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    Well, yes, Russian humor is probably sharper. I’ve seen several types of humor in Western culture: ‘the grumpy interlocutor joke’ or the ‘stupid interlocutor joke’ or the ‘social grooming joke, aka veiled flattery’ and the popular ‘a joke told by a person to present himself as a slightly timid newcomer who wants to please the audience’.
    Russian humor mostly leans towards satire, it seems to me. As if we have an ideal picture in our heads and all that doesn’t fit into it is funny. Actually, it’s not very far from reality, as we mostly respect logic and all things reasonable.

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    …follow-up on “Kerch-Bridge-Gate” (haha) by Berliner Zeitung:

    “Explosive audio recording: Taurus missiles for attack on Crimean bridge?
    Russia claims to have intercepted a Bundeswehr conversation about the destruction of the Crimean Bridge with Taurus. The military counterintelligence service is investigating.”

    p.s. I think that will be it. Don´t expect much more. May be they find some scapegoat and construct a fake RU-connection because he ate some Blinys recently.

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    WSJ has published parts of the 2022 peace plan between RU and UKR

    Document From 2022 Reveals Putin’s Punishing Terms for Peace
    Draft peace deal drawn up shortly after Russia’s invasion shows Ukraine was confronted with becoming a neutered state

    see also:

    p.s. I assume its everything but punishing since even the UKRs suggested it as favourable when they went public. And the WSJ´s 2nd phrase gives it away: “Draft peace deal drawn up shortly after Russia’s invasion shows Ukraine was confronted with becoming a neutered state”

    Austria and Finland and Switzerland have profitted immensly from being neutral states.
    So again WSJ is playing Washington´s spin doctor.

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    TATYANA already posted it but an allegedly slightly edited newer version of the Kerch Bridge discussion by German officers is here:

    “The transcript of the intercepted conversation between the Luftwaffe leadership
    For anyone who would rather read it, I have made a transcript of the intercepted telephone conversation of the German Air Force generals.”

    https://www-anti– [auto-translated from German into English]

    German original:

    I also post it because German Army is taking it down on German TWITTER accounts sharing it.

    Which is love’s labour’s lost since hardly any MSM will notice it. And the other half of the population will find it if they want to anyway. So this is all rather old-fashioned.

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    Here you find the German media´s spin on the Kerch Bridge Leak:

    “Secret conversation between German generals leaked: This is how we are sliding towards the great war
    It’s a major disaster for the Bundeswehr: air force generals can be listened to via chat app. The 40-minute file provides insights into the mechanisms of escalation.”

    And this is one of the more decent sources. I assume others are much worse.
    bottom-line: whatever was said RU eavesdropped on Germans. That´s the scandal.
    (the origin of the leak as always appears to be known to everyone bar any prior investigation)

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    John Mearsheaimer was on “Piers Morgan Show” the other day,

    Not only did Piers complately disregard what Mearsheaimer said about Ukraine and Gaza but perhaps the worst hypocrisy is when Piers for 30 minutes slam Russia, Putin and their “imperialism” and “bloody” war and the russian invasion being based on lies etc…. but then we Piers speak on Israel seconds later he justify the civilian killings in Gaza just like that, he trust Netanyahu 100% and he do not speak 1 sentence about the israeli occupation and landgrab!

    As someone said in the comments: Its like watching a grand master chess player playing against a kid trying to learn to play checkers.

    I do not agree with Mearshaimer on Taiwan though where Mearshieamer seems to argue that US should go to war to defend Taiwan. Other than that, Mearsheimer is on point throughout the… “interview”.

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    Again German “Kerch Bridge Gate”:

    A new article does not question RU eavesdropping either.

    (If I could take a wild guess it was leaked by someone from the inside who is against Germany escalating, many members of the German Army are against such scenarios. Or in general to discredit higher-ranking German Army members.)

    But it is interesting to compare this piece with above BERLINER ZEITUNG: Latter argues, the passages of how to destroy the bridge were merely a theoretical discussion to prepare a presentation to be more lively with more nuanced and more believable details (quite a stunt of the journalist to justify it.)

    This now plainly admits it was about destroying the bridge:

    “Russian eavesdropping and Taurus operation: What the media and politicians overlook”

    But this entire incident is again proof of the lowest of intellectual lows of German media and poitics.

