Silly Lib Dem Accusation – And The Mystery Solved 80

From a comment on Norfolk Blogger’s blog – he is still outraged about flyposting:

Frank, what of the missing Lib Dem posters. It’s no BS to state that Murray posters appeared everywhere overnight and that Lib Dems leaving the HQ very late on Sunday noticed our signs were still up and no Murray posters had been stuck up but in the morning Murray posters everywhere and Lib Dem posters removed.

If this is the sort of guy you can bring yourself to support then you are no liberal.

I should say that I was personally with our poster team and we most certainly did not touch any Lib Dem posters, or any other posters for that matter. What kind of liberal accuses somebody on the sole basis that they happened to be in the area at the time?


I think we have solved the mystery. I have been contacted by a local fire crew, who sent me this email three days ago:

May I just say I am not a member of your constituency but I thought you should know about this.

Whilst at work today myself and my colleagues were completely disgusted when we saw a vehicle clearly marked with Labour flags and Stickers traveling around the Chartwell road area taking your posters down.

We did have the sense to take down vehicle details should you require them.

They have the vehicle details in their locker room and will phone them through to me tonight. I will repeat for the sake of the particularly obtuse first commenter on this post, that I was with our posting team on the night in question and we did not remove any posters at all, nor do I believe we have removed any poster of anybody at any stage.

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  • Sam Hunt

    So you and your team were in the area flyposting your own posters at exactly the same time the Lib Dem posters went down? Are you trying to suggest the Lib Dems took down their own posters, to try and frame you?

    Come off it, Craig, you have been rumbled in your hypocritical quest for honest politics – you’re fighting as dirty as the rest of them.

  • Jon

    As a volunteer with Craig’s team, I can only assess the people I worked with, and the people I met at the HQ and the campaign house. And without exception it felt that people were genuinely excited to be part of something that felt like good, solid political change; cheating was just not on the agenda. I am genuinely concerned if some Lib Dem posters went missing – locals deserve to see the full range of leaflets and posters before they go to the ballot box. It could be dirty tricks by a political party, though equally it could be the work of council officials, or locals annoyed with the leaflet/poster blizzard.

    Just as I can’t prove that the CM campaign was not involved, neither can you prove that they were. Since we’re both of liberal/progressive instincts, I’d suggest that you give Craig’s campaign the benefit of the enormous doubt.

    It is true to say that the playing field was not even for all the parties, especially in terms of resources and media coverage. But if you prefer the Lib Dem candidate, then you’ve little to complain about in terms of either, I would have thought :o)

  • dreoilin

    “you’re fighting as dirty as the rest of them.”– Sam Hunt

    Looks like an apology might be in order. (And one from eddie would be no harm either.)

  • George Laird

    Dear Craig

    It is a big day tomorrow, win lose or draw, I think you did the right thing in standing.

    I wish you all the best.

    Regardless of the result, take time at the platform to thank everyone for their contribution in the by-election and maintain a sense of humour.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • mary

    It shows how desperate they are to be playing such dirty tricks. Broon is having a month off (sedation? – he looked like Boris Karloff today) so Mandelslime will be running the country with the war criminal Straw and Harperson. I heard yesterday that Mandelslime is on 38 out of 45 government committees.

  • lwtc247

    I second George Laird’s comment.

    Be proud of “Team Murray”, i know I am. At the very least, enduring ‘voter wake-up’ has occued and better: a brave and honest man will enter parliament, in spite of the apallingly (but expected) bad way the BBC has discriminated against your campaign, what with all this ‘history of support in that area’ baloney, by which standard means the tory machinedroid should have got virtually no coverage, and excluded from the laughably called ‘debate’

    I really hope you win. You and your ilk are DESPARATENLY needed in parliament, to stop the ship of pirates from wreaking more self-rewarding-general-population-harming.

    he sinking ship will sink further more rapidly.

    I’ve been silently reading and following the campaigm and thought I had nothing

    All the best Craig & Team.

  • lwtc247

    I’ve been silently reading and following the campaigm and thought I had nothing +to say that would advance the cause, so I refrained from commenting+

  • wasp_box

    Good luck Craig,

    I’m sorry I couldn’t offer you any help – 200 miles away with small child makes it tricky – but I’m rooting for you.

  • Abe Rene

    Looks as though Nulab do not play the game, whereas “Put an honest man into parliament” does. No surprise to your sympathisers. Good luck tomorrow.

  • dreoilin

    Sam Hunt

    If you have access to Craig’s medical files, say so.

    If not, sod off with your pathetic innuendo.

    Best of luck tomorrow, Craig.

  • George Laird

    Dear Sam Hunt

    Since Craig has a documented medical history of serious illness, how does being ill not make him honest?

    Sam Hunt, intelligent????

    What he can’t take away from Craig Murray and his campaigners is that they had the guts to stand up and be counted.

    That is a victory in itself.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Shug

    As George says above, you had “the guts to stand up and be counted”. Good on yer Craig.

    Wha’s like you? Too damm few…

    Respect to you & the volunteers (some congregated by this blog) who have made a good effort.

    God speed to your efforts tomorrow & those who choose to vote for you.

    If you can get above 2812 votes, I’d say it was a bloody good result

  • ingo

    I just want to make my disgust known at such dirty tricks played, we refute any of the allegations of flyposting aimed at us, all posters put out by the Craig Murray campaign were intended to be removed within 14 days after the election, something we discussed at lenght, thats the law in the United Kingdom and we have not broken its rubberoid interpretations.

    I would like to thank the honest firemen of Norwich, I personally still support and believe in their ‘yes’campaing for a fair wage in pointing to this clear breach of electoral law.

    Ian, get a grip of yourself.

    The firecrews are the first to attend in any of hundreds of different accidents, they are not liars and we thank them for their vigilance and observancy. Thank you.

    We will make sure that these pathetic’s will be found, won’t we Norwich Ciuty council?, the whole of NoLabours CCTV controlled City of Norwich will want to expose the culprits, will they not?

    Deja vu Blackburn?

    Norwich City purchased a CCTV system from Israel, one that was approved by the IDF against Palestinians, so what better than to look for that car, to have a look at it and identify the culprits who defaced legit posters.

    I know Chris Ostrowski is ill with the swine flue, I hope he pulls through. After all he is a fellow allumni from UEA and we had to make do with Bob Blizzards second rate performance tonight at the Baptist church in Duke Street Norwich.

    Once again it was clear that the honest man campaign presented the more experienced candidate, had the longest, loudest claps.

    But I would say that would I not, i’m his election agent. Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it, just ask the Baptists of Norwich North and those attending their meeting.

    I would like to thank them again for the most appropriate venue tonight, our sincere thanks.

    PS : we will investigate the incident reported to us by a Norwich firecrew and take appropriate action, its about time the message gets through to all, you mess with Independents at your own expense.

  • Clark

    Best wishes Craig, I hope you get elected.

    Respect to all the volunteers; I wish I could have joined you.

  • Richard

    I was honoured today to meet a number of Craig’s hugely impressive campaign team. Thanks to everyone on the team who has worked so hard.

    Craig was the clear winner of tonight’s hustings at Norwich Central Baptist Church by a country mile, from a strong field including the intense & academic Rupert Read (Green) and the working class girl made good April Pond (Lib Dem). Bob Blizzard MP, standing in for Chris Ostrowski (Lab) simply looked weary – weary of defending the government line, and proof of the democratic necessity of changing the ruling party every once in a while.

    And, without question, the least convincing candidate was tomorrow’s probable winner Chloe Smith (Con) who is very young and tried her very best to come across as sweet and reasonable, but who really came across as a standard issue party hack who has been paid for to go on a course in “the common touch for wannabe politicians” and just about scraped the pass mark.

    Which is probably what she will do tomorrow as the left of Tory vote is split four ways.

    The most telling comment about Chloe Smith is in her own leaflet, the testimony of “Transparent Dave” Cameron himself [not an exact quote]: “Chloe is exactly the sort of person I want to be on the Tory benches when I form the next Government”. Which she most certainly is, dutiful rather thick lobby fodder who won’t rock the boat or do anything whatsoever to challenge the rich elite on behalf of the people.

    She’s just about good enough for amateur dramatics, but not the West End stage. I do hope the voters of Norwich North will see sense tomorrow and send the rest of the country a message of real hope that change is possible, not the depressing news that the English public is happy to simply switch from one brand of junk to another.

  • frank verismo

    Genuinely scaring the status quo is as important as winning.

    Having said that, I bloody hope you do!

  • Liam

    Gordon Brown has ensured the people of Glasgow North East get no by-election until the winter months, showing how he only values working class people when they’re on his side.

    I don’t fully support you Craig, but anything to scare this disastorous Government would be fantastic.

  • John

    Good luck today and no matter what the outcome well done and dont let the bastards grind you down. If you do win I would just love to see the Nu Labour ie Nu Tory reaction

  • Craig

    Sam Hunt

    What on earth are you talking about? I suffer from “Sticky Blood Syndrome” (look it up) with a history of pulmonary hypertension. Any prolonged cramped position can be quite quickly disastrous, even fatal.

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