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Long term readers will recall the Philip Cross Affair. A Wikipedia Editor named “Philip Cross” was relentlessly conducting a propaganda operation. It had two prongs; the first was continually to denigrate the Wikipedia entry of all public figures who opposed military intervention in the Middle East, removing positive information and adding mainstream media slurs in real time as they were made. The second and less noted prong was to big up the Wikpedia entries of right wing mainstream media figures, removing negative information and adding a positive spin.

Wikipedia eventually banned “Philip Cross” from making edits related to UK political figures.

The incredible thing about “Philip Cross” was that he never took a single day off. From 29 August 2013 to 14 May 2018 “Philip Cross” edited Wikipedia every day, including Christmas days, for 1,721 days. I can claim to be the person who first brought the “Philip Cross” operation to a wide audience, and here are my series of articles on the subject:

Is GCHQ Embedded in Wikipedia?

The Philip Cross Affair

Emma Barnett: A Classic “Philip Cross” Wikipedia Operation

The “Philip Cross” MSM Promotion Operation Part 3

Philip Cross Madness Part IV

Le Mesurier Gets Cross

If you are new to this, I really do commend that series as a fascinating glimpse into the information wars that lie behind what you read on the internet. The BBC World Service even made a radio programme about Philip Cross.

Being the BBC it downplays the affair in a number of ways – crucially, it gives several examples to show that Philip Cross’s edits are harmless, and not a single example of his thousands of vicious edits, such as his editing my Wikipedia entry to call my wife a stripper.

The BBC also disingenuously claim that the fact that Cross edited Paul Dacre’s entry shows he did not only edit anti-war figures. They fail to point out that that his edits to Paul Dacre were all designed to glorify Dacre, the Daily Mail’s editor until recently, whereas his edits of anti-war figures were designed to do the opposite.

But the BBC report does correctly state that the “Philip Cross operation” turns out to be an organised neo-con group operating behind the persona of Philip Cross, who is a real vulnerable person with health issues. George Galloway correctly says he was given information from a concerned close relative of Cross who believes he is being exploited. I can confirm that is true. I was also given the opportunity to meet the close relative but I declined as I saw no point in duplicating the effort and causing further stress.

Galloway believes this was a paid operation. It appeared to have very close links to the Times newspaper and to the Euston Manifesto group. James Harding, Times editor, had his page lovingly edited 118 times by the “Philip Cross” operation, largely to remove or rebut criticisms.

James Harding is of course currently editor of Tortoise magazine.

So who were the editors working behind the group name of “Philip Cross”?

For me, the most fascinating and insufficiently explored avenue of the Philip Cross affair was the question of his Twitter followers. “Philip Cross” had a twitter account which never did anything interesting. He simply retweeted articles by right wing journalists; that was the majority of his output. Very occasionally he would add a one line comment. There was nothing remotely original or interesting, even to a person who shared the right wing views of the “Philip Cross” persona, until the operation was exposed.

Yet this extremely dull twitter account by this obscure unwell man, which never tweeted anything original or witty, had among its 200 followers a collection of establishment figures and, most notably mainstream media journalists. Why on earth would Tristram Hunt and James le Mesurier of white helmet jihadis fame find it worthwhile to follow this obscure account? Above all, why did a whole slew of MSM “journalists” follow an account of no original interest at all?

There is no other possible conclusion than that these figures were aware of the “Philip Cross” operation when it was still apparently nothing but an extremely obscure man who liked obsessively editing Wikipedia and retweeting Nick Cohen and David Aaronovitch (his most frequent tweets). My intuition is – and this is not fact, but a working hypothesis that fits known facts to date – that the many MSM journalists who were, for no apparent reason, following the obscure “Philip Cross” twitter account, were not merely au fait with, but a part of, the Wikipedia editing operation that hid behind “Philip Cross” and his IP address.

So here are those MSM followers of the “Philip Cross” twitter account as noted by me on 21 May 2018. Note Dani Garavelli.

DANI GARAVELLI. I had quite forgotten until reminded by Leftworks. Once reminded, I recall that I was getting fed up typing up names and almost left her off as a nobody, writing for a publication nobody reads any more. I am glad I did not.

So why was Dani Garavelli one of “Philip Cross”‘s devoted Twitter followers from when the “Philip Cross” operation was still secret?

Garavelli was recently commissioned by James Harding (remember him above?) for Tortoise Magazine to write a hit piece with the aim of destroying Alex Salmond’s reputation by appealing to the #Metoo movement, evoking sympathy for the accusers and restating prosecution evidence while simply ignoring defence evidence.

Alex Salmond was of course an opponent of NATO bombing of Serbia and has been a staunch and outspoken opponent of UK military intervention in the Middle East. So who was editing negatively his Wikipedia profile? “Philip Cross” of course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the British Establishment. Like a circle within a circle, like a wheel within a wheel, a never ending propaganda operation to control the population.

Once Garavelli’s execrable article was published by Tortoise (interestingly for free access by a magazine whose business model allegedly rests on its fierce paywall), the propaganda deluge online to hype it from MSM journalists and from UK government trolls was immense. Interestingly there was a third element – a whole raft of young paid employees of the SNP and a slew of similar wannabe SNP careerists. A fascinating amount of entryist penetration of the SNP has been exposed in this process.

It became obvious the political destruction of Alex Salmond is a major objective of the UK state, worth the potential burning of hitherto hidden assets. I paid close attention because the same forces were leveled against me in a hate storm for pointing out the very obvious deficiencies in the Garavelli article, facilitating a very successful online pushback by ordinary folk. That will be a subject to discuss another day.

With grateful thanks to those who donated or subscribed to make this reporting possible.

This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


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353 thoughts on “Information Wars

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  • Doug+Scorgie

    The coronavirus pandemic in Venezuela is getting little publicity.

    Santiago de Chile, April 8, 2020 ( –
    ” A coalition of leftist European parties has condemned the European Union (EU) after the body’s foreign policy arm endorsed a new US plan to remove Venezuela’s Maduro government.
    Last week, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell issued a statement taking “positive note” of the Trump administration’s “Democratic Transition Framework” unveiled on March 31.”

    “The plan demands the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro and his cabinet in favor of a caretaker administration headed by a five-person “council of state” composed of opposition and ruling party loyalists.
    Venezuela’s constitution contains no provisions permitting the creation of an executive “council of state” body.”

    “In exchange, the US pledged to lift harsh sanctions on Venezuela’s state, oil industry, and top officials, but only after Maduro leaves office and the new government ends all security agreements with Cuba and Russia. Washington also threatened to ratchet up unilateral sanctions until Caracas accepts the deal.”

    Then later:

    “No other country in the world is being subjected to the type of regime change strategy that the United States government is applying to Venezuela. Only in the case of Venezuela has Washington done so much to promote international support in favour of a parallel government.”

    “Meanwhile, the establishment media fails to take up in any way the arguments that expose the fallaciousness and inhumanity of the sanctions imposed on Venezuela.”

    “At a media conference on April 2, a reporter told US President Donald Trump he had a moral responsibility to help Iran as it is hit by the new coronavirus. No mention was made about Venezuela.”

    The above reports have opened my eyes about the direction the EU is heading.

    • Antonym

      Venezuela, Russia, Iran: must be coincidence that all 3 are mayor non Sunni Arab oil sources. Canada is easiest in the pocket of Washington through the Trudeau family.
      Scotland without oil will have more chance of independence of Anglo Arab cabal.

    • Rhys+Jaggar

      The US is and has been a gangster state since at least 1971, if not much earlier. It has absolutely contempt for democratic self-determination and sees itself ‘owning’ the whole world lock, stock and barrel. It thinks the same about asteroids in space, amongst other things.

      The EU is a creation of the CIA and has always been, to a greater or lesser degree, a puppet to US foreign policy.

      I simply do not understand why a critical mass of the world does not simply disengage with the US en masse: if it were 5 billion of the world’s population, the economic consequences would be enormously profound…..

      • Tatyana

        Oh yes, their latest trick made my jaw drop. The USA (namely Lindsey Graham) decided that China is guilty of infection, so China should pay.
        Since it is clear that no court in the world can force China to pay the US for a global pandemic, the US decided to cancel its debt “as compensation for losses.” They strongly insist on the fault of China, although the virus is clearly brought to the US from Europe, as shown by large-scale genetic monitoring of the strains.