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    The internal fighting within Ukraine that MSM never speak about:

    Ukrainian opposition complains to EU about ‘repression’
    The European Solidarity party has decried the “authoritarianism” spreading within the country

    In other news:

    German MP warns against ending up like Hitler
    Berlin should talk to Moscow instead of sending weapons to Kiev, Matthias Moosdorf has said

    And in Finland they now hail nuclear weapons, absolute senseless!

    Finland’s new president hails American nuclear weapons
    Alexander Stubb has vowed to maintain a close relationship with Washington and the West
    It is especially dangerous that Finland of all nations have lost all their senses, Finland was to recently, one of few neutral nations that Russia could speak too.

    In the cold war people protested nuclear arms, today they hail them!

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    To add to my comment above, it is absurd that so many europeans are so brainwashed that they are led to believe that US would sacrifice their own nation, population to defend states like Finland if there was a war between Russia/Nato.

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    An intereting perspective on Italy in the current situation by naked capitalism, with a little on the country´s ties to RU.

    Democratic Rights Are No Excuse for Airing Russian Perspectives in Europe
    As the European public continues to turn against the fast-collapsing Project Ukraine, we’re seeing increasingly desperate attempts to blame Russian disinformation for the eroding support.

    In Italy, spooks, media, and think tanks are warning that the crafty Russians are stealthily manipulating Italians. This isn’t unique to Italy, but bears watching as the public there has never been all that supportive of the Ukraine proxy war and larger economic war against Russia. There are a variety of reasons for that, including the fact that Europe’s second largest manufacturing base (behind Germany) with longstanding strong economic ties to Russia had a lot to lose.”

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    this seems promising:

    Gordon Hahn & Richard Sakwa discussing Putin´s historic views from the TC-Putin interview

    “Richard Sakwa and Gordon Hahn Join our Symposium on Tucker Carlson’s Controversial Interview With Vladimir Putin
    Richard Sakwa and Gordon Hahn weigh in on the significance of Tucker Carlson’s controversial dialogue with Vladimir Putin.”

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    John Mearsheimer quoting Jens Stoltenberg twice, with Stoltenberg confirming Putin´s arguments regarding NATO expansion.
    Thus the short entry´s title:
    “Jens Stoltenberg: “Putin’s Puppet””

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    On the German Kerch Bridge Leaks:

    A very detailed blog entry by Simplicius.
    Quoting Western media reports he goes into much detail on how the various Western intelligence services and Armed Forces could escalate by direct involvement:
    “Bundeswehr Wiretap Bombshell – German Generals Exposed Planning Kerch Strike”
    In how far any of this will substantiate, I think is a totally separate question.

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    Oh please

    Germany blames leak on ‘Russian information war’
    Defense chief Boris Pistorius has called the exposure of comments by his own officers “disinformation”

    “It is about division,” Pistorius said. “It is about undermining our resolve.” He added, “Accordingly, we should react in a particularly level-headed manner, but no less resolutely.”
    Speaking at a press briefing on Sunday in Berlin, Pistorius focused on the source of the leak rather than the substance of the conversation, blaming the incident on Russian President Vladimir Putin. “It is part of an information war that Putin is waging,” the defense chief said. “There is absolutely no doubt about that. It’s a hybrid attack aimed at disinformation.”

    Everytime western politicians encounter a problem regardless of issue, area, they blame… “russian disinformation”.

    In other news,
    Israel to get more ‘aggressive’ with Russia – MP
    West Jerusalem will ramp up its Ukraine aid to retaliate for Moscow’s alleged backing of Hamas, Amir Weitmann has claimed

    It was the same nutjob that threatened Russia earlier live on RT some months back

    Russia needs to stop sucking up for this sick, genocidal ungrateful regime!

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    Today we have unexpected news, at least unexpected for me. Stalin has a great-grandson. Did you know? Me not. This man’s name is Selim Bensaad, he is an artist.

    Stalin (this is a pseudonym, Stalin’s real name is Dzhugashvili, he was an ethnic Georgian) had a son, Yakov, who died in the German concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. Selim is the grandson of Yakov and the last Dzhugashvili.

    Selim Bensaad published an open letter to Lavrov. He believes that the UN has proven its incompetence in addressing issues of preventing genocide of nations and individual peoples. According to him, the organization allows the extermination of Russians in the Donbass, and also pursues a policy of double standards in the Gaza Strip.

