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160 thoughts on “Straight Talk From Occupy News Network

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  • Jon

    @Michael Stephenson – I don’t see Occupy as opportunistic in this regard. In hosting it themselves they are probably trying to avoid corporate methods of control and/or advertising-based sites, both of which are laudable. However I suspect we discovered that they don’t have the bandwidth we were placing upon them, and – thinking about it – we should have contacted them first.

    As for P2P, it’s a great technology, but it’s not appropriate for news dissemination yet – it’s not easy enough or instant enough. I keep saying the browser folks should build it into browsers as standard, but Microsoft pays me no attention at all 🙁

  • Michael Stephenson

    Jon- I have not had any worries about what Microsoft thinks for about 6 years now, that’s how long I have been a Linux user.

    My point about the Occupy News Network is that they have made no effort to get the video out by other means, Occupy can’t be claimed solely by themselves they are a group of people who have used the name Occupy to gather attention to themselves, and they have shown little effort to distribute the media in the many ways available to them. And as I complained very early on did not have any idea that some might want it in a free and not patent encumbered way.
    Then when it threatened to put their server down then took away the video despite there being hundreds of other means to get it out to at least someone who could distribute it properly.
    I think if they were sincere about what they are doing they would have not pulled the video and would have known someone who knew how to make a torrent at least.
    Or have put it out on their twitter feed asking for help..
    I just get the feeling that their entire website is less of a sincere effort and more a CV for the guardian or Daily Mail.

  • Michael Stephenson

    As I wrote that comment I received this email from ONN, Basically I have been handed a cease and desist:


    I appreciate your initiative and we are sure you are well intended but the reason the video was removed was because we are updating the website. It is actually live as I speak. This material is NOT creative commons. You are not authorized to distributed it. You are breaching copyright law. We will wait 24 hours till you have deleted our material off VIMEO and the torrent as well. Feel free to contact our legal team on (removed).

    Matt Varnham
    (Legal team)

    On 31 August 2012 21:10, Michael Stephenson wrote:
    From: Michael Stephenson
    Subject: [your-subject]

    Message Body:
    I managed to natch you interview with Craig Murray before you removed it due to heavy traffic.
    I have since re-encoded it to be smaller and use codecs unencumbered by patents and released it as a torrent here: http://ubuntuone.com/7kTH3guI7igrWnVT8pdTAJ
    And uploaded it to vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/48610097

  • Michael Stephenson

    I will stop seeding the torrent (I can not delete it as they ask, as that is impossible) and will delete from vimeo sorry guys this shit is copyrighted by the supposed leftists at ONN

  • Michael Stephenson

    Yes, Jon I have recieved a email from the legal team as Occupy News Network, they said I have 24 Hours to removed the torrent and to delete from Vimeo, I have stopped seeding and have already deleted from Vimeo.

  • Jon

    (Just released your comment, stuck in the queue).

    How incredibly odd that ONN would take such a stance – and bloody frustrating too, given your efforts. Well done anyway – thanks for trying. I managed to grab a low res copy before it disappeared too. I’ll drop Craig an email, and hopefully ONN will get their act together (one would hope that getting the interview out would be more important than ownership, but…!).

  • Sunflower

    @RD “Clearly – if you are like the supporters of Mr Assange you will prefer those where the politicians are able to override and veto the decisions of the courts, even before a case is bought to court.”

    Excuse me, that is what Ziofcukwitism is all about. I don’t like crooks, doesn’t matter if the establishment consist of devil worshiping psychopaths and pedophiles or if they are just plain criminals. The injustice is the same. I’m sorry I do not see your logic.

    I doubt there is a political/judicial system in the current world that is not corrupt to a greater or lesser degree. Just that the Ziofcukwits happen to have 99% of the marketshare of madness atm.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    ‘Former UK ambassador reveals full context of #CIA #Assange ‘stitch-up’ in devastating video interview @AssangeC’
    Within minutes of sending above tweet (with link) to Assange’s mother, this:
    Unfortunate. Ludicrous. @Michael Stephenson: please forward email address of ‘ONN legal team’ & even better please post here copy of the threatening email. I wish to take this further. We all can. Does CIA/Ukania spookocracy, I’m forced to wonder, now have an agent of influence on ‘legal team? Or is it just vanity? Either way seems, on face of it, scandalous.

  • Jon

    @Sunflower – I don’t know if Resident Dissident is a genuine enquirer, but your response to him is nonsense. Blaming everything you don’t approve of on “Ziofcukwitism” does not constitute sensible debate.

