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What we are seeing in Egypt is counter-revolution pure and simple, military hardliners who are going to be friendly with Israel and the US, and are committing gross human rights abuse.

Western backed counter-revolution is going to be sweeping back across the Middle East; do not be distracted by the words of the West, watch the deeds.  It will of course be in the name of secularism.  There is an important correlation between what is happening in Turkey and Egypt.  I made myself unpopular when I pointed out what the media did not tell you, that behind the tiny minority of doe-eyed greens in the vanguard of the Istanbul movement, stood the massed phalanxes of kemalist nationalism, a very ugly beast.  “Secularism” was the cry there too.


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  • Komodo

    The US is clearly in headless-chicken mode. Which leads us to assume that what Snowden hasn’t released yet could mean the end of civilisation. *opens popcorn*

  • Komodo

    It’s probably a crime there, too. Not only does it (at best) destroy the pilot’s night vision temporarily, it makes taking snapshots of people on the ground a rather uncertain process. Those are pretty powerful laser pens, btw, judging by the brightness of the beams.

  • Flaming June

    Conditions for the Palestinians at Rafah have worsened.

    Rafah border crossing open for humanitarian cases
    Egypt Independent – 1 hour ago

    Egyptian army demolishes tunnels with Gaza
    Middle East Monitor – 5 minutes ago

    Palestinians suffer restrictions at Rafah border ahead of Egypt’s protests
    Ahram Online – 4 days ago

  • Passerby

    How is it that the Eqyptian air force manage to fly their aircraft with laser pens shining at them, yet in the US and here, it is a crime to direct laser beams at aircraft?

    Did you notice the total nonsense in this paragraph?

    The pilot of a Cessna Citation plane preparing to land at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank suffered “vision impairment that lasted for hours” after the incident, according to a statement from the Office of the United States Attorney Central District of California.

    The helicopter pilot, who had been wearing protective eye gear, was uninjured.

    Where did the helicopter come from?

    Probably a laser was shun into the eyes of the operative who was typing away the nonsense, because he/she was not wearing The protective headgear worn by the helicopter pilot that was beamed by Scottie into the story!

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “There’s a VERY clever game of geopolitic chess being played here and, of course, it’s Wikileaks who are the ones who’ve been busy plotting all the Knight and Queen moves…”

    I hope you’re right Arbed. I’m going barmy with the confluence of multiple subterfuges. I worry for the young man, not much older than my eldest.

  • technicolour

    Chris 2: Thanks for posting. Have reservations about references to the ‘lumpen proletariat’, and about apparent lack of concern for people who are so desperate that their votes can be bought with a glass of milk; but how many people around the world do not recognise this?

    “They represent the majority of all the electoral constituencies, but they do not have any voice. The Muslim Brothers…ensured members of the movement in every public sector. Their way of managing the country is informed by a type of crony capitalism which simply does not leave any room for the opposition figures..”

  • daniel

    I don’t see this as a counter-revolution but rather as a continuation of a revolution as yet incomplete. 25 million people on the streets was symptomatic of the limitations of a genuine democracy from the bottom in terms of outcome. Morsi was voted in to power with a clear mandate which was subsequently sabotaged. The military filled the void and thus the revolution will almost certainly in turn be hijacked by the Obama regime for their own nefarious ends.

  • Fred

    “Copy and paste this in your browser and see if you have clearance to land, on the page!”

    Is that legal? Surely if she has been told she isn’t authorised to access a file and she accesses it she would be breaking the law.

    Seems to be a lot of leeching going on on this blog, Craig is going to be getting a bad name among webmasters.

  • Flaming June

    Egypt is a member of the GECF (Gas Exporting Countries Forum)

    ‘GECF Members & Observers

    The Member Countries of the Forum are: Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

    Kazakhstan, Iraq, the Netherlands and Norway have the status of Observer Members.

    The Forum is a multi-layered and open organization providing flexibility of participation in its activities. GECF highly values the potential of its present Members and Observers and at the same time encourages further increase in their numbers and welcomes new members.’

    They have just been meeting in Moscow.


    I came across them when reading this piece on the Global Research website entitled –

    Will Israel’s Gas Hopes Come True? Accused of Stealing Gas from the Gaza Strip

    ‘The 2nd leaders’ summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) has taken place in Moscow. Experts say there is a candidate to enter the elite club of 13 members once the rich East Mediterranean deposits start to be developed. The vast sea bottom natural gas fields were discovered a few years ago. Israel is the leader in the development; it starts its activities without waiting for neither ultimate resolution of legal issues, nor settling the emerging disputes with neighbors.’