    Bensaad’s press attaché Vadim Gorzhankin emphasized that it is also necessary to initiate the transfer of the UN headquarters to Moscow or Yalta. He noted that Western diplomats are currently using the visa regime for pressure and depriving Russian representatives of the opportunity to take part in UN sessions in New York.

    our news article also provides the following for reference:

    “Lavrov, speaking earlier at the (UN)General Assembly, called for changing the method of forming the organization’s secretariat. He noted that, in general, reform of the existing architecture of global governance is overdue, which, according to him, has not met the requirements of the era for a long time. Referring to the work of the Security Council, Lavrov noted that its expansion is becoming more and more in demand “solely through eliminating the underrepresentation in its composition of the countries of the world majority – Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

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    thx for the item. (He has a press attaché?!)

    How change the UN-SC?
    France and GB will never give up their seats. Perhaps they will accept India as permanent member. That´s it.
    But it will take another 100 years to change the organisation for real.

    I assume there are plans in some drawer to achieve that. But I wonder how to overcome the raw power of the sitting permanent Western members?

    May be found a rival UN#2 until EUs economic power has diminished.
    But division of the world is no solution. Especially since the smaller nations don´t want to be put under the bat of another bully.

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    emotional 3 min. speech in Moscow by Larry Johnson

    Larry Johnson: My Speech at the International Russophile Movement Conference – YouTube, 3m 1s

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    ICC issues arrest warrants for top Russian military commanders
    The Hague-based institution, which is not recognized by Moscow, has targeted the two men over alleged war crimes

    Laughable warrants compared to the more severe human rights violations in Gaza.

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    btw Victoria Nuland leaving post, as Moon of Alabama reports:
    “Cookie Monster Retires”

    Anthony Blinken / State Department, Mar 5 2024

    Victoria Nuland has let me know that she intends to step down in the coming weeks as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – a role in which she has personified President Biden’s commitment to put diplomacy back at the center of our foreign policy and revitalize America’s global leadership at a crucial time for our nation and the world.

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    Macron have lost it completely lately, why though? Does he plan to step up as the ‘leader’ of the EU?
    Past week he urged sending soldiers/advisors to Ukraine, and today he escalate further:

    Macron warns against Western cowardice
    The French president has argued that Ukraine’s European backers will have to summon the “courage” to stand up to Russia

    How can he not see that this put on tough-guy posture against Russia will just escalate things? That is the basics of conflic solving, if you escalate, so will the other guy.

    Meanwhile is apparently a coward himself..
    Macron refuses to back Biden on Russian assets seizure
    The potential confiscation of funds would violate international law and ultimately weaken Europe, the French president has warned

    Did Macron suffer some Napoleon-complex after watching the new movie about Napoleon perhaps?

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    Western ‘expertise’ on the Ukraine conflict could lead the world to a nuclear disaster
    Pundits are completely out of touch with reality – which is why their views pose a danger to humanity

    It seems that the worse it is going for Ukraine, the more desperate, absurd, dangerous the west become. They are acting increasingly erratic and dangerous, what is so dangerous is that there are no “sane” nations left in the EU.
    Go back to the Cold war you had nations like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and other various other western nations that often took a stance against the warmongering, and Nato had not expanded to the whole of europe – but not today, there are no level-headed nations left.

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    What childish nonsense is this!?

    German MP calls for attack on government buildings in Moscow
    It’s necessary to strike the Russian Ministry of Defense and intelligence service, Roderich Kiesewetter has said
    “Ukraine should be given the opportunity to take the war to the Russian territory,” Kiesewetter said on Tuesday, live on the Lanz show on German TV, noting that Defense Minister Boris Pistorius had already called for that in April 2023.

    Actively, encouraging escalation of war, suffering, what the HELL is wrong with the western world?!

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    Jack, apparently they were all given the same textbook describing 100 ways to lure a bear out of a den.
    And, it’s obvious that none of them is smart enough to notice that the textbook does not contain at least one way to drive a bear back into it.
    Perhaps inclusiveness with quotas for the mentally retarded led to this flaw in the system.

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    The west have already commited so many acts of war against Russia since the start of the Ukraine war by being an active actor by giving Ukraine western supplied arms that cause thousands of dead russians in Ukraine but also in Russia proper.
    Imagine if Russis supplied arms, weapons that killed thousands of american troops somewhere, US would not have accepted that that is for sure! So many thresholds have been crossed by the west, it is so dangerous.

    Good article I just read:
    Why do western leaders behave as if they want all-out war with Russia?

