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UPDATE I find people need more explanation than I realised. The UK is bound by a common position under EU common foreign policy (third pillar). So until Brexit the official line must still be always given that the UK is not considering moving its Embassy. Post Brexit that restriction is lifted. What my source is saying is that secret contingency planning for a post Brexit move to Jerusalem is underway in the FCO. What I have been pressing the FCO for is an admission that planning is taking place. Obviously this is not something they would want to be public knowledge at present.

My source stated that the move is partly ideological, and partly to sweeten relationships with the USA in seeking a trade deal. My own observation is that the Tories probably think this would cause more trouble between Corbyn and the Parliamentary Labour Party, and that the Westminster classes are totally out of touch with real public opinion on Palestine, as they seldom meet anybody who does not share their extreme zionism.


This information about planning being carried out in great secrecy came to me from an FCO source I had no previous contact with, so I do not know the reliability. It might even be a hoax to make me look foolish. Therefore I decided to check the story with the FCO Press Department, but I can’t get any response out of them. Not answering questions appears to be the standard British state response to independent journalists now. If this is nonsense, it would have taken the FCO two minutes just to tell me so.

So I am posting this here with the caveat that the information is not verified yet. There is much to be said on motive, both from what I was told by the source and from my own gloss, but I shall leave that until we can make more progress on validation. Obviously, I hope the posting may spur the FCO to respond, or others to corroborate the leak.

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  • Radar O’Reilly

    UNRWA is making headlines this weekend, of course not so much in the UK, but more in EU & USA and locally where the Trump-land has announced that they are withdrawing from UNRWA funding (300M$/2018) and soon wish to see it closed down as an agency.

    It is an issue as BiBi mentioned recently (July?) that he had also persuaded the EU to defund the UN’s Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. The Times of Isaerl mentions that Trump-land has been ‘persuaded’ that there are only 0.5M genuine Palestinian refugees, with a further 0.02M ‘genuine’ in Jordan. The USA has apparently accepted that a Palestinian refugee is strictly one who was de-homed in the 1940’s, and does NOT include any of their ~5M descendants (still living in despair)

    The issue of the Palestinian refugees, it indicated, should be resolved between Israel and the Palestinians. “The EU will continue its assistance to the Palestinians, including its support to UNRWA’s activities, while we will also continue our efforts to reach a two-state solution – a solution that will include the issue of refugees, which is a final status issue that only the two parties can resolve through negotiations, with the support of the international community,” it said.

    Meanwhile Jordan’s Foreign Minster Ayman Safadi told Reuters his nation will do everything to keep the organization running despite the US cuts.

    More from the Times of Isreel, which covers the situation fairly accurately,
    Palestinians blasted the US for the defunding move, saying the slashed funds by the Trump administration would strengthen terror groups.

    Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeneh said the move “does not serve peace but rather strengthens terrorism in the region,” and was just the latest hostile act of the Trump Administration against the Palestinian people, after it recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved its embassy there. He said the Palestinian leadership was considering appealing to the UN Security Council to confront the American stance.

    “This decision, which violates all resolutions of international legitimacy, requires the United Nations to take a firm stand against the U.S. decision and to take appropriate decisions,” he said. “Whatever the size of the conspiracies aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause, this will only increase the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and its leadership.”

    The israali comments from citizens or Hasbara (public diplomacy/propaganda) on this story are very negative towards UNRWA, and consider that it basically funds terrrizm & corruption. Many things are nuanced in the M.E. and even BiBi recognizes that it would be a prompt disaster to immediately close this UN relief agency.

    I can’t see how UK moving a few spooks from the old town in Tel Aviv to the older town of al-Quds would improve matters. ukgov twitter maintains:
    British Embassy in #Israel The British Embassy promotes #UK security, prosperity and well-being, and regional peace, more ‘peace’ in their own special way, which the Palestinians will treat as an overtly hostile act.


  • Sharp Ears

    Masada Armor have spotted a gap in the market.

    Battleground school: Israeli company makes bulletproof backpacks for US market (VIDEO)
    1 Sep 2018
    An Israeli company has produced a backpack which transforms into a full-fledged armored vest. It says the product is in high demand in the US, inspired by the school shootings “trauma” there.

    “We designed a bullet-proof backpack at the request of our distributors in the United States after the huge trauma caused by the February shooting in Florida,” Snir Koren, CEO of Masada Armor, told AFP.

    The February 14 shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland was one of the deadliest incidents of the kind in US history with 17 people killed and some 20 injured.’

    Strange choice of name for their company.

    Years back, I visited Masada with a guide who gave the spiel linking that event to current day oppression of the Israelis. That’s literally how they see it. As I type, Ellman is moaning away on BBC Breakfast about anti-semitism and Jeremy Corbyn. She is a miserable woman. There is a meeting of the JLM today.

    • Node

      Strange choice of name for their company.

      Masada is the home planet of the Technician, a character in one of Neal Asher’s* science fiction books. The Technician is an ancient war machine of stupendous power.
      * highly recommended to lovers of quality hard sf

    • giyane

      I have been to Masada. The sufferings of the jews at the hands of the Romans is mentioned in the Qur’an. Also mentioned is their suffering under the captivity in Kurdistan. It is made clear that whatever sufferings they have to endure are on account of their obdurant refusal to obey Allah’s commands. if they come back to good He will return (to good ) if they go back to evil (like now) He will return them to their old sufferings.

      • giyane

        The jews asked Jesus pbuh if he was a re-incarnation of a previous prophet. From where did they find re-incarnation? They also asked him if he was the great prophet who is to come i.e Muhammad SAW.
        Their sufferings at the hands of the Romans was a direct consequence of their refusal to recognise the Messiah / Anointed one who had been sent to them to correct their deviations from their religion of Islam.

        So far as I know they still are refusing to recognise him as their prophet over 2000 years later and also refusing to recognise that the priveledge of occupying Palestine was condtional on their helping their prophets. Zionism is a political movement to restore by force and cruelty what was removed by their Creator. Trump’s platform is Zionism and popularism. Like a man on a jetski without any petrol who can’t swim.

        • Alex Westlake

          They suffered at the hands of the Romans because they deviated from Islam – which didn’t exist until after Rome had fallen? If by the Messiah you mean Jesus Christ then his followers also got a pretty raw deal for a large chunk of the history of the Roman empire.

          As far as Judaism sees it, the Messiah is yet to come. I’m not really into religion myself though, and antisemitism isn’t religious persecution

          • Piotr Berman

            A boring version is that the Jews first asked Romans to take direct control of their country since their “nation state rulers” were homicidal maniacs, and then they did not want to pay taxes. A bit analogous to some English speaking ingrates in North-East America, but rebels did not have the advantage of vast country side, and Romans had good logistics — no ocean crossing necessary. Defenders of Masada were a particularly disagreeable bunch according to Josephus Flavius “According to Josephus, the Sicarii were an extremist Jewish splinter group antagonistic to a larger grouping of Jews referred to as the Zealots, who carried the main burden of the rebellion. Josephus said that the Sicarii raided nearby Jewish villages including Ein Gedi, where they massacred 700 women and children.”