        Comrades, respected conspiracy theorists and honorable opponents of conspiracy theories, such a decision of the United States incites me to think how convenient this whole pandemic is for them, the country with the largest debt on the planet. And it’s especially “lucky chance” that the virus appeared first in the territory of China – the country which is one of the biggest holders of US state debt.

        • Spencer Eagle

          Agreed, the whole thing is very suspicious, not least the over reaction to a virus no more deadly than the flu that has enabled conditions to come about enabling broken and otherwise irreparable economies to be reset.

          • Tatyana

            Well, the first thing that struck me was the cynicism of this statement.
            At a time when the United States is at the peak of the epidemic, people are dying, someone is meticulously calculating money instead of focusing on the immediate threat. Obviously, Mr. Graham does not feel indangered, since he has time to calculate profits.
            “Кому война, а кому – мать родна.”

            Moreover, China is now an absolutely invaluable source of information about the virus and a source of experience in combating it.
            Now is not the time to look for political enemies and appoint the perpetrators. Now is the time to help each other survive, this is the first task.

          • Little+Bat

            Well said Spencer Eagle. I have regarded this whole drama, right from the start, as a means to resolve unpayable debts which are clogging the international finance system. Agreed defaults, inflation and new currencies will be the way out.

        • Giyane


          Garbage in, garbage out.
          Politicians that calculate everything in terms of money can only calculate human cost in terms of money. If Jesus pbuh came down from the sky in New York, they would only be able to calculate his value in money. ” of course, we’re going to have to charge you rent, and you’ll have to pay for your own publicity, advertising and ahemm. Security. ”
          Same as Harry and Megan.

          Take no notice. Jesus pbuh will come down in Chinese rebuilt Damascus . If the British a d US empires were forced to pay compensation for say, the opium wars and Iraq, no body could calculate the cost. Please ignore this stupid talk.

          • Tatyana

            just in case you feel obliged yo add “pubh” for me – I note once again that I am not religious. I use expressions such as “for God’s sake” only because it is a popular common expression in my country that has long lost its religious meaning. I perceive references to religious books and characters simply as a part of world culture, widely known and therefore convenient to illustrate ideas.

          • Tatyana

            So? Did the Chinese hide it? No. Did they report it to WHO? Yes. Did WHO warn the rest of the world? Yes.

            Manifestations of the epidemic in the territory of each individual country are the responsibility of the government of each respective country.

            They leaders in the USSR preferred to explain the next stupidly dull project with the “machinations of our enemies.” This is a denial of responsibility.

          • Soothmoother

            “the virus is clearly brought to the US from Europe”

            Trump stopped flights from China at a very early stage and was called racist for it.

            Is it surprising that the virus migration came through Europe when the direct route from China had been closed?

            Try researching the past of Dr. Tedros Adhanom the tell me that you trust him!

          • Tatyana

            Here in Russia we also face european version, mostly Italy, it’s popular tourist destination. As to China, everything and everybody coming from there was controlled from the very beginning.
            The same must be done by USA. Even easier to control chinese flights, because USA has no land borders with China.

          • michael norton

            The Chinese now have the bloody cheek to say people coming from Russia in to China
            are bringing Wuhan virus with them.

          • Tatyana

            michael norton
            Perhaps the Chinese could have said so, in some imaginatory world. In reality, Russia is quarantined, all transport is stopped, no one is spreading the infection either to or from Wuhan.

            We only have one transport issue – taking Russian people home. It was stated that about 24,000 Russians want to fly home from the United States. I later saw a report that more than half of those who applied for evacuation flights are not Russian citizens at all. It seems that someone considered Russia a shelter and wanted to come here to be safe during the pandemic.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Soothmoother April 13, 2020 at 11:38
            No one knows where it ‘originated’ from, but it first surfaced as an epidemic in Wuhan (after the Wuhan World Military Games).
            Just as if the Labour Party 5th Column Traitors, the MSM and external regimes, plus fiddling the vote, hadn’t occurred and JC had won, we might have had a ‘London Flu’ epidemic spring up in the UK. We have bats here too, or some other source might easily have been found.
            Anyone who believes the US has bio-weapon labs scattered across the globe just for ‘benevolent’ reasons, I have a bridge for sale in the Sahara.
            And America’s NIH funded Wuhan lab:
            U.S. Funded Wuhan Lab, Questions Remain About Potential Role in Virus Outbreak
            I don’t know about bats – I smell a rat.

          • Tim Kettley

            Strictly, the first spreading event was in Wuhan. Investigations by US medical bodies* into SARS, found that rural farmers who frequently live in close proximity to bats use bat manure from local caves on their fields and frequently shelter in these caves, are frequent visitors to the markets such as Wuhan. The origin of the spreading event at Wuhan is an open book and may never be fully traced.
            *= I can look up the source of this again but it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to find this information.

        • andyoldlabour

          Tatyana, the first known case of Covid-19 in the US was on 20th January and was a person who had returned from Wuhan on 15th January. The reason why Qom in Iran was a centre for Covid-19 in that country, was because of numbers of Chinese workers in that city, the same applied to Northern Italy.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ andyoldlabour April 13, 2020 at 14:09
            The first ‘acknowledged case’ in the US may well have been on 20th January.
            IF the US had been indulging in ‘dirty tricks’, would you expect them to tell the truth?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Tatyana April 13, 2020 at 10:10
          That is the first I heard of it, but I have long believed that the US had no intention of paying off it’s debts, and would take the attitude ‘Come and take it!’ They have time and again kept other countries gold which had been held in ‘safe keeping’ (even Germany and France were unable to even go and look at, never mind have repatriated, their gold, and had to accept a trickle feed of some of it over years. Iran and Venezuela are owed millions. The Bank of England got in on the act, and is holding onto millions of Venezuela’s gold.
          Here is an article and a video that have both been on this blog before, both of which are really important in understanding this ‘new’ (obviously pre-planned) development:
          ‘Exclusive: US Army Brought COVID-19 to China with Fake ‘Military Games’ Team (March 12 story):

          ‘Investigative journalist Harry Vox filmed 2014’:
          Veterans Today is sometimes right, sometimes way off beam, but here it makes perfect sense.
          Also, there were a number of articles on other websites, about the Chinese stealing Coronavirus samples from a Canadian lab, and taking them to Wuhan lab. All ‘setting the scene’, as I realised some time ago, for blaming China for the outbreak. I had not foreseen that the US would renege on debt at this point.
          Fasten your seat belt, we’re heading into turbulence!

        • Shardlake

          Speaking of conspiracy theorists, did anyone notice that the international military games were held in Wuhan from December 1st to December 5th, 2019 and that the USA were participants ? The hotel that housed the American contingent was in the vicinity of the meat market where the coronavirus was said to have originated. Britain decided not to attend. I have never subscribed to the theory that the Russian state was responsible for the Salisbury affair as the credible evidence didn’t support the notion. What was credible was that it wasn’t beyond possibility that Porton Down did have the capacity to produce such an agent for Salisbury and, although again I have no evidence, it’s not beyond possibility for a coronavirus to be produced in the west and delivered to Wuhan – just a thought.

          • Shardlake

            Meant to be in response to Tatyana, April 13th, 10:10

            Correction : October 18th to October 27th, 2019.

