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The Guardian hit a new low in Amelia Hill’s report on Julian Assange’s appearance at the Oxford Union. Hill moved beyond propaganda to downright lies.

This is easy to show. Read through Hill’s “report”. Then zip to 20 minutes and 55 seconds of the recording of Assange speaking at the event Hill misreports, and simply listen to the applause from the Oxford Union after Assange stops speaking.

Just that hearty applause is sufficient to show that the entire thrust and argument of Amelia Hill’s article moves beyong distortion or misreprentation – in themselves dreadful sins in a journalist – and into the field of outright lies. Her entire piece is intended to give the impression that the event was a failure and the audience were hostile to Assange. That is completely untrue.

Much of what Hill wrote is not journalism at all. What does this actually mean?

“His critics were reasoned, those who queued for over an hour in the snow to hear him speak were thoughtful. It was Julian Assange – the man at the centre of controversy – who refused to be gracious.”

Hill manages to quote five full sentences of the organiser of the anti-Assange demonstration (which I counted at 37 people) while giving us not one single sentence of Assange’s twenty minute address. Nor a single sentence of Tom Fingar, the senior US security official who was receiving the Sam Adams award. Even more remarkably, all three students Hill could find to interview were hostile to Assange. In a hall of 450 students who applauded Assange enthusiastically and many of whom crowded round to shake my hand after the event, Hill was apparently unable to find a single person who did not share the Rusbridger line on Julian Assange.

Hill is not a journalist – she is a pathetic grovelling lickspittle who should be deeply, deeply ashamed.

Here is the answer to the question about cyber-terrorism of which Amelia Hill writes:

“A question about cyber-terrorism was greeted with verbose warmth”

As you can see, Assange’s answer is serious, detailed, thoughtful and not patronising to the student. Hill’s characterisation – again without giving a word of Assange’s actual answer – is not one that could genuinely be maintained. Can anybody – and I mean this as a real question – can anybody look at that answer and believe that “Verbose warmth” is a fair and reasonable way to communicate what had been said to an audience who had not seen it? Or is it just an appalling piece of hostile propaganda by Hill?

The night before Assange’s contribution at the union, John Bolton had been there as guest speaker. John Bolton is a war criminal whose actions deliberately and directly contributed to the launching of an illegal war which killed hundreds of thousands of people. Yet there had not been one single Oxford student picketing the hosting of John Bolton, and Amelia Hill did not turn up to vilify him. My main contribution to the Sam Adams event was to point to this as an example of the way people are manipulated by the mainstream media into adopting seriously warped moral values.

Amelia Hill is one of the warpers, the distorters of reality. The Guardian calls her a “Special Investigative Correspondent.” She is actually a degraded purveyor of lies on behalf of the establishment. Sickening.

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  • me in us

    @ Venceremos/Emma:

    Emma’s post to the Oxford Student newspaper brought to mind a comment I had read earlier in Craig’s post Why I am Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar. Albanov had reminded Craig that “…several months before meeting Assange, [Anna] posted a blog on the internet called: ‘Seven steps for revenge against an unfaithful lover.’ She subsequently tried to delete this blog – but the cache was retrieved by those who know how,” and Mark Golding then posted the text (English translation? verified? I dunno) of Anna’s recovered blogpost here:

    Emma said, “If I still taught Anthropology of Women, I would give students an assignment…” and gave a list. For fun Emma could also have her students take Anna’s (supposed?) text and make a wordle (you know, one of those word cloud picture things that weighs the usage of words in a text). It’s easy, copy the text from Mark’s comment and paste it at and hit create. I did it last night and Clark has kindly posted the result for me here:

    I called it “Portrait of Anna, in Her Own Words” — and I think it’s amazing.

  • John Goss

    Arbed at 9.51 am. Thanks for the link. This week I’ve been working up in Liverpool. Although I’ve not been commenting on the Anna liar post I have been trying to keep up. Incidentally with my two Swedish colleagues I’m been working on a piece concerning Julian Assange and trying to raise Australian awareness of the truth. There is some interest and I will hopefully be able to say more soon. At the same time I am trying to keep up with developments elsewhere, not concerned with Assange, which I am not at liberty to divulge yet. Then I’ve written two articles, one about Shaker Aamer, not yet published, and this one about oil-mad, military-mad Tony Buckingham, Benghazi, and a reason for announcing last week for all Brits to leave Libya’s second city. I’m tempted to write “while we bomb it again” but they did not specifically say that.