    • Jiusito

      I was struck by the same anomaly when I visited Masada. The obvious parallel today with those indigenous Jews who would rather die than yield to their Godless oppressors the Romans are the indigenous Palestinians who would rather die than yield to their (mostly Godless) oppressors the Israelis.

    • laguerre

      The point is that Trump is withdrawing from everything, every trade deal, every alliance, every aid package, except Israel. There won’t be any left by the time he finishes. That’s not necessarily to the advantage of either the US or Israel. The UNWRA aid was actually to the advantage of Israel, because it kept the Palestinians quiet (and thus Jordan stable, for example). Palestinians in revolt in Jordan is not to Israel’s advantage.

      But Netanyahu is a fool, tactically clever but a fool. He supported the overthrow of Asad, for no obvious reason when Asad was doing Israel no harm, other than to follow the doctrine of reducing all Arab states to confusion, though a jihadi state on Israel’s border would be worse. Now he’s figured it out finally that he needs stability in Syria, it seems, seven years too late. Now here we go again with Jordan. Israel has maintained a relationship of stability with Jordan, and now Netanyahu wants to destroy it (for he is certainly in on Trump’s move). You can just imagine what a jihadi state on Israel’s lengthy eastern defence line would mean (and the southern Jordanians are already very close to the jihadis, all ready to go off with Da’ish, if they weren’t kept in order by the secret police (Mukhabarat))

      • Hatuey

        “Now he’s figured it out finally that he needs stability in Syria, it seems, seven years too late.”

        Really? And what evidence do you have of that?

        “Stability” is one of those well understood code words. I’m sure you used it in the standard literal sense but in the context of diplomatic newspeak it usually involves a brutal dictatorship (that we arm to the teeth) battering lumps out of its own people.

        Maybe you’re more insightful than I assumed.

        • giyane

          What USUKIS are trying to figure out is that their plan to circumvent the Geneva Convention by the use of proxy terrorist brainwashed jihadists has totally failed. Stability may mean imperial subjugation but right now it means preventing Russia and china from usurping USUKIS’s control over the world. The use of the word stability in the modern context is to convey the impression that they are still in control of everything, when they are in fact in control of nothing.

          Like Mrs May’s use of the word stable in the GE, damage limitation after Thatcherism exploded in their faces in 2007.

        • laguerre

          “Really? And what evidence do you have of that?”

          Well, I think so, but it could be that Netanyahu has simply been overruled by the military (something that will happen again). The evidence is the way Israel handled all this “Iran in Syria” nonsense earlier this year. After one strike they simply didn’t go any further, although it was the perfect opportunity, mumbling about subverting the Iranian regime from the inside, as though the US hasn’t been attempting to do that very subversion for forty years, and failed.

          And then again, the way that Israel failed to do anything about defending the jihadis it has been supporting on the Golan, when Syria attacked in the southwest. Instead the Syrian forces were allowed to retake the whole territory right up to the ceasefire line. That’s quite a defeat for previous Israeli policy on Syria. Yes, yes, I’m sure there was a deal with the Russians, but in a deal you don’t allow defeat of your policy unless you’re forced to.

        • thomas michael orr

          You’ve bought into the propaganda vilifying Assad I see. It’s always been fake false and propaganda.

      • SA

        There is another dimension to all this that is not often commented on. There seems to be quite extensive hidden co-operation between The Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel, led by MBZ from the emirates. There was the recent spying scandal. There is also the spat between these two on the one hand and Qatar on the other, as well as the Saudi interference in Lebanon, which failed, and the current war in Yemen, as well as the war in Syria. There is a feeling amongst some commentators in the Arab world that Israel has chosen to take a back seat and let the Arabs do thier dirty work for them including the antagonism to Iran. Of course what you say has a lot of Truth that Trump wants to withdraw from Syria and Iraq, but with two provisos, that he is happy to subcontract but also that he is allowed to withdraw.
        What is also not realised is that the polarisation in the Arab world is not purely a Shia, Sunni one but there is also rivalry between wahhabism and the Muslim brothers. It seems however that these oil rich small states, especially Qatar and the Emirates are wielding much more influence than is befitting for thier size, and in so doing are really acting against the interests of the rest of the Arab world, especially the secular states.

        • laguerre

          Yes, of course, all of that is pretty well known, and, I would say, widely discussed.

          “Trump wants to withdraw from Syria and Iraq, ”

          He may want to, but I doubt if he is going to be free to do so, much as happened with Obama’s “Pivot to Asia”, which never really happened, because Israel didn’t want the US not being available to do Israel’s work. So US policy in Syria bumbles on, with no real direction. It’ll collapse in the end.

      • PleaseBeleafMe

        The way I see it destruction of any state governance around the current state of
        Israel is the goal. Isis,daesh, the evil teletubbies are all preferable to anyone able to offer effective resistance to
        Israel’s expansion plans. If all that are left are terrorists than the better cover for their extermination and the surrounding innocents caught in the crossfire. Israel and their US proxies move in to provide better security for Israeli citizens and stay long enough to evict native populations, set up jewish settlements and eventually annex territory without need to answer to a Lebanon,Syria Jordan etc.
        Is it smart to pick a fight that seems impossible to win? Remember that zionists don’t see it that way. Their god is on their side and victory is assured. They can do no wrong cause prophecy says that they will reclaim all the lands granted them by god and the steps to get there no matter how perverse are ordained.

        • thomas michael orr

          Indeed. The idea that Israel wants peace with anyone is wrong. They could have had a two state solution by what’s their motive for that. The Palestinians are no threat to them whatsoever. They turn the screws, the Palestinians protest, they shoot them, take yet more land and it’s win win for the Zionists.

        • Doodlebug

          I think you’re correct, although I wouldn’t set too much store in the Zionists’ faith in their god. I suspect they are rather more pragmatic, placing greater faith in the USA, where they already push all the necessary buttons. It concerns me that similar infiltration, albeit fledgling for the present, is occurring in the UK parliament also.

          It is undeniably the case that the progressive evolution of the modern state of ‘Israel’ is a process that has been underway for over a century already. Successive generations have come and gone, and will continue to do so, but always with the long-term goal in view.

        • Blissex

          The charter of Likud has always said that they are opposed to a palestinian state west of the Jordan river.

          And the problem with Israeli politics, is not “zionists” of which J Corbyn is one, it is Likud, the local extreme far-right version of the Republicans and the Conservatives.

    • Doodlebug

      I caught this on last night’s TV news. What struck me as most ominous was Netanyahu’s response to a reporter’s question, that UNWRA was ‘not a part of the solution but a part of the problem’. He was categorical in his assertion that repatriation of Palestinian refugees would never happen. The implication, in my view, is that there would eventually be no ‘Palestine’ for them to come home to.