    The question now is why Nato is so far down the slippery slope that it may arguably already have provided Moscow with a casus belli

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    The loony baltics again having a tantrum again: Stripping people of their citizenship because of their political views, ethnicity, totally normal right? Sigh.

    EU state strips star ballerina of citizenship

    Lithuania has decided that a Russian dancer represented a “security threat”

    Imagine if Russia did this, there would be headlines all over the west, sanctions!
    Just like western media denied to cover the harassment of ethnic russians in Ukraine they keep silent on what is going on in the baltics.

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    …I still tend to believe that the underlying real reason to all this Macronian war talk altogether with the war itself against RU is a means to keep busy the public and keep it away from organizing resistance against the governments.

    Imagine all the trouble for the EU from below did they not have RU to funnel all protest and anger and energy into.

    This is the biggest diversion conspiracy of the 20th century.

    And it is handy to push through harmful economic policies that will make EU look like the US in 15 years and worse in terms of 1st Amendment rights. If there is something Chomsky was warning of since the 1990s, this is it.

    And since nuclear war at least intentionally cannot be the solution this scheme has no serious plan behind it.
    They do not know what they are doing or what else to do.
    (Of course its obvious what they should be doing instead.)

    So in 20 years from now we will look at this as we look at the Iraq War today: A huge money-making scheme to defraud the people of their riches. And with Ukraine under neoliberal nightmarish regime nobody will remember what reality had been there too.

    A big black hole to swollow up money, resources and memory. The people now in charge will by then have long been gone and forgotten.

    Think Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bush, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Scalia. etc. It´s like a bad dream. Did it actually happen?

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    “a means to keep busy the public and keep it away from organizing resistance against the governments.”

    It’s interesting that you mention it, it resonates with my thoughts.
    You know, I have experience that perhaps most commentators here, like most residents of Western countries, do not have – I was born in the USSR and lived part of my life under so-called “communism”.

    It is debatable whether it was communism at that time, but what is important in my position is that direct acquaintance with communist ideas was inevitable for me. Now that times have changed, I can compare from personal experience the ideas of class struggle and the ideas of the capitalist structure in society.

    I mentioned above a possible lack of education and general intellectual poverty. Forgive me for a short excursion into history (haha Putin and Carlson meme here):
    shortly before the revolution in Russia a “Circular Letter about Cooks’ Children” was adopted. This ordered the heads of educational institutions to prevent children from the lower strata of society from studying in grammar schools.

    The desired focus of education for such children was assumed to be “real” professions, such as crafts, engineering and technical knowledge. This was presented as an action for the benefit of society, since the industrial revolution was underway in the world and Russia was rapidly industrializing.

    Children of the upper strata of society were given preferences in the study of “social” disciplines, forming from them the future ruling elite.
    I saw traces of this delamination with my own eyes. Entire dynasties were formed in the professions, close circles of acquaintances in professional spheres, and one could meet dissatisfaction with the fact that ‘all the rabble’ were gaining access to these selected circles.
    What can I say, people like to feel privileged. People love hierarchies. This saves them a huge amount of effort that they would otherwise have to spend climbing up the social ladder. So isn’t it wonderful to have a promising life plan right from birth? And won’t they defend this social order?

    Well, since a critical mass of dissatisfied people accumulated at the opposite end of the social scale, a revolution eventually took place. It equalized the rights of all members of society. Literally, some lost their privileges and preferences (and are still barking from somewhere in exile), and the other part received an unprecedented boost (and are quite happy about it)

    Since the unprivileged are always and everywhere are the absolute majority, it turned out that the entire huge country began to literally study, get an education and find new places to apply their efforts.
    Keeping in mind that the USSR covered most of human needs at the expense of the state – education, medicine, sports, housing were free – people really received such professions and such education in order to live an interesting life.

    I compare this with what is happening now (and I think that we have moved to a market economy, capitalism) and I see that people are now receiving education in order to work more successfully in the capitalist system, to be more effective than competitors in the labor market. That is, the purpose of education now is to sell yourself at a higher price later.
    People who have no experience of life in the USSR, consider this ‘trade’ natural and probably even the only possible way to live 🙂

    Today is the Women’s Day and everything that fights inequality gets my support, so I congratulate you all on this holiday. In my childhood, on this day the names of Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg were remembered. Curious, does anyone even know about their contribution now?

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    Yes Macron have a dissaproval rate at some 70% according to polls…
    so what better way to ignore the domestic problems by focusing and diverting the attention to foreign topics like some type of dictator!

