So This is Self Defence? 197

Warning: This video is very upsetting

I realise some of you may have already seen this. But I feel an obligation to post it. The Israeli tactic of blocking all communication from the ship and detaining the passengers for days allowed Israeli doctored pictures to be the only ones broadcast by the mainstream news media. Despite the crudity of the tactic, the MSM have happily gone along with the idea that once alternative footage finally became available, it was no longer “news”.

We of the new media therefore have an obligation to do what little we each can to expose the lies, propaganda and twisted agenda of the mainstream media.

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197 thoughts on “So This is Self Defence?

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  • JimmyGiro

    I agree eddie; but combine it with the locality, and the time, then compare with witness statements, and it maybe the correlating evidence that shows ‘everything’; especially cover-ups.

  • Tony

    The other previous longer video shows more interesting material. The Israeli assassins had a photographic catalogue of those on the boat who were scheduled for summary execution.

    These are barbarians.

  • craig


    Plainly that is nit true. It is not a blank screen. Let me have your idea of what the Israeli soldiers were kicking?

  • ingo

    How can you say that the video shows nothing eddie when it clearly does?

    It shows two soldiers intently stomping and kicking something out of view, which thereafter gets shot more than once as you can clearly see the guns recoil action going through his body.

    Once again, just as Craig earlier, I question the cowards who lobbied hard to exclude maritime experts being interviewd internationally on this incident.

    Craig, amongst others I’m sure, would be able to give his expertise on the subject in a coherent impartial manner, regardless of his personal opinion, as are others.

    So, who or what is stopping the BBC,CNN,Sky,AlJazeera news networks asking these questions, debating the issue, differentiating between piracy and an act of war, explain the ins and outs of the NATO doctrine, what paragraph 5 means to members,etc., who’s jurisdiction such an attack falls under and much more, when will we see these uncomfortable questions raised and debated as they should have been?

    Not that the eddies of this world would have an answer, but they’ll try and move mountains to stop this openess from happening, upholding the bias with belligerence, diversion, and an unusual secrecy over this outrageous massacre, but also keeping it in people’s mind.

  • Dick the Prick

    My interweb connexion is on ‘treacle mode’ so can’t watch the video; however, it does raise the point that people should go tooled up and bob wifi cameras on boats and other such vehicles. Beat them at their own game – get professional about it.

  • Arsalan

    Look we all know Goy live mean nothing to Zionists.

    First stage, Deny it happened.

    Second stage when deniability becomes impossible, belittle what happened.

    They shot a whole bunch of people. Out of them they admitted 9 died.

    And the rest were beaten.

    Zionists think this was a good thing. Not just a good thing, they think more should have been killed!

    So what is the point of proving to them people were murdered when they support murder even though they deny it?

    I have said again and again, Zionists are Nazis.

    Larry is a Nazi, Michael is a Nazi they are all Nazis.

    They are just going through the Nazi motions.

    What do Nazis say about Jews being killed in ww2?

    They say it didn’t happen, and they say more should have been killed.

    Now, what is the difference between what they say, and what the Zionist Nazis say?

    The issue isn’t about whether they were murdered. The issue is Israel and Israel’s supporters will always support each and every murder Israel does, not just support, but they will call on Israel to murder more.

  • glenn

    One has to wonder what all the “confiscated” material the Israelis stole from the crew might have shown. How come the old adage “if one has nothing to fear, one has nothing to hide” does not hold when it comes to this bunch of thugs? How come the criminals who murdered these innocents get to decide what evidence may be released?

  • amk

    “Let me have your idea of what the Israeli soldiers were kicking?”

    Probably just a rat. A big one though or they wouldn’t have bothered shooting it.

    Dick: Israel jammed all communications from the boat and (tried to) confiscate all recordings. AFAIK there were a lot of recordings (stills, handheld video, CCTV).

  • alexno

    I haven’t seen the full hour-long Iara Lee video, only the 15 min version in Craig’s previous post.

    However I was very struck by the fact that Lee was still filming at dawn, a couple of hours after the initial attack, when the Israeli assault boats came alongside. I took this to mean that the helicopter assault actually failed. Not only were three commandos captured, but the rest were penned up in a small part of the ship, or had to be taken off.

    I note that we haven’t had the media doing diagrams of the assault – the Sunday Times used to love doing this kind of thing when I was young – and the sequence of events still remains confused.

    I’m sure the viciousness of the Israelis has a lot to do with the fact that they were really in trouble. Much more trouble than we have been given to think.

