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That is a map of Argyll and Bute constituency taken from Wikipedia. It is huge, and as you might imagine communications around it are pretty difficult. It contains at least a dozen different inhabited islands.


In a straight line it is about 150 miles from its northernmost to southernmost point. As is obvious, you can’t actually travel around it in straight lines without a helicopter.

Yet those purblind London oriented fools at the Telegraph think it is a scandal that the MP, Alan Reid, claimed £1500 on bed and breakfast within his own constituency. That would be four days stay for Hazel Belars in the Clerkenwell Hotel, but it was in fact Alan reid putting in the hard miles needed to be a good MP in his wonderful constituency – which makes the best whiskies in the world.

The real scandal here is the purblind stupidity of the English idiots of the Telegraph, who thinks that North means Islington and West means Chelsea.

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75 thoughts on “English Idiots at the Telegraph

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  • Derek

    You’d think, wouldn’t you, that when you brought them together you’d get something special from:






  • Jon

    @Doc Snoddy:

    > It’s only banter mate. Or thats what YOU used to cal it.

    I don’t remember doing so at all. But I am pleased to hear it was meant as banter. It just sounded a bit too sharp to be classified as such, but alright.

    @Craig – you’ve replied to Eddie on the wrong thread; you wanted the “The Quality of MPs” post.

  • null

    There’s no such thing as ‘race’ – it is a social construct, we’re all mongrels and have been for a long long time! Get over yourselves! You people are hillarious! All you are talking about is an accent and where, geographically, by some accident, you happen to have been born.

  • Toxteth O'Grady

    During your career “English Idiots” have paid for a lot of your lunches. You are an ungrateful snob, quit hating England.

  • chris

    I’m sure over the years Craig has paid for most of his own lunches.

    You should try reading the article and then you’d realise it’s not about hating England it’s about stupid English Journo’s who don’t do their research properly.

  • Aberdeen Angus

    I have to agree with “null” who posted at 7:05pm.

    The Scots and English are genetically identical. Culturally we have a huge amount in common. We all shop in Tescos, we watch the same TV programs, watch the same movies, listen to the same music. We live in each others countries, we have sex with each other, we marry each other we speak the same language. The Scots Lowland language and the English language have the same common root in middle English.

    It’s laughable reading the small minded bigoted nonsense above.

    Scotland, England in fact all countries are just social constructs, artificial inventions which came about by accidents of history.

    I regard myself as Scottish, British, European and a citizen of the world in no particular order of preference.

  • Davie Park

    Good for you Aberdeen Angus. I regard myself similarly – BUT it’s time that the politically incorporating union was shown the door. It’s damaging and risibly anachronistic.

  • John

    Well , Argyll and Bute do constitute a large area and I do agree that the travel costs should be appropriately higher.


    the Barnett Rules should be abolished and the many billions that Scotland has had out of England over the last 31 yeras since 1978 should be reimbursed –

    from Scotland to England.

  • M Anderson

    “their prejudice would not have registered the large distances and overnight stays for the trips necessary”

    How do you know? You don’t. I think it was done to get all you braveheart wannabes going. That makes you scotch idiots.

    “Blair is a Scot, Brown is a Scot and next you are getting a Cameron! Who is ruling who? When do you English get self-rule? Ha!”

    How the hell did you represent any state overseas? You sound like a two year old.

    “I wan’t claiming all English people are idiots, just the ones at the Telegraph. Some English people are very bright. My mum, for one.”

    She can’t be that bright. She produced you. Though I s’pose by scotch standards you are bright. Do you work in England?

    “Well, Helen, the Telegraph article I refer to was written by Martin Beckford, who is English. So is the Political Editor and ao is the Editor. So the particular idiots involved were, indeed, English.”

    So what? It seems like his little ploy worked wonders. He certainly got you wound up. Ha! ha!

    “That is relevant, becuase if they had been Scottish they would have understood why the MP for Argyll and Bute might need to move around B & Bs.”

    Yeah just like if Gordon Brown was English he’d understand that we hate his pathetic scotch guts. You sweats whining about being “misunderstood” is hilarious. Carry on being bitter. I love it.