      • giyane

        Netanhayoo , like the Tories, is smelling his own methane. It was a good feast while it lasted, 30 years of continuous war against Islam during our lifetimes. Now their spleen is playing merry hell with their digestion. John McCain has left the coven to join Dr Faustus in hellfire. Headless chicken Hubris Johnson has clucked his las cluck. French fishermen are jealous of the massive catches of semi-dead neo-cons.
        More like the drunken orgy-god Priapus, swinging his impotent genitalia, than the smiling Satyrs of the Blair-Bush years. A plan that has all gone horribly and inexorably wrong.

        • Charles Bostock

          “More like the drunken orgy-god Priapus, swinging his impotent genitalia, than the smiling Satyrs of the Blair-Bush years.”

          You’re at it again with the genitalia. Why do so many of your posts contain sexual or scatalogical references? Is it your public school/Oxbridge experience?

      • Blissex

        The charter of Likud has always said that they are opposed to a palestinian state west of the Jordan river.

  • Sharp Ears

    Marr was like a puppy dog with Sacks. They were seated in a large reception room. Asked all the right questions – ‘Do you yourself feel threatened’. etc (British Jews are leaving. Are they Mr Marr. If so, where are they going? ) Sacks exposulated – I love this country…. Jews are leaving France…and so on.

    I see Sacks was born in the year of al Naqba, two months before 15 May 1948

    Marr was far more interrogative of McDonnell. He was forced into justifying everything Corbyn has said and done. The conversation led on to Field’s resignation and the fact that he had nominated Corbyn for leadership.

    • Sharp Ears

      Sacks is close to the Trump menagerie.

      Portion of VP Pence’s speech penned by former UK chief rabbi
      Former chief rabbi of the UK and one of the preeminent re
      ligious Jewish philosophers in the world, Lord Dr. Jonathan Sacks, met with VP Pence in November for 90 minutes to help flesh out ‘biblical, spiritual aspects’ of Pence’s planned speech before the Knesset; Pence reportedly also consulted with Sacks on the Jewish people’s ties to Israel.,7340,L-5075912,00.html

      He should make up his mind. Last year he said –

      Politics in the United States under Trump
      In October 2017, Jonathan Sacks inveighed against a “politics of anger” he said was corroding the fabric of U.S. society. “The politics of anger that’s emerged in our time is full of danger,” Sacks said. He decried the breakdown of American society into narrower and narrower identities that nurtured a “culture of grievances.” Sacks warned that “The social contract is still there, but the social covenant is being lost.”

      • giyane

        Sacks reminds one of the Archbishop of York who didn’t believe in the Virgin birth. what can you do with these embarrassing old men? It’s hard for USUKIS to understand that they have been defeated militarily in Syria. Their appalling plan to install the masonic dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood over the Middle East has failed because the people of the Middle East recognise the hand of British, German, Italian and French colonialism underneath the sham slogan of brotherhood. If the brotherhood had respected the people of these countries the slogan might have meant something. You can fool one or two of the people a very small amount of the time. The Asian Muslims have been quick to attack their Muslim brothers and sisters in the Middle East calling it jihad. But jihad does not mean siding with the colonial powers against the Muslims. The word for that is nifaq/ hypocrisy. Ziohad, working for the enemies of Islam.

    • Shatnersrug

      As the majority of British viewers are shocked and stunned as to why the leader of a minority (that is religious Jews) group is given so much airtime to talk about a country with a leader most people openly despise almost as much -possibly more in some cases – than trump.

      The BBC cannot do propaganda for another country and expect to keep the minds of British people accepting of its narrative controls. It’s illogical to think that and it simply won’t work.

      • Charles Bostock

        “As the majority of British viewers are shocked and stunned as to why the leader of a minority (that is religious Jews) group is given so much airtime to talk about a country with a leader most people openly despise ,,”

        The majority of British viewers? It’s comments like the above which confirm my impression that commenters like you are living in an echo chamber and don’t get out enough. I could imagine that far from being “shocked and stunning”, the majority of viewers emerged from the experience with their feathers completely unruffled and probably forgot all about it fifteen minutes later.

    • giyane

      Marr means snake in Farsi and Kurdish. I get the impression that after his stroke he has lost his venom. nothing wrong with that. Human interest, stars and disastars, is the bread and butter of journalism.

    • Sharp Ears

      Delete ‘expostulated’ – completely wrong word. ‘exploded’ perhaps.

      Here they are on video on Marr’s Twitter

      The whole interview 27.15 in until 37.10

      This has just arrived.

      Crucifying Jeremy Corbyn: former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks joins in
      30th August 2018
      The anti-Semitism smear-mongering gets more bizarre each day
      By Stuart Littlewood

      The nasty slur campaign against Jeremy Corbyn has just plumbed new depths with a hark-back to 1968 and the Rivers of Blood speech by Enoch Powell. It seems to have been prompted by a remark Corbyn made in 2013 that British Zionists had two problems: “One is they don’t want to study history and, secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony.”

      In anti-Semitism terms that’s a flogging offence, even when it might be true. The former chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, immediately took umbrage saying that Corbyn’s criticism of British Zionists was the most offensive statement made by a senior politician since Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech. Sacks told the New Statesman: “It was divisive, hateful and, like Powell’s speech, it undermines the existence of an entire group of British citizens by depicting them as essentially alien.”


      • FranzB

        SE – ‘ It seems to have been prompted by a remark Corbyn made in 2013 that British Zionists had two problems: “One is they don’t want to study history and, secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony.”’

        That’s wrong I think. What Corbyn was pointing out was that the Zionists who berated the Palestinian ambassador (two I think) didn’t understand English irony, not that all British Zionists didn’t.

      • Piotr Berman

        “…depicting them as essentially alien.” This is actually funny. As an aside, the chief trait of “modern anti-Semitism” is begrudging, e.g. Zionist are quite proud of their co-religionists “controlling Hollywood”, but if you claim that fact and are not pleased with it, you are guilty of anti-Semitism. In that vein, there is no problem is claiming that Zionists don’t want to learn history and have no sense of irony, the problem is when you imply that this is a bad thing.

        So probably it would be OK to congratulate Zionists of breaking the suffocating constraints of history and irony, but it is hateful to view it as a bad thing.

        But how does it translate to “depicting them as essentially alien”? Is the love of learning history so predominant among the British? I guess not. So perhaps it is about “English irony”. But many people in England are not English by birth, for example Scottish born Anthony Blair is well known for his shamelessness, but I have never seen any sense of irony in that person. Yet, I never read about Blair being viewed as “essentially alien”.

    • nevermind

      Its not called ‘the Andrew Marr SHOW’ for nothing. The mans pathetic bias is blatant.
      ?There’s no busines like show business?

  • Paul Greenwood

    If Britain were stupid enough to align itself with Likud and Sheldon Adelson it will be an incredible boost to Corbyn and destroy the Conservatives.

        • giyane

          My kids told me my daughter was picking grapes in California, then I found out they were picking cannabis, and the bottom has fallen out of the market after legalisation.

          Britain is code for a humiliating embarrassment by a failed empire to re-gain its former glory and bad reputation by proxy warfare against Islam for Zionism. Electrical code 1 or 2, Failure. needs to be repaired and made safe again. Under Trump US has separated from UKIS. Under Corbyn UK will separate from IS. Keep the component parts in your shed until they have become superfluous, then weigh them in for tat.