    Please distribute.

  • Clark

    stjarna franfalle, 31 Jan, 7:29 pm: welcome!

    You may be interested in this thread; comments are still open:

    If you read both English and Swedish, there are people here who would find your help very useful. You can contact me by following the link on my name, and I can pass on other campaigner’s e-mail addresses.

    The following may also interest you, but comments on these threads are closed:

  • Clark

    Sorry, I messed up the wording in my comment above:

    “and I can pass on other campaigner’s e-mail addresses”

    should have been:

    “and I can pass on your e-mail address to other campaigners”

    I wouldn’t divulge e-mail addresses without permission. So if anyone does e-mail me, please specify your privacy requirements, and whether or not you mind me mentioning that you contacted me.

  • Arbed

    Comment swiped from underneath Annie Machon’s article, which has been reproduced in the Huffington Post UK:

    “The Guardian article “Julian Assange finds no allies and tough queries in Oxford University talk” refers to Simone Webb as a “protest organiser”. Searching on Guardian shows a profile for a person called “Simone Webb”. Now I am confused. Is it the same person? Is a Guardian writer organizing a protest against Assange that another writer reports about?”

    Well, that might explain Assange’s reference in his answer to the question during the Oxford Union Q & A about the protest organisers: “some PPE students who seem somehow to write for the Guardian…” (owtte)

  • Mary

    A PS Dave Lawton who comes to this blog will like this by Heathcote Williams if he doesn’t know it already.

    ‘thoughts on harry patch by heathcotte williams

    It seemed appropriate to publish this ahead of the 2 minutes silence being played in the charts tomoro….Before Rihannna or Tke thaT or whatever the f__…….

    Heathcotte sent me this saying he had been listening to our harry patch tune while writing it.
    And as far as i know its unpublished..

    To me the 2 minutes silence is to wish the souls of those who have lost their lives in war may rest in peace.
    And that we consider very very carefully the rights of goverments to make decisions to go to war in future.. based on lies.


    Harry Patch: War Hero

  • Arbed

    @ David 11.53pm

    Fuck! That is one scary profile picture.

    So, do you think that HuffPo commenter got it right, and the Guardian has been even more underhand than we imagined and had a hand in organising the ‘anti-Assange’ protest in the first place?

    Back in David Leigh’s heyday they were pretty fond of organising juvenile stunts (Cash for Questions roadshows and t-shirts, etc) and they have recent form on the use of interns for nefarious purposes (mentioning no names, eh James Ball?)

  • David


    Simone seems to have been with them for a while, since late 2010 at least.

    Ultimately it’s up to each to judge. I’d say, having looked at her blog, that she may well have decided to organise a protest on her own were she never to have any contact with The Guardian but the connection does, as they say, raise questions, especially given their very obvious and well documented personal and political campaign against Julian.

    The fact that her protest amounted to nothing in terms of street effect and rather more to media effect might additionally incline one towards the latter view.

  • Arbed

    David said:

    “I’d say, having looked at her blog, that she may well have decided to organise a protest on her own were she never to have any contact with The Guardian but the connection does, as they say, raise questions”

    Agreed it raises questions, especially in view of the fact that Simone Webb set up her Twitter account on 8 January this year, the day before she announced that she was organising a protest against Assange’s appearance at the Oxford Union. That followed a tweet something like this: “Oh good, the Union has only invited someone wanted for rape to speak to them. #FuckOffAssange”

    Shortly after she announced the protest on 9 January (and I mean shortly after – about an hour – Gosh, those Guardian journalists monitoring social media for newsworthy items are very good at finding Twitter accounts of PPE students that have only existed for a day…), she twote innocently:

    At least she had the decency to acknowledge that Assange had made it clear during his Q & A that he suspected what the real game was:

    Well, if the Graunidad have been even bigger shits about this than we already knew, it has rather spectacularly backfired on them – they’re being torn to shreds all over the shop about this latest smear job.

  • Arbed

    Arbed, 1.25am

    I should add to my previous post that Assange’s forthcoming appearance at the Oxford Union was first announced on Wikileaks’ twitter on 8 January. Simone Webb set up her own Twitter account the same day.

  • Villager

    Hi Arbed,

    Yes shows Assange is one step ahead of them all. And may he always be–long live his initiatives towards justice!

