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    Interestingly Donald Trump appears to be the only major candidate for the 2020 election who believes in the anti vaccine hoax.

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    Paul Barbara

    ‘Ten hour siege, a SWAT team… and a TANK: How police dealt with mother who refused to give her child medication’:
    This is an indication to what depths the US has sunk; how long before we slavishly follow?
    Happily, and against the odds, the mother won through, though whether the vaccine-triggered problems persist I don’t know:

    Mother Faces Down Swat Team & Tank For Refusing to Drug Daughter

    Talk about ‘Land of the free’! The U.S. has more per capita people in prisons than anywhere else on earth.

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    Paul Barbara

    Put DARPA and pharmaceutical companies together, stir well, and we have a man-made Pandemic replete with ultra-dangerous never-tested gene vaccines.
    Create the problem, supply the ‘solution’. Like Al Capone and the Kray Brothers’ protection rackets.
    And of course, in the case of China and the Coronavirus, blame the victims.

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    Paul Barbara

    Plot thickens around the China Coronavirus outbreak:
    ‘New evidence emerges: Coronavirus “bioweapon” might have been a Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong… genes contain “pShuttle-SN” sequences, proving laboratory origin’:
    Yet another whistleblowing scientist whose career was crushed because she told truth to power, Dr. Judy Mikovits (see video on link).

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    Paul Barbara
    Study “Confirms That The Full Degree Of Harm Of Antidepressants Is Not Reported”
    ‘…This corporate domination is exactly why, in 2014, the current Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet stated that “the case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue……”

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    Paul Barbara

    @ Paul Barbara January 25, 2020 at 23:27
    The Tulsi video is now available.

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    Paul Barbara

    ‘Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon‘.

    Whilst it may have leaked from the Wuhan lab, if we ask ‘Cui bono’ perhaps another player wanted it to appear that way…

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    Paul Barbara

    ‘Are We Ready for Digital Pills to Affect Our Brains?’:
    Hey, stop worrying! We can trust ‘Big Brother’/’Uncle Samuel’, can’t we?
    We just KNOW that the PTB have our best interests at heart, don’t we?

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    Paul Barbara

    A slight digression from vaccines, but all clearly linked to the PTB’s war against ‘We The People’:
    ‘Genetically Modified Seeds: Conceived as a Weapon’:
    Genetically Modified Seeds: Conceived as a Weapon
    ‘The Eco-Politics of Spermicidal, Genetically Engineered Corn’:…
    Wakey, wakey, Sheeple!
    ‘GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed’:
    It may seem absolutely crazy to believe that the PTB are intent on Human Culling, but in a spiritual sense it makes perfect sense. And the ‘Perpetual War’ concept, pushed by the West and NATO (and foreseen by George Orwell in ‘1984’) should be a further wake-up call to those who harbour the illusion that the PTB care a fig for the masses (that’s you and me).

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    Paul Barbara

    Never Trump Fundamentalist Calls for Anti-Forced Vaccination Activists to be Sent to Camps‘.

    China brought into law a Mandatory Vaccination Law last year.
    Bill Gates planned RFID chips to be included in vaccine shots.
    I don’t know about going to hell in a handcart, more like in a toboggan.

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    Paul Barbara


    ‘….The final ruling has been confirmed by the Department of Health and Human Services: Merck’s Gardasil vaccine causes autoimmune problems that cause sudden debilitation and/or death. This ruling supports claims that the vaccine is just too dangerous to risk, and to date we know of at least 271 young women who’ve died after getting the vaccine, and over 57,520 reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine….’

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    Paul Barbara

    Get a load of this!: ‘Do NOT Have the Coronavirus Vaccine with Del Bigtree‘:

    Especially frightening from 22.24 on.

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    Paul Barbara

    I should have added it is unfortunate Del Bigtree does not explain what credibility the Chinese guy has at the end of his video, it is just tagged on. But Del’s exposure of the dangers of the SARS vaccine are frightening enough in themselves.

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    I agree with your point on drugs – in fact, that also applies to antidepressants – one should be extremely careful with such, especially when now it’s not hard to find a rehab. Some useful info on the topic here: I think it’s extremely important to apply in time.

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    Paul Barbara

    Medical groups get kickbacks for pushing vaccines

    Doctor loses job for telling the truth.

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    Who? Context? Balanced?