          What is Scotland code for? Something different or more or less the same?

          • Republicofscotland

            “What is Scotland code for? Something different or more or less the same?”


          • Republicofscotland


            Yes, however after indy it will cost Westminster a pretty penny to host their nukes at Faslane until they find somewhere else.

          • Republicofscotland


            The nukes at Faslane are part owned by Westminster, possibly fully owned, and the new class of nuke carrying subs are fully owned by Westminster.

            Faslane is the for now, only suitable deep water site in the UK capable of hosting the subs. Nato won’t pay for it.

          • Republicofscotland


            If it was me you asked, then apologies for not replying. I must’ve missed that particular comment.

            On Nato, at the last SNP vote for staying or going, staying in marginally won. I therefore think a vote would be held on staying or going on independence.

            In fact a few votes on matters such as staying in the EU or not would be held in a independent Scotland.

          • Republicofscotland

            Yes that’s what happens when a foreign government controls your immigration policy, hopefully not for much longer.

          • Old Mark

            Re Faslane and Scottish independence – I can foresee something akin to the ‘treaty ports’ arrangement between the Irish Free State and the UK that existed 1922-1938 as a template, which would mean rumpUK/South Britain hanging onto the base for ‘security reasons’. Britain held onto its naval installations at Cobh and Lough Swilly after formal Irish independence until Chamberlain short sightedly handed them over to de Valera just as war was looming. Churchill was so angry at the result, and what he saw as the threat to the Atlantic approaches, that in 1940 he considered taking them back by force. Fortunately he was dissuaded and the Free State generally interpreted its ‘neutrality’ in WW2 in a way that didn’t seriously compromise British interests.

          • Republicofscotland

            Interesting point Old Mark, however Faslane is, probably to be earmarked for a Scottish navy after independence. A short term lease could be on offer at the right price until the MoD finds/builds a suitable site.

          • Herbie

            It was the Republic of Ireland by Churchill’s time, and under Dev.

            But yeah, Dev told Churchill to fuck off over his critique of Irish neutrality, in a famous radio broadcast.

            Must have had backing from somewhere, eh.

            Things were much more cosy in the Free State days: The Irish leader on the far right looking like some sort of houseboy kinda thing amongst these great masters of empire:


            One thing we can say for sure, is that the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War, succeeded in culling all alternatives to the Tweedledum and Tweedledee “binary” politics that emerged.

      • iain

        She would utterly reject that calumny.

        She has made it perfectly clear that Hillary and McCain are her template.

        • Shatnersrug

          Being the home of blairism and the Labour right Scottish Labour are abysmal which is why they’re going to find themselves retired to the paddock or perhaps I should say field.

          • Republicofscotland

            Yes but Blairism was carried out at Westminster, and still is to a degree.

            The Scottish Labour branch office is just the northern hypocritical arm of its head office in London.

          • kailyard rules

            Shatnersrug “Scottish Labour……retired to the paddock…field”

            Not to my kailyard . They are totally barred. The Rules are most definite on that score.

  • N_

    Today, once again, I was called into security at a Scottish airport to have my already checked-in bag thoroughly searched in front of me. The security officer fanned the pages of my biography of Sylvia Pankhurst to check for concealed love letters, bearer bonds, packets of hotel mustard, or whatever else one might slip into a book, but she did not question me on how I felt about the content 🙂

    • Kerch'eee Kerch'ee Coup

      Not quite the calibre of the East German border guards who questioned me for an hour on a John Steinbeck book I happened to have

      • ZiggyM

        When driving down the corridor it was always best to leave a couple of bottles of Scotch and two cartons of American cigarettes openly displayed on the passenger seat during the border check 😉

      • Charles Bostock

        Security at Ben Gurion and at the El Al check in counters worldwide and perhaps also the presence of armed air marshals on El Al flights have meant no terrorist attacks (whether successful or not) against El Al or indeed any foreign airline flying to and from the State of Israel for a very, very long time.

        I should have thought that any sane person would welcome strict security at airports; not to do so is, objectively seen, to support the principle and practice of terrorism because, let’s face it, there are terrorists out there who would love to blow up the odd plane or two.

        • joeblogs

          Forgot the ‘diplomatic bag’, eh, CB?
          While the chuckling enemy is waved through to pursue his evil ends, at the same time an innocent country vicar off for a weekend in France, is questioned, searched and harassed.
          You behave like a fool.

  • Dungroanin

    Lol 4 anti-Corbyn articles on Obsessive, not one open to comment.
    ‘Ridiculous’ Rawnsley’s piece hidden away, not published till 8 am, comments opened and shut in two hours!

    The final chicken coup is underway, the NuLabInc dogs of wars under a false flag, are marching across the aisle to sit with the Tories, in a coalition of the ‘willing’ and ‘entitled’ – in an attempt to rob the country of a GE and a march into unvoted WTO rules existence for the convenience of the City overlords.

    My Co-op membership comes into it’s own now. The turncoats cannot use the Co-operative name – an SGM tobe called immediately and let’s talk to all customers at every shop in the country.

    Watch out for heightened terror alerts and attacks.

    • N_

      It will serve Trident/LFI “Labour” right if they find out that existing Co-op members aren’t quite the pushover they think they are.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Rawnsley was always a lightweight adjunct to the great Vincent Hanna who sadly died of heart attack in 1997. As for Guardian on Sunday which replaced the excellent Observer whose coverage of Africa under Pixie Trelford was outstanding and which even under Tiny Rowland has a far better presence that the shell it is today……….ah the days of Astor ownership !

        • Sharp Ears

          The link doesn’t work and I have no intention of registering with the Torygraph.

          If Balls is knocking Corbyn ( as I suspect he is), I will remind you of what I once posted on here about seeing Balls on the stage in Trafalgar Square giving Israel three cheers on its 60th ‘birthday’ ie al Naqba – the day when the Occupation started.

          The Community Security Trust, whose trustees are given anonymity by the Charity Commission (quite unusually), were in attendance to give protection to the crowd although there was no evidence of any aggression towards them. More of the fake stuff.

          The Trustee is a Corporate Trustee. Dispensation has been granted, for security reasons, by the Charity Commission from disclosing the name of the Corporate Trustee and its directors within these accounts.
          The Charity was established by a charitable trust deed on 21 November 1994.The Charity’s objectives are:
          1. To promote good race relations between the Jewish community and other members of society by working towards the elimination of racism in the form of antisemitism.
          2. To promote the efficiency of the Police within the community at large and the promotion of good citizenship and greater public participation in the prevention of crime with particular reference to the maintenance of public order and prevention of racially motivated, especially antisemitic, crime.
          3. To support the victims of racial or religious harassment, and especially antisemitic harassment, who are in need or who have suffered hardship or distress.
          4. To promote research into racism and antisemitism, and to publish the useful results of such research and otherwise to promote public education about racism and antisemitism.
          5. To promote and support other charitable purposes or institutions as the Trustee may from time to time think fit.
          2.1. Trustee Recruitment and Appointment
          The power to appoint trustees rests with the current Trustee. The Trustee’s directors may appoint new directors at their regular Board Meetings. The directors regularly review areas in which more guidance and support is needed. Appointments are made in order to continue enhancing the activities and effectiveness of CST by supplementing the skill sets of existing directors through new appointments.’

