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I already watched and commented about Vaxxed the last time you went through this ignorant and misleading dance. It is merely Wakefield’s self-justification for his unethical use of children as test subjects, bolstered by emotive cherry-picked interviews with distressed parents. As such it is disgustingly selfish and exploitative.

Vaxxed is conspiracy theory not science, and our whole communicational problem is that you can’t recognise either, and thus can’t tell them apart. The tools for doing so are in Bad Science, but you refuse to read it and insist upon continuing to preach from ignorance.

The massive differences between conspiracy theory and science are NOT about which conclusions are reached, but about HOW the conclusions are reached. Paul, you don’t know how to reason and discuss scientifically, and you refuse even to recognise that there is a false mode of reasoning known as conspiracy theory; you see that term itself merely as an insult concocted to discredit “The Truth”. Until you rectify this deficiency in your knowledge it is impossible to hold a science-orientated conversation; you will continue to cherry-pick, bolstering with emotive rhetoric, and allegations of conspiracy of unquantified relevance.

My previous experience suggests that I am wasting my time and effort, but here is an example to illustrate my point.

A driver of a Citroen car suffers timing-belt failure and consequent engine damage. He goes to a Citroen main dealer and is advised that all damaged parts must be replaced with original Citroen parts, at large expense.

He mentions the massive estimate to an amateur mechanic, who tells him that main dealerships always recommend only original parts because they are required to do so by the manufacturer, for reasons of profit. This mechanic presents a much lower estimate, but is offering to fit various used and pattern parts that would cost much less, but could be badly worn or of poorer manufactured quality than the originals.

So the driver is in a quandary between a high price and the chance of a poor repair. How should he make a choice?