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    The rise of anti-vaccination movements in parts of the Western world poses a dire threat to people’s health and the collective herd immunity. People of all ages have fallen victim to recent outbreaks of measles, one of the most notable “eliminated” diseases that made a comeback as a direct consequence of not reaching the immunization threshold for MMR vaccines. These outbreaks not only put a strain on national healthcare systems but also cause fatal casualties. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all stakeholders in the medical world – physicians, researchers, educators, and governments – unite to curb the influence of the anti-vaccination movement targeting parents. Research has shown that even parents favorable to vaccination can be confused by the ongoing debate, leading them to question their choices. Many parents lack basic knowledge of how vaccines work, as well as access to accurate information explaining the importance of the process. Furthermore, those with the greatest need for knowledge about vaccination seem most vulnerable to this information. Further, we must effectively combat the wrongful demonization of vaccinations through social media and news media platforms. A qualitative study that explored how parents respond to competing media messages about vaccine safety concluded that personal experiences, value systems, and level of trust in health professionals are essential to parental decision making about immunization. Therefore, to combat the anti-vaccination movement, there must be a strong emphasis on helping parents develop trust in health professionals and relevant authorities, educating them on the facts and figures, debunking the myths peddled by the anti-vaccination movements, and even introducing legislation that promotes vaccination, if not mandating it.

    Source: The Anti-vaccination Movement: A Regression in Modern Medicine, by Azhar Hussain, Syed Ali, Madiha Ahmed, and Sheharyar Hussain – Cureus 10(7), Jul, 2018.

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    Paul Barbara

    ‘Aluminum Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease? 7 Pieces of Evidence’:

    Aluminum Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease? 7 Pieces of Evidence

    ‘The Evidence Linking Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease
    A team of neuroscientists led by Dr. Walter Lukiw, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Ophthalmology at Louisiana State University, has been studying the potential contribution of aluminum to the onset, development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease for about 30 years. Dr. Lukiw and his fellow researchers recently summarized the research linking aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease in a peer-reviewed article published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.[1]

    “Aluminum’s contribution to Alzheimer’s disease is based upon at least seven independently derived observations,” the researchers stated.[2] Briefly, those seven pieces of evidence are:

    Aluminum strongly promotes beta-amyloid plaques in the brain at levels corresponding to those currently found in humans.
    Aluminum promotes inflammation in the brain by increasing the pro-inflammatory molecule known as nuclear factor kappa beta (NF-kB), a prominent feature in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.
    Out of the many thousands of brain gene messenger RNA molecules (molecules that convey genetic information from DNA to cause gene expression), aluminum increases the same ones that are increased in Alzheimer’s disease.
    Adding aluminum to the diets of animals with Alzheimer’s disease causes additional brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease such oxidative stress, programmed cell death, and deficits in gene expression.
    Aluminum also causes the same types of cellular energy deficits that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease, such as impaired signaling involving ATP and energy utilization.
    A very significant number of studies link the amount of aluminum in drinking water to the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. (Worldwide, aluminum is added to drinking water as a clarification or “finishing” agent.)
    Out of all the Alzheimer’s disease drug treatments tried to date, chelation using an aluminum chelator has been shown to be one of the most effective therapeutic strategies yet….’
    Sure, there are sites and ‘experts’ that say the links of aluminium and Alzheimers are not proven – choose your experts. I’ll try to take the ‘Precautionary Principal’.

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    Paul Barbara

    Scientists Resume Efforts To Create Deadly Flu Virus, With US Government’s Blessing

    ‘…Governments around the world (primarily the US, Israel, Russia and China) have spent over $100 BILLION studying how to weaponize diseases .
    Every day THOUSANDS of alleged health science scientists and their support staff go to work every day to develop new bio-weapons.
    This March 2019 Forbes article is about just ONE of these perverse research projects. There are hundreds more we’ve never heard about…’

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    Paul Barbara

    @ SA March 8, 2020 at 09:06, 09.20b and 09.35
    Sorry, I only have the info in the video.

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    Just a reminder of the importance of vaccines. Certain killer diseases have become a thing of the past because of vaccinations. Here is a list of epidemics.

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    Paul Barbara

    ‘They WANT it to spread: Kaiser Permanente threatens to FIRE nurses for wearing N95 masks while treating coronavirus patients’:
    Not unlike some First Responders on 9/11 cleanup being ordered not to wear protective breathing masks, so as not to frighten Wall Street workers off.
    But Big Pharma have our health at heart! Sure, tell that to the Marines (or the nurses).