          Income £30million !!

          I don’t wish to hear any more about any Nu Labour types knocking Corbyn and making false accusations against him of anti-semitism. Thanks.

          • Tony_0pmoc


            What is wrong with that? I know even less about Strictly Come Dancing, than I do of Ed Ball’s politics. Is he Tory or Labour?, not that it makes much difference.

            For a large old man, I thought he did brilliantly. Even the music was reasonably uplifting. Is it Korean in origin?

            Get out and dance yourself. That’s what I am about to do. It’s fun and keeps you fit.


          • Republicofscotland

            “What is wrong with that?”

            It’s meant to be funny Tony, you know? Watching a useless ex-politico trying to dance trussed up like a stuffed turkey on Xmas day.

            You’ve gotta get out of barracks more Tony, all, them screens giving out blue light isn’t good for you.

    • laguerre

      I was shocked by the way the Graun behaved this morning over the Rawnsley article. They allowed any comments calling Corbyn a racist anti-semite, but moderated any comments pointing out that his accuser, Jonathan Sacks, openly associates with racists himself.

      Whatever you think about the Guardian, that is an appalling low, if they attack one racism (if it is), but let pass another suppressing any public criticism.

      Mind you the Beeb has been as bad this morning, as SharpEars has pointed out.

      • Shatnersrug

        I’m amazed at how prepared to make fools of themselves the Labour right are. They are losing and I suppose just like the Tories they are, the closer they get to failure the more damage they are prepared to do, as much to their own reputations as to the People of these fair isles.

        Thevthing to remember in all this is just how many Blairites are going down

        Tristram Hunt
        Frank Field
        Heidi Alexander
        Ed Balls
        David Miliband

        Everyone a yesterday’s clown

        Soon to go

        Luciana Berger
        Jess Philips
        Wes Streeting
        Joan Ryan
        Chukka ummana
        As Craig said 2 years ago, he wouldn’t be surprised if these clowns are deselected lose their seats and sent packing before they even realise it’s happened.

        And everyone that goes reminds the fence sitters that the Labour right are the past not the future

        As for a breakaway party, not one of these pillocks has the charm and style of David Owen or Roy Jenkins. In fact most people say “who??” Whenever their names are mentioned

        • N_

          Perhaps they’ll get Gordon Brown (as big a war criminal as Tony Blair) or even Blair. Has-beens, yes, but the SDP had that kind of taste to them too. Just so long as they help a far-right Tory party win the general election, they’ll be proud of themselves. Brown has been saying that agreeing to the letter of the deeply unpleasant, dishonest hasbara shit called the IHRA definition is an issue that goes to the heart of what Labour is all about. Funny, because I didn’t have Keir Hardie down as a man whose pockets had been filled with bribes supplied by fascist ethnic-supremacist mass murderers. Besides, Sylvia Pankhurst liked Keir Hardie, so he must have been all right 🙂

          • Shatnersrug

            Keir was a good man, but what Brown really means is that this goes right to the heart of what the Labour *right* are all about – they’ve always been there, from Ramsay McDonald forming a national government with the Tories that nearly broke the party pre WW2 to Ernest Bevin declaring “we simply must have it” to nuclear war heads whilst supporting the Tory removal free prescriptions in 1952.

            In the 70s labour tight Callaghan went to the IMF for a symbolic and entirely unnescessary loan, that would justify the coming attack on the unions – even though we paid it back within 6 months. It’s clear now that the Labour right were already on board for the On coming neoliberal rethink of western economics – with Wilson gone it was all systems go. Of course they bottled it and the Tories won. The in 1983 faced with a Foot labour government that was polling (for them) catastrophically high they was nothing for it but to split – yougov helped out with a dubious poll that showed an SPD victory was immanent – well we all know how that turned out. With foot gone it was Establishment stooge Kinnoch though not entirely on the right, certainly a centrist, and more importantly extremely unelectable.

            Well I don’t need to explain what happened after that, only one name needs mentioning – Blair – and any decent person will feel their blood curdle.

            Just like the poor, the Labour right have always been with us, and I dare say the later is a large reason for the former.

            So the struggle is on for the heart and soul of the party. It’s one we’ve never won, and I doubt we will this time but if we can push back enough maybe we can undo some of the damage.

            The thing to remember about the Establishment – the Bibis the Trumps the clintons the blairs the Camerons and Mays is that they thought nothing of killing millions of people – nothing, it means zero to them. So using something like Antisemitism to attack Corbyn is merely child’s play. They haven’t even begun their attacks. Expect Fatwas expect assassination attempts, expect prison and all manor of terrible behaviour. Our establishment is craven. Surely everyone must know that now.

            In the words of Tony Benn

            “There is no final victory, as there is no final defeat. There is just the same battle. To be fought, over and over again. So toughen up, bloody toughen up.”

          • Herbie

            “There is no final victory, as there is no final defeat. There is just the same battle. To be fought, over and over again. So toughen up, bloody toughen up.”

            That’s Sisyphus, innit.

            “He was punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down when it nears the top, repeating this action for eternity. Through the classical influence on modern culture, tasks that are both laborious and futile are therefore described as Sisyphean”


            I mean, you could argue that it’s just a way of keeping peeps busy, whilst elites are at their counting house.

      • Tom

        There is little doubt our media have sunk to an abysmal new low over the summer. I’m starting to think it may be better simply to boycott them and not look at their websites at all. It has become very plain they have no interest in representing the British people or carrying their opinions, but only in peddling lies for the spy agencies that all too obviously now control them.

      • Crispa

        There was also a one-sided so -called analysis by Simon Tisdall on the Idlib situation, making out that the callous Russians are bent on exterminating the minority 70k assortment of rebels there with scant regard for civilian casualties. There is even a photo of a brave jihadi with his gun prepared to withstand the expected invasion. Tripe analysis.

          • Dan

            Unfortunately Hodge has pledged not to resign the whip , but to “fight from within”. At least she’s being a bit more honest now and saying that the “antisemitism row” won’t be over until Corbyn resigns. Peter Mandelson will be thrilled.

          • Jiusito

            I was very amused to hear BBC Radio news refer to Hodge today as “the barking MP”. Though personally I think she is not mad at all, but just plain malignant.

          • Herbie

            What I don’t understand about this is why these Blairites are so insistent there be no criticism of Israeli policy.

            That’s the only difference in terms of what Corbyn is proposing as a definition and what his antagonists want him to include.

            And that’s kinda weird.

            I mean, why would any Labour supporter ever want to suppress condemnation of the extreme right-wing Likud regime in Israel.

            Don’t make sense.

            Isn’t Labour supposed to be affiliated to leftist groups in Israel.

            Why can’t UK Labour utter the same condemnation of right-wing Israeli policy that the Israeli left utter in Israel.

