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What we are seeing in Egypt is counter-revolution pure and simple, military hardliners who are going to be friendly with Israel and the US, and are committing gross human rights abuse.

Western backed counter-revolution is going to be sweeping back across the Middle East; do not be distracted by the words of the West, watch the deeds.  It will of course be in the name of secularism.  There is an important correlation between what is happening in Turkey and Egypt.  I made myself unpopular when I pointed out what the media did not tell you, that behind the tiny minority of doe-eyed greens in the vanguard of the Istanbul movement, stood the massed phalanxes of kemalist nationalism, a very ugly beast.  “Secularism” was the cry there too.


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  1. Amazingly this Epetition has been accepted.

    It might be due to the spelling mistake on Edwards Snowden. Yes!

  2. Goodonya John. I’ll tweet that.

  3. “Back in the 70s, my husband (to be) picked up the radio of a local taxi service on a steel string guitar. Scared the shit out of both of us for a short while. ”

    Which reminds me of a tale both historical and topical.

    After WWII the American embassy in Moscow was presented with a wooden replica of the American seal by the Russians. Inside was a radio transmitter with no wires, components or batteries. It was just a diaphragm and a copper rod, a mechanical radio transmitter. The Russians could direct a radio beam at the right frequency`for he copper rod and it would resonate and retransmit on that frequency with any sound in the room modulated on to it. It took the Americans decades to find it.

  4. I WOULD feed my family GM food, says Cameron as he tries to win over public on the issue

    Cancer row over GM foods as study says it did THIS to rats… and can cause organ damage and early death in humans–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html

  5. [Please excuse the OT and personal conversation]

    Ben wrote, “Just wonderin where is he and where you been?

    Hello Ben… hanging out, I guess. Haven’t heard from Clark, I’ll try to contact him. Thanks for the thoughts, hope all is well with you.

  6. I WOULD feed my family GM food, says Cameron

    Shades of John Selwyn Gummer, these low life bastards would sell their granny if there is enough dough in it for them. Evidently horse meat* injected with water and crappy hoof proteins is not enough, to kill us all in the way of reducing the pension costs.

    * What happened to the enquiry?

  7. “Please draw your your own conclusions if the professionals don’t edit it out, as in this case, I think they should. ”

    What’s the matter? A dose of reality too much for you to handle?

  8. “* What happened to the enquiry?”

    It fell at the first fence and had to be put down.

  9. Jeez, Kempe… your posts were pretty weak before. Now they barely appear to show signs of basic awareness.

  10. Dreolin,

    You’d be surprised.Even in 2013,if im giggin in a busy city area i regularly get taxis coming thru loud and clear on my amp.

    It’s pretty embarrassing in a Spinal Tap kinda way.

    Rock ‘n’ roll eh?



  11. BrianFujisan

    6 Jul, 2013 - 3:06 am

    Three cheers for Nicaragua and Venezuela

    “I have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young American, Edward Snowden, so that in the fatherland of Bolivar and Chavez, he can come and live away from imperial North American persecution,” said Maduro

  12. Chris Jones

    6 Jul, 2013 - 3:15 am

    You’ve got this the wrong way round Craig-surely you can’t be this naive? Who knows what if there is a hidden hand behind this rising too but its hard to argue with 14 million people. The ugly beast of nationalsim? Dont you support the rights of the Palestines,Uzbeks and Scots to self determination? Are you caught in the grips of critical theory again-the one that said all European sovereign states should be abolished no matter what….how liberal…

    One more point-stop paying attention to Assange-he is just another egotist and applemac warrior poster boy for nothing of much value-what of any true earthshattering insight has come out of Wikileaks? The guardian will say otherwise of course and their new poster boy Snowdon the ex soldier will pay thei wages for a few months until the next liberally acceptable poster boy

  13. Jives: You’d hear that with any RF setup. Try putting ferrous rings on unshielded leads which might be picking up unwanted signals. The very low-signal, non-amplified carriers are the most susceptible.

  14. BrianFujisan

    6 Jul, 2013 - 3:22 am

    Forgot to include these great words

    “He has told the truth, in the spirit of rebellion, about the US spying on the whole world,” Maduro said.

