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    Boris Johnson Trip to Kiev:

    He took flight ZZ336 to Poland. That’s the Royal Air Force plane.

    He was away from the U.K. for 12 hours in total

    From Poland he must travel by land to Kiev. That’s a minimum of 13 hours (return trip) .

    How did he manage to get to Poland then Kiev , then Poland & back to U.K. in 12 hours when journey alone would take 19 hours?

    Couid he have travelled to Lviv instead? Yes there is film footage but don’t forget, zelensky has a film studio that produced a TV series where he played president of Ukraine. Imagine the backdrops, replicas of public buildings, offices and props and hours of film available to manipulate.

    All it takes is a journalist to confirm for certain that is the flight he took. That’s possible as the government must account for the use of the Plane.


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    Checking back twitter and adsbexchange flight logs, Boris wasn’t on ZZ336 unless he parachuted out as it never landed in Poland that day (but was in Polish airspace). One suggestion on twitter is that he actually was on Hercules ZH865. Plenty precedent for PMs to travel via RAF Hercules.

    If so flew out late Friday night and returned Sunday morning.

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    Thank you for the help but that would be strange as the flight ZZ336 would be flying nonstop for 10 hours from Brize Norton at 0733 to Poland and back landing in Brize Norton at 1728 on April 9th.

    I have the flight path on a picture & it seems to me it landed in Poland @ 09h55 am.


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    As it is basically a fuel tanker it often flies from the UK for many hours without landing. ADSB data from my adsbexchange link above shows it never landed but ran “race-tracks” over Poland. Had it actually landed plenty of people would have photographed it landing (and/or on ground) while it was supposedly still in the air.

    I can’t stand Boris and of course he is using Ukraine to bolster his own position but this specific flight issue doesn’t seem to be a problem.

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    Flight path over Poland as transmitted via ADSB

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