            Unless I’m missing something.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Herbie September 3, 2018 at 00:45
            The Is^aeli ‘Left’ is happy with the vile treatment of Palestinians, on the whole.

    • Republicofscotland


      It won’t change a single thing, the US and Britain back their Saudi ally to the hilt.

      Oh they’ll be an outcry and much hand wringing, but zero, ziltch, nada action will be taken. We all know this, now if it were Russia or Syria or Iran admitting the bombing, well we all know what would happen next, don’t we?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Re The Skripal Affair,

    The entire story is total bollocks, and has been from Day One. I knew it was crap. There were too many photographers, and Hazmat suits there, from the moment it started, and the first day’s story, had already been pre-written. The Press, simply does not move that fast, particularly on a Sunday, when they are all p1ssed after their Sunday lunch. Does anyone think they are going to drive to Salisbury on a Sunday afternoon? i know what these people are like.

    All the known information on The Sunday, was that 2 people, an unidentified man, and a younger woman, had been ill, and vomitted on a park bench in Salisbury. That is not news. No one drives down to Salisbury to take photos of people in Hazmat suits, when the medics think they have overdosed on Fentanyl which is a prescribed painkiller. Such news doesn’t even make the local press, let alone become world headlines the same day.

    Get a grip. They made it all up. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense. It was pre-planned anti-Russian propaganda. Nothing happenned except a theatre show, using actors.

    They were probably told to do it, by The CIA, or else.

    The response was probably – Are You Sure? We are all going to look stupid,

    Theresa May looked exceedingly nervous, reading out this nonsense, as she was told to do, in The House of Commons.

    Jeremy Corbyn, would have told them to get lost, and so would I, except I wouldn’t be so polite.


    • Jeremn

      Tony, I think so too. There are lots of good reasons to think that it was staged (air ambulance, ranting, town centre eateries rtaher than country pubs, etc). And some trivial ones suggesting it was done almost as a media campaign (interviews with doctors on the BBC, Porton Down for ITV, Yulia for Reuters … every major network got something from the government).

      A very, very minor piece of supporting evidence to suggest that it was timed for effect was a programme on ITV on Sunday 4 March.Endeavour just happened to have a plot featurring a Cold War assassination in sleepy Oxford. Quartet was the episode title. You go to sleep dreaming of Red subtefuge and, a few days later, real life repeats the drama. Just a thought.

      • MJ

        For me it was the farcical police response, with no effort to apprehend the would-be assassin. Also the lack of death from a so-called deadly, military-grade nerve agent. Not even civilian-grade. A toxic psy-op from beginning to end, with us the main target. Nothing to see here except a big pile of nothing.

        • Crispa

          Spire fm report that several of the emergency vehicles used in both Skripal and the Amesbury incident have been buried as hazardous waste in a secure landfill site near Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire!??

    • Jeremn

      Not to forget Toxic Dagger. The Russians would have to be stupid to try whilst all our chemical experts were primed and active.

  • Isa

    And the media ressuscitates the Babchenko farce. Two days ago the leader of Doneskt
    Alexander Zakharchenko Was assassinated with a bomb and not a word in the usual media . The only piece regarding the Ukraine was the US statement that they will be giving more arms to Ukraine government . Now this .

    Literally surreal .
    Man jailed for plotting to kill ‘murdered’ Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko

  • Sharp Ears

    Have just come indoors. It’s sweltering here.

    The BBC have moved from representing Judaism all morning to a Happy Clappy Evangelical form of Christianity on Songs of Praise.
    ‘Claire McCollum is in Newcastle upon Tyne to see Christian artefacts discovered nearby at Hadrian’s Wall, and the programme sees how the city that loves football is helping children with disabilities. JB Gill catches up with Gospel Choir of the Year judge Karen Gibson to find out what it was like to sing at the recent royal wedding, and there are hymns from the Church of St Thomas the Martyr in the heart of the city, led by Philippa Hanna
    Before the Throne of God Above – The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Newcastle
    For the Beauty of the Earth – Kendal Parish Church
    Stand by Me – The Drifters
    Sing Unto the Lord – St Elisabeth’s Church, Reddish
    Agnus Dei – Shaun Escoffery
    What a Beautiful Name – The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Newcastle
    How Great Thou Art – The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Newcastle.

    I can’t remember which one it was but the composer was talking about Billy Graham’s funeral and how he was crying as ‘the great man’ was being sent to the Lord when he wrote the piece.

    Trump, Pence and many evangelical leaders mourn Billy Graham at his funeral
    (That website is almost impenetrable. Switch off your adblocker. Agree to this and that. Sign up to read more than article. Stand up straight with your thumbs in line with your trouser seams.)

    There is a cached version
    ‘CHARLOTTE — About 2,000 people filled a huge white tent on Friday for a private funeral outside the red barnlike Billy Graham Library to honor the iconic evangelist who preached to millions across the globe.
    Graham, who died Feb. 21 at age 99, was honored this week in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. Graham served during the second half of the 20th century as the key leader of evangelicalism, which has become the largest religious persuasion in the United States today. A lifelong registered Democrat, he was a friend and counselor to several presidents.
    President Trump and Vice President Pence attended the funeral, although Trump did not speak. Graham met the president at a 95th birthday party for the spiritual leader organized by his son Franklin Graham, who has led the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in recent years.
    [Billy Graham is the first religious leader to lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol. Some say he should be the last.]
    Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who have both cited Graham as important in their spiritual lives, visited Charlotte earlier this week to pay their respects. In 2007, Clinton and former presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush attended the library’s dedication ceremony.’

    That’s finished and Ms Bruce and some toff from the art world follow on about stolen Jewish art. ‘Fake or Fortune’BBC1. A Henry Moore drawing is in question.

    Thank goodness for the off switch.

    • pete

      Re Billy Graham funeral, “Trump did not speak” Yes he did, you should have looked a bit further down the page! It was all very moving and Trump revealed his father was called Fred, so definitely not Fake News as Wiki confirms this.

    • Ian

      Perhaps you should have applied the off switch earlier, or never switched it on. what is the point of obsessing over every imagined addition to the Great Conspiracy? There must be better ways of spending your time.

    • Charles Bostock

      “Thank goodness for the off switch”

      Yes indeed, after a hard time watching from beginning to end and then telling this blog’s readers all about it.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears September 2, 2018 at 16:02
      ‘…Billy Graham is the first religious leader to lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol….’
      I thought most of them lied, as well as the politicians.
      ‘…Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who have both cited Graham as important in their spiritual lives,…’
      Say no more, that just shows he was a toe-rag.

    • laguerre

      The Syrians weren’t expecting UN help, so I don’t know that they’ll be bothered. In any case, if they got help like Iraq did after 2003, it would be useless, as all the projects were corrupt and badly finished.

  • Republicofscotland

    The lowlife charlatan’s that pass for the British press in Britain, have wheeled out the cobweb ridden anti-Christ yet again.

    This time the false messiah Gordon (closed shop speaker) Brown is saying to anyone foolish enough to listen to his siren like ramblings, that Labour must adopt the full IHRA immediately.