  • Jeffrey Pukeman

    Mainstream media are afraid of the Israelis, as demonstrated by BBC boss Mark Thompson’s grovelling to war criminal Ariel Sharon in 2005.

    I’m sure we’d all have good reason not to fund Israeli propaganda by refusing to pay the licence fee.

    Or maybe not. The whole thing is like some sick perverted joke.

  • ingo

    Alexno, I also have my doubts about their effectviness, because usually they are not that coy and secretive when they conduct a rogue military mission.

    Maybe that the only reason why theyr have confiscated everything, they made a right cock up and had to shoot their way out fo trouble, but, some activists seem to have been killed in a deliberate fashion, as if there was a hit list.

    The lack of intricate disection and debate of the laws and conventions involved, by the global media is deafening like silence in a desert.

    I have not had any reply from my MP to my letter questioning the Government for not condemning Israel for its breaches of international rights, not a dicky bird.

  • somebody

    Perhaps Eddie should go to Israel and get some new high performance specs for his defective vision. I am sure he will find some there as we are always being told by the Zionist trolls how the terror state is in the vanguard of technological achievement.

  • somebody

    Where are his mates Larry and Michael P?

    The latter kneeling at his altar as it is the Sabbath?

  • Shalom

    “To cloud this straightforward issue, Israel immediately attempted to control the coverage by kidnapping and holding the human rights activists incommunicado for several days. Israel also took the activists’ recording devices and videos. Thus Israel was able to spread its version of events without challenge in the crucially important first few days.

    Unlike most of the U.S. mainstream media that simply parroted Israeli military sources, a few reporters including Max Blumenthal ( actually investigated Israeli claims. They found several Israeli misrepresentations and, as a result, Israel retracted or clarified some of its key false charges. Blumenthal said: “The lesson of the debacle is that nothing the IDF [the Israeli military] says can be trusted by anyone. Not ever.”

    Most of the activists are now free and their stories strongly contradict the Israeli version. However, since many of the mainstream media have now moved on to other stories, Israel’s false version of events is still out there and accepted as gospel by many.”

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The government’s efforts to avoid a thorough and credible investigation of the flotilla affair seem more and more like a farce.

    The Haaretz

    also reported today that the Israel risks losing Poland, another close ally, over the extradition of Uri Brodsky, who is widely believed to be one of the Mossad spies allegedly involved in the January assassination.

    Brodsky, who is an Israeli citizen, was arrested earlier this month in Poland’s capital city of Warsaw after revelations showed that he helped the Mossad hit squad to obtain forged German passports to assassinate al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel room.

    Germany has demanded that Brodsky be extradited, where he could be tried in a German court or even sent to Dubai for his suspected role in the assassination.

    Brodsky has denied having connections with the high-profile assassination and says he is a businessman, but evidence show him being involved in logistics, providing paperwork, safe houses and other back-up for the 20-strong execution squad.

    Israel, for its part, is pressuring Poland to refrain from handing Brodsky over to Germany — leaving Warsaw officials in an awkward position, in which they are torn between Tel Aviv’s demands and Berlin’s repeated calls for Brodsky’s extradition.

    This is while Germany and Poland have an extradition agreement, both bilateral and through European treaties.

    However, Polish officials have strived to keep the lid on Brodsky’s arrest, which was based on information provided by the Dubai and United Arab Emirates police and on an international arrest warrant issued in Germany via Interpol.


    The official inquiry into the unlawful killing of 14 unarmed men by British soldiers on Bloody Sunday is due to be released after 12 years.

    The probe known as the Saville report will be released on Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    The Zionist Trolls are conspicuous by their absence trying to defend this IDF actions in this Video. Normally they would be more vocal crying antisemitism, self defence, racism. They know they do not have any argument moral, legal or human to justify such callous murder of unarmed civilians before the eyes of the wold. Regev the chief Hasbara spokesman has become an international Joke trying to justify Israeli Atrocities only the BBC and US MSM take him seriously. See this Excellent piece.

    ‘You’re talking bollox, Mr Regev ?” A short primer on Israeli propaganda for media dummies’

    By ShazmanPublished: June 13, 2010

    In the mean time those other Hasbara members the Labour friends of Israel the cabinet within the cabinet are getting more ambitious. They no longer want to rule UK by proxy they are promoting one of their own Hasbara members in a phony election Millipede versus Centipede.Both horses from the LFI Hasbara Stable.

  • Arsalan

    Posted by: at June 13, 2010 3:09 PM

    They will be here, straight after they get instructions.

    The samething happens everytime Israel does something like this, we get a bit of quite, and then they come back in greater numbers.