    Simone Q Webb–thats one queer web to stay away from. I had the exact same response when i saw her profile.

    Btw i finally ‘cracked’ the OU youtube video if one is using a laptop without stereo…go to the sound settings and sinply move the ‘balance’ to either side–the full volume magically appears with total clarity. If you will, please post that hint onto youtube so that it may get the wider circulation it deserves!

    Thank you!

  • Arbed

    And they blithely say the US has no interest in extraditing Assange…

    DOJ Tells Judge WikiLeaks Investigation Details Should Remain Secret:

    OMG, some of the quotes in this article are mind-blowing.

    “Today, DOJ filed papers in Washington’s federal trial court asking a judge to shut down the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

    In support of the request, the government submitted a series of secret declarations to the chambers of the presiding judge, Richard Roberts, articulating why none of the responsive records—including evidence summaries and confidential source statements—should be released to the public. The WikiLeaks investigation, DOJ said, is ongoing.”

    “Congress did not enact FOIA to permit such unwarranted intrusion.”

    “Risner defended the filing of three ex parte declarations, written by DOJ officials, saying that “certain information concerning the requested documents and the bases for their withholding cannot be provided publicly.” – Ex parte on an FOI case? They’re having a laugh…

    “EPIC filed record requests to three DOJ components—the FBI, the National Security Division and the Criminal Division. The privacy group is seeking information about any individuals targeted for surveillance “for support for or interest in WikiLeaks.”

    The privacy group also wants to see any federal agency communication with Internet and social media companies—for instance Google and Facebook—about WikiLeaks supporters.

    DOJ lawyers said EPIC is requesting information that “would reveal whether, and to what extent, the government has employed particular investigative techniques in its attempts to identify suspects and obtain evidence.”

    “DOJ lawyers said today that disclosure of the requested information “would identify potential witnesses and other individuals who have cooperated with the investigation.” The FBI, for instance, according to DOJ, gave “expressed or implied assurances” that the identities of sources would remain confidential.”

    “The government also said the FBI has withheld from disclosure information created “in relation to the pending prosecution” of Bradley Manning and “in anticipation of potential other prosecutions stemming from “the disclosure of classified information that was subsequently published on the WikiLeaks website.”

    Speaking of the FBI, hurrah for Iceland, who booted them out when they turned up there – with no prior notice – in August 2011 demanding full access to Icelandic national police and national prosecutor records to further their investigation of Wikileaks:,00.shtml

  • Villager

    Julian, Here’s the answer to your cough:

    This is a purely herbal preparation, fast acting, healing and enduring without any side-effects. Chuck away those antibiotics–in the end they only create more toxins in the body, weaken your immune system and weaken you.

    You can buy this over the internet. Start with a smaller dose of half-teaspoon twice a day, after meals, morning and night.

    With best wishes for all that you do, and for being well.

  • Villager

    Craig, good health to you too.

    Having read carefully your recent health entry, it appears that your immune system is playing havoc with you. This needs to be approached holistically, i.e. at a mind-body level. Diet, sleep, possibly relaxation techniques, brisk-walking, swimming while your in the warmth of Ghana, Ayurvedic herbal medicines etc. There are many things, all of which are within easy grasp that can and indeed need to be done to turn the situation around positively radically. Adding 20 years to your life and improving the quality of your life by multiples through removing blockages of energy and balancing the mind-body, which is you.

    Modern allopathic medicine is as great as it is deeply flawed because of its limited grasp of the whole. It has its strengths and it is important to evaluate the star of the heart but we are a collection of body parts and our consciousness which makes us whole. Often people like you who are averse to corruption of all forms in life and this world become more sensitive and therefore susceptible. Relying on modern medicine alone, which is corrupt, carries its risks.

    If i can guide you further, and more specifically, you have my email and it would be a pleasure.

    Be well!

  • CheebaCow

    Clark said:

    Damn Facebook won’t let me log out at all any more

    WTF, Clark is on FB? Where is the real Clark? 😉

  • CheebaCow

    Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere, but I was listening to Democracy Now last night and heard a piece about a new documentary on the Israeli occupation called ‘The Gatekeepers’. In the film, all the living former heads of the Shin Bet denounce the occupation.