    And yesterday he was signing military pact with Moldova:

    Ex Soviet state signs defence pact with France
    President Maia Sandu said the deal will help thwart what she says are increasing attempts by Moscow to destabilize the region

    Moldova have such a hawkish leadership too by the way, barking like a mini dog while apparently being sooo fearful of Russia. I do not get that, if you are so afraid of Russia, why make aggressive rhetoric against them?
    They are acting so childish too, when Hungary PM tried to kiss the hand of the leader of Moldova she pulled off her hand:
    Why? Hungary have “wrong” view on Russia.

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    More provocations by the baltics

    EU state begins expelling Russians

    Russian citizens will be deported from Latvia by force if they don’t leave voluntarily, the country’s migration chief has said

    It would be for the best if the eastern europe was never admitted into Nato, then we would not have these cocky, provocative acts – there would be more calm, the baltics would be in nor hurry to expel their own citizens, because in the end, if there was a war, US would not risk their soil, life to defend these states. So they live in false type of security. In Georgia during their war with Russia, their leader ended up chewing on his own tie, what will the baltics end up chewing on?

    “Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili eats his tie”

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    Indeed the social “upheaval” after 1917 was extraordinary. And the public in the West knows virtually nothing of this.
    Sadly one of the leading German historians on the Stalin era, in his books e.g. describing the major changes in Moscow which you also mention (millions of peasants settling in the city and upsetting the rules of old privilege) is also among the worst and most fascist war-mongers and anti-Russia propagandists today, Karl Schlögel.

    No idea when this turn in his views took place.
    He was born into a poor Bavarian peasent family himself in 1948 and had been visiting Russia for many decades as a leftist scholar. I wonder what RUssian scholars who used to know him would say. He was a radical leftwinger in the 1970s. In fact a Maoist – who today in Germany make up the hard core of RU-haters among the older left/Greens. Strange phenomena.
    But I have only been able to merely scratch the surface of what you bring up.

    p.s. Had to think of Chekhov in this context re: censorship and the limits of social critique in his era. Pre-1917 in a population of 130 mio. something like 80,000 RU aristocrats owned as much as 50 mio. minor land owners. But of course nobody speaks about this and what it actually meant. Just as they say in Germany “you don´t speak about money” – well, why is that? Cause you have it and it´s not an issue.

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    In the light of constant escalation by Western states (Macron again) there is no likelihood that RU could have done anything to resolve the issue peacefully before Febr. 24th 2022.

    The only powerful enough institution, the UN-SC, would have never agreed on any meaningful decision with 3 vs. 2 votes and the EU on the side with the US.

    As Craig said: regarding the behaviour of the West in a case as obvious as Gaza – why on Earth should that same West have lifted a finger if AFU had e.g. started to attack Donbas in March or April 2022 with the clear intention to provoke the RUs and to cleanse Eastern UKR. Which matter of fact was official government policy in Kiev.

    Had the Russians sat it out and called on the ICJ or the UN-SC – nothing would have happened.

    If there is a party here as primitive and as dictatorial as can be it´s the West led by the US.

    It is crystal-clear today. And if the other side – and I said this already in 2022 – is bound to try to destroy you, there is no negotiating.

    So in fact there is a Hitler analogy here. But not the one MSM tirelessly repeat. It´s a different one.
    Which is from 1941…which means the opponent is fascist in the sense that he only understands the logic of violence and you either surrendering or dying.

    The only thing that changed those rules are WMDs.
    Sad but that´s simply it.

    Regarding Kagarlitsky et al. it puts them in a very difficult situation.
    Sure one is for peace. I am too. But how do you realize that. Since you always need two parties for that.
    To wage war one is enough.
    (So Lavrov´s “tango”-phrase would regard “Tango” as a dance of peace.)

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    short item: looking back at Vic Nuland´s career, so far:
    with a 12 min. interview with Glenn Greenwald

    p.s.: Reminding of the fact that she was top advisor of Cheney on his Iraq strategy post-invasion.

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    Excellent conversation between Nicolai Petro and Michael Rossi
    90 min.

    Recorded February 28, 2024

    Providence, Rhode Island, USA
    Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Links to articles mentioned:

    “The Russo-Ukrainian War Enters its Third Year: An Etiological Investigation,” The Institute for Peace and Diplomacy, February 27, 2024.

    “To End the War in Ukraine, Expose Its Core Lie,” (with Ted Snider) The Libertarian Institute, January 18, 2024.

    Vladislav Surkov – “The Loneliness of the Half-Breed” (in Russian — use Google translate) –

    Topic Markers:

    01:28 – The most important recent development coming out of the conflict in Ukraine at the two-year anniversary date

    10:26 – The paradox of the West promising unwavering support to Ukraine while limiting military and economic funding and remaining ambiguous on Ukraine’s future association with the EU and/or NATO

    21:38 – Growing skepticism among Congressional Trump Republicans for further support for Ukraine, particularly in light of recent events in Israel/Palestine

    31:39 – Putin’s perception of the West as untrustworthy and the United States as an “Empire of Lies”, as well as Putin’s remarks to Tucker Carlson in the interview

    49:11 – Where does Russia “fit”? Europe? Asia? Both? Neither? Is Russia leaving Europe or is Russia trying to provide an alternative identity for Europe?

    53:33 – The death of Alexy Navalny

    01:02:07 – Changing political attitudes in Europe from non-establishment political parties

    01:06:24 – Petro’s comments on Navalny

    01:10:03 – The enduring culture of Russophobia in Western political, diplomatic, and intellectual thought

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    Is this what triggered Macron’s warmongering lately about sending troops to Ukraine?
    “Macron ‘panicked’ over leaked Ukraine reports – Marianne
    A series of classified documents has debunked Western narratives about Kiev’s battlefield prospects ”
    “Ukraine cannot win this war militarily,” concludes the first report, written in the fall of 2023, following Kiev’s disastrous ground offensive. It praises the Russian forces as the new “tactical and technical” standard of how to run defensive operations and debunks the media myth of “meat assaults.”

    For the West to continue pursuing a military solution in Ukraine would be “the most serious error of analysis and judgment,” the classified document said, according to Marianne.

    Sending French troops to Ukraine would be “unreasonable,” one senior officer wrote. “Make no mistake, up against the Russians we are an army of cheerleaders!” he added.

    Early on in the conflict Macron was, for lack of a better word, one of the more sane politicians in the west but not anymore apparently.
    Just a year ago Macron called for security agreements for Russia:

    “Security guarantees for Russia are an ‘essential’ part of any peace talks, Macron says.”

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    Yes it´s odd. And it doesn´t really add up. I think originally Macron was said to be angry over the killed French soldiers. But you do not risk WWIII over such a thing. May be it´s in order to appear like the tough guy domestically?
    Martyanov is right, this is all kindergarten.

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    смотрю в экран, а там все еб***нулись* – Russian expressive language – *I look at the screen, and see only crazy people there
    – Almost 6,000 foreign mercenaries were eliminated in the special operation zone in two years
    – Stoltenberg admitted Ukraine used NATO missiles to attack Russian Fleet in the Black Sea
    – Pentagon states they noticed Russian TU-95s near the air defense zones of the USA and Canada
    – and the article “they offer Ukraine to capitulate”:
    Our Western opponents… are pushing the Ukrainians to fight with us, providing them with money, weapons and even NATO troops posing as PMC personnel and mercenaries.
    On the other hand, they demand that Russia enter into peace negotiations. This would be understandable if we were losing. But the Russian army is moving forward every day, Kiev openly admits that it has no men to send to fight. The remaining Ukraine’s army men have the alternative of either dying at the front or surrendering. It’s no wonder that they increasingly choose the latter…
    Why do we need peace negotiations at all? Unless to save an alternatively gifted nation from final destruction. For some reason they decided in a single impulse to commit suicide against the Russian army…
    The former Ukrainian SSR has already lost more than 20 percent of its territories, the loss of the rest is a matter of time. Timely surrender will save a large number of human lives…
    Two years ago Moscow agreed to much more lenient conditions, which was recorded in Istanbul. However, times have changed, the train has set off, the front line is moving closer and closer to Kiev. Probably, it was necessary to “fight “better”.

    I’m ashamed of the tone of this article. In Russian, we always give a facesaver, and never speak humiliatingly about the enemy’s position. Yes, we can make fun of the enemy as a part of a battle. But talking down on people who are now weaker, is low style.

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    France to ‘make sure Russia never wins Ukraine war’: Macron

    France mulled ‘boots on the ground’ in Ukraine for months – Le Monde
    President Emmanuel Macron’s transition from dove to hawk began last summer, the newspaper wrote

    I do not understand that, why would Russia be afraid if Macron send some troops to Ukraine, does Macron really believe Russia is afraid of some french soldiers in Ukraine, how would that stop the obvious defeat of Ukraine?