    “Who is the guilty one? A young man … who denounces war plans, or the US government which launches bombs and arms the terrorist Syrian opposition against the people and legitimate President Bashar al-Assad?”

    “Who is the terrorist? Who is the global delinquent?” added Maduro.

  15. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 7:21 am

    Brian. Praise be for Presidents Maduro and Ortega for their humanity. Venceremos.

    John Yes noticed that about Bowen too. No comment from the news presenter. A normal person would have enquired what had happened to him and if he was alright.
    ‘It never happened etc – Pinter’

    Will sign the petition.

    Fedup Re GM. Had you seen this? We thought Spelman was bad enough. Paterson is toxic.

    Tory MP says pro-GM Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is ‘industry puppet’
    Richmond Park MP accused fellow party member of ‘nonsensical’ claims about GM benefits of GM technology

  16. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 7:27 am

    The BBC denies that the blockade of Gaza causes medicine shortages.

    Health Check, World Service, 4 October 2012: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit

    A listener complained that an item on the situation of people with kidney failure in Gaza gave the misleading impression that medical supplies and equipment were subject to the Israeli blockade, and that the item was misleading in other respects.

    In most respects the item was not misleading. However, the sentence “The blockade of Gaza for example has led to shortages of medicines and medical equipment” gave the impression that the Israeli blockade covered medical supplies, which is not the case.

    Partly upheld

    Further action
    In future, when commissioning reports from freelance reporters abroad, Healthcheck will ensure they take advice from the local BBC bureau before finalising the item.

    The BBC ruling was reported by the Jewish Chronicle

    Please complain to the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU) giving your name and address!


    Furthermore, the people in Gaza do not even have use of the tunnels now since the Egyptian military demolished them.

  17. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 7:37 am

    St Theresa will be popping the champagne corks this weekend. She obviously takes the word of the USUKIsNATO stooge, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, that he will get a fair trial.

  18. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 7:50 am

    ‘Bowen, a veteran of conflicts around the globe, said it was the first time he had been shot.

    As I helped his cameraman bandage his wounds, he said: “I was crossing the road when they opened fire.

    “I think it was a shotgun. I got two pellets in the leg and one in the ear. It came out of nothing.”

    Bowen, 53, added: “As the crowd got angrier and angrier it started to surge forward and someone opened fire straight away from the military side.

    “Before they had used any kind of teargas they resorted to live fire.

    “Initially I thought it was in the air and then I saw the weapons were levelled.

    “After that I saw a man went down. I saw the body, bloodied, being carried away.

    “We’d been hanging around filming, they fired some gas and the crowd scattered, and just as I was reaching the curb and I felt something hit the side of my head by my ear and my leg.

    “I’ve been in a lot of hairy situations as a reporter over many years but I have never been hit by anything.”

  19. The “Ugly Beast “ of popular revolution. How is that any form of change can be nationalistic, internationaliatic, secular. Etc.

    As with “standards“ it desire to work which standards come from, and control of the desire to work which ultimately effect standards and cause revolutions.

    Popular opinion is something organic whether cultural otherwise conceived egalitarian raising of standards can be organised if desired.

    What ever revolution in Eygpt they need concerning voice.

    Will the controllers listen?

  20. @John Goss. 11 50pm

    Thanks for setting up the petition.

    I took a look 15 mins ago. “No of Signatures: 3”

    I then signed and clicked the confirmation email.

    For the next 15mins the number of signatures remained at 3.

    Finally it registers 4.

    Can the blog’s resident software experts explain if this delay is credible, or is it more likely that the total is being manipulated?

    There seems to be a consistent strand, when it comes to numbers, whether it’s deaths in Iraq, Us soldiers through Shannon, nubers demonstrating or signatures on a pro-whistleblower petition, that the keepers of the official narrative have a problem with numbers.

    Maybe Brand-New-Habba can shed some light on the anomaly.

  21. All those bloody “nubers demonstrating”.

    They should get a proper job. That’s what I say.

  22. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 9:04 am

    Same experience Brian. Perhaps our names go via Cheltenham and then Dave has to give the final say so. Only joking Dