So This is Self Defence? 197

Warning: This video is very upsetting

I realise some of you may have already seen this. But I feel an obligation to post it. The Israeli tactic of blocking all communication from the ship and detaining the passengers for days allowed Israeli doctored pictures to be the only ones broadcast by the mainstream news media. Despite the crudity of the tactic, the MSM have happily gone along with the idea that once alternative footage finally became available, it was no longer “news”.

We of the new media therefore have an obligation to do what little we each can to expose the lies, propaganda and twisted agenda of the mainstream media.

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197 thoughts on “So This is Self Defence?

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  • Freeborn

    suhayl’s link to Swans is impressive.

    I like the prose quality of most of the contributors there.

    I couldn’t help noticing a reference in the first link to Edmond de Rothschild being a former board member of the Israel corporation.

    If you’re claiming Rothschild is a Zionist banker who likes wars-SHOCK-HORROR-you must be some kind of warped racist!

    Next you’ll be linking to “Holocaust denial” sites!

    You just crossed two red lines,suhayl and will be deleted forthwith!

    On Swans check out Michael Dolliner.He wrote some fascinating stuff re-Leo Strauss some time back.

    Make sure it’s not racist/anti-semitic/homophobic though won’t you!


    Reckon Swans would employ Craig? Hang he was expecting a Zio-lobby outfit to want him……….

    It’s Swans or Larry’s cathouse I reckon.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, Freeborn. Glad you dug it. Yes, I noticed the Rothschild mention, too. Now Michael J. Barker is a very serious ‘radical activist scholar’ (as I think he describes himself). He’s certainly not in any way ‘anti-Semitic’. And so, while I don’t necessarily agree with everything Freeborn et al write – as everyone knows – I do think he has some important – if deeply uncomfortable – things to say and I think that ought to be stated.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    This piece is a detailed critique of the role of certain powerful players in Hollywood in the projection of imperial fantasy – and the actions they take in the real world to back that up. The references include Ilan Pappe, Shaul Cohen and Ella Shohat.

    Michael J. Barker has an incisive intellect and in my view is a crucial political voice, but having deliberately rejected a comfortable life in academia is living in London on zilch. While lying courtiers like Niall Ferguson get millions for their systemic mendacity.

  • Freeborn


    I’m so glad you don’t agree with everything I say. It’d be pretty boring if you did.

    What a relief that you don’t think I’m an anti-semite,too!

    I couldn’t live with myself if you thought I was………anti-Palestinians.

    I’ll admit though between you and me-I’m not at all keen on those Israelis!

    Are we allowed to say that here?

  • Apostate

    Great hatchet job on the execrable Niall Ferguson.

    Those TV historians grate with me. They are peddling establishment propaganda re-wars and revolutions that those who have already lost the capacity for critical thought just absorb and regurgitate.

    A lot of the abject nonsense that’s spouted on this comment board on these topics is the result of people adhering to mainstream accounts they absorbed from prescribed reading lists they were given at university.

    Don’t expect Niall Ferguson or Simon Schama to tell you anything the establishment don’t want you know about either.

    Ferguson ended hisbook on the Rothschild dynasty in 1914 leaving us with implied idea that the fasmily coulkdn’t now compete with bigger corporate players.

    Actually they’re very much still in the game and with court historians like Ferguson can keep their power well concealed.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yeah, they’d make models for ‘OK’ magazine, wouldn’t they? Or rather, Conde Nast. Like Liam Fox, Niall Ferguson, of course, is from Glasgow. Irony of ironies of ironies.

  • Steelback

    It just occurred to me that if we needed further evidence that Craig Murray is a gate-keeper we just got it on this thread.

    The link he makes between Holocaust revisionism and racism is a standard elite-driven attempt to marginalize people who challenge official narratives like “climate change” as well.

    In the US global-warming sceptics are characterized in this way.

    Being as I’m not just a climate change sceptic I’m a 100% DENIER that makes me elegible to join the Klu Klux Clan doesn’t it?


    We got your number Mr Murray-GATE-KEEPER!

    Yea and we worked out you’re just an extension of the corporate media too,angri.

    If you had a brain you’d be dangerous!

    Happily this isn’t the case.

    P.S.I can’t be the only one here who thinks your sense of humour is worse than adolescent,can I?

  • angrysoba

    “I can’t be the only one here who thinks your sense of humour is worse than adolescent,can I?”

    Who cares what you “think”?

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    It is becoming increasingly clear to onlookers that the Decommissioners are not rebels without a cause- in fact their cause was very lucid and honorable.

    As they became witnesses to Operation Cast Lead they took an action that all of us should have felt compelled to do if we could as our duty being part of the human race.

    Political reaction to Israel’s military assault on the Gaza strip underlined total failure of democratic processes to protect those in need, to protect the weak, to save children, to save women, to save men- none of which had ever committed an act that justified their brutal annihilation.

    Israel seek to extinct, whilst the West seeks to fill it bottomless financial pit with more arms trade profit created by the destruction of innocent lives and the continued suffering of those that live through operations such as Cast Lead.

    How can not every single person that comes across realities of war crimes not want to stand up and Decommission whatever link in the chain of terror they can?

    That is not criminal damage, it is a necessity.

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