    Craig why was my post and link to Norman F deleted?

  • Michael Petek

    One or two things wrong with this.

    First, an eagle with 20-20 vision and night-vision goggles couldn’t see anyone being shot or kicked.

    Second, the soldiers couldn’t have been Israelis, because – as Borat tells us – Jews have horns.

    Third, the organisation which owned the ship, IHH, is affiliated with the Union of Good, an umbrella organisation created and controlled by Hamas. Therefore, the Mavi Marmara was within the Hamas chain of command and a military vessel feigning civilian status and misusing whatever flag she was flying.

    Fourth, all the men who were killed were mujahidin and therefore not protected civilians, because they were Muslim men past adolescence and responding to the call to wage jihad.

    Why were they not in uniform, and what business did this warship have taking others on board who were civilians in good faith?

  • MJ

    “…they made a right cock up”

    They seem to have been making a few of these recently. Having the Dubai hit plastered all over the TV and press was a little careless. As was getting caught out presenting 6 year old photos of the aid-workers’ ‘weapons’. Not to mention the amateurishly-faked video footage and audio transmissions.

    What has happened to Mossad? Can’t they get the staff these days? Perhaps it should change its motto to: “By way of deception, thou shalt appear a bumbling buffoon”.

  • Graham Smith

    Please, in the interests of transparency, can we see the footage leading up to this incident?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    OMG. So Craig Murray, once again you’ve demonstrated an inability to correctly judge evidence when you really really want to believe something.

    At best (for your position), this video shows IDF soldiers kicking a man when he’s down. But I wonder if he had just attacked the IDF soldiers, and I wonder if he was trying to get up to continue his attack. Some of these fuckers do intend to be martyrs at some point.

    But 4 kill shots? Ha! I count exactly zero discharges coming out of that weapon. He points the weapon down twice and checks his clip (or something like that) once.

    What’s with the red target outline placed there by the video producers? Probably to obscure the fact that THERE WAS NO FUCKING MUZZLE FLASH.

    Craig, if you get called for jury duty and one of the parties is a Jew (or “Zionist” in your words), you should recuse yourself.

  • Arsalan

    I have said that Michael Petek was a Nazi Before, and with this comment:

    Michael Petek at June 13, 2010 3:37 PM

    Michael Petek has confirmed everything I have said about him, including what Craig has deleted.

    “therefore not protected civilians, because they were Muslim men ”

    What I have said about him and Larry has been confirmed.

    His point 1 and 2 are what I call the “Deny”

    His point three and for are what I call the “Support and call for more”

    He is a Nazi as can be seen by the Nazi Arguments he uses.

    Everyone read this.

    And this confirms what I wrote.

    With one mouth the Nazi state the murders didn’t take place, and with the other they support the murders. Not just support they call for more, according to this Nazi, all Muslim men can and should be killed.

    But the truth is the killings are not restricted to men, they kill women and babies too. And when they do, whether it is in secret or infront of Cameras,

    Michael Petek will still deny it. When he and other Nazis can’t think of how to deny it they will say:

    “the soldiers couldn’t have been Israelis, because – as Borat tells us – Jews have horns.”

  • Arsalan

    Larry the liar,

    Do you agree with what your religious version says?

    Do you agree with:

    “therefore not protected civilians, because they were Muslim men”

    Or do you believe he is a Nazi for saying it?

  • Richard Robinson

    “Second, the soldiers couldn’t have been Israelis, because – as Borat tells us – Jews have horns.”

    I find myself completely unable to tell whether this is Michael P or a ‘false-flag’ mockery.

    Either way, it has the effect of making coherent discussion seem like an impossibility.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Michael Petek is hilarious – I find his contributions really side-splittingly funny. Roll on, Michael, give us more! You should be on stage, man.

    Larry – Turkish (aka Greek coffee aka Cyprus coffee aka Arabic coffee) coffee is particularly good for maintaining alertness. Perhaps you might visit a delicatessan and buy some. I would recommend it. But there again, you’ve got the Seattle Coffee Company right where you are. Don;t drink too much though, it might keep you awake all night and we can’t be having that, can we.

    The confiscation of cameras, etc. will lead an endless discussion about whether such-and-such footage was or was not indicative of so-and-so.

    The crux is that nine people were killed violently by Israeli armed forces on a ship in international waters. I keep coming back to this fact.

  • Clark



    do you know where to find an original for this video? These Flash videos are not fit to inspect closely. The originals should be posted for download somewhere.


    I think I can see muzzle flashes, but I can’t be sure because the SWF video quality is dreadful.

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