          • Tatyana

            It’s for Paul Barbara and Shardlake

            No need to bring the virus from home, it may come from the third party. US has its special laboratories everywhere, one of them is in Georgia and is attentively watched by my country. The laboratory of a sort like that in “Resident Evil”. Even Georgian president has no right to inspect it.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Shardlake April 13, 2020 at 14:27
            The Wuhan Military Games were held 18th October to 27th October 2019.
            I don’t know where you got 1st – 5th December.
            Interestingly, 18th of October was also the day Gates and cronies held the Event 201 Coronavirus simulation. Pure coincidence, I don’t think.
            ‘..although again I have no evidence, it’s not beyond possibility for a coronavirus to be produced in the west and delivered to Wuhan..’
            It is well known the US had been working on Coronavirus’s, and they even had patents on it (don’t ask me how that works).
            Also, the US Military Contingent to the Games (which you referred to) performed abysmally. They were so bad that they got referred to by Chinese as ‘Soy Sauce Soldiers’ (that would fit with them being ‘super-carriers’ of the virus; they also apparently teamed up in two’s and ‘hit the town’ – typical military and tourist behavior, but also an excellent way to spread a virus, IF they were carrying it.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Shardlake April 13, 2020 at 14:48
            Sorry, I didn’t see your correction of the Wuhan dates before I corrected it.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Tatyana April 13, 2020 at 15:08
            The US has its special laboratories around the world? How about this:
            ‘Shocking! US gave $3.7 million to China’s Wuhan lab that conducted coronavirus tests on bats’:
            This is looking more and more like the Chinese were definitely ‘set up’ to make the US ‘all China’s fault’ narrative sound more plausible.
            And with the other story about the Chinese ‘stealing’ Coronavirus samples from a Canadian lab and taking them to Wuhan lab.
            One silver lining – Russia is temporarily forgotten as China becomes ‘Devil of the month’.

          • Tatyana

            Paul Barbara
            thanks for the link! Most interesting. This is today in ‘The Sun’ and ‘Daily Mail’ too.

            I just don’t agree with the last line: “One silver lining – Russia is temporarily forgotten as China becomes‘ Devil of the month ’.”
            The feeling described in this line is completely inconsistent with the Russian character 🙂
            I’m not afraid of attacks or accusations, and I don’t feel relief when the attacks are shifted to another object. I’d rather say “take me instead”, than to see a country that I respect and a people that I like attacked.
            Just for understanding.

          • pete+m

            By Thomas Hon Wing Polin | March 22, 2020

            It is now virtually certain that COVID-19 was brought to Wuhan by American troops taking part in the city’s World Military Games last Oct. 18-27.
            The 300-strong US contingent stayed 300 meters from the Huanan Seafood Market where China’s outbreak began (see map below) at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel.
            Five of the US troops developed a fever on Oct. 25 and were taken to an infectious-diseases hospital for treatment.
            42 employees of the Oriental Hotel were diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first cluster in Wuhan. At the time only 7 people from the market had been thus diagnosed (and treated before the hotel staff). All 7 had contact with the 42 from the hotel. From this source, the virus spread to the rest of China.

            The American Military Games team trained at a location near Fort Detrick, the military’s viral lab closed down by the CDC in July for various deficiencies.

            The big question now is whether the transmission was planned, or accidental.
            Chinese authorities are awaiting an explanation from US authorities.

            A few days ago, Mike Pompeo phoned Yang Jiechi, Chinese State Councillor for Foreign Affairs. Pompeo’s counterpart is actually Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Yang is Wang’s boss, so Pompeo wanted to talk about something urgent and important.

            Pompeo wanted the Chinese not to publicize what they had found.

            Yang’s reply: “We await your solemn explanation, especially about Patient Zero.”

            China’s leaders have long suspected US military involvement in the Wuhan outbreak but were determined to stop the disease before pursuing the Americans for an honest accounting.


          • Paul Barbara

            @ Tatyana April 14, 2020 at 07:28
            I didn’t mean it in an anti-Russian way; on the contrary, I am pro-Russian.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ pete+m April 14, 2020 at 14:38
            Great find! I have only just seen your comment. I knew a lot of it, but did not know 5 Yanks were treated in Wuhan for fever treatment on 23rd October (just five days after the Military Games began) or that 42 employees of the Oriental Hotel were diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first cluster in Wuhan. I knew there was a cluster there, and that was where the US military contingent were shacked up. I also knew the Chinese had asked for US info on ‘Patient Zero’.
            I was virtually sure that’s what happened before – now it’s a slam dunk.

        • Piotr+Berman

          The USA (namely Lindsey Graham) decided … It is true that USA is remarkably supplied with stupid politicians, but Lindsey Graham is more stupid than most. It is not so bad yet that what he says is “decided”.

          • Tatyana

            And here’s an example of how I make up my mind about a person:
            – guess who considers himself enlightened; while everyone is busy eliminating the trouble – he is looking for the guilty and urges to crucify them calls for retribution; escalates negative emotions among scared people – this is Lindsey Graham. In Russian, we call this type “кликуша”.
            Among world-wide known examples, this would be Mrs. Carmody from Stephen King’s “The Mist”

            In the information war such “warriors” are highly valued, they are able to raise the masses to ‘pogrom’.

        • Blue Dotterel

          Do we know for certain that it appeared first there, or that it was identified first there?

        • Squeeth

          Pity Corbyn didn’t have the guts to fight back, the craven poltroon. Notice that in this embarrassment of apologetics, his defence is that he wanted to do the Judas on Livingstone and that it was the partei apparat prevaricated? What a man of principle….NOT!

          • Piotr+Berman

            Corbyn is not a Robespierre, and he was exposed too much to the vicious Blair-like cabals. Talk with them too much an d you would be busy explaining that walking in a forest in not a vile Communist habit in spite of all the red leaves there. “But the leaves are green!” “See, leftist-islamist anti-Semitic conspiracy!”

          • SA

            You are indulging in blaming the victim. You want Corbyn to mud wrestle when he has much more integrity than his opponents. There was a faction within the party that was supported by the establishment who wanted Corbyn to lose and would not stop at anything. You wanted him to descend to the gutter to fight then. They are much better acquainted with their sewer environment. At least he lost but kept his integrity.

      • Squeeth

        “Not by speeches and votes of the majority are the great questions of the time decided — that was the error of 1848 and 1849 — but by iron and blood.”

        Bismarck 1862. The US rules like this because it can. As it rots from the inside out, the rising powers of Russia and China tread carefully, lest they provoke American Caesar into ever more dangerous brinkmanship. In the meantime millions die of war, pestilence and starvation.

  • nonclassical

    Thank you Mr. Murray (yet again)…

    Have remained “informed” by your travails since torture revelations. Your work is right there with Robert Fisk, whom I also highly appreciate. This treatise is quite informative; it has been my perspective U.S. propaganda such as you describe is far more criminogenic than I am given to perceive of British media. But then “City of London” / Wall $treet. Nod nod wink wink say no more

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      Hope ‘ Murrayed’ may soon come to be as respected and feared as ‘fisked ‘ in relation to the work of journalists and other pretentious propagandists, but perhaps Craiged” may also come to mean” to provide with a solid and firm foundation’ in a Biblical conflation.of meanings.

  • Deb O'Nair

    Excellent analysis in this article. What is revealed is just the tip of a vast iceberg of information management and manipulation that permeates across the entire media spectrum and state apparatus.

    • Spencer Eagle

      Yes, the tip of one very scary iceberg. The Manhattan project employed more than 130,000 people in the development of the bomb, 99% of them had no actual idea what they were engaged in, the vast majority thinking they were involved in mundane processes, services and manufacture. Be in doubt the same will be true of this massive state run surveillance and control apparatus. Telecom’s engineers, software developers, academics, marketing experts all given unassuming tasks that ultimately contribute to a hidden agenda. Look at the faux outrage over Huawei , it’s got nothing at all to do with giving China the ability to spy, instead it’s about the five eyes losing their ability to spy on everyone else as a result of losing control over network hardware and software. If you believe GCHQ’s involvement in the development of smart meters was to help make them resistant to hacking then I can introduce you, via a backdoor, to a man with a bridge for sale.

  • nevermind

    Just a thought to attract a few more politically minded revellers, should DTRH still go ahead this year.

    How about inviting Alex Salmond to give a cracking Independence speech, ideally with a live screening online, to the big tent, should he be available?..

  • Peter

    Information wars?

    The leaked, but currently ‘suppressed’, Labour Party document detailing right-wing efforts to undermine and destroy Corbyn and exploit antisemitism smears can be found here:

    The BBC appears to have had removed from Youtube their (actually quite good) post-2017 general election documentary “The Summer That changed Everything” but from that film you can see the looks of shocked horror on the faces of MPs Lucy Powell and Stephen Kinnock here:

    • Anthony

      Obsessed with Labour Party infighting for 5 years, our state broadcaster and HM gutter press regard this as unworthy of public notice. Just perfectly acceptable behaviour by the management of a major political party

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Peter April 13, 2020 at 12:37
      Just as all seemed lost, along comes this beaut of a bombshell.
      Maybe there’s life in the old Labour nag yet? If they let this pass, they’re not worth bothering with.
      Come on, Momentum (sans Jon Lansman)! Give ’em ‘ell!

  • Doctor+K

    Just finished Murder in Samarkand which I found second hand on line, and fully recommend it to all followers here, although I expect many have read it. I was particularly interested to follow up on some of the eminences grises and to find that Karimov is dead and Gulnara in jail, though nothing much seems to have changed.

  • Jack

    Speaking on information warfare

    ” Claims by the EU diplomatic service that RT is spreading fake news about the coronavirus pandemic are misleading and based on bad methodology, according to a duo of Manchester researchers focused on monitoring the channel. ”

    • N_

      Also on information warfare: the British media are trumpeting that a “New Zealand nurse” cared for Boris Johnson when he was in hospital; he thanked her; and she says it’s “surreal”.

      At first I was annoyed by this ignorant misuse of the term “surreal” to mean not even “zany” or “strange” but in this case merely “unexpected and memorable”. (Anybody who thinks any of these usages are reasonable may like to educate themselves about André Breton and the real Surrealist movement.) I also felt for this nurse who seems to have been hassled by the press.

      But then I got even more annoyed when I realised what is really going on when the British media write their headlines about a “New Zealand nurse”. They’re playing to the Brexit market, which is to say, to the Powellite market. By “New Zealand” they mean she’s white. They mean Britain can get along fine without “continentals”, Muslims, Pakistanis, and black people.

      Get it? NHS – Brexit – Britain – white. That’s the message.

      And we’re going to see more of this racist fascist sh*t.

      Meanwhile Chris Lockwood, who was deputy head of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit under David Cameron and who used to be Asia Editor and Diplomatic Editor at the Torygraph, reckons the whole story about Boris Johnson having been at death’s door is a load of old b*llocks. Here are his exact words: “This is not someone who was at death’s door a few days ago. Something incredibly fishy about the whole business.”

        • michael norton

          Portuguese are our oldest allies, I think we were allied to them something like 600 years ago.
          Portuguese held the longest empire by a European power, so Boris Johnson, probably looks up to Portuguese.

          • Out+of+Affric

            600 years ago, Scotland and England were separate. Forgive my ignorance – which one was allied to Portugal?

          • michael norton

            The friendship between England and Portugal goes back to 1147 when English crusaders helped King Alfonso I capture Lisbon from the Muslims. This led to an English colony in Lisbon and to frequent contacts between the nobles of the two kingdoms.

            In 1386 Richard II of England agreed the Treaty of Windsor with John I of Portugal. English troops had recently helped John drive out a Spanish invasion and it was decided to turn the friendship into a formal alliance.

      • Mary

        Twitter › chrislockwd
        Chris Lockwood
        I have deleted a tweet that cast doubt on whether Boris Johnson had been as seriously ill as reported. I withdraw my comment and apologise for the offence it has caused.

        10 hours ago


  • bevin

    shatnersrug makes a valid point: there are obvious similarities between the New Labour apparatchiki’s sabotage of the 2017 Election campaign and the NewSNP leadership’s attempt to take out Alex Salmond.
    And, as he says, these people are everywhere.
    The SNP connection is interesting, however; the schemers in the Labour Party are part of the same faction which, by unprincipled government, industrial scale corruption, unbearable arrogance and total contempt for the membership and the electorate, handed Scotland to the SNP on a plate. They did pretty well the same thing in Wales and it is no coincidence that so many seats in the North went Tory in 2019.
    The problems are deep seated and complex, rooted in the very nature of class rule and hierarchy, but the ease with which these, often not very bright, arse licking careerists carry out their plots is wholly a function of party organisation. Most of the jobs that these ‘professionals’ perform would be better left in the hands of elected (and recallable) members of the party rank and file, taking extended furloughs and being paid on the ‘lost time’ principle. This was the way that Trade Unions worked when they worked and before they were ‘professionalised.’ And many more of the full time positions filled by individuals would be more efficiently and satisfactorily discharged by committees, staffed by unpaid militants.
    The problem in both the Labour Party and the SNP appears to be related to the belief that the optimum way to run a party is to model the organisation on those of the interests it opposes. Thus the SNP is building a little caricature of Whitehall’s Civil Service, to serve a ‘mini-me’ government that emulates the worst in Westminster. As to New Labour (renewed once more) its deepest belief is that the working class is contemptible and cowardly and deserves to be exploited not just by the Capitalist class but by any bunch of narcissistic chancers, con artists and unindicted criminals that is ready to do as it is told by the self perpetuating oligarchs who are the fruit of, most notably, anti-union laws reducing the Trade Unions to the role of auxiliaries to the Personnel manager.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ bevin April 13, 2020 at 14:30
      ‘We shall lead every movement against us’; I don’t know where it originated, but I know it was quoted by a prominent Zi^nist. ‘Movement Against Us’ also covers initiatives which go against their agenda, obviously.

    • Shatnersrug

      Bevin, thanks for noticing, Emilee OldKnow(crazy name, crazy person) was of a 6 figure a year sum, she’s emailing on a work email that are all stored on a server by law, that the LOTO should be stabbed and burned.careerists have always been the bane of the politics, simply because it attracts people who want a career rather than want to change the world or govern the country.

      What frustrates me whether they be labour or snp the rank and file don’t seem to be able to accept that these people exist the THEIR party. They(we) seem to think that there is some kind of rules and fairness at play. These people – MPs and careerists, think nothing of killing 1/2 a mil Iraqis, of sanctioning extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay. They’re not just going to role over.

      Mi5/6 have 22000 employees last years funding was to the tune of nearly 10 billion quid. What do people think they do? They protect the establishment they buy off and blackmail party members, doesn’t matter if they’re SNP, Green, Labour, lib dems Tories or whoever.

      We need to listen to Tony Benn “toughen up, bloody toughen up”

      • Bayard

        Shatnersrug, it is my impression that every organisation, apart from voluntary ones where no-one is paid, that is started by enthusiasts eventually gets taken over by careerists. It doesn’t matter if it is a political movement, a private company, a charity, an NGO, a sports club, you name it, if there’s money there, the careerists move in and take over.

  • N

    You want information warfare? Well there is the “Nightingale Hospital”. The name is a piss-take, a reference to an episode of “Yes Minister” in which a hospital was said by civil servants to be thriving even if it had no patients. It was “up for the Florence Nightingale award”.

    There are supposedly 4000 beds at “NHS Nightingale”, but – guess what – hardly any patients.

    Carole Cadwalladr asks “What is happening inside NHS Nightingale?? There’s been nothing but total silence”.

    Good question.

    According to some, everybody working at “NHS Nightingale” has been forced to sign an NDA.

    What’s it for?
    Who’s trousering cash from it?

      • N_

        Note the name too, to make it sound like a ship in the royalist regime’s navy.

        NHS – HMS – IHS

        Dominic Cummings doesn’t half like the “rule of threes”.

    • Pyewacket

      N, re: Who’s trousering the cash ? I had a look at this recently, and found that the Birmingham NEC is owned by a US based Blackstone International, a capital investment, hedge fund type outfit. The London Excel centre is owned by Abu Dhabi investments. The Manchester Nightingale, at the old central station is apparently owned by the City Council. Since then afaik, 3 more have been announced; Bristol, Harrogate (?) and Glasgow, as yet I know nothing of their sites ownership. Bearing in mind that these huge venues would be redundant spaces under current conditions, and be costing someone quite a packet, it looks like they’ve been thrown a generous lifeline. Btw…I remember Boris promised 6 hospitals in the run up to the December GE, these aren’t they are they ?

  • Tony M

    bevin: Senior trade-unionists, down to shop-steward level are loyal first and foremost to the other brotherhood they’re almost invariably members of: freemasonry. Amongst their brothers to whom they swear oaths are also found many of the management, personnel and otherwise to whom, as legend has it, they’re supposedly opposed and should be defending the union masses against, likewise for fellow brothers involved in workplace misconduct, harassment of co-workers their prejudices disfavour. You might recall too when the BNP membership lists were leaked several trade-union figures, their positions and employers given, were amongst them

    • Giyane


      I think it’s always better to assume a liar is lying and never to fall into the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt.
      I found my ex’s university copy of Daniel Deronda in which she has scribbled in the margins many notes on feminism and marital politics. If I had known I was being loaded into the circus cannon , I might have not got in there.

