Information Wars 353

Long term readers will recall the Philip Cross Affair. A Wikipedia Editor named “Philip Cross” was relentlessly conducting a propaganda operation. It had two prongs; the first was continually to denigrate the Wikipedia entry of all public figures who opposed military intervention in the Middle East, removing positive information and adding mainstream media slurs in real time as they were made. The second and less noted prong was to big up the Wikpedia entries of right wing mainstream media figures, removing negative information and adding a positive spin.

Wikipedia eventually banned “Philip Cross” from making edits related to UK political figures.

The incredible thing about “Philip Cross” was that he never took a single day off. From 29 August 2013 to 14 May 2018 “Philip Cross” edited Wikipedia every day, including Christmas days, for 1,721 days. I can claim to be the person who first brought the “Philip Cross” operation to a wide audience, and here are my series of articles on the subject:

Is GCHQ Embedded in Wikipedia?

The Philip Cross Affair

Emma Barnett: A Classic “Philip Cross” Wikipedia Operation

The “Philip Cross” MSM Promotion Operation Part 3

Philip Cross Madness Part IV

Le Mesurier Gets Cross

If you are new to this, I really do commend that series as a fascinating glimpse into the information wars that lie behind what you read on the internet. The BBC World Service even made a radio programme about Philip Cross.

Being the BBC it downplays the affair in a number of ways – crucially, it gives several examples to show that Philip Cross’s edits are harmless, and not a single example of his thousands of vicious edits, such as his editing my Wikipedia entry to call my wife a stripper.

The BBC also disingenuously claim that the fact that Cross edited Paul Dacre’s entry shows he did not only edit anti-war figures. They fail to point out that that his edits to Paul Dacre were all designed to glorify Dacre, the Daily Mail’s editor until recently, whereas his edits of anti-war figures were designed to do the opposite.

But the BBC report does correctly state that the “Philip Cross operation” turns out to be an organised neo-con group operating behind the persona of Philip Cross, who is a real vulnerable person with health issues. George Galloway correctly says he was given information from a concerned close relative of Cross who believes he is being exploited. I can confirm that is true. I was also given the opportunity to meet the close relative but I declined as I saw no point in duplicating the effort and causing further stress.

Galloway believes this was a paid operation. It appeared to have very close links to the Times newspaper and to the Euston Manifesto group. James Harding, Times editor, had his page lovingly edited 118 times by the “Philip Cross” operation, largely to remove or rebut criticisms.

James Harding is of course currently editor of Tortoise magazine.

So who were the editors working behind the group name of “Philip Cross”?

For me, the most fascinating and insufficiently explored avenue of the Philip Cross affair was the question of his Twitter followers. “Philip Cross” had a twitter account which never did anything interesting. He simply retweeted articles by right wing journalists; that was the majority of his output. Very occasionally he would add a one line comment. There was nothing remotely original or interesting, even to a person who shared the right wing views of the “Philip Cross” persona, until the operation was exposed.

Yet this extremely dull twitter account by this obscure unwell man, which never tweeted anything original or witty, had among its 200 followers a collection of establishment figures and, most notably mainstream media journalists. Why on earth would Tristram Hunt and James le Mesurier of white helmet jihadis fame find it worthwhile to follow this obscure account? Above all, why did a whole slew of MSM “journalists” follow an account of no original interest at all?

There is no other possible conclusion than that these figures were aware of the “Philip Cross” operation when it was still apparently nothing but an extremely obscure man who liked obsessively editing Wikipedia and retweeting Nick Cohen and David Aaronovitch (his most frequent tweets). My intuition is – and this is not fact, but a working hypothesis that fits known facts to date – that the many MSM journalists who were, for no apparent reason, following the obscure “Philip Cross” twitter account, were not merely au fait with, but a part of, the Wikipedia editing operation that hid behind “Philip Cross” and his IP address.

So here are those MSM followers of the “Philip Cross” twitter account as noted by me on 21 May 2018. Note Dani Garavelli.

DANI GARAVELLI. I had quite forgotten until reminded by Leftworks. Once reminded, I recall that I was getting fed up typing up names and almost left her off as a nobody, writing for a publication nobody reads any more. I am glad I did not.

So why was Dani Garavelli one of “Philip Cross”‘s devoted Twitter followers from when the “Philip Cross” operation was still secret?

Garavelli was recently commissioned by James Harding (remember him above?) for Tortoise Magazine to write a hit piece with the aim of destroying Alex Salmond’s reputation by appealing to the #Metoo movement, evoking sympathy for the accusers and restating prosecution evidence while simply ignoring defence evidence.

Alex Salmond was of course an opponent of NATO bombing of Serbia and has been a staunch and outspoken opponent of UK military intervention in the Middle East. So who was editing negatively his Wikipedia profile? “Philip Cross” of course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the British Establishment. Like a circle within a circle, like a wheel within a wheel, a never ending propaganda operation to control the population.

Once Garavelli’s execrable article was published by Tortoise (interestingly for free access by a magazine whose business model allegedly rests on its fierce paywall), the propaganda deluge online to hype it from MSM journalists and from UK government trolls was immense. Interestingly there was a third element – a whole raft of young paid employees of the SNP and a slew of similar wannabe SNP careerists. A fascinating amount of entryist penetration of the SNP has been exposed in this process.

It became obvious the political destruction of Alex Salmond is a major objective of the UK state, worth the potential burning of hitherto hidden assets. I paid close attention because the same forces were leveled against me in a hate storm for pointing out the very obvious deficiencies in the Garavelli article, facilitating a very successful online pushback by ordinary folk. That will be a subject to discuss another day.

With grateful thanks to those who donated or subscribed to make this reporting possible.

This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


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353 thoughts on “Information Wars

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  • Peter

    “Emma Barnett: A Classic “Philip Cross” Wikipedia Operation”

    The progress of the utterly dreadful Barnett requires a little more explanation than that she had an expensive education.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the British Establishment.”

    It also now appears that the Establishment once again have ‘full’ control of the Labour Party with the ascendancy of Keir Starmer.

    Notice the way the BBC approaches Starmer with near reverential respect whereas from day 1 they perpetually treated Corbyn with open contempt.

    • Muscleguy

      And the arch Blairites like Milliband have been rehabilitated. At some point Momentum will notice and then the shit will hit the fan. Not that I care but when the neo Blairite mode of the Starmer regime becomes clear it will be entertaining. I fully expect Momentum will become anathema and will be cast into the outer darkness. I wouldn’t be surprised if they form a Labour Left party which might even be neutral on Scottish Indy.

      • Goose

        Labour antisemitism investigation will not be sent to equality commission – Tom Rayner (Sky News)
        — A report found factional hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn amongst former senior officials contributed to “a litany of mistakes”.

        This new insight info should be more widely read. As it gives a fuller picture as to what went on and how Labour(under Corbyn) were systematically frustrated and undermined from within by New Labour era people. It really is a scandal.

        Corbyn was clearly too trusting for his own good.

      • michael norton

        I see it is being reported that the Arch-Remainer Sir Keir Starmer has only appointed Remainers to his shadow cabinet.

        Some will no doubt be saying that we should not forget the 2016 Referendum because of the pandemic and become as one with the European Union, again.
        I do hope not.

        But it is looking quite likely that Sir Keir was picked for his job as Leader of New Labour by our deep state.

        • Giyane

          Michael Norton

          Which is worse, to be picked by the British deep state or by the angel of electoral death?
          Don’t forget, the British deep state are just jackals waiting to pick on the weak. The angel of electoral death, nobody voting for their stupid ideas , is what got Jeremy Corbyn as leader in the first place.

          Now you have reminded me of the animal Keir Starmer reminded me of. I was thinking maybe a border terrier but they’re too feisty and cute.
          The jackal, with its sunken , guilty eyes and its heavy jaw for ripping flesh apart.

          Well they’re going to have a short, guilty, anxious feast courtesy of the rigged election. Then the lion of British democracy will put them, and the vulture Tories back in their place.

          How is it possible to shake the magic money tree for business, when it can’t be shaked for the people? This is the start of the covid19- caused popular revolt. John MacDonnell understood straight away when he said, ‘ A few weeks ago they were calling us Marxists fir spending less than this’. And that was before the covid 19 bonanza. I give Starkmad 4 months.

        • DunGroanin

          Not a single one of the appointed shadow cabinet is an arch remainer – that is the sheep skin they wire – all Blairite,they are neolib/cons and so arch brexiteers – hard one.
          They will rubber stamp the hard brexit and will use these new Henry VIII powers for pushing it through.

          Only a mass movement and general strikes will save the nhs and stop a hard brexit.

          • Dom

            The Blairite shadow cabinet were not arch -remainers but arch-Brexiteers. The EU is neither neoliberal nor neoconservative. Just say it and it is true.

  • Joseph Zernik

    Fascinating… but nothing really new here… I had my own experiences with the Wikipedia operations in the US and Israel as early as 2007-2010. In the US, any undesirable information was deleted withing hours or a day. E.g., any reference to credible records of events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, or the 18 month false imprisonment in solitary confinement of former US prosecutor Richard I Fine in Los Angeles (2009-10), after he exposed and denounced a large-scale bribing scheme by California judges. The Hebrew Wikipedia in Israel is cleaned up of any undesirable edits within minutes. It is obvious that there are persons who monitor certain entries on an ongoing basis, probably as part of their paid employment (either by government or by corporations). These phenomena were documented conclusively around 2007 by CalTech student Virgil Griffith. [1,2] My conclusion? Each encyclopedic project reflects its time and place… Diderot, Voltaire et al of the French encyclopedia, the Britannica and its named editors over many decades… And then you have Wikipedia with its anonymous editors, masquerading as the people’s encyclopedia. An amazing propaganda project.
    [1] WikiScanner Identifies Editors on Wikipedia
    [2] See Who’s Editing Wikipedia – Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign

    • Squeeth

      To be fair, Wiki is accurate where it doesn’t affect contemporary imperial preoccupations. If you look at articles on historical subjects or look up Paracetamol and Gabapentin the zionist cloak is much less in evidence. If you want to influence articles about the zionist occupation of Palestine or the aggression against Syrians, you have to beat them at their own game.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Squeeth April 12, 2020 at 13:47
        Here is an example: I just looked up ‘Gladio’, knowing darn well it would not give anything like a full description of the CIA terror network:
        ‘Operation Gladio is the codename for clandestine “stay-behind” operations of armed resistance that was planned by the Western Union (WU), and subsequently by NATO, for a potential Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest in Europe. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, “Operation Gladio” is used as an informal name for all of them. Stay-behind operations were prepared in many NATO member countries, and some neutral countries.[1]
        The role of the CIA in Gladio—the extent of its activities during the Cold War era and any responsibility for terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the “Years of Lead” (late 1960s to early 1980s)—are the subject of debate. Switzerland and Belgium have had parliamentary inquiries into the matter.[2]
        The word gladio is the Italian form of gladius, a type of Roman shortsword.’

        Nothing there that is technically incorrect; but if, as I’m sure people have tried, to put true information about the CIA/NATO controlled groups’ terrorism, it would be deleted in a flash.

      • Sergei

        I think we should avoid painting a target on ourselves by engaging in edit wars on hot topics and use our advantage in numbers to gradually insert well-sourced bits of truth in the myriad less prominent articles that you speak of. With time, the “managed” articles will stand out more and more as one-sided Five Eyes propaganda that they are.

  • Giyane

    After pinching power from New Labour in 2010 by staging the 2007 – 8 banking phoney crash the Extremely Nasty Party has worked tirelessly on an Extremely Nasty Charade that Butter Wouldn’t Melt In Their Mouths and they are Not Criminals.

    Unfortunately nobody believes them because the proof of the pudding lies in the eating: the manager class are now hyper- wealthy and the working class are flat broke. And no amount of staged rows , or now coo-ing , between Spunk-spaff and his current Cunt-wank can disguise the fact that they are 100% CRIMINAL.

    The convoluted charade of internet spontaneity disguising paid fake news which Craig has exposed here, is only a tiny part of the charade. Whatever is the opposite of Social Distancing, , the Total Collaboration between the Spy Community, the MSM community, the Spunk-tank community, the Business, the Political, the Academic, the Police, the IT, the Dipkomatic …. Communities is shocking, and all part of a massive charade of innocence.

    We all know that the British people want none of this, not the wars, not the London and country Palaces, not the addiction to flying abroad, not the spying,, … none of interests us at all.
    And yet we somehow are prepared to accept and submit to a failed party that could only stay in power by bribing its enemies has suddenly , legally, swung into an 80% majority.

    Come on Brits, ,your grandfathers and great grandfathers families fought for more than this. Get off your lazy areas and fight for freedom from these catastrophic LIARS.

  • Antonym

    Those living on the Indian sub continent remember James Harding for his quite biased reporting when he was Guardian correspondent here: always negative stuff about India and the opposite regarding Pakistan. Now Hannah Ellis-Peterson has stepped into his shoes; another sign that this bias was not personal but institutional.
    Pakistan is an ally (more a mercenary like the UK) of the Gulf oil sheikhs and therefore automatically of the Five Eyed monster. Arab oil & gas still make the Anglo financial world go round.

  • Giyane

    I have no doubt at all that China has a vaccine available now.
    But Sir Ultra Nasty , the creator of Universal Credit , the new term for the Workhouse, … would argue that buying a vaccine from China would be counter-colonial, like getting China to build HS2. It would hand too much kudos to a formerly British- destroyed great Empire.

    That very nasty little billionaire would be top of my expose list.
    Unfortunately Craig cannot bring himself to hate self-made , non public school , pieces of Nasty Party, however completely Nasty they are.

    • Kerchée Kerch;ee Coup

      Rather than having a vaccine available, which could imply something akin to a poison-antidote situation, China may draw on the vast corpus of Chinese medical writings to come up with a pharmaceutical solution. It was the acute malaria problem of the Viet -Cong that led Mao to encourage research in this direction. Tu You-You was able to continue her work despite the Cultural Revolution into the properties of armtemsia. (The now viral drawing of Van Gough unable to wear a mask because of his antimalarial absinthe- fuelled severing of his ear completes the circle.)

      Instead of actively promoting the use of traditional combinations of herbal remedies, however, many interests in China now connive with the WHO and Big Pharma to advocate expensive patented

      • Giyane

        Kerchee Kerchee Coup

        I have bought some quinine cinchona powder because China used chloroquine against the fever. Assuming it is not adulterated by the evil british establishment before it gets here I intend to sip a bit of it in my tea.
        Maybe I could test it for strength on one of the cats that relax in my garden. Eugenics Cummings is testing this nasty pathogen on us, after all.

        Whatever is he going to do when the crunched numbers prove that badly bred Labour voters are better at shrugging off covid19 than ‘ people like you ‘?
        How is he going to cope with his statistics when the ‘ eugenistically inferior Chinese ‘ turn out to have been eugenistically superior?

        The British establishment is still gobstoppered by the fact that Putin’s cruise missiles accurately took out all Hillary Clinton’s concrete bunkers for her proxy jihadists.
        What will they do when Chinese herbal medicine is better than big pharma? Obviously , lace the Chinese powders with novichok and test it in on the locals.

        I am pinching myself hard. Are these criminals really in power?

        • Peter

          @ Giyane

          All very interesting.

          Could you explain the “Eugenics Cummings” moniker please, perhaps giving a link or two?

          Likewise this: “Putin’s cruise missiles accurately took out all Hillary Clinton’s concrete bunkers for her proxy jihadists.”

          Would appreciate it – no cynicism intended.

          • giyane


            I have no idea – who am I to have knowledge of the inner workings of the neocons – whether the West and Russia were working together to herd thousands of jihadists into bunkers built by Lafarge and Hillary Clinton in Syria and then destroy them with bunker busting cruise missiles we didn’t know Russia had.

            As to Eugenics, Dominic Cummings recently employed a weird person at No 10 … himself.
            I have a friend who is bald at the front , who decided for fashion’s sake to get a short back and sides, leaving a small tuft on top like a chicken. Chickens heads move when they walk probably because they are descended from dinosaurs.

            The evidence I have is from Islam, that all people are equal and that all the non-Muslim powers are untied against the truth of Islam. The English believe they live in the best of all possible worlds, as evidenced by Brexit, continual wars against the Muslim world, and their acceptance of a lying adulterer as head of government. Perfect. All in the best of possible tastes.

            You did ask … absolutely no cynicism felt.

          • Peter


            Ok, thanks.

            I understand the background to what you’re saying but it’s always good to have the citations.

  • Ciaris

    I swear Adam Werritty will be involved somehow, and the circle of bullshit will be complete. Where is Werritty these days anyway?

    Anyway, what does JK Rowland think? That’s all that really matters!

    This weird collusion between the establishment and ‘feminism’ has been one of the stranger happenings over the past few years. I say feminism, but I”m not really sure what it is.

      • Giyane


        There’s a character in the Qur’an who has been given political knowledge and encounters Moses who has spiritual knowledge. Politicsl Islam derives its authority from this character because his political knowledge appears to defeat Moses’ higher knowledge.
        But after the story the spiritual knowledge is totally affirmed.

        Assad is a tyrant and it is compulsory to fight tyrants.
        But israel is also a tyrant. The ultimate objective of political Islam in Syria is not to remove Assad, but Israel.
        The battle is temporarily lost against Assad but the war against Israel will be won very soon. Unless they change and revert to following the true messenger for our time.

        Coronavirus reminds us of the best made plans of mice and men. Politics is not a one team game

  • Jm

    Yet again this is outstanding and exceptional journalism Craig.

    It shows up the Garavelli,Cohen,Aaronovitch etc mob for the bought and paid for charlatans that they are.

    Thank you so much for the real integrity of the invaluable work that you do.

  • Nick+Gethins

    Hi Craig,

    After following the Garavelli case and the integrity initiative leaks I’m just wondering about the extent that GCHQ/MI5s are already embedded in the SNP and in some cases the wider yes movement. I noticed that Bella Caladonia broadcast a cosy podcast with Garavelli, on the 5th of Feb. Why has the likes of Mike Small smeared you as a ‘krank and conspiracy theorists’ and a .’rampant misogynist’ while regarding Garavelli is a worthy source.
    I’m looking forward to hear your views on the SNP and how they seem to be siding with the Brit establishment and with parliamentary statements which seem to come right out of the integrity initiative handbook.
    It was your recent piece on the death of Willie MacRae,( a firmly anti-establishment figure) that got me thinking about him and the comparisons with the current crop of SNP leaders/insiders; My brother, the former foreign affairs spokesman for the SNP has now walked into a cosy job at the IR dept in St Andrew’s Uni; He also hosted a fringe meeting on Russian disinforamtion at SNP conference. My own, 16 year SNP membership came to an end the day Sturgeon backed Clinton. It would seem the senior SNP figures have more than likely been courted by the MI5 and have now in lockstep with the Brit Establishment and onside with the neocon agenda.

    • Willie

      Nick + Gethins

      You raise some interesting points and it’s not rocket science to recognise how through whatever interventions the SNP and other organisations have been rotted from within.

      Taking control of a movement, steering it’s direction, are all techniques well understood by powerful interest groups. Take Bella Caledonia and it’s main man Mike Small. Once committed left centred supporters of independence, Bella has now become mainstream woke promoting micro minority policies from the madhouse.

      I don’t go near the platform now and suspect very few others do. But again, what brought about the change. How was it rotted from within. Sadly we live in an age where everything is watched and everything is manipulated. This is no democracy, and if it want for the information collection that so many of the media blog platforms provide they would be banned – or worse.

      Julian Assange, the Alex Salmond attempted stitch up, the Willie Macrae death, the rotting from within of the SNP, the Iraq weapons of mass destruction dodgy dossier, the truth about Hillsborough, undercover police fathering children in campaign groups that were being infiltrated and watched…….take your pick. It’s all there. That’s British democracy.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Nick, fascinating to hear that your brother has washed up at the University of St Andrews, School of International Relations. Such an obvious, vipers nest of right wing scheming. Surely connected in some way to the Intergrity Initiative based out of the auld haunted barn down the road a bit.
      Sadly the SNP has been thoroughly infiltrated for some considerable time. Consider, Minister for Justice, Humza Yousaf attended the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program.
      IMHO the party is beyond redemption. Time for perpetual revolution.

  • Frank

    I had remarked at the time of the referendum that I was surprised that Mr Alex Salmond had not been taken out. I wish him well. There is a great deal to be won, and it will never be given up by me. Many thanks, Mr Salmond.

    • Steeve Greene

      Murray in The HOUSE!

      And some subtle graphic changes in the lead article. Time to make your play, Bruv. Open the blog to some other voices on a regular basis. Your fans are here and waiting to help, though you make not always think that is so.

      How do we get Doune The Rabbit Houle to survive on line? I want to see Public Enemy once again before COVFEFE19 takes me.

  • canda

    Has Craig considered asking Philip Cross himself if he’d agree to explain why he has allowed himself be exploited by these ”journalists” for over a decade?

    Reading through some of PC twitter and wikipedia interactions would suggest he is (was) a poster on this blog for a long time under the name Habbakuk, Charles Bostock etc.

    His lack of presence on here suggests he has turned a positive corner.

    • nevermind

      Indeed our pet has resurfaced after a ruddy period of rutting somewhere else, some beach in Tel Aviv one presumes. He is best ignored although his barbs can become tedious at times.

      [ Mod: In fact that entity has never ceased trying to post comments here, under a wide variety of identities, but is rarely successful because the comments are either blocked or soon deleted by mods. The pseudonyms and tactics are very interesting. ]

    • Tatyana

      Canda, it’s hardly one and the same man.

      Person that edits Wikipedia is pedantic and completely immersed in business, disciplined, interacting more willingly with symbols than with living people.
      And that person, who used to attack people on here is agitated, exalted, with delusions of grandeur about his intellect and believing that he has some great goal, because of which his meanness is justified. Very human.

      Well, maybe it’s Jekyll and Hyde of one unhealthy person. Or I just understand nothing about mental disorders.

    • DunGroanin

      Off-G is censoring heavy handedly now.

      Just like on-G, using the same methods started 3 years ago; comment is no longer free and facts are whatever they decide them to be.

      Started with attempted bullying ,then editing posts, then to REMOVING posts and exchanges which proved them wrong, moved to pre-modding and delaying or not at all posting comments.

      By their actions you know them. No matter how much limited hangout they use as cover.
      The alt-media is part of the full spectrum misinformation campaign that runs through the deep state – to downplay and divert from the abysmal response of the tories over the years and since January that will show the UK ending up with by far the largest proportion of deaths in Europe and EU.

      Here is a fine list of the Tory and Dominic Strangeloves psychotic death wish (curse) upon the old and vulnerable despatched months and years before their time.

      And here is professor Murphy on Bozo’s massacre
      Here is the Obsessives contribution to us truth diggers:

      “When you see a WhatsApp message about “A friend who is an A&E doctor at a leading hospital … ”, don’t assume it is reliable, even if it came from your own friend. Don’t, even with the best of intentions, tell your other friends about it.”

      The move to suppress real alt-news media, bloggers, and comments is ratcheting up.

        • Johny Conspiranoid

          “It is sad to see what is going on at OffGuardian.”
          I haven’t seen anything going on at OffGuardian.

      • Giyane


        Contrary to Professor Murphy, imho Boris Johnson was very well informed. Everybody will have to be exposed to covid19 eventually and the danger is mostly limited to us older people . However young we may feel we have to recognise that this virus has a habit of discovering our weaknesses. Not being exposed doesn’t stop us from eventual exposure. It means that our exposure can be delayed to a time when medical options might be more successful .

        I have found out now that furlough payments will be in addition to existing working tax credits for 8 weeks.
        If the government decides to extend the self isolation for vulnerable groups, that may continue after the 8 weeks too.

        Divorced people like me have grown accustomed to only sporadic contact with our children and grandchildren. Professor Murphy has every right to be angry on behalf of all those who regularly come into contact with their children and grandchildren. For them, the restrictions have caused many unnecessary deaths and problems.

        Mrs May had no children so she might have been even less competent to assess the realities of this disease.

        This is why government should always be by wide consultation, to widen perspectives. I can forgive human weakness but overriding existing checks and balances in the system, such as ballot rigging, imho ought to be thoroughly investigated and heavy penalties on those involved.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        “The alt-media is part of the full spectrum misinformation campaign that runs theough the deep state”.
        Somebody would be failing in their duty there was not such a campaign. Perhaps we can sort the wheat from the chaff though. Since anybody canjoin in success depends on volume, hence the commercialy available software for one person to run dozens of identities at the same time.

  • Nick

    Michael Walker on the madeleine mc cann case is another example of the same thing in practice,albeit on a smaller scale than the phillip cross operation.

  • Ruth

    Yes, of course it’s the British deep state. I think the Daily Mail is a major resource for them as it has a huge readership. It appears to me that at times particular articles are published from which they can gauge opinion from unmoderated comments. Otherwise their trolls add smearing comments and their use of the Like or not Like facitility is massive. Guardian readers are muzzled by the paper’s withdrawing of comment sections in almost all of their articles.

    • N_

      @Ruth – It’s good that you mention “Like” and “Not like”. Little expresses the totalitarian use of “democracy” so well. Radical critics should shun all places that foster, or even allow, such a culture. Neither commenting on newspapers’ websites nor bemoaning the absence of comment sections is going to get us very far. Totalitarianism gets inside your head. People internalise oppression. Unfortunately very few understand what is going on with that.

    • Mary

      It was a particular section of ‘the party’s own machinery’.

      Shame on them. Expel them.

      • Goose

        I don’t think Corbyn ever realised just how ferocious Blairite internal opposition to him actually was. The New Labour people (both administrative and in the PLP) had a completely different political philosophy to that of Corbyn and the left, the moderates want power merely for power’s sake. Corbyn was in a war in which for a time he held huge advantages( supportive membership) and he never leveraged it.

        • Johny Conspiranoid

          Corbyn seems to have conducted himself on the assumption that the media were, at bottom, nice people you could reason with.

      • Lorna Campbell

        It is precisely this kind of ‘internal party machinery and dissent’ that can be manipulated. It is often one’s own hubris that allows the ‘dark forces’ to infiltrate and destroy. Yes, Labour’s internal dissent from the Blairite right offered the way in, but no way was the establishment going to allow Jeremy Corbyn any leeway, even had he been less of a ditherer. I am sure thy sit down and determine what kind of person someone they want to attack is and concentrate on the flaws, or just make up ordure that people believe.

        • Goose

          Parts of the report are leaking. Owen Jones has published some LP staffer comments on Twitter . Quote : “trot purge”. They have other terms, like “trot or not”, “trot hunt” and “trot hunting”, “trot busting”, “kicking out trots”, “smashing Trots”; they would proudly label themselves “Trot catchers” and “trot smasher in chief”.

          Were the situation reversed and replace ‘Trot’ with ‘Blairite’ the left would be taking so much flak.

          The Blairites/centrists showing they are truly the vicious ones.

          • bevin

            “The Blairites/centrists showing they are truly the vicious ones.”
            Did anyone ever doubt it? It was crystal clear to the people of , to take one small example among many, Iraq.

  • Lorna Campbell

    I have not the slightest doubt that the SNP is already riddled with double dealers, and a number of these will be near the top echelons of the party. Experience tells us that this will be the case. I first noticed on The Scotsman that many of the comments were linguistically identical, but using different names, which led me to believe that a concerted campaign by the forces of Unionism and/or British/English Nationalism was underway, or maybe it was British State-ism at work. I am not on Twitter and have no desire to be, but I occasionally dip into Twitter to see what’s happening, which is how I saw your tweet about the GRA and commented. The fact that the Gordon Jackson video footage was leaked to The Times I found very interesting, too. I don’t see any point in getting angry about these things – although, of course, I do – because we should have known that the ‘dark forces’ would be employed, as they always are against any deviation from the establishment status quo in any area whatsoever. I believe that is why the SNP independence campaign has stalled. Unlike many, I do not lay it solely at the feet of Nicola Sturgeon because I feel – and it is only my opinion – that she has been ‘warned off’ in some way. I also believe that her head, along with Mr Salmond’s, regardless of what she knew or did not know, was envisaged to fall, leaving the two potential leaders, Mr Robertson and Ms Cherry, stranded with no access to an MSPship until the next Scottish election. Neat, but not foolproof, as we have seen. You and yours keep safe, Mr Murray.

    • Goose

      The intel world/journo nexus is deeply problematic: mixing journalism with intel operations is not only deeply unethical, there’s no real basis for it. Dissent should be tolerable without such a reaction in any society that values debate and ‘freedom of expression’ – a society that’s worth defending. It’s what’s so pernicious about the claims of ‘misinformation, and the more serious disinformation’ regarding anything certain important people disagree with on social media these days. Unsubstantiated claims have led to political pressure for more social media censorship and counter information ops on the flimsiest of evidential basis. A whole cottage industry has sprung up countering the freely expressed opinions of ‘us’ -i.e., the citizens of their own countries.

      Apparently, anyone who didn’t support the ‘black flag’ Jihadi head choppers taking over in Syria was posting pro-Russian worldview propaganda and such accounts were ludicrously classified as being ‘linked to Moscow’ for research purposes….. This western paranoia around alleged – but in all probability hugely exaggerated – ‘Russian ‘interference’ has led to a cure that’s worse than the disease.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Goose April 12, 2020 at 12:04
        As Webster Tarpley said, ‘The CIA is Wall Street; Wall Street is the CIA’.
        You doubtless know about the (continuing) ‘Operation Mockingbird’; read Udo Ultkoffe’s ‘Presstitutes’ and you will see just how the Intel control the MSM.
        I only hope that if it is at all possible for Jeremy and others to sue over the issues brought up in this ‘Labour antisemitism investigation Report’, he and they will do so. No more ‘Mr. Nice Guy’, Jeremy!
        Perhaps Chris Williamson and Ken Livingstone (and others) will find something they can get their teeth into.

  • nevermind

    The information war will get worse when those who failed to be prepared, after Sars, will try and pull the wool over our eyes, pretending that all is now over and we can get back to ‘normal’. Well I like the cleaner air and less/no traffic noise, I also realise that not a single elected cllr. or MP can persuade me of a new road to be built at high overspend, only to add more pollution and more asthma and more susceptibility’s to what is currently pummeling our collective health, mental or otherwise.

    Gaslighting will be the one and only purpose of these so called journalists who are acting like neocon spies. Billions will be spent to get us back to the same old same same.
    one simple solution, mind we would not be able to deface large billboards, is to not pay attention to their pleading and to NOT BUY ANY BROADSHEETS AND OR RED TOPS AT ALL.

    great article by Julio Vincent Gabuto.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ nevermind April 12, 2020 at 11:36
      I disagree with both you and Gabuto in thinking the PTB will be making out everything will be back to normal.
      Covid – 19 has been designed as one of those defining historical moments – the world changes.
      Just like Pearl Harbour, the Gulf of Tonkin Lie, 9/11 (and the ‘sinking’ of the USS Liberty was to be another, but the ship got out an SOS and refused to sink).
      This ‘virus’ will be used as a tectonic shift, where the PTB’s NWO agenda will be pushed forward on many fronts: to give a boost to the ‘cashless society’; to increase dramatically surveillance technology (record of physical contacts or proximity); to push 5G; to push for mandatory vaccines and RFID’s; and of course for a ‘One World Government’.

    • michael norton

      the BBC need to be swept clean of government intel types.
      No more lies BBC.
      No more propaganda BBC.
      No more stupidly high remunerations BBC.

  • Tony M

    April 12, 2020 at 12:23

    I’d always thought that Salmond’s vision of independence didn’t go far enough. Alright it was a stepping-stone, taking us within easy reach of the next and the next, and from there to something a lot better (let’s face it the present being so dire, even an incremental change would have been better), more favourably a springboard from which lofty heights could be reached easily. I would have preferred a timetable for transition to our own currency, the Scot’s Pound, issue of which was a central government matter with just a small < 5% issuing power permitted for private lenders, at cost to them (the lender) of the full principal plus interest, their margin being in the difference between interest they pay the government and the interest rate they charge their borrowers, with competition of course with government lending on the same low-interest to individuals for essential housing, for infrastructure investment where the government borrows from itself, and to business-persons from sole-traders to indigenous co-operatives with sound ideas and skills for socially useful enterprises, creating employment, products and services for local needs and wants as well as for exporting. I'd also have preferred abolishing the institution of the monarchy, they having no further constitutional role whether real or simply ceremonial, having no more relevance than soap-stars, indicatives of some people's sorry and ineradicable fascination with the rich famous and wealthy and criminal, and hoping some of their fairy dust might just rub off on them if they prostrate themselves sufficiently. Let those who wish to worship them still though do so from the comfort of their own self-made padded-cells. And so much more of Salmond's don't scare the horses approach was simply pandering to much that was simply wrong and could only hold us back, clinging to threads of the past which were not worth the effort and were actually balls and chains round our ankles, hobbling us and and nooses round our necks, jerked if we wandered towards the perimeter of the corral. Somone said (here) the present situation wasn't so much don't scare the horses as shooting the horses instead, but that analogy though amusing was wrong, we were instead lying flat on our backs with the horses (enough of these bloody horses!) trampling us into the dirt. Look where it got us, Salmond tried to play nicely and look where it got him and us. Mired in shit and effluvia that that was dumped on us from above. It's radical change now, should have been then too, no more dancing around the issues and playing fair against cheats and liars, graduates of the schools of theivery and murder.

    I wrote a longer comment to you the other evening, asking you to join us in seeking, in favouring, in smiling on independence, to give you some purpose as you're flailing around to no good end, even if not Scottish or in Scotland, to see the justice, the right of our cause, our common cause:

    I really think you should come around to supporting Scotland’s independence, you make some good points, are worth a read, but seem to have this infuriating blind spot on this subject, some fused synapses or something that take over and you become totally irrational and incosistent, some ineffablle dogma takes over which swamps reason and rationality, defies comprehension. Try thinking of not as nationalism, as it’s not in any accepted sense, but normality for any country, as Scotland most certainly is, its opponents are British Nationalists or English supremacists, still living in the Empire era (and it was Disraeli who turned commonwealth into Empire, to ingratiate himself with the laudanum-addled Queen Vic), still seeing Scotland as a possession, taken, stolen conquered by intrigue and by buckets of bloodshed of fine, trusting, honourable highlanders, and never to be relinquished lest the reality of their own status, a little part of a little island off the coast of France, suddenly crowds in on them and they have to grow-up and grow out of their noxious mentality. Their might even come some day some future re-union of Scotland and England, of their people, but as true equals and in true friendship and co-operation. You wouldn’t be abandoning any principle, but finding, embracing a most worthy one. You only have to look at who and what your running-mates in your ill-chosen folly are to realise you’re amongst bad company and can only come to a sorry end with them. You might the other way too, but would do so with your dignity much the less besmirched.

    • Lorna Campbell

      I recall feeling very sceptical about an indyref before and during 2014,, as I had read so much about ‘mature democracies’ and how difficult it has become for any part of them to break away, no matter how legitimate their case, but I held my tongue because so many people were so enthusiastic and because…well…you never know; we got the parliament and some tax powers (not many). What happened makes me even more sceptical of there being the slightest chance of winning a second one, if we were ever to get it – which I very much doubt we will. For starters, there was no time to adjust the electoral register to cut out second home owners domiciled in rUK, ‘passing through’ students from rUK, and those had died, making the postal vote, in particular and the biggest in the entire world per capita, a farce.

      However, that is in the past and we cannot turn the clock back. What we should not do, however, is leave it as it is and plead for a second indyref. Just abandon the idea altogether as unworkable for all the same reasons that we know from experience about infiltration of the parties and the organizations around them. Nothing can be won in the domestic sphere. That is one lesson that should have been learnt from 2014. The other is that we have, in our midst, people who are viscerally opposed to independence and, given the opportunity to vote again would vote NO again. We need, realistically, to turn half a million or more NO voters, and even then, I wouldn’t be convinced by the rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth in penitence from some of them, because the Quebecois found that some people lied about their intentions or just kept quiet and voted NO again. Take our case to the international courts.

  • Soothmoother

    The much despised Boris Johnson is now out of hospital having been at “death’s door”. However, there is no report on the treatment that he received. Is there another unknown agenda during this lockdown and in particularly this Easter weekend? Will the treatment he received be reported after Easter? Are we required to stay in our homes, just a little bit longer?

    Check out this video, it’s uncanny:

    Investigative journalist Harry Vox filmed 2014 – (YouTube)

    • Tarla

      The state were able to ‘hide’ the Skripal’s without anyone showing pictures of them in hospital. First Porton Down’s mentioned, then the military and then Johnson goes into hospital near Westminster. Which must have the most vetted medical and auxiliary people in the country as this would be the hospital those at the houses of parliament would go to if they fell ill.

      Johnson was sidelined, a palace coup, as his jovial lackadaisical bonhomie was seen by those Britannia Unchained lot, and their backers, as being too idiotic and lacking credibility. We wont see him again for ages. For such a self publicist why haven’t we sen any pictures/twitters/cameras from the BBC who have filmed inside an ICU only the other day.

    • Bramble

      You can be sure the staff who tended to him were carefully vetted and have all signed non disclosure orders. St Thomas’s is used to protecting the public image of VIPs.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Soothmoother April 12, 2020 at 14:24
      Not only uncanny, but the document ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’ from the Rockefeller Foundation (on which this video is based) is very important, like the PNAC document. I haven’t read it yet, but intend to and suggest you all do too.

  • Doug

    The so-called united kingdom is at death’s door. It survives, just, on smears, lies and hatred. Time to put it out of its misery.

  • Scott

    Fascinating article Craig. I’ve been following coverage of the “Philip Cross’ affair, and frankly the story involving coordination between state and media actors becomes more unbelievable as time passes.

    Can someone surmise what Jimmy Wales gains from accommodating the coopting of his open source platform. I’m assuming his driver is idealogical?

    • Republicofscotland

      “Can someone surmise what Jimmy Wales gains from accommodating the coopting of his open source platform. I’m assuming his driver is idealogical?”

      Well according to this Wikipedia gets funding from the Ford Foundation.

      “The Ford Foundation was started by Edsel Ford in 1936. During the Cold War it was a CIA-cutout, to funnel cash to front groups, like NGOs and ‘independent’ media. Its present day function is most likely the same. ”

      • Spencer Eagle

        Ford has always been involved in questionable organisations, not least because of the legacy of it’s fervent anti semite founder and admirer of Hitler, Henry Ford. I’d recommend the book ‘Trading with the Enemy’ by Charles Higham, it covers Ford’s support for German national socialists, Ford birthday gifts for the fuhrer and Ford’s continued production in Germany throughout the war, literally making trucks for the wehrmacht. The Ford company even sued the US government in 1965 for bombing it’s factories in Germany and won damages. At the outset of WWII the British government were desperate for merlin aircraft engines and placed an order for 6000 with Ford, it was declined by Henry Ford himself, the engines were eventually manufactured in the US by Packard.

        • Kempe

          True in 1940 but after the US entered the war the Ford factory in Trafford, Manchester made over 30,000 Merlins.

          • Spencer Eagle

            You make it sound like a change in mind from Henry Ford. The Germans declared war on the US, 11th December 1941, Ford was forced to supply them, otherwise they wouldn’t have been made in Trafford at all.

          • Republicofscotland

            Spencer Fords rival GM Motors was still producing parts for the German airforce the Luftwaffe.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Kempe April 12, 2020 at 16:34
            And why not? Banks and Corporations often back both sides – business is business. I believe it was Standard Oil who fueled German U-boats through most of the war – and not one Standard Oil ship was torpedoed. And Rockefellers’ had the controlling share in Standard Oil.

          • Spencer Eagle

            ROS…it’s well known that US forces used captured German panzer, repainted in US colours, during the Battle of the Bulge, what’s not well known is that US army mechanics repairing some of the vehicles found bearings that were stamped with manufacturer details indicating they had been made in Milwaukee a few week previously. The troops anger was a catalyst for all sorts of investigations, one involving money laundering for the nazi’s led to the single highest fine every levied on a US citizen. Prescott Bush paid the $1m dollar fine ($16m in today’s money) and got on with nurturing his crime dynasty. Business was business throughout the war, at the height of US/German fighting I.G.Farben (manufacturer of Zyklon B) sent patent attorneys to New York and won a case against a US company.

        • Republicofscotland

          Hitler was a great admirer of Henry Ford, he kept a full size cut out him next to his office desk.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Spencer Eagle April 12, 2020 at 16:16
          Many other US firms had similar deals. One US oil firm sold Germany 500 tons of anti-knock additive for high performance engines, which was stockpiled in the UK. If the Luftwaffe had not got that additive, they would not have been able to fly their fighter aircraft; they got the shipment.
          Three firms with US links on the outskirts of Cologne were undamaged by bombing (I believe one of them may have been Ford) despite the city being virtually reduced to rubble.
          And of course, George W Bush’s grandpa, Prescott Bush, was the Director of a Nazi front bank in the US.
          And many people are unaware of the so-called ‘Business Plot’ in 1933 (which was a full-blown plan for a Fascist coup in America) which was exposed by retired General Smedley Butler (who the plotters chose to lead the coup) and so did not occur.
          The 4th Reich is alive and well in the US (‘Paperclip’ had a lot to do with it).

      • Scott

        Thanks ROS. I’m just wondering at which point an apparently philanthropic open-source venture (Wipedia) was co-opted to serve a pro-war ideological agenda. If this wasn’t Wales’ intention at the outset.. what happened?

        • Republicofscotland

          Ive no idea when it happened, but anything that is relied upon as a useful source of “correct” information for the masses, will always be used in some instances as propaganda source.

    • Jack Limey

      Scott, you don’t have to do much research to figure out what motivates Jimmy. Search for the name “Marsden”, and search for the name “Rosenfeld” in association with Wales. Also, a great article is out there about “Tony Blair’s coattails”.

  • Soothmoother

    Julian Assange fathered two children while cooped up in the Ecuadorian embassy:

    Does any of this make any sense at all?

    Especially this:

    “He had been given instructions to follow me outside the embassy and steal our baby’s nappy from inside it so they could analyse the DNA”

    Why not go to the bin outside her home and get the DNA from there? Wouldn’t it be easier to get the DNA sample from outside the embassy?

    Any comments on this story Mr. Murray?

  • Tarla

    This is not someone who was at ‘deaths door’ or seriously ill. After watching other videos of those that have recovered they still sound week and groggy.

    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and
    leader. Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. #StayHomeSaveLives
    458 Following


    Boris Johnson #StayHomeSaveLives
    It is hard to find the words to express my debt to the NHS for saving my life.

    The efforts of millions of people across this country to stay home are worth it. Together we will overcome this challenge, as we have overcome so many challenges in the past. #StayHomeSaveLives

  • Rhys+Jaggar

    The real challenge is actually how to bring a sufficiently large percentage of a population to a position where they are capable of thinking for themselves, have an antenna for BS and who do not believe what they are told either in newspapers, on the TV or on the internet.

    Big forces against that: schools no longer teach critical thinking, they tell children what the ‘facts’ are and what to think.

    The BBC is shameless propaganda and has been for at least one generation (maybe four for all I know).

    The security services have a tight control of who is allowed to be a ‘national journalist’ (aka someone who says what the Establishment wants them to say).

    The only way I can see it happening is for everyone who thinks they can think for themselves take it upon themselves to help three others to be so. An exponential, viral pandemic of critical thinking after about 10 years…..

    One assumes that the controlling voices will not be too keen on that sort of thing….

  • Soothmoother

    Bill Gates seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. In 2001 Tony Benn had this to say:

    “Furthermore, nowadays, Parliament representing the will of the people has to cope with many extra-parliamentary forces–very threatening extra-parliamentary forces. I refer not to demonstrations, but to the power of the media, the power of the multinationals, the power of Brussels and the power of the World Trade Organisation–all wholly unelected people.

    The House will forgive me for quoting myself, but in the course of my life I have developed five little democratic questions. If one meets a powerful person–Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin or Bill Gates–ask them five questions: “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?” If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system.”

    Who do you trust – Bill or Tony?

  • Marmite


    Did a journalist actually write this sentence?

    ‘Yet also thanks largely to Trump, a parallel disaster is unfolding across the world: the ruination of America’s reputation as a safe, trustworthy, competent international leader and partner.’

    Trump is merely the bully in the madhouse, just a sympton of a much more heinous psychological rot.

    More like the reputation of journalism hitting rock-bottom?

    • Bayard

      “America’s reputation as a safe, trustworthy, competent international leader and partner.”

      In the 1920s, my grandfather was in the Royal Navy and his ship was in the China Sea. They called into a port where they had been the previous year only to find it almost empty, whereas before it had been bustling. Naturally the British sailors were curious as to how this came about. They were told that the local Chinese had got fed up with being cheated by the Americans and had banded together to place an trade embargo on them, so US ships no longer called there.

  • Tony M

    Soothmother: Written out of all the articles on Gates/Microsoft astonishing ‘good luck’, though Gary Kildall’s Digital Research Inc. CPM-86 and Tim Paterson’s Seattle Computing Products Q-DOS that became MS-DOS are mentioned, was that Gates’ family were already significant share-holders in IBM when they made the newly acquired by Gates Q-DOS (Crude-DOS would have been a better name, it being so bad in parts, so inadequate) renamed MS-DOS the only game in town on the IBM-PC. When IBM could have so easily and far better have done it themselves (and belatedly did produce their own version PC-DOS) as they knew their own machine’s hardware better than anyone ever could excepting processor designer and maker Intel.

    That answers one of the questions of Benn, where did Gates power come from? Money -old money, lots of it. Even without Microsoft’s ‘success’ Gates was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, his early and later successes dabbling in computing derived from dirty-tricks, exploiting privilege, by buying other’s code and hiring those far brighter than him. His monopoly was given him, not earned.

  • Doug+Scorgie

    Rhys + Jagger
    12th April 2020

    “Creativity is not solely related to arts and culture. There is also the development of cross-disciplinary creative thinking skills (e.g. coming up with original & creative ideas in science). There is evidence that these skills give us an edge in a world driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technologies. We know that creative thinking is not sufficiently supported within the current curriculum in England. Sir Nicholas Serota, chair of Arts Council England spoke about the upcoming Durham Commision report. He mentioned the Manifesto for a Creative Britain created by young people back in 2008 but not a single recommendation has been implemented by the government.”

    I’m not sure if Critical Thinking is taught at A Level but it is certainly not taught at secondary school.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Mary April 13, 2020 at 11:51
        It is a system glitch – it happened with me and quite a few others. All they have to do is go to the ‘comment’ box and remove it from their names.

    • Soothmoother

      Sara Gonzalez Devant , Stella Morris or Stella Moris-Smith Robertson – I’m confused!

      I’d like to see the Ecuador Embassy visitor book!

      • Brianfujisan

        Stella and the Infants –

        TheWikileaksChannel – Assange family (YouTube)
        Julian Assange’s fiancée (and children) talks to camera for the first time on the one year anniversary of his imprisonment.

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