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Dave, you refer to “Respiratory viruses are an act of God” and you refer to “all creation”, which sounds like you have a Christian perspective, but in Christian tradition Jesus healed the sick, and encouraged others to follow his example of kindness.

“viruses are microscopic in size and can simply go wherever they please.”

Viruses can’t do anything on their own; they are not tiny animals. The particles that transmit infection between hosts are entirely inert, inanimate. They are borne within moisture droplets exhaled by the host, which float in the air for seconds or minutes, and once fallen adhere to surfaces.

“you can lose a leg and it heals”

It is easy to die from loss of blood from a severed limb; this is why in wartime a tourniquet is applied, and first aid training includes applying pressure to points that slow the bleeding until the wound can be closed.

“healthy eating, exercise and socialising in the sunshine… Vitamin supplements… All things being suppressed by the government”

Healthy food and vitamin supplements are available everywhere. Only socialising has been suppressed this time in the UK. Exercise was restricted to an hour last spring, but that was just stupid overreaction because they were so reluctant to apply restrictions that they left it too late.

“there is nothing you can do to stop it passing through the population throughout the world (and … New Zealand had it before they locked down)”

Yes, there were infections in New Zealand but none after two months of restrictions, and this proves that early lockdown can stop the spread, and even wipe it out.

Restrictions work. Look at the graphs here:

Click the box for the seven day average, which smooths out the variation in the collection of statistics due to weekends. The UK restrictions ran from Nov 5 to Dec 2. You can see the drop in infections, and about two weeks later the drop in the death rate. When the restrictions ended, the infections and then the deaths increased again.

No, I ain’t got no great love for the drug companies. They often refuse to sell their drugs in poor countries, or they charge prices those countries can’t afford. They’re like all other big companies; they do some useful things but only to make money, and they do evil things too like covering up side effects; vioxx killed more people through heart attacks than US service personnel died in the Vietnam war.