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    Big pharma is out to make big money
    Big pharma to make money has to be seen to be successful and useful in fulfilling most aims of drugs (a biological way of looking at this is that successful parasites don’t kill or weaken their hosts and in fact some symbiotic organisms benefit the host and themselves as well)
    Big pharma sometimes get things wrong
    Big pharma like any big corporations like to create monopolies
    Big pharma lobby governments and put placemen on government boards for their purposes
    Big pharma are part of big capitalism
    Many vaccines save lives and have rendered some diseases like small pox extinct and others like measles much less of a problem.

    I would like you to tell me if you agree or disagree with any of these statements or indeed if you have a list of your own you want to add to these statements.

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    Paul Barbara

    @ SA March 26, 2020 at 11:08
    You asked me to answer what I greed with in your list, so I’ll try:
    ‘Big pharma is out to make big money
    Big pharma to make money has to be seen to be successful and useful in fulfilling most aims of drugs (a biological way of looking at this is that successful parasites don’t kill or weaken their hosts and in fact some symbiotic organisms benefit the host and themselves as well)
    Disagree – look at their abysmal results with cancer, yet they induce the ‘Authorities’ to mercilessly hound doctors and other health practitioners who use ‘unauthorised’ (but extremely effective) remedies like Gc-MAF. Also they bribe doctors to prescribe or vaccinate with their products. Profuse prescibers can make a great deal of money, I believe some get $hundreds of thousands a year. Worth, to many, turning a blind eye to whether they do any good or not, as long as they don’t kill or do too much harm that is traceable to their prescriptions.
    Big pharma sometimes get things wrong
    Sure, but they should worry. They generally get off with a light (in respect of their massive profits) fine, if their top lawyers can’t get them off (and they generally spin the cases out for donkeys years, often till many victims are dead and buried).
    Big pharma like any big corporations like to create monopolies
    Big pharma lobby governments and put placemen on government boards for their purposes
    Big pharma are part of big capitalism
    Many vaccines save lives and have rendered some diseases like small pox extinct and others like measles much less of a problem.
    <cem>Here it gets trickier – there are many doctors and medics who question just how effective they really were, given that other factors such as hygiene and natural immunity were at work at the same time. The Big Pharma obviously diligently attempt to deny any links with problems, such as autism, and the government (under their political donation thumbs) back them to the hilt.
    I am obviously convinced that vaccines have been used for immoral purposes, claiming to be for one thing, but with a hidden (often birth control) agenda, as well as the well-attested use of poisonous adjuvants like mercury and aluminium, as well as some using various animal sourced products.<cem>

    And just as an example I came across recently (from a comment by Tatyana):
    Many vaccines save lives and have rendered some diseases like small pox extinct and others like measles much less of a problem.
    Another one from the ‘normal suspects’:
    ‘Taxpayers Paid Millions to Design a Low-Cost Ventilator for a Pandemic. Instead, the Company Is Selling Versions of It Overseas.’:
    And Jared Kushner is ‘making a deal’ with the company…

    Just for interest, I believe that the Covid – 19 was created in the States, and deliberately spread through Wuhan by the US Military Games contingent. I see that as the balance of probabilities, but I’m not certain.

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    Paul Barbara

    Coronavirus Provides Dictators and Oligarchs with a Dream Come True

    They’ll come up with a vaccine, all right. Whether it does more harm than good, the Corporations don’t care – they’ll get their dosh, cartloads of it, and will have no liabilities if/when the vaccine program goes pear-shaped.
    And all those folk who give the old knee-jerk reaction, ‘CT’, take a look at the synchronicity of these two events below:

    ‘On October 18, 2019, a fictional table top pandemic exercise “Event 201” was convened in New York City by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and the World Economic Forum. The exercise was attended by a group of 15 representatives from leading corporate, government and global institutions, including the US Centers for Disease Control. [See list of participants and an excellent summary of the five hour exercise by Mary Holland, legal scholar, General Counsel and Vice Chair of the Children’s Health Defense]
    This simulated exercise exposed the fault lines and unpreparedness; the simulated exercise materialized in the actual events that followed two months later, beginning in China. In the simulated exercise, the pandemic slows down after 18 months, by which time 65 million people are projected to have died. The pandemic was projected to end only after an effective vaccine had been brought to market.
    “The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.” [View an hour of “Highlights” from the exercise]

    On November 15, 2019, before the coronavirus emerged, the CDC posted a job offer for an advisor for a US Quarantine Program

    ‘The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China.Wikipedia’.

    And then check this out:
    Exclusive:US Army Brought COVID-19 to China with Fake ‘Military Games’ Team(March 12 story)

    Now I can’t say I know whether that is true, but it sure as heck makes a whole bunch of sense to me. Especially combined with the US Military Contingent’s abysmal performance (so bad they were nicknamed ‘Soy Sauce Soldiers’ by the Chinese.

