

          On 20 March 2018, Nix was suspended from Cambridge Analytica after undercover video footage showed him claiming his company was using honey traps, bribery stings, and prostitutes, among other tactics, to influence more than 200 elections globally for his clients.

          – Nix belongs to a noted banking and gentry family who owned a London private bank and a major estate in Crawley, and his family had strong ties to India during British colonial rule. He attended Eton before studying art history and working in finance. He is married to Norwegian shipping heiress Olympia Paus, one of the heirs to the shipping giant Wilh. Wilhelmsen and a member of a billionaire family.

          Among Nix’ co-directors of SCL Group is Lord Ivar Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II

        • Clark

          Yes, the Mercer family are in there, with a connection to the Blackwater mercenaries company. See the Emerdata section of the Nix article.

        • Herbie

          Yes, SCL is British.

          But CA is Bannon and Mercer.

          Bannon has explicitly denied, on the record, that Mercer funded SCL, describing them as Old Etonians etc.

          So, it would be interesting to see Bannon’s claim undermined.

          Wouldn’t at all surprise me that these privateers are connected at some point.

  • Anon1

    Latest YouGov poll shows a small recovery for the Tories and a revival for UKIP:

    CON 39%
    Anti-Sem 37%
    BedWet 10%
    UKIP 14%

    • BarrieJ

      Point 1) Polls are intended to lead not reflect.
      Point 2) You Gov is run by the Tories, as any simple research will reveal.
      Point 3) I have previously worked on polling and it’s easy to get whatever result the client desires.

  • Sharp Ears

    The US is ending all funding for the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency, the Department of State has said.

    US ends aid to Palestinian refugee agency Unrwa –

    Five million people in the Middle East depend on UNWRA for healthcare, education and social services.

    Kushner and company win.

    • laguerre

      So Trump’s going to withdraw from everything, the Canadian- North American agreement, the WTO (good luck, Brexiters!), UNWRA and and a good few to come. sanctions on China, Russia, and Iran. Have I forgotten anything? The US is going to do its own thing, isolated from anyone else. Well, good luck with that. It’ll mean a revolution in the US economy. I hope the Americans are prepared, much as the Brits aren’t for no-deal Brexit.

      • Herbie

        It’s a scorched earth policy.

        They’re creating a world slump to see off the rise of China, and the East more generally.

    • Sharp Ears

      Chris Gunness who runs the UNWRA project in Palestine and elsewhere speaks.

      US decision to cut Unrwa aid ‘absolutely devastating’
      Unrwa’s spokesperson Chris Gunness has said the impact of the US decision to withdraw all funding from the agency “will be absolutely devastating”.
      The UN agency, which provides aid for more than five million refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza, has been heavily criticised by the US administration and accused of running an over-inflated budget.
      (Image: Palestinian school girls walk past Unrwa sacks of flour in the southern Gaza Strip. Credit: Getty Images)
      Release date: 1 September 2018
      Duration: 4 minutes

      Do you remember him breaking down in 2014 at the time of Israel’s last war on Gaza? It takes a lot to make a man cry like that.

  • What's going on?

    If this is indeed being planned then it will be an interesting part of the Brexit-Trump-Pentalega psy-op. I imagine they are planning on leaking this in a few months to link May’s government with the Trump administration and turn more people away from a no deal Brexit in time for the GE and/or 2nd ref that will reverse the result. Brexit means remain.

  • Jeff Koons

    Trump is coming to Dublin in November, relations between Ireland and Israel have long been rather strained with Israeli politicians and media commentators regularly accusing Ireland of being one of the most hostile countries in Europe. Netanyahu met Simon Coveney, Irish foreign Minister a few months ago , the Israeli PM posted a Facebook message where he said he had “expressed his dissatisfaction” over what he described as “Ireland’s traditional stance” and accused the Irish of sympathizing too much with Palestinians Its thought he wants to put the squeeze on Ireland to open an Irish embassy in Jerusalem in order to force the EU to follow , in the usual Trump ham fisted way, no pun intended.

    • lysias

      Irish people are very much aware of how we have been the victims of settler colonialism. Sympathy for the Palestinians naturally follows.

      • Moocho

        It’s an interesting litte love triangle, IRE/USA/I$R actually because Ireland is a country the US would not just allow to get steamrolled by I$rae……it’s a part o the US family

        • Herbie

          “Ireland is a country the US would not just allow to get steamrolled by I$rae……it’s a part o the US family”

          Yeah, it’s kinda weird how Ireland, no army, navy or airforce worth talking about, no weapons of any useful description, no heavy industry, manages to survive at all.

          And can still support the Palestinians, at official level, whilst the UK just shrivels up and licks ass.

          But, the Irish revolutionary leadership, and what was to become the israeli leadership, have had good relations going back to the late 19C, which continued on thru the creation of Israel. latterly at unofficial level.

          I remember when a British writer was on Irish telly, promoting some book about how antisemitic the Irish were, a leading member of the Irish J community, politely told him to his face, I paraphrase, to fuck off and stop stirring your shite here. We’re happy here.

          Speechless, he was.

  • Sharp Ears

    Hunt continues to suck up to the US. Who’s working his strings?

    Europe owes peace and prosperity to ‘friendship with US’ – UK foreign secretary
    Published: 30 Aug 2018
    ‘Europe should be thankful to the US for its peace and prosperity, claims UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, praising the friendship with Washington and calling for unity amid deep divisions over US tariffs and Iran policy.