    The loony hysteric guy in EU (Josep Borell) whine about Russia too, begging Uncle Sam for help. Why? Because this Borell is deep down, too scared to do anything himself. Go ahead, attack Russia Mr Borell, see where that lead the EU if not to the abyss!

    EU warns US about what Russian victory in Ukraine would signify
    No ally will be able to trust Washington if Kiev falls, Josep Borrell has claimed

    For all his faults I really hope Trump win and I really hope he in turn that he would then put these warmongers in check. The EU would not dare do anything against Russia themselves so if Trump win, these whiny european warmongers will hopefully shut up for good and understand that peace, dialogue, compromise is the the only way to solve the war in Ukraine and if they do not like the message of Trump – again go ahead and attack Russia then as you always wanted obviously.
    Also, no one is going to “win”, I do not understand why the EU are so focused on this black/white fallacy of thinking. Russia is not going to accomplish every goal they had, and Ukraine is thus not going to lose. It will be a dialogue-driven compromise, as any other solution to conflicts.

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    Macron keep upping the ante,

    Macron wants Crimea seized from Russia
    No ‘lasting peace’ is possible without Ukraine gaining control of the Russian peninsula, the French president has claimed

    Absurd comment, majority of the people on the island are ethnic russians, what do Macron will happen with them if ukrainian nationalistic regime seize Crimea? There would be a bloodbath, ethnic cleansing.
    Not to mention countless of poll have proved that there was and is a genunine support amongst the people in Crimea to be part of the russian federation.

    France itself, have dozens of oveseas islands they have seized:

    #95359 Reply

    Diesen and Sleboda hinted at the (still absurd) possibility that France is preparing the ground for turning into Europe´s military leader once the US is retreating a bit. And Odessa “action” would be a way to aspire to that, I guess.
    30,000 soldiers however wouldn´t make a difference. Unless France wants to trigger WWIII.
    see here:

    “Will NATO engage Russian forces as a Ukrainian victory becomes dimmer?
    Debate on CGTN’s Dialogue 12/03/24”

    #95363 Reply

    btw this is fascinating:

    CNN brought a piece which now is spreading the roumor that THE PUTIN was thinking about using WMDs in the fall of 2022.
    Sounds like an awesome story for a movie with George Clooney and young Kidman by the title “Peacemaker”.

    Anyhow. The text has 0 evidence:

    “Exclusive: US prepared ‘rigorously’ for potential Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine in late 2022, officials say”

    There is in fact only 1 paragraph that doesn´t use allegations or assumptions or guesses and that says:

    At no time did the US detect intelligence indicating Russia was taking steps to mobilize its nuclear forces to carry out such an attack.
    “We obviously placed a high priority on tracking and had some ability at least to track such movements of its nuclear forces,” this senior administration official told me. “And at no point did we ever see any indications of types of steps that we would’ve expected them to take if they were going down a path toward using nuclear weapons.”

    This is the most straight forward item and statement in the entire piece. And it is the one which contradicts the message.
    No wonder it was pushed down into the last third of the text.

    THX to Mark Sleboda calling attention to the piece here:

    I would have otherwise ignored CNN.

    CNN author Jim Sciutto already demonstrated this artistry in an earlier piece linked in above article:

    “US considering responses to possible Russian escalation in Ukraine, including its potential use of tactical nuclear weapons”

    E.g. this phrase contains 3 contradictions:

    Officials caution the US has not detected preparations for a nuclear strike. However, experts view them as potential options the US must prepare for as Russia’s invasion falters and as Moscow annexes more Ukrainian territory.”


    And then another favourite of mine:

    “Putin is capable of anything,” Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN. While noting there is no evidence yet of preparations for such an attack, Quigley added, “You have to take him seriously.”

    again: wow.

    Asked about CNN’s reporting on “New Day” on Monday, John Kirby, the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, said the US is “closely” watching Russia’s actions at the Zaporizhzhia power plant amid concerns that Putin could escalate his war with Ukraine and has been “thinking through” the response for any potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia.
    Although the US hasn’t seen anything that has changed US strategic posture, “we’re watching this as closely as we can,” Kirby said, adding, “We take these threats seriously.”

    They are chasing their own tails. No wonder Biden starts to forget the name of his dog.
    Or was it his wife´s name?
    I forgot too.

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