      One thing’s for certain , anybody who voted Tory in December , except the rigged ones placed there against their knowledge and consent, knew what they were voting for.

      • Giyane

        Who’s been spraying Lynx on the links?
        It doesn’t open here either, so it must be our deep state not yours Tatyana.

        • pete

          The critical part ot the True Publica report:
          “At 6pm on the day the PM is released from hospital and only two days from leaving intensive care where breathing was a life or death issue, Boris Johnson makes a full unbroken 5-minute speech to declare that – “the NHS had saved my life – no question. It hard to find the words to express my debt.” Not once does the PM seemingly struggle to pause for an extra breath in an address to the nation, a rallying call to continue the ‘battle that we all face.” He sounds exactly the same as any other lengthy pre-written speech delivered by autocue.
          6.37pm 12/04: Chris Lockwood, the Europe Editor of the Economist publicly states – “This is not someone who was at death’s door a few days ago. Something incredibly fishy about the whole business.”
          It does seem odd that only two days after a fairly lengthy spell in an intensive care unit with a high degree of respiratory distress during which time it was thought the PM might need respiratory ventilation and could die at any moment, is sent home and can make a full speech and is miraculously cured.
          I have spoken with a senior consultant NHS doctor who tells me that it is highly unlikely that most people would have recovered quite so quickly, but certainly not impossible – but if his pregnant partner is there with him in Chequers – that does seem like a strange thing to do. No doctor would ever recommend that unless another test had confirmed otherwise.”

          I have no opinion about this until further evidence is reported.

        • nevermind

          thanks for that refreshing duet, Brian, I shut my eyes and thought of driving along Loch Lomond’s windy roads, thank you.

      • N_

        @RoS et al: I’m not sure Chris Lockwood is the Europe Editor at the Economist any more. But from 2013 to 2015 he was deputy head of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit under David Cameron – i.e. a senior figure in 10 Downing Street. He’s also a longstanding friend of Cameron.

        His work at Number 10 is the bit of his CV that he chooses to foreground on his page at the “Centre for Science and Policy” at Cambridge University. Science and policy? I wonder how he gets on with Dominic Cummings. He probably either loves him or he hates him – more probably the latter – and whichever it is probably fed into the “something incredibly fishy” tweet. In any case he will probably know far more than most people about where the government may be going with the whole Covid-19 kick.

        He also worked as Southeast Asia Editor (not sure if he was Asia Editor as I first said) and Diplomatic Editor at the Torygraph, and as US editor and Asia Editor at the Economist, so he won’t be wet behind the ears where the work of MI6 is concerned.

        The tweet could have been a barium feed.
        Or he broke ranks for a short while.

    • Mary

      See above

      April 13, 2020 at 17:48
      Twitter › chrislockwd
      Chris Lockwood
      I have deleted a tweet that cast doubt on whether Boris Johnson had been as seriously ill as reported. I withdraw my comment and apologise for the offence it has caused.

      10 hours ago

      • Giyane


        White man speak with fork tongue.
        Chris Lockwood apologises for ” any offence caused “.
        Which could include a political or employment offence.
        A man of this calibre has reliable sources from government insiders. Keeping the lid on Boris is a new art form because no other Prime Minister has ever been so casual with the truth and so ready to lie unnecessarily in order to preserve his image.

        Novichok. Apology not recognised. Return to sender.

    • Republicofscotland

      Update the European editor of the Economist has been forced to apologise, and say he was wrong about this.

      Me being a sceptic think the fellows been gotten at, lose your job or retract.

      For those of you who cannot access the link here’s the article, make up your own minds.

      “TruePublica Editor: I’m not sure what to make of this story. Boris Johnson has made a career out of creating fictitious nonsense, publishing propaganda and outright lying. If he was someone you knew in the pub or was somehow in your social circle, you wouldn’t take his word for anything and dismiss him as a fantasist. This is a problem when serious things happen – can you ever believe a pathological liar.

      In the late afternoon of 5th April, it was reported that Boris Johnson had been admitted to hospital after suffering for 10 days with the symptoms of COVID-19. At the time, No 10 Downing Street had denied the prime minister was more seriously ill than claimed a few days earlier.

      On the morning of the 7th April Johnson was moved to intensive care – the BBC had reported that the day earlier, Johnson was already on oxygen support.

      American news outlets were reporting that – “Sunday (5th April), he was rushed to the hospital after his condition worsened, and at 7 p.m. the following night (6th April), Johnson was moved to the critical care unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital, on the opposite bank of the River Thames from the Houses of Parliament. A No. 10 Downing St. spokesman called Johnson’s hospitalization a precaution in case the prime minister needed ventilation as his symptoms had worsened.”

      So we have a timeline of admission where reporting is consistent.

      On Friday 10th April – Boris Johnson is reported to have waved his thanks to medical staff as he was moved from the intensive care unit back to the ward. That’s four days in an intensive care unit.

      On Sunday 12th April – Boris Johnson leaves hospital.

      In summary of the basic timeline, we can say – the PM was suffering symptoms of COVID-19 for ten days, self-isolated for seven days in the No 11 Downing street apartment and was rushed to hospital on the 11th day. Two days later his condition is so bad he is sent to intensive care where he spends another four days. Two of those days according to Boris Johnson himself were critical and ‘it could have gone either way.’ This presumably meant that at some point, living or dying had become a 50/50 chance. Two days after leaving intensive care, he leaves hospital

      4.29pm 12/04: Deputy political editor at The Times reports that – “Boris Johnson has left hospital and is now recovering at Chequers. On the advice of his medical team he will not be immediately returning to work. He thanks everyone at St Thomas’ for the ‘brilliant’ care he has received.”

      Some criticism is bound to fly about that Johnson then went to Chequers, 40 miles away – but then again, he is being told to convalesce and get back on the road to recovery. It is also a fact that the PM should not be in Downing Street where he could still infect others. Just because his breathing has stabilised and is able to leave hospital, does not mean he is not COVID-19 positive and not infectious.

      There is speculation on social media that the PM’s fiance Carrie Symonds, who is pregnant is there waiting at Chequers for him. If this is true, the story goes wrong and speculation will escalate.

      At 6pm on the day the PM is released from hospital and only two days from leaving intensive care where breathing was a life or death issue, Boris Johnson makes a full unbroken 5-minute speech to declare that – “the NHS had saved my life – no question. It hard to find the words to express my debt.” Not once does the PM seemingly struggle to pause for an extra breath in an address to the nation, a rallying call to continue the ‘battle that we all face.” He sounds exactly the same as any other lengthy pre-written speech delivered by autocue.

      6.37pm 12/04: Chris Lockwood, the Europe Editor of the Economist publicly states – “This is not someone who was at death’s door a few days ago. Something incredibly fishy about the whole business.”

      It does seem odd that only two days after a fairly lengthy spell in an intensive care unit with a high degree of respiratory distress during which time it was thought the PM might need respiratory ventilation and could die at any moment, is sent home and can make a full speech and is miraculously cured.

      I have spoken with a senior consultant NHS doctor who tells me that it is highly unlikely that most people would have recovered quite so quickly, but certainly not impossible – but if his pregnant partner is there with him in Chequers – that does seem like a strange thing to do. No doctor would ever recommend that unless another test had confirmed otherwise.”

      • Giyane


        A long time ago I spent a week in hospital on intravenous antibiotics. Driving myself home I lost control of the car on a road I knew extremely well.
        Hospital can be very disorienting. I know Boris wasn’t driving himself but this miraculous cure is very fishy.
        Sounds like N_ ‘s ” helpy ” plasma injections to me.

        Not what you or I are going to receive from the NHS.
        Everything about this government is fake, including the machinery of propaganda that spins it as normal.
        Lockwood has been got at because he was trying to make capital for the Remain cause out of Johndon’s lies.
        Disgraceful behaviour.

      • Laguerre

        Of course Johnson was lying. But perhaps not in the fashion suggested. When he first videoed from his apartment in 11 Downing Street, he was obviously ill, but he denied that it was serious. The bulletins from St Thomas’s are probably true, because they could be corrected by the personnel in action. When he came out, it suited him to claim that it could have gone either way, in order to thank the nurses. That was an exaggeration. Then he gave his five-minute speech. You know, you can be given drugs to make you last five minutes. My conclusion is that he was quite seriously sick, but not on the edge of death, and, knowing the coronavirus, he will take quite a time to recover.