    ‘RT/Moscow: The US army might have brought the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to China’s Wuhan, the city where the virus was first detected in the country, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Thursday.
    “When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” Zhao tweeted…’

    Patriots News: Covid-19 brought to China by Fake Army for World Military Games

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian may have just put it in the form of a question, but the Chinese have extremely competent intelligence agencies, and may well have proof which they are choosing to not make public (If it became public, the people, and the Eastern concept of ‘Losing Face’, could make war inevitable).

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    Paul Barbara

    The Freedom Articles: ‘Bill Gates: Mass Gatherings May Never Come Back Unless You’re Vaccinated

    Floating a balloon? Not likely, as it has basically been floated many times before.

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    Paul Barbara

    Fast-track (virtually mandatory) Covid – 19 vaxx?
    ‘Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk?’:…/heres-why-bill-gates…/…
    ‘..Why are the world’s top vaccine promoters, like Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, frantically warning us about the unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a coronavirus vaccine?..’
    You know what you can do with your vaxx, Billy-Boy!

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    Paul Barbara

    Dragnet Strikes Again (YouTube) – ‘Bill Gates, No more Public gathering until EVERYONE Gets the Vaccines

    Neat trick, eh? Kinda like 9/11, and the way ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ have said things are going to go: Jeremiah Project – ‘Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic‘: Problem – Reaction – Solution

    Al Capone understood it, the Cray Brothers understood it, and the Shadow Government and their puppets understand it.
    Collect relatively harmless or very dangerous virus’s/diseases, work on them in labs to weaponise them (make them more dangerous/easier to spread); find a ‘vaccine’ which is problematic in itself (this step may be left till after it has been spread around – bit dodgy, that – it might bite the PTB and their puppets, so I suspect they have a vaccine already, but it won’t be the same as the one the general public get) and mandate universal vaccination or prison/fines/children ‘taken into care’/no access to transport/shops/work/public spaces.
    And, obviously, no mass demonstrations (or even small demonstrations).
    When the ‘weaponised’ virus/whatever is released, it’s best to release it in a perceived enemy’s territory, both to hit them first and to be able to ‘(falsely) blame them for the outbreak (as in Wuhan, and I suspect in previous ‘Foreign’ virus/disease ‘outbreaks’).

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    Paul Barbara

    Yet more evil shenanigans from the CDC:
    Big League Politics – ‘UNREAL: Faulty Coronavirus Tests Sent to States by CDC Were Tainted with Coronavirus‘:

    ‘Accidentally’ sending out Coronavirus test kits contaminated with Coronavirus! Well, it would increase the numbers, even if it didn’t actually infect anyone.
    The CDC, like so many other US agencies, are literally evil, knowingly spreading contaminated tests and vaccines, as well as false information and recommendations (and possibly mandates).

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    Paul Barbara

    Off-Guardian – ‘The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism

    The following comment, which appears on the above link, is extremely important. I have read or seen on video the info about the PCR test being no test at all for Covid 19, and that the originator never intended for it to be a test for viral infection. Yet this is the ‘test’ the PTB are pushing, to show just how many of us are or have been ‘infected’,when it shows no such thing.

    The fact is that there is NO test that is specific for COVID19. In fact the man who won a Nobel Prize for developing the PCR technique, which is presently being used for testing for COVID19 says that it was NEVER MEANT to be used for any diagnostic test. The test is just identifying segments of RNA that can com from any corona virus, of which there are dozens and are very common. (ie. the common cold). We are being played people.
    120ReplyApr 25, 2020 11:54 AM’

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    Sadly OffGuardian has turned into a website with a single issue agenda and not an open view in the pandemic. Sadly I don’t read its rantings anymore.

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    Paul Barbara

    [ Mod: From the moderation rules for commenters:

    Contributions which are primarily just a link to somewhere else will be deleted. You can post links, but give us the benefit of your thoughts upon them.

    Kindly also avoid posting bare URLs, to facilitate faster page loading.

    Regards. ]

    The HighWire with Del Bigtree (YouTube) – ‘THE REAL HOAX: REPORTER CAUGHT ON TAPE

    Gee, the MSM spreading the truth (but only by accident).

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    Paul Barbara

    @ SA April 26, 2020 at 02:59l
    The important point was the comment – do you disagree with the comment?
    Do you see how, if true, this whole issue is being manipulated?

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    How is this authenticated? Is there a reliable second source. There is a lot of misinformation out there and I am not really prepared to examine and waste time authenticating them.