  • Chris2

    Technicolour, I share your reservations which seem uncharacteristic of Amin. However, aside from the tone (and this is a translation I believe) I felt that the point of view would be of interest. Except, of course to the trolls..

  • Flaming June

    ‘Britain responded to the crackdown by calling for political prisoners to be freed as soon as possible so they could be involved in early elections. But as military chiefs installed an interim president, the West was torn between condemning the army’s intervention or working with the new regime after the revolt against Islamist leader Morsi.’

    Agent Cameron is ‘battling with the moral dilemma’.

    “We never support intervention by the military. What now needs to happen in Egypt is for democracy to flourish and for a genuine democratic transition to take place and all parties need to be involved in that.”


    On the same website, I see that the business of fashion designer Nicole Farhi has gone into administration. I am very sorry. Her husband is the brilliant playwright, David Hare, who dramatized Craig’s book ‘Murder in Samarkand’ for radio.

    Wikipedia –

    In February 2007, Farhi was a signatory to the declaration of the Independent Jewish Voices, a new Jewish network, calling for an open and critical debate on Israel and criticising certain Jewish organisations’ unconditional support of Israel.

  • Flaming June

    Don’t worry Fred. It is still verboten. Thanks for trying Passerby.

  • Flaming June

    The Egyptian military act at Israel’s bidding presumably. A betrayal of their brothers and sisters in Gaza.

    Egyptian army demolishes tunnels with Gaza

    Tunnels between Egypt and Gaza have been the main life line to the 1.8million residents of Gaza since the Israeli siege was imposed in 2006.

    On Thursday afternoon, Egyptian bulldozers began to demolish the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip which have functioned as the life-line to the besieged Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli siege in 2006.

    Egyptian facebook news network RNN reported on its page that big Egyptian military bulldozers started the demolition of the tunnels. They were protected by military vehicles.


  • Macky

    Some interesting articles at the antiwar site;

    This also caught my eye; “Postal Service computers photograph the exterior of every piece of paper mail that is processed in the United States — about 160 billion pieces last year. It is not known how long the government saves the images.”

  • Horace Swanson

    I don’t agree, Craig. Morsi was startlingly incompetent and Egypt was going to the dogs. The people couldn’t take it any more.

  • Kibo Noh

    @Auntful.10 55pm

    “Worth looking at more of those patterns.”

    I think so too.

    Loads more on you tube.

    Also in Howard Bloom’s “Global Brain”.

    Ch. 9 “The Conformity Police” and Ch.19 “The Kidnap of the Mass Mind”

  • Ruth

    ‘What we are seeing in Egypt is counter-revolution pure and simple, military hardliners who are going to be friendly with Israel and the US, and are committing gross human rights abuse’

    Craig isn’t that exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood were doing?

  • BrianFujisan

    June @ 7 : 48 pm

    i may have missed it in your Link, but They have redirected the segregation wall in order to steal the gas.

    Israel has amended the path of its “apartheid” Separation Wall near the West Bank village of Rantis in order to include an area where it is believed oil may be discovered. The exploration is taking place on land on the Palestinian side of the so-called “Green” 1949 armistice line.
    Of course, geology does not follow man-made borders, so international conventions leave some no-man’s land between neighbouring countries. “Based on this rule, Israel is definitely stealing oil and gas which, by right, belongs to the Palestinians,” local sources said.

  • Jives


    Strange gig of two halves tonight…struggled at first then it all clicked and everyone was updancing for the last half hour.

    It didn’t help that my main instrument got broken last weekend and i was on a less familiar machine tonight…

    Anyhoo..point being…spoke to a few in the audience tonight…all creeds,colours,religions,gender and age.

    My understanding overall was that so many people felt so helpless,spied upon,serfish…

    Just a view from a Glasgow street tonight chaps-no greater significance…


  • Brendan

    “Agent Cameron is ‘battling with the moral dilemma’.”

    Agent Cameron wouldn’t know a moral dilemma if it introduced itself to him, gave him a million quid, and asked for a Knighthood. ‘Who is this Sir Moral Dilemma anyway?’ he would ask his advisers, much later.

    Do What The US Wants = Good.

    Threaten Own Career By Showing Independence = Bad.

    No dilemma there. Why are so many elected leaders such idiots? This really can’t be an accident.

  • Jemand - Censorship Improves History

    “democracy is democracy”

    Posted by a fool who doesn’t understand the term “political science”. Quite obviously, one implementation of a democratic political system can be radically different to another and furthermore, produce regimes that are significantly unrepresentative of the majority of a well-informed public. Who decides who is and who isn’t representative?

    Let’s not get too sentimental over romanticised notions of “democracy”. Putin was democratically elected, after all.

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