    @Jonangus – the deletion notice came about because Michael voluntarily complied – it wasn’t done by Vimeo or any other higher power afaict. As for reasons of enforcing copyright, again I don’t suspect spook involvement – just bad judgement, unfortunately.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    @Michael Stephenson: Please forgive me. Only now see that you have in fact posted copy of threat message above. Email address? Some of us would no doubt find that useful. I would. And what does Mr Craig have to say about all this? I’ve now three times had to remove links from my Twitter account.

  • Michael Stephenson

    I have had a phone conversation with Pedro from ONN the apparent head of the network who was very apologetic, I informed him of the Creative Commons non Commercial license and informed him the BBC could not publish this without paying, and he told he told me the e-mail was from a over zealous legal guy. Hopefully Matt Varnham will get a spanking and realise he isn’t working for Apple.

    Pedro assured me the video will be re-released on a Creative Commons non Commercial license and I could resume distributing it. Unfortunately the Vimeo video cannot be un-deleted so it will have to be uploaded again. However Pedro assured me the version running on their website is currently working.

  • Jon

    @Jonangus – I emailed Craig a little while ago. However he’s busy researching, so he may not come back to it quickly.

    Re the takedown request: I’m disappointed, but let’s let ONN explain their position. If they are genuinely affiliated to Occupy movements then they’re doing a lot of good stuff! I agree, let’s get people contacting them – anyone a Tweeter?

  • Jon

    @Michael, thanks for your persistence and patience. I can’t find the working version on the ONN site, but if we can get it back to Vimeo that’d be great.

    The hi-res copy is torrenting to me at 150K/s, and I’ll leave it overnight (torrent link earlier in this thread, if anyone wants it).

  • Fedup

    Epitome of the consumer leftism/activism, and all that is passed as dissident at these times, with a song and dance, getting permission for any group of more than three taking a walk, in triplicate and informing the authorities, if not then there is the threats of legal action.

    Well that far down the shitter is there any hope of any kind of a fucking recovery of we the people’s essence?

    Yeah sure, let us first monetise the dissenting leaflet/petition/package/etc. then we can always get the message further out into the public domain!!

    This is pitiful.

    Michael Stephenson at least you tried, if the fuckwits pissed on your parade, it is their lack of insight and humanity. Learning curve for all of us.

  • Occupy News Network

    We would like to apologise to all people concerned with the fact, number one, that we have temporarily have made the interview video unavailable and number two, the legal threat that was made by one of our legal guys. The video had to be taken down due to updating the website. The legal threat was a lack of sensitivity from our legal people that was completely out of order. Our work was classed as copyright as we thought it was a good way to avoid it to be used by mainstream media freely and to avoid anyone to use it in a ill intended way. We now realise that we can actually attribute it creative commons(non-commercial) and still have the same protection.

    New LINK: http://onnplayer.occupynewsnetwork.co.uk/craig-murray-interview/

    Fell free to distribute and please accept our sincere apologies.

    Best regards,

    Pedro Lima

  • kingfelix

    Thanks for trying, brother.
    It does not surprise me that ONN forced a removal. They can profess to be posing some sort of challenge, but they are Americans at the end, and they’d rather die than lose their property rights.

  • Michael Stephenson

    I’m not going to publish their email address to be bombarded, they say it was a mistake and I take them in good faith. However I do doubt their intentions after speaking to them, and still believe they may be more opportunistic than sincere. It’s up to them to prove themselves.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    With apparent opportunists of this variety stitching their careerist selves to the coat tails of Occupy, the task of spookery is rendered helpfully less arduous.
    Would be foolish, none the less, not to realise: MI5 would be failing in its perceived duty to the UK taxpayer were it not to ensure that Occupy is reliably penetrated. Occupy itself—I speak from experience—is admirably open to absolutely anyone who cares to turn up. In this instance fruitful penetration really is a piece of police canteen cake.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    @Pedro Lima: Again, only now see your explanation—after posting the above comment, most of which I’d nonetheless still adhere to. Many thanks for your response. I trust that your over-zealous legal volunteer will now be suitably tortured 😉

  • ron blessington

    [Jon/Mod: removed, please steer posts away from judgements based on race]

    Jews are not a race, or have you been hibernating? Maybe you are Esler. Enjoy your guardianista nailbiting.

  • Jon

    @kingfelix – heh, I should think ONN are based in the UK, see the web address 🙂

    @Occupy News Network/Pedro – thanks for letting us distribute the interview, and don’t worry about what people say here. We are all of different views. Yep, genuine mistakes are allowed 🙂

    Night all.

  • Michael Stephenson

    Given the news you report, the audience you seek, you better get used to not being trusted. You had a poor showing tonight, I personally trust you can do better and it was a genuine mistake, but if you think for a second you can hand cease and desist emails to your own audience, full of crypto-anarchists and get away with it scot free with an apology you really need to learn about your audience and the culture you are creating a news outlet for.

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