    “It is the human right of Englishmen, women and children anywhere, not to be racially abused by you.”

    This is true, but of course the small-minded sweat doesn’t think about that. He is too busy thinking about how great he is, how everyone around the world loves him because he’s a jock, how everyone loves scotland, everyone dreams about scotland in their sleep, etc, etc puke! Puke!

    “Not being an idiot, [You are an idiot] I found it very easy to understand what Craig meant:

    These people don’t know about this part of the world because they are English (or rather not Scottish). [How do you know?]

    Given that, these people are idiots for not looking up what they were talking about before opening their mouths in ignorance. [How do you know they didn’t look it up? How do you know they aren’t doing it as a wind-up? YOU are the idiot.]

    Thus they are English and they are idiots. They are English idiots. [One person wrote the article so it is idiot not idiots you idiot]

    …the problem of ignorant non-Scottish people talking rubbish about Scotland is a particularly English one. [liar! I have met plenty of Americans who rubbish scotland. Most of them think sweats are the most arrogant twats on Earth] Thus the term English idiots seems fine in this context. I am English and did not feel Craig was calling me an idiot.” [Sure you’re English. You are far too stupid to be English]

    “It is nice to see the little englanders getting all hetup, and indignant!”

    Dream on idiot. We are merely putting you anti-English amoebas in your place.

    “…the same bunch have not so much as raised the slightest peep about the constant drip of anti Muslim, and anti all things immigrant, to the extent of some disowning St George the Turkish in favour of Odin (albeit yet another immigrant, but not from those brown lands). Fact is sleep with dogs and get up with flees allegory applied, holster you indignations, you have been working hard for what is coming your way. All Craig has done, is to hold a mirror; the face that is seen and you don’t like is yours, and not anyone else’s. Keep up the good work Craig, we the savvy people, know what you are driving at.”

    Talking of amoeba ha! ha! Another ignorant idiot. St George was not Turkish you moron. Tell me, without looking it up, when was Turkey established? It is funny ‘cos you type your post as though you actually know what the hell you’re talking about. Then again, people with an air often have huge insecurities. IDIOT! The rest of your childish post aint even worth debating. IDIOT!

    “I cannot stand Brown, but his unfortunate physical disability is not something that should be attacked. ”

    Why not? I thought you people believed in an eye for an eye. Aye! I see what’s going on here. Poor EUROlander (“Yes sir! Whatever you say sir!” Lick! Lick! ) scotch arsehole can deliberately murder elderly, defenceless, English cancer patients, but god knows, nobody can call the scottish shitbag CY-F*CKIN’-CLOPS. Oh no, we can’t be having that. GO TO HELL! Actually, here’s a name for Brown. Cyjocks! Ha! ha!

    “Stephen Gash,

    Appropriate name because you seem to be talking it. I think you have no idea of what Scotland brings to the UK. We would be happy to separate from England any time which is why Westminster won’t allow a referendum on the matter. ”

    [LIES! “Westminster won’t allow it”? Ha! ha! What a fabrication. That’s what makes me laugh about the sweats. They huff and puff, just like the author of this stupid thread, and yet when it comes to the truth they avoid it like the plague. Hey MJ, that’s why your country has never done anything on the world stage. You lie! You act like small-minded idiots! You are petty. You are prone to throwing paddies whenever you don’t get your own way, and you act like you are the world’s greatest.]

    “What you have to remember is that we have a great deal of resources which you (England) would miss. Oil being the main one. As they haven’t even tapped half of the oil out of the north sea yet it would be interesting to see England getting along without it for the next 50 years. Also we have greater sources for renewable energy than anywhere else in Britain. But you wouldn’t want to share that would you? So the next time you complain about us rememeber that we don’t give two sh*ts what you think.”

    [Mj, the oil expert ha! ha! Whilst we’re on that subject I want to know what will happen when you have to pay us for all the equipment that we MIGHT let you borrow to drill for oil. Who paid for the rigs to be built and put up? Can you say reimbursement jimmy? Plus, there is the small matter of changing back the maritime border between England and scotland. This would mean that various gas fields would come back to their rightful owners, i.e. the English. Share what? I would rather sit on a box in an empty house than share anything with you spongers. Oh but you do give two shits. You wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of typing your oh so well thought out post if you didn’t. Are you a scotch IDIOT?]