        • Giyane


          For a man of the world, you are a green sap, completely oblivious to the evil in this world.
          We all are.

          • Laguerre

            What should I have said? He wasn’t ill, when he clearly was? The fucker is a lazy bastard. He is lazy, and will continue to hide himself at any opportunity.

          • Giyane

            Laguerre gian

            He was ill. He’s now better. But we’re not being told how. An honest man would have said that it seems if you’re under 65 and reasonably fit, you can survive covid19.
            In fact they have a cure if you can pay for it, but not for us paupers. The rich are using the plasma of the poor like the chinese use rhinoceros horn. But they will never admit that Johnson got First Class treatment while the rest are shrivelled into mass graves with bulldozers.

        • Tatyana

          They said they are able to cure Skripal, a man with several medical conditions, from Novichok poisoning. He was like quite well, calling up his mom and niece. They presented Yulia Skripal, who was able to write down her speech in two languages, one of which is foreign to her, and correct her writing, choosing the most relevant word. That was after she spent some time in supposedly coma after Novichok poisoning.
          Why so suspicious on Boris and Covid? 🙂 Did he lie you one single time?
          Well, except for one little lie, when he said they knew for sure it was Russia-made Novichok, I think many his compatriots missed this intentional lie, you know, for some very important reasons.

  • Fredi

    There is an information war. Whether you believe in god or not isn’t that relevant. Just consider the volumes of evidence that supports the concept that those who run the western world do actually believe in some sort of luciferian entity, one that hates the believers of god, along with any one else with a pulse, that’s the root of most problems we face, those wielding power don’t share your interests nor morality, they serve something else.

    They use the simple tool of propaganda. They show their selves repeatedly, by their actions,messages and symbols. They are to be seen everywhere, if you care to look, think. That is what the video is about. Well worth a watch.

    The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

    This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

    • Fredi

      How many of us will queue up for a ‘Digital certificate’? Frightened/impoverished people are easily led, but where?

      Bill Gates Calls for a “Digital Certificate” to Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine
      Bill Gates recently stated on Reddit that “digital certificates” will be used to identify who received the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. And these certificates will also be used to identify who can conduct business or not. Here’s how this plan is already backed by a massive organization called ID2020.

      “While most of Gates’ answers were received with praise, this one raised lots of eyebrows. The most upvoted reply highlights the similarities between Gates’ solution and the “Mark of the Beast” in the Bible.”

      • Giyane


        Radio 4 has been blathering about bluetooth connected warnings of proximity to covid 19 sufferers.
        Big brothers wet dream. Convincing people that other people are their enemy and big brother is your friend.
        Panic stations. Who is ‘ Pan ‘. ? The devil.

      • Watt

        Way back in the late 80s, an acquaintance of mine, a born again Christian, passed a remark likening the human micro chip to the ‘mark of the beast’. Back then, it made me, even as a long time atheist, pause for thought. Now…

        • Shatnersrug

          It’s because it’s an old conspiracy theory, they used to say it would be tattooed they David Ike updated it to a barcode when that technology became available, now they can write medical information on a microscopic tattoo with crystalline ink. Bill Gates paid for it so now he’s Satan, The story changes to fit in whoever is currently famous and An elite level wealth philanthropist type.

          Not saying they don’t want to stamp us all but it Is a repeating story that gets updated regularly

          • Deb O'Nair

            “David Ike updated it to a barcode when that technology became available”

            Aussie evangelical Barry Smith came up with that, long before Ike.

        • Patrick Roden

          This is a misinterpretation of the ‘mark’ that was prominent in America, and spread throughout the Christian world through books etc.

          The ‘mark of the beast’ is often thought of as 666 or 3 x 6, and since the belief was that by having 3 x 6 numbers that would include your date of birth, social security number and medical number, every person would have a unique number that would be implanted in their wrist or forehead. The idea is that you couldn’t buy or sell unless you had the ‘mark of the bast’

          The bible gives a solemn warning that if anyone does take the mark of the beast they will no longer be considered for salvation.

          It also says that when the beast has arisen, Christians will be able to see clearly who it is because they will fit the prophecies so well.

          The mark can’t be a silicon chip because the number isn’t 3 x 6 but is actually 600 + 60 + 6.
          The bast is in fact referring to Islam and this is unmistakably clear because it names the countries in which the beast (a religion) will be prominent.

          The countries named in the bible are Assyria (Syria), Babylon (Iraq), Persia (Iran), Moab+Ammon+Edom (Jordan), Egypt, Put (Libya), Tyre+Sidon (Lebanon) Gazza, Mesech+Tubal (Turkey).

          Scary But true.

        • Fredi

          Watt this website (V.C) has been around for about 20 years (I think) They document how virtually any and all celebrities who ‘make it’ in the popular media use the sign/symbols (of the Beast?, Babylonian, whatever) The two primary symbols are the ‘eye’ and the ‘pyramid’.

          V.C. document how now even the children of those celebrities continue this bizarre custom.
          The only reasonable explanation I have ever found regarding this issue, a subject that virtually nobody will ever discusses seriously is that the real power running the western world is satanic.

          Wherever there is power,money and mass influence in the west there are these symbols, literally everywhere. Tens of thousands of the bigger corporations use some play of the eye and/or the pyramid in their logos. It’s undeniable, but it appears to be left to the outer fringes of the alternative media to even bring up the subject (for ridicule of course)

      • Fredi

        Microsoft Releases (and Deletes) an Ad With Elite Occultist Marina Abramovic
        On Good Friday, Microsoft released a video promoting its association with the elite’s favorite artist: Marina Abramovic. After massive backlash, the video was set to “private” and all traces of the campaign were scrubbed from Microsoft’s official website. Here’s what this fiasco was all about.

        This picture of Abramovic in ELLE Magazine sums up everything she is about. She holds the head of a goat by the horns (representing the drawing of “power” from Baphomet) while wearing a red dress (symbolic of the transformative powers of occult ritual and sacrifice).

        For decades, Abramovic has been associating with the world’s most prominent artists, celebrities and politicians in events that are permeated with elements of black magic. In recent years, she became mostly known for inviting John Podesta to one of her “Spirit Cooking” events which involve lots of blood and other bodily fluids. Here’s a video dating from 1997 where she prepared such an event.

  • Tony M

    Maybe like Churchill through a goodly part of ww2 he was swimming naked and sunning himself in Morocco, with boys fulfilling his every bodily need. With streaming video he needn’t even have an actor/impressionist carrying out his speeches and radio broadcasts. All everyone needs is a pretentious job-lot shelfload of books behind them.

    • Giyane

      Tony M
      My wedding photos taken in a studio in iraq, have a backdrop of an English country garden. The books don’t have to be physically there.

      • Ort

        Do you mean to say that you didn’t recognize Churchill as Signor Ferrari under all that Sydney Greenstreet makeup?

  • nevermind

    How come the PM is flouting the rules which clearly state that you cannot move to your second home/the other abode? Or be fined.
    He was one of most Conservatives opposibg a payrise for nurses, and imho. He should be paying for his time in hospital, ideally the price it would cost him , should he proceed to privatise the NHS to US healthcare hyenas.

    • Giyane


      He is not recuperating. He is hiding his rude health from public view. He has been officially declared cured.
      If Johnson can find £ 100 K for a an Israeli bimbo advisor he can find £ 100 K for his helpy plasma cure.
      He’s not breaking Tory rules getting special treatment from the NHS.

      Since 2010 the message of Tory government has been :
      Money is Power. They don’t want ordinary power they want proper good old fashioned Victorian aristocratic Power.

      Obscene, pre- socialist, Imperial, omnivorous Power.

    • Ken Kenn

      The only thing I can say about Johnson is that he was useless before he fell ill and despite his flattery for the public’s consumption he will have learnt absolutely nothing and more to the point he will do next to nothing tomorrow or whenever he gets back into office.

      The other members of the weirdo cabinet are angling so that it is not thye who preside over the many deaths that are to come.

      They will leave that blame to fall to Johnson.