    Hunt arrived to the meeting of EU foreign ministers in the Austrian capital of Vienna on Thursday, saying that not only Brexit but also the transatlantic relations will be discussed “in a lot of detail” during the gathering.

    “In the UK, we believe that we have prospered in Europe with unprecedented peace, economic prosperity because there’s been a strong friendship and relationship between the US and Europe,” he said.’

  • Concerned

    Is this what this mass zionist orchestration against Corbyn all about, to noble dissent by labour in Parliament in advance of a move of the Embassy? What we need is a general election now, its clear treeza will be unable to steer the Brexit ship judging by her uncertain dance moves, nobody seems to know the end result, the cons cant decide if it should be a conga or a morris dance !!

  • Cesca

    Sorry, not truly relevant but the Indy have let me get away with this so far: IceArtemis
    51 minutes ago
    Sadly, we just get propaganda and lies about this war from our Govts and the MSM who don’t tell the truth.The US/UK/French Govts only use sources who are usually just one person, quoting lies and propaganda, trying to justify their atrocities against the Syrian ppl.

    Idlib is full of terrorists fronted by this Troika, the remaining ordinary residents are currently being terrorised and don’t dare to speak, what you’re hearing are the words of terrorists.

    Loadsa evidence to show the US/UK/French admins are organising another chemical attack with their stooges, don’t be fooled, please!
    Reply • Flag

    • Cesca

      and this: Something good could come out of all the lies and abuse JC has borne pretty stoically from the rabid Zionists/extremists, who might be Jewish, or just political. Intelligent ppl know the only solution is for Jewish exceptionalism to end as a religion/ideology. All people deserve to live lives free from discrimination, verbal/physical abuse or violence etc, that is a fundamental human right, there must not be a separate category for one community.

      I have no doubt when it comes to the atrocities committed with impunity and cynicism by the Israeli Govt, or the abuse of AS by Zionist extremists, most Jewish ppl feel disgust and horror. It’s time for this exceptionalism to end, it’s causing hell in the M.E, espec for the Palestinians, it also risks serious harm happening to ordinary Jewish ppl in the UK, thru a massive increase in genuine AS.

      • BarrieJ

        I do think that Zionists both here in the UK and abroad would welcome an increase in AS, the more violent the better and the more ordinary Jewish people that might be negatively affected the stronger their argument would become.
        We’d be assured that many of those accused of AS would be either supporters of Jeremy Corbyn or encouraged by what we’re supposed to believe is his lack of action in suppressing them.
        I’d expect Mossad sleepers or other useful functionaries to be behind the attacks and the Tory government reaction would be entirely predictable.
        There are already fake Face Book groups pretending to support Corbyn whilst posting AS bile, they may be picked out by genuine Labour party members but they don’t go away.

    • Cesca

      Isn’t it time to realise the corrupt, lying financial system must end, now? All it does is give money to the freeriders in anthropologist terms, psychopaths in general terms, to flourish.

      Prob is our current political system lauds their ilk and encourages atrocities, learn more ppl or you’ll wind up fuelling your own destruction.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Cesca September 1, 2018 at 00:22
        THEY decide when to crash the financial system, and we take the hit. How many people have food in the house for two weeks? Quite a few, counting freezers. But when the financial collapse is brought about, it is almost certain to be accompanied with a power breakdown. So freezers contents spoil; and even short term, how can you cook without gas or electricity?
        Store shelves will be emptied very quickly, and will stay empty, because the transport system will also break down.
        Then the survivors will be hit with a change to digital currency – everything on a plastic card, which can be wiped at the whim of the ‘Controllers’.
        It will come, but it won’t be pretty.
        Preppers in the States have the right idea, but laws are already on the books that in emergencies food can be confiscated from ordinary folk. Even now, without a declared emergency, it is illegal in some parts of the States to collect and save rainwater!
        Bribed, compromised and blackmailed politicians just rubber stamp these laws, probably not even reading many of them.

        • Cesca

          Gobsmacked at the awesomeness of that post bro, brilliantly said! Awe, looks like our other posts have been eaten, hugs and all that’s good for now =)

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Jack August 31, 2018 at 23:40
      ‘Here we go again, how is possible that this illegal attacks could go on and on?’.
      It’s only possible because the MSM is complicit. Up to a few days ago, the only UK MSM report of Russia’s warning of the headchoppers’/White Helmets’ impending False Flag CW attack/hoax was in the Telegraph, where the mere idea was ridiculed by a high British officer – but at least it was mentioned.
      One good piece of news is many of the readers are wised up: see following, article-v-comments:
      ”We are preparing to die’: Idlib’s 3m residents in fear ahead of final Assad regime assault on Syrian rebels’:
      Other ‘newspapers’, when they allow comments, also generally show a bias towards the truth.

  • uncle tungsten

    The UK draw close to the USA for a better trade deal prospect. Hahahahahaha… see Canada.

    Remember Trump is pleased with the UK state’s effort to assist Christopher Steele author a document that must have nearly destroyed his family and certainly tried to destroy his nomination and then his run for president. Draw close indeed, easier to slip the garrote around May’s neck (although I would prefer bozo to go first).

  • Radar O’Reilly

    UK is looking a sad and desperate place, now that some of the glitter is coming off , now that we can see behind some of the veils.

    A story here, which the telegraph doesn’t paywall, about the total information awareness of our surveillance society.

    “Police reaction? Re-open murder investigation? No. Arrest the truth tellers.”

    Collusion between UK state and murderers? GCHQ sees all, Arrest the journos.

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