  • Komodo

    Don’t seem to be able to post subcomments atm, but Rabbi Sacks is very vocally attacking Corbyn this week, and this was noted above.
    Rabbi Sacks was an advisor to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, and is almost certainly integral to its successor, the Institute for Global Change.. He has been honoured with the American Enterprise Institute’s Irvin Kristol Award. And he helped Mike Pence write his speech in Israel in January:

    A former chief rabbi of the UK, Jonathan Sacks, has defended his role in a controversial speech delivered in Israel this week by the US vice-president, Mike Pence.

    Pence made a two-day visit to Israel, the highlight of which was a speech at the country’s parliament, the Knesset, in which he announced the date of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Arab-Israeli legislators were thrown out of the Knesset after heckling the vice-president.

    Dan Sacker, Lord Sacks’s spokesman, confirmed that the former chief rabbi and the vice-president had met in New York for 90 minutes to discuss the speech. The meeting was “positive and productive”, he said.

    Sacks, who was chief rabbi for 22 years until 2013, considered it “a great tribute to the Jewish people” that Pence had sought his guidance for sections of his speech dwelling on the historical connection between Jews and Israel, Sacker added.

    Pence’s speech featured religious and biblical references and highlighted the Jewish people’s connection to Israel, as well as announcing that the US embassy would move to Jerusalem by the end of 2019 and calling on Palestinians to take part in peace talks.

    Palestinians and many diplomats view Donald Trump’s decision to move the embassy as pre-empting the outcome of negotiations and precluding the possibility of East Jerusalem being the capital of a future Palestinian state.

    The meeting “centred around how best to frame elements of the speech – in particular the biblical and historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and the American and Jewish stories”, Sacker said in a statement.

    You can bet your bottom shekel that the FCO is taking due note of Sacks’s opinions. I wonder how long it will be before the announcement that the two-state solution died some years ago and that apartheid and bantustans are to be official policy?

  • Republicofscotland

    Hodge going for the throat.

    Jeremy Corbyn must go before Labour can solve its anti-Semitism crisis, top MP Margaret Hodge declared today.

    “The Labour veteran said “Corbyn is the problem” – and suggested that forcing him from his job could be seen as a “J**ish triumph” as she vowed not to give up in her fight against him.”

    • Shatnersrug

      She doesn’t go for the throat RoS you really are desperate. She goes for the toe and instead bites her own. She’s only the list of deselectings. She really should stop swallowing the mouthwash though.

    • Mochyn69

      Actually, I think she is the problem. Saw her on tv news just now, getting a free ride from the journos unfortunately, and there was something definitely maniacal about her demeanor.

      A bit like Theresa May in fact.

      But here’s the thing. Why do our wonderful journos never ask these anti-Jeremites what THEY are doing to highlight the plight of the oppressed Palestinian people and the struggle for peace and justice in the territory of Palestine?

      • George

        No, Hodge is not the problem. The problem is precisely the fact that she gets a free ride in the media – the same media who have no intention of asking what the anti-Jeremites are doing for the Palestinians. You have to understand that the nutters coming to you are not the issue. The issue is that the very lens through which they are being presented is stained in shit.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile as Theresa May, dreams up ideas to gain trade deals with tin pot regimes, The EU’s chief negotiator has delivered his most withering condemnation yet of Theresa May’s Brexit proposals, as he insisted accepting the plan would spell the “end” for the European project.

    Barnier also issued a chilling warning with regards to the UK car industry, and its future, or lack of it after Brexit.

  • nevermind

    I expected that we would be reading an original blas under the banner of #Unith4J by tonight, so sorry’, patience my backside, it felt a little forlorn in front of the forum.
    I shall be thinking of all the brave activists who will be in front of the Ecuadorian embassy, the BiBiC and Westminster, whilst evaluating/digging my trench.

    Maybe maybe baby….

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Still no real interest in Timberg’s clear claim that McCain started that disaster on the Forrestal when he plurgged in the pigtail on the missile before starting the engine,, so when he did so it also caused the missile to launch into the extra tank (p. 97)., killing and injuring all those sailors., and doing all that destruction to the carrier and its planes.

    America will never gain any normalcy if it continues to overlook such disasters with only fake news and insults to the innocent de

  • nevermind

    When Gordon Brown voted for Clause 4 to be disbanded and allowed himself to succumb to Blairs lies over 45.min. for Westminster hit by Saddams missiles…

    That was the.moment when Labour soul was ripped from its infiltrated body, when neocons and FoI’s sold it out to the Atlantic bridge conspirators.

    Gordon should follow Frank and take his demagogue lies with him. Shame on him for being rumbled.

    • Mochyn69

      Ban anti-jeremitism now! It’s nasty.

      Please feel free to adopt the globally acknowledged definition and all the examples.

      Please step up you great lovers of freedom of expression and conscience, Margaret Hodge, Mr Sacks, Frank Field, Gordon Brown et al. You know who you are!


    • Sharp Ears

      I thought he looked crazier than ever. Hard on the cameraman as Broon keeps moving from side to side.

  • Blissex

    «their extreme zionism»

    The people attacking Corbyn should not be described a zionists, but as likudniks, because their politics are not the principled and unwavering zionism of Corbyn himself, but similar to those of the extreme far-right Likud party.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Germany Calls For Global Payment System Independent Of The US’:

    ‘In a stunning vote of “no confidence” in the US monopoly over global payment infrastructure, Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Maas called for the creation of a new payments system independent of the US that would allow Brussels to be independent in its financial operations from Washington and as a means of rescuing the nuclear deal between Iran and the west.

    Writing in the German daily Handelsblatt, Maas said “Europe should not allow the US to act over our heads and at our expense. For that reason it’s essential that we strengthen European autonomy by establishing payment channels that are independent of the US, creating a European Monetary Fund and building up an independent Swift system,” he wrote, cited by the FT…..’

    That’s the spirit! Tell the Yanks what they can do with their ‘Sanctions’ and ‘Regime Change’ Wars of Aggression’.
    $ RIP (on second thoughts, ‘Old Nick’ downstairs might like to use it instead of shekels).

    • Paul Greenwood

      US does not control the SWIFT system based in Belgium. It simply penalises anyone defying the US by shutting them out of the US banking system and markets

      • Paul Barbara

        @Paul Greenwood September 3, 2018 at 10:26
        It might be based in Belgium, but that doesn’t mean Belgians control it, or that the US doesn’t.
        North Korea and South Korea are not in the US, but the US was able to stop a planned rail line between the two.
        Similarly, NATO HQ is in Brussels, but it is obvious who controls it.

  • Dungroanin

    “Never has it been more important for the decent to stand up to the intemperate, to ignore the promptings of fatigue and pride. Designing your own comfort zone is for losers. Stand and fight.”
    Matty D’Anaconda trying to slip into the durable Corbynite Labour skin .

    Hilarious. They are trying every which way but will LOSE anyway.
    Just flailing about like so many snakes in a pit.