      By the way for Starmer I suspect in these Defences of the Realm there are the real forecast facts and the one’s which CCHQ trot out via the BBC.

      Starmer always looks worried but he looks very worried as does Raab.

      Do they as Privy Councillors know something we don’t know?

      • Giyane

        Ken Kenn

        Exactly. The lid is just about to be blown off the all in it together narrative when some little nurse breaks her £30K nondisclosure agreement about Johnson’s magic cure.

        Of course they look worried. The chief liar is maintaining his own charade of convalescence, while the lesser levels are shielding terrifying numbers of mortality.
        It only takes one nurse to blab, and this government will lose a no-confidence motion in parliament.

        Johnson is not fit for the office of PM and he is about to be exposed. World king fantasist resigns. Next weeks headlines.

        • Giyane

          Deaths in care homes or private homes are not included in the public statements. People need carers and carers spread the disease.

          Council bureaucracy is way out of its depth here.
          They can just a out fiddle the figures in normal circumstances. What this crisis needed was high levels of Emergency PPE kept in readiness for the frequently predicted scenarion of a coronavirus pandemic. Tories have been in power for 10 years.

          Tories blamed Labour for the 2007 crash which wasn’t their fault, and Labour will now hold the Tories to account for not preparing for this disaster. Tories are skidding on their own spin.

          I don’t believe they can survive.

        • Bramble

          With a majority of 80 and the Red Tories now ascendant in Labour? I think not, sadly. They might lose it in the country, if the campaign to transform Johnson into our new (slightly less Turkish) patron saint succeeds, but I doubt that too. The broad-spectrum propaganda has been intense and, up till now, widely believed.

          • Giyane


            I’ve got a good idea. Change the tags on the sheeple’s ears so they scan as Corbynites.
            What you mean , that’s been done already?
            That’s illegal under pre-Gove law.

          • giyane


            When I was very young and very stupid, I once used the heraldic? or astrological? word ascendant to describe something in a Romantic Poem. Heraldry and Astrology are both complete tripe so I don’t like the use of this word. I am not a Labour Party member because my local MP is Red Tory. I won’t join because if I did I would be expressing loyalty to a total idiot. People voted for Corbyn. Simple.

            Today it is reported by the MSM that Starkmad has increased the popularity of the party.
            That is exactly the same MSM misinformation that was used to prepare us for the fake Dec19 election result. All that means is that the Labour Party under Starkmad subscribes to ballot rigging which means it is descendant into the pit of Tory fire.

    • Laguerre

      You’re right, he should be recovering in the apartment in 11 Downing St. One rule for us, and another for the elite.

  • Doug+Scorgie

    EU News.
    “Around half of all Covid-19 deaths appear to be happening in care homes in some European countries, according to early figures gathered by UK-based academics who are warning that equal efforts must be made to fight the virus in care homes as in the NHS.
    Snapshot data from varying official sources shows that in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Belgium between 42% and 57% of deaths from the virus have been happening in homes, according to a report by academics based at the London School of Economics.
    Published official data for deaths in care homes in England and Wales are believed to significantly underestimate fatalities in the care sector, with the Office for National Statistics currently only accounting for 20 Covid-19 related deaths in all care homes in the week ending 27 March. Fresh figures are due out on Tuesday but are unlikely to be up to date.”

    Daily Mail Monday April 13 2020
    “[Care Home] bosses defy ministers’ calls and refuse to take in hospital patients who haven’t been tested [for Covid-19].”
    “Around 13.5% of care homes have faced a coronavirus outbreak, with new cases detected in 92 homes in the last 24 hours, the UK government’s chief medical officer has revealed.
    The disclosure by Professor Chris Whitty at the daily Downing Street press conference comes as care sector bosses warn daily death tolls are “airbrushing out” hundreds of elderly people who have died at care homes.”
    Is all the above due to ineptitude, on a grand scale, or is the Government following an unannounced policy of Herd Immunity favoured by Boris Johnson and his SPAD Cummings that risks deaths into the hundreds of thousands.
    It appears that no testing is being done on patients that die in Care Homes nor the staff.

    • Giyane

      Doug Scorgie

      Herd immunity is a sick joke. It applies to the unprotected remnant of the population that have neither been vaccinated or otherwise become immune to a disease. Herd immunity us the rarity of the unprotected being infected when most other people are.

      This is just one of the daily wind-ups from a Tory majority government that Thatcher survivors remember from the ’80s.
      Tory voters already have money, so they were offered privilege as well. Under Cameron they got privilege , like hedge funding against loss to protect their assets, but they wanted more.
      They wanted significant advantage as well. What could be more significant than being able to protect yourself from death in a pandemic?

      Imho there is very little satisfaction to be had from wealth beyond daily needs. Anything which frustrates other people is a bonus to Tories because it highlights the benefits of wealth.
      A pandemic is like a lottery rollover because while the herd are couped up at home you can slip into an NHS hospital , get cured and whizz off to your country residence.

      Wealth orgasm! Such a shame about the rest of the herd.
      ” and that was scarcely odd because they’d eaten every one ‘

  • Tony M

    The situation in care homes concerns me greatly. More so as they’ve been packed to the gunwales as power-tripping social-workers with lists of names, have since before Christmas, up until the lockdown been grabbing old persons from their own homes and from the care of their families on the most specious and frivolous grounds. I’ve twice now witnessed elderly ladies in their late seventies being physically dragged by social-worker, out of their homes crying and screaming for help, resisting all the way, forced into vehicles, whilst police restrained their relatives from intervening to stop this. I can’t believe that this country Scotland has come to this, something is seriously, criminally amiss.

  • TheBlogg

    On the other matter, I note that the predictable Mark Lewis is threatening legal action for libel and breach of the GDPR.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Infiltration everywhere. WTF is up with The National? A couple of Sundays ago they run an article in support of the alphabet sisters, today they announce that Stephen Gethins is a new columnist. Gethins was the suspiciously security service friendly, neo-con member of the Westminster, Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Now he’s employed at the infamously right wing School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews.
    His own brother was on this comments section a couple of days ago strongly implying that Gethins (S) didn’t have Scottish independence as a top rank priority.

    • Giyane

      Vivian O’Blivion

      In the hierarchy of British politics, God delegates power to Jesus pbuh, Jesus delegates it to the queen. She delegates it to the Tories and the Tories delegate it to the MSM.
      The only way to break this toilet chain of bullshit imho is to understand that God does not delegate His power to anyone.
      Craig and his mods have never accepted my proposition that on cannot correct the symptoms of a disease, you have to change its underlying assumptions. Their loss, not mine.

      You have to directly challenge the authority of the british ownership of Scotland, which is the fallacy of royal power.
      Muslims clearly understand that the Saudi royalty is against the principles of our religion. There is no such core of resistance in British politics and there never will be until the concept of delegation of power is destroyed.

      Politics is not about lies, infiltration or emotions. It is about finding an intellectual honesty that encourages people to trust those in power. An untrusted government is just a fart in the wind compared to truth. Without truth politics is just squabbling over who gets the lion’s share. I have spent 20 years trying to explain this here. The tyranny of British power can only be removed by a better thing, the rule of natural justice and human rights.

      Whish! It’s like a Hoover that sucks in dust at one end and blows it out the other end without being filtered.!

    • J Galt

      This is nothing new Vi, I gave up on the National years ago when I found myself paying to be fed the British establishment neo-con propaganda of David Pratt.

      I feel sorry for the genuine Independence supporters who write for the National, they deserve a better vehicle for their work.

  • Xavi

    The great man may finally have hung up his keyboard but the world is turning in a reassuringly Crossian direction….

    The Establishment has got its Labour party back. Not one shadow cabinet member with anything to say about #LabourLeaks, despite the scandal trending at #1 to #4 on Twitter since Sunday night. Sir Keir demands an investigation, but only into how the report was leaked not what it reveals – namely the sabotage of Labour’s chances in the 2017 general election by the party’s highest officials.
    Meantime Bernie Sanders’s political revolution in America culminates with a gushing endorsement of a corrupt, senile, warmongering rapist.
    Back home, record virus deaths – amid a paucity of testing, PPE, ICUs, ventilators, etc – inspire the media to demand that we #clapforboris. A prelude no doubt to demands that the weakest and most vulnerable be made to paid for the costs of the wage and mortgage bailouts.

