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Military planes to fly vaccines in to Britain to avoid ports hit by Brexit.

Tens of millions of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured in Belgium will be flown to Britain by military aircraft to avoid delays at ports caused by Brexit, under contingency plans being developed by the government.

What, can’t the British government charter (or commandeer if necessary) any civilian aircraft these days? Heavy, are they, these vaccines? Or are they light but extremely voluminous? Nope. The “difficulty of the logistics” has been a main theme in home-market propaganda for weeks now. The aircraft will have to be military planes flying to military airports rather than civilian ones flying to civil airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick because

a) the legal structure that underpins flights between Britain and the EU (insurance and so on) will have keeled over and died, and

b) Britain’s major airports will probably have been sealed and mothballed by administrators as the companies through which their mysterious owners control them have gone into insolvency.