    An Asian man goes to a top surgeon and asks how he can become a Scotsman. The surgeon explains that this will involve a risky operation to remove a third of his brain and that he would advise against it. The Asian man is adamant.

    “I admire the Scottish. All my life I have wanted to be a Scot, please perform the operation. Money is no object”.

    Yeah he obviously wasn’t scottish. He said money is no object.

    I find it ironic that you mention two thirds of a brain.

    “And there’s rivers of bad blood that have flowed since then, mostly of the English’s own doing – did you know that many Highlanders and their families were sold into slavery in the West Indies after 1746?”

    Oh you must mean this.

    In 1739, both MacDonald of Sleat and MacLeod of Dunvegan, the principle Skye chiefs, SOLD their own clansmen and women as indentured servants in the Carolina’s.

    Why are you insinuating that it was the English who were responsible? Typical scotch behaviour. Pathetic. Avoid the truth at all costs.

    “Take cricket, that most English of sports. For years international matches were played by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Now, however, they are played by England. Imagine how players from Glamorgan CCC now feel representing England (for the benefit of the English – Glamorgan is in Wales).”

    Who forces them to play? You seem to know everything. How do they feel?

    “Scotland, England in fact all countries are just social constructs, artificial inventions which came about by accidents of history. ”

    How do you artificially invent something? So all of a sudden England just existed. Just like that. Right out of thin air. One minute nothing, the next *whoosh* England. You social engineers talk some shite.

    “I regard myself as Scottish, British, European and a citizen of the world in no particular order of preference.”

    Shouldn’t that be Scottish IDIOT, British IDIOT, European IDIOT? Oh, and you’re a citizen of the world. So, you can go anywhere then right? NO! Citizen of the world. ha! ha! It’s just a cliche.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Thank you Mr. Anderson – your Scandinavian sense of humour has brightened up my day!

  • william

    Many of the initial knee-jerk responses to Craig’s comments go some way to explaining why so many people today believe the Union is coming to an end. Great post, Craig.

  • Scottish Doctor

    Had some exchange of emails with Martin Beckford. I asked him to apologise. He can not see the problem in his article.

    The problem with articles like this is that they divert from those who really ripped us off.

    Alan Reid – I live in his constituency – is an excellent MP. I do not vote LibDem and would never do, unless tactically required. But Alan Reid is an honest plodder.

  • Hereward the awake

    “Human rights activist” says it all. Ha! ha! Rights except for the English huh?

    You are just another hypocritical, p.c., anal retentive, control freak Craig. Well, what else could you be? It appears that you do not have the capacity to be anything else.

    Admit it. Go on, it’ll be okay. You’ll feel better if you admit it to yourself. For crying out loud, getting annoyed about something so trivial is a joke. I guess that your passive aggressiveness is hiding another emotion ah? Go on be a scotchman about it. Tell us what it is. Did you get relieved of your job by an Englishman? Awwwwwwww!!! Go tell mummy about it.

  • Chris

    M Anderson,

    Wow, you have some serious issues which need to be addressed. However, I’ll answer one of your questions as it seems you don’t know much about the rigs in the North Sea. You said:

    “Whilst we’re on that subject I want to know what will happen when you have to pay us for all the equipment that we MIGHT let you borrow to drill for oil. Who paid for the rigs to be built and put up?”

    Not the UK Government. Private companies paid for the rigs. The UK government only issues a licence to extract and then the oil is brought to be refined at refineries in the UK. I think that these refineries are all private too.

    Oh dear, you should really do your research before mouthing off but I don’t think you even know what that word means!!

  • M Anderson

    Who paid the so-called private companies? So you’re trying to say that all that oil was paid for by private companies.

    The U.K. government must have bought the oil so who ultimately paid that bill? The English tax payer did. Private companies don’t just drill for oil and not get paid for it. Someone paid them. Seeing as you set yourself up a know it all you can tell me.

    I see you had no come back about my comment about being a human rights activist. Ha! Ha! Ha! Typical.

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