    Article was published 15.10, changed 17.25 (how!).
    Closed for comments 17.30. Barely 2 hours and 700 comments.
    Top rated comment?
    ” “I understand completely why Frank Field, the MP for Birkenhead, resigned the Labour whip, appalled by Jeremy Corbyn’s record on antisemitism.”
    That record being virtually immaculate, as the Guardian/Observer can’t find anything worth publishing in regards to how Corbyn has failed on this. We’re simply supposed to accept unspecific broad statements that is it generally the case.” (poster by name of Ben)

    Lols – same thing with Ridiculous Rawnsley’s piece. Meanwhile the lead attack articles were not opened for comment but later added to with the publication of Israeli MP’s letter of SUPPORT for Corbyn. (That too replaced with a Brown/Hodge conflated ‘attack’) Guess that took the wind out of the sails a bit and led to D’onkeys hasty braying to suggest not following Field over the top. Though he still plugged the 2nd Tory Glasto event next Saturday which he is going to – something about a tent big enough to squeeze centrists into to piss out onto genuine socialist democrats. Do they make marquees that small?
    Matthew’s photo byelines are informative – faux beardy serious in the Groan . Big ‘laughy’ beardy funguy in Evening Standard. He probably (not so) secretly edits both

    It really is too too funny – enough to get over the annoyance of police helicopter hovering nearby waking up the neighbourhood. (Yes they are doing their jobs but surely quieter drones are available now! Grrr)

    • SA

      I have stopped reading these propaganda articles by the Guardian or trying to comment as they are not interested in open debate. As a result I am now a much happier person.

      • Dungroanin

        Barred from the G. And proud to be SA.
        So stopped buying it and I done Groaning. (Money that went In a daily copy for thirty odd years, is easily distributed to a whole lot of indy bloggers and sites.)

        I flit over there for Steve Bell mainly. And to keep an eye on the latest bs the MSM have as their collective orders from their SCL type HQ.

        It is important to watch what they are trying and counteract instantly and with fun and facts! They really hate that. Not just rapid but, rabid rebuttal – it gets right up their noses. Especially Campbell/ Mandy/ Adonis/ Cohen/ Freedland/ Toynbee/ the MoD(erators) etc etc etc.

        Their propaganda can only work if they can maintain the illusion of their superiority and democratic principle.
        My aim is to push them into admitting it is all a farce and stop pretending that WE have a choice (two sides of the same rancid coin they offer is no choice)

        Steve Bell ‘If’ knows and does it from the inside – Viner must be twitching like Closeaus boss Lom – he came back last week and skewered the brexiteers punch and judy shite ; this morning has kicked off on Toady show on BBC – I do hope he has space for the Neil/LaraQ DP cabal. The Groan on libe makes his cartoons hard to find, in low quality and sometimes not even published in a timely manner.

        Gave up the beeb couple years ago, except for pm with Mair, given that up now he’s gone. After 6 weeks of abstantion the brain chemistry alters and the woods become obvious instead of so many trees.
        In fact have given up telly and license fee saved. Missus gets to subscribe netflix on tab instead for entertainmemt. PMQ (and a lot more) is available on Parliament TV channel. is freely available across the world for TMS as a free service. Don’t pay the propagandists to brainwash myself. Build the alternative journalist network. If you haven’t got links, ask – i am 0happy to share bookmarks. Mainly picked up from btl comments. And share constantly with my peer group and strangers on sites like these.

        Thanks for the concern though. Have a happy monday.

  • Sharp Ears

    Some good news but bad luck on the Aussies. Douglas Murray (HJS) has moved to Australia. Here he is on Sky News Australia dissing Boris Johnson. Can’t check the date but the link said ’19 hours ago’ so I assume it is current.

  • N_

    Alex Salmond has closed his crowdfunding appeal after receiving £100K in three days. Four thousand people contributed. “Every penny of surplus funds,” he writes, “which will be substantial in the event of a successful Judicial Review, will be distributed to good causes in Scotland and beyond.” So if he is successful in the Court of Sessions – and in his appeal he does not make it crystal clear what he is seeking, but it seems to be a ruling that a senior civil servant broke his confidentiality by publicising that he was under investigation for alleged sexual assault – there will be lots of money left over, but don’t worry, because he will make sure it goes to unspecified “good causes”, in Scotland and in unspecified places outside of Scotland. Is the guy cracking up or what? Is he not sure of his case? Or is he not sure of the incorruptibility of the Scottish judiciary? Or what? Surely if he wanted to beg like this, and he also thought he was going to be successful, he would have asked for only what he needed? That’s if he was thinking straight. Asking for a lot more than he will need if he is successful is a very bad look indeed, even if he makes a promise to send surplus money to “good causes”. Also I have to wonder what these “good causes” are outside of Scotland. He is a nationalist politician. Obviously there are many good causes in many countries, but what countries is he planning to send people’s donated money to?

    • Hatuey

      More ill-informed trash.

      1) Salmond was asked to find a way to let people help and support him.

      2) Salmond is taking issue with the Scottish Government’s (New) procedures in terms of how the accused is blocked from accessing key information relating to allegations.

      3) Nobody could possibly know in advance what the total cost of legal fees will be, hence the commitment to donate any money left over to good causes.

      4) The half of Scotland who aren’t dumb sheep trust Salmond completely in regards to all of the above, will support him with more funds if necessary, and suspect that this whole thing is a very typical smear job conducted by the most rancid meddlers in history.

      5) While we are on the subject of lurid claims and rancid meddlers, when are we going to have that inquiry we were promised into the Westminster Padophile ring? You know, the one that has had 3 people head it and walk away…

  • Sharp Ears

    Planting a seed?? Keeping the psyop alive??

    What a novichok attack on Heathrow Airport would look like
    Exclusive: Experts say thousands could come into contact with deadly nerve agent if it was used at airport or in terror attack. ‘The effect would be massive’
    11 hours ago

    People in Salisbury are still nervy, apparently..

    Ex TLN

    • N_

      Bruhn New Tech, the company that reported on what a “novichok” attack on Heathrow would look like, is based in Salisbury, with an apparent presence in Denmark and the US. The “CEO and owner” is reported to be Erik Juel Ellinghaus. For other officers of the company, click here. In Britain they include Robert Cowlishaw and Robert Edward Soanes (sic).

  • Sharp Ears

    Mr Shurrup and Go Away has sent 400 more troops to Afghanistan. Sky News were on the flight. Look at the poor sods lined up in the plane. Do you remember the processions of hearses through ‘Royal’ Wootton Bassett carrying the coffins from RAF Brize Norton?.

    Sickening stuff.

    ‘The news that IS-K poses a threat to the UK is a worrying development and comes as 440 extra British troops arrive in Afghanistan as part of an uplift requested by Washington to tackle the threat and stabilise the country.
    Sky News was the only television news organisation to fly in with the troops. The total UK commitment to Afghanistan now numbers around 1,100 personnel, the third largest behind the United States and Germany.
    The small increase comes four years after British troops ended their combat mission in the country and left Camp Bastion in Helmand. The move was criticised at the time as being too soon, but the defence secretary defended it, pointing out that Afghan forces, not the international coalition, are now in charge of security across the country.’

    Mission creep.

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