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Clark, we are discussing your dishonest post in the Assange article, in which I guided you toward Extinction Rebellion’s support for a US-backed regime change stooge who is working to undermine the progressive socialist government in Bolivia. Any articles I linked to were solely in reference to this specific issue. Trying to introduce separate issues into the discussion from linked articles is intellectually dishonest, and is, quite frankly, a massive issue I have with you as a debater.

I don’t need to disprove the fact-free Merco Press article. The onus is on Merco Press to prove their allegations. Surely you understand this basic logic?

Global warming is a hugely valid debate. And one which can’t be allowed to be hijacked by the very people who have created global warming. You know? The same people who are inviting cute little teenage Aspergers sufferer Greta Thunberg into their offices all over the world? Yes, they want to end global warming, whilst they and their sponsors continue to invest trillions in global warming policies and wars of human and material destruction.