Saturday Chez Murray 5


Our first shashlik party of the year on Saturday. This is me after half a bottle of Lagavulin. I am not trying out a dressing gown for Elton John, rather wearing a Bokharan gown of honour. The reason why seemed simple after half a bottle of Lagavulin, but now escapes me.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Chez Murray

  • Jon

    I clearly need to read up on my whiskies… had to look up what “Lagavulin” actually was.

    Crumbs though, half a bottle; that would have me under the table. I shalln’t be challenging Craig to a drinking session any time soon ;o)

  • Frazer

    Rather dashing Craig, though I dread to think what happened after the other half. 🙂

  • Zigmund Void

    Craig, if you’re going to wear something that lovely can you please take a photo standing up so we can better see the details? Do you realise how long those things take to emroider? It’s all done by hand, you know! Oh, you do know that bit. Right. Stand up, next time, and a closer shot, please!

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