    Enough to have Cross’s puppeteers beaming like Cheshire cats!

  • Willie

    Ah the good Prof Whitty, or should we say the 2020s equivalent of Dr Josef Mengele, now admits that 92 care homes in the last 24 hours have declared Coronavirus outbreaks bring the total infected care home to 13.5%.

    With over 11,000 care homes in the UK and with the virus now cutting through car3 homes like a hot knife through butter, it doesn’t take much calculation to realise that there is a tidal wave of death dispatching the elderly and infirm and that the government’s death statistics which exclude care homes and all other non hospital deaths are grossly under reported.

    But do not tell us this was unexpected. This was totally expected and understood as the government deliberately stood back and let the virus spread whilst assuring us that they and the NHS were well prepared. And all in a misplaced policy designed to protect the economy.

    Prof Whitty and his team would have known exactly what the health and economic impacts of deliberately allowing the virus to spread. Special adviser Cummings actually said so. And yes, there was a calculation of loss of life versus perceived economic advantage of going for herd immunity. These things were all calculated out, it wasn’t until alternative calculation revealed that the policy of deliberate spread was leading to over half a million deaths in a very short space of time and a totally overwhelmed country, that a desperate belated about turn was launched to stem the impending tidal wave of death.

    And the economy. Well that is now trashed utterly. If the 2008 crisis gave rise to a decade of austerity, the next decade will pale our previous austerity to a sunny walk in the park.

    Britain is broken. Britannia is now sinking beneath the waves with few friends to rescue her. A busted flush with only the rousing anthems of a long lost empire to sustain the economic peasants.

    • Giyane


      30,000 US troops have been sent to Croatia to stop a revolution against this Tory massacre. So the poor Alt right Tory sods will just have to stay in power, until we get an election recount and a proper Labour Labour party in power. Sack Sir Starkmad and put Barry Gardiner in power.

  • michael norton

    Somethings must not be said
    or if they are said, they must be retracted.
    Nuclear is not dangerous.

    Fukushima = helped to hasten the end of the U.S Nuclear power expansion: there was no meltdown, remember that one, turned out at least two reactors melted down.
    Chernobyl = helped to hasten the end of the U.S.S.R.
    but we were told, at first, that it was next to nothing.
    Still a danger today.
    More than one truth = more than one untruth.

    “We have been working all night, digging firebreaks around the plant to protect it from fire,” she said.

    On 5 April Yegor Firsov, acting head of Ukraine’s state ecological inspection service, said in a Facebook post that radiation levels in the area had risen substantially above normal.

    Government officials later rejected this finding, and said the levels in the area were “within normal limits”. Mr Firsov also withdrew his remarks.

  • Tony M

    zoot – April 14, 2020 at 06:11

    zoot: Wide awake, and one of the relatives powerless to intervene. Others on another thread have related similar disturbing goings-on, suggesting a pattern. I needn’t have qualified it with the time period of December until the lockdown, certain now it has been going on for some time and is no doubt continuing. I’d never given the matter any thought and viewed social-workers till these first encounters, as mostly benign, slightly touched otherwise unemployable would-be do-gooders, now realise they’re a pernicious scourge, corruptible and mad on power, the sooner they’re reined in and held to account the better, doing far more harm, serious harm, than any good they could ever do. Some are low, parasitical cold calculating meddlers, performing no useful function, instead sadists using superficially plausible justifications to pursue unwholesome misandrist personal agenda. Give them an inch and their Stasi-like tendencies run amok. Which is where the country Scotland or the UK is right now teetering on the edge of a totalitarian police-state, if not already fully there.

    • michael norton

      Tony, are these old ladies speaking in tongues
      as they are being dragged out of their homes.

      There is a “movement” to get old people to relinquish their long-term council houses.

  • Jon

    I think an explanation from one of those journalistic or establishment figures would be very interesting, and I suspect they have clammed up already. I don’t think a good explanation will come.

    However, the thesis that all of these journalists were in on a plan to sway Wikipedia towards establishment perspectives would require a very high standard of proof. Would none of them blow the whistle? Would they not have to be blackmailed in order to collaborate, especially since it involved them publicly following a highly obscure Twitter account? If their operation were exposed their integrity would surely be in question (as is now happening). We might think of these people as an assortment of paid hacks and the willfully corrupt, but they probably do not see themselves that way.

    Also, why would GHCQ go to all this trouble when it could just organically grow some Wikipedia editing accounts itself? It would be perfectly easy for them to reroute their editing traffic through some domestic internet connections, and thus hide where the edits are coming from.

  • Michael+Cavanagh

    interesting update. Such faceless voices predominate in the circus of news and influential personalities. They are the sources that must be protected from publicity and the accusers pointing the way towards war.

  • DunGroanin

    Hmm – I’m getting it on all my twitter bookmarks on my phone safari browser!

    Any idea why?

  • N_

    Important observation: I hope that readers who are learning something about propaganda by studying this case of “political journalism” that our host has investigated proceed to apply what they have learnt to the working of “expert opinion”, which is similarly oiled by such moneygrabbing creeps and similarly directed from the top. Those from middle class backgrounds may find this very difficult to express an understanding of, but good luck!

    • N_

      Thus what is going on with Covid-19 is precisely the deliberate removal of part of the “welfare state”, and its replacement with the slaughter state.

      That’s why paramedics are being told not to attend elderly people’s care homes if they get a call saying that one of the residents is ill with respiratory problems. They’re only going in to collect the corpses. And the “opinio-fact” is being dribbled out that the median stay for residents in such institutions is less than year anyway. Talk about hypocrisy. Yes it is information war, and only one side is fighting.

      Since the Tory government and officials and “ex-spurts” are screaming the symbolic triad “NHS” practically everywhere they have a public face (meaning basically “We Love The Chavs So Much, Especially Ones who are Ill or Old”), many have trouble in recognising what’s happening. The section of the middle class who aren’t c***s find it especially difficult.

      Anybody else remember Dominic Cummings talking about trillion-pound notes lying in the street? Now factor that in elderly retired people don’t produce surplus value.

      • Deb O'Nair

        Spot on. Remember when ministers were telling care homes that they must accept elderly NHS patients (to relieve the NHS) despite no covid testing? Anyone with half a brain cell can see that they have introduced the virus to the care home system and the follow up is to leave the victims to die there (to protect the paramedics). The outcome for those most vulnerable to the virus cannot be anything other than deliberate. The silence in the media is sinister.

  • S

    I think I now understand the narrative between how Johnson “took one for the team”.
    In comparison to the other people who recovered from Covid quickly, Johnson worked so hard for us that it made him sicker. That’s how dedicated he is, and that’s the bullet he nearly took.

    • Deb O'Nair

      The “Boris fights for life” narrative is bollocks. At no point did he require any medical intervention to save his life and it was reported during his stay in ICU that he was sitting up, talking, eating and walking himself to the toilet – hardly at death’s door. There is also the (believable) reports about the NHS staff who looked after him having to sign the OSA, with two doctors refusing and being sent home. It seems that the two doctors were not persuaded to go along with the wheeze.

  • Doug Scorgie

    Sky News 14/04/2020

    “A new Nightingale Hospital being built in Tyne and Wear may never need to open, an NHS boss has said.”
    Martin Wilson, chief operating officer for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which is overseeing the project, said he hoped that the makeshift hospital would not be needed.
    “I don’t think we will need to open,” he said.
    “If people can all play their part in social distancing, if a vaccine comes along, my hope is that we don’t need to open.”
    If a vaccine comes along??

    This senior manager should really know that a corona vaccine is a long way off and that when it does arrive it will not cure Covid-19 if a patient already has the infection. Any patients with the infection will recover or die depending on their immune system among other factors.
    The corona vaccine is for the vaccination of patients before they become infected.

  • Strange+days


    I very much hope that Craig Murray will read and comment on the leaked Labour Party ‘antisemitism’ report, in which it is revealed that senior right-wing Labour MPs conspired to make Corbyn – and those around him – appear antisemitic, and to try and destroy Labour’s chances of winning the 2017 general election:

    Is there any chance of the entire e-mail and WhatsApp trail behind the report being leaked? THAT would make very interesting reading – and shows why we need the likes of Julian Assange.

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