    “We are making the lives of millions unbearable, into prolonged human suffering, [and] it kills me,” – Carmi Gillon

    “[We’ve become] a brutal occupation force similar to the Germans in World War II,” – Avraham Shalom

    Apparently the docco is Oscar nominated, I’m really looking forward to checking it out.

  • rob

    Nick Davies: mixed bag, but ultimately establishment, and allegedly a pretty foul-mothed, unpleasant individual.
    Amelia Hill: Leigh/Rusbridger lackey, aspiring Davies but it would seem needs to practice personal abuse if to even get close.
    James Bell: ex. Wikileaks staffer (draw your own conclusions), Leigh lackey, aspiring Leigh.
    Alan Rusbridger: establishment stooge, captain of a sinking ship.
    David Leigh: Rusbridger’s brother in law, stumped and confused by basic technology.

    To those who are surprised by the Guardian’s biased, inaccurate and pro-establishment treatment of Assange and anything related to Wikileaks, remember that the Guardian is fighting a battle against its demise, is desperate for powerful friends. There’s also the not insignificant matters of careers, egos and that regular paycheque hitting the bank account. Who’s your daddy, Rusbridger?

  • Mary

    Shillary’s last knockings before she falls off the world stage, for good hopefully.

    LATEST:Departing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Iran has stepped up aid to Syrian government

    SamCam must feel like a single parent most of the time as he’s hardly ever there lately in the style of Bliar.

    If it’s Friday, it must be ….Liberia today on world poverty and famine. Try visiting one of the many British food banks Dave.

  • nevermind

    Nothing surprises me from the Guardian, this ‘in house’ protest and follow up would also explain that there was only one single protester. Don’t think Polly Toynbee supporting such ‘protest’ would have got away unrecognised.

    Maybe the only protester you saw there Arbed was also from the Guardian.
    What a scoop and well done. Thanks for the character show down, Rob, keep in touch here.

    Off to see a bully dethroned…

  • Mary

    This abomination continues at the horror hole known as Guantanamo under Bush MkII’s watch although we can well remember Obama’s promise to close it down.

    Judge orders end to secret censorship of Guantanamo court

    The CIA’s Secret Prisons in Poland

    On the locations of the secret CIA prisons used for ‘rendition’. The poor souls concerned would not have had any idea which country they were in whilst they were being flown around to be taken for torture and abuse.

  • Komodo

    Ben: “I think soon Amelia will be out of your hair and into ours, like Piers Morgan. She will land on her feet at the New York Times.”

    We should be so lucky. Our favourite ex-MP, Louise Me, me, me, Mensch, announced that she’d be going to NY too. But she’s writing for Murdoch’s Sun over here still. To see how easy it is to get a degree in English Lit at Oxford, click here (hold your nose):

  • Habbabkuk

    “If it’s Friday it must be….Liberia today on world poverty and famine. Try visiting one of the many British food banks Dave” (Mary at 07h23)

    The above might just give one of two impressions (or both) :

    – Cameron and the UK government shouldn’t bother about world poverty and famine and but should concentrate on poverty in the UK

    – poverty in the UK is as bad as poverty in Liberia and the rest of Africa.

    On the positive side, however,I don’t think the poster is claiming that there’s famine in the UK.

  • Habbabkuk

    @ Komodo (08h54) “To see how easy it is to get a degree in English Lit at Oxford click here (hold your nose)..”

    Eh? What’s the connection between obtaining an English degree from Oxford and the linked article by Louise Mensch?

    You speak with great conviction and authority. Did you attend Oxford, or do you otherwise have any knowledge of the content of the Oxford BA course in English?

    Have you attended any English university and done a BA course in English?

  • Komodo

    The obvious response to your enquiry, Habbabcuk, involves a rolling doughnut and airborne copulation. However, if you did not know Mensch had a degree in Eng Lit from Oxford (Christ’s, I think it was, but feel free as usual to nitpick), you do now.

    No to both your questions. So what? Knowing fuck-all about what you’re talking about never stops you, does it?

  • Villager

    ohne Wenn und Aber.

    3sat interviewed Julian Assange’s lawyer Baltasar Garzón about the Swedish case and the fear of U.S. extradition for his client. Mr Garzón described Mr Assange as someone who “has always followed his convictions” and is a “modern day hero”.

    Hero or not, its certainly difficult in this day and age to find people with a strong sense of right and wrong and to do something for the larger good with complete conviction.

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