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    Paul Barbara

    @ SA April 26, 2020 at 13:30

    ‘Kary Mullis dies at age 74’ (Chemical & Engineering News).
    ‘…Kary B. Mullis, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, died Aug. 7 of pneumonia at the age of 74. He won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for copying and amplifying DNA. Mullis invented the PCR method in 1983 as a chemist at Cetus Corporation.
    The original version of PCR that Mullis developed uses repeated cycles of elevated temperatures to separate DNA strands, which are then copied by a heat-stable DNA polymerase. Repeating the cycle many times leads to an exponential increase in the quantity of DNA. In this way, even traces of DNA can be amplified into amounts that can be easily sequenced or quantified….’
    ‘…died Aug. 7 (2019) of pneumonia at the age of 74…’

    How convenient for the PTB.Admittedly, 74 is a fair age, but to die, and of pneumonia (I would bet it was Covid 19 – I am aware it didn’t ‘officially’ occur till December).
    I haven’t yet come up with a direct quote from him re that the PCR should not be used for diagnosis, but have come across the allegation from so many sources I’m pretty sure it is genuine. Obviously, neither I nor any one else in this world can ask him now. I’ll keep looking, but perhaps the ‘censoring algorithms’ have been at work.

    Here is an article by someone who knew the scientist who invented the PCR test, with quite a lot of useful info:

    ‘The Corona Simulation Machine: Why the Inventor of The “Corona Test” Would Have Warned Us Not To Use It To Detect A Virus’ by Celia Farber.
    ‘…Kary Mullis was a scientist. He never spoke like a globalist, and said once, memorably, when accused of making statements about HIV that could endanger lives: “I’m a scientist. I’m not a lifeguard.” That’s a very important line in the sand. Somebody who goes around claiming they are “saving lives,” is a very dangerous animal, and you should run in the opposite direction when you encounter them. Their weapon is fear, and their favorite word is “could.” They entrap you with a form of bio-debt, creating simulations of every imaginable thing that “could” happen, yet hasn’t. Bill Gates has been waiting a long time for a virus with this much, as he put it, “pandemic potential.” But Gates has a problem, and it’s called PCR…’
    ‘..I asked Dr. Rasnick what advice he has for people who want to be tested for COVID-19.
    “Don’t do it, I say, when people ask me,” he replies. “No healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life, make you absolutely miserable.”
    One of the countless head-spinning mysteries of this whole Corona Situation has been the advent of famous people, from Tom Hanks and his wife, to Sophie Trudeau, to Prince Charles (AND BoJo!) announcing they had “tested positive” for COVID-19 and were self-quarantining. In all these famous-powerful people cases, the symptoms were either non-existent or mild. Why, one wondered, did they make such hay about it? The British Royals, especially, seemed to contradict their ethos of secrecy in this case…’

    In other words, their ‘PCR Test’ seems to be a ‘pile of pants’; ‘“When I use a test,’ Gates and Fauchi said in rather scornful tones, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ (quoting Humpty Dumpty).

    “The first thing to know is that the test is not binary,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think there are any tests for infectious disease that are positive or negative.” David Crowe.

    Results depend on how many times you replicate the sample in the PCR test – on that depends the result – positive, indeterminate or negative. Again, a ‘pile of pants’.
    They can make it go either way – loads of positives, or not.
    They control the strings to detain us all indefinitely in our homes, possibly try to mandate compulsory vaccines (that should please you!), restrictions on travel, transport, and anything else they fancy restricting us on, possibly demonstrations. Possibly do away with that awfully dangerous voting system of going to a voting station, and replacing it with 100% postal or online voting?

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    Oh dear.
    I am not sure that ‘a pile of pants’ is a commonly used expression amongst scientists.

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    Paul Barbara

    @ SA April 27, 2020 at 16:57
    No, not good enough; that was my comment, and though it isn’t the sort of expression I would use, I was mirroring it’s use by a UK govt. agency, re a case for asylum.
    So, now that has been cleared up, do you have no other comment, on an article by a friend of the inventor of the PCR test, who conveniently ‘died of pneumonia’ (I suspect infected with Covid 19 – they do love rubbing people’s noses in what they can do with impunity – like infecting Jack Ruby with the very same extremely virulent cancer they had produced to kill Castro, of which plot Ruby was aware of) in 2019?
    Please don’t go off on a tangent to attack my comments – comment on the article.

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    You gave no links. I need to read the original to make a comment. But it seems the world is a dangerous place where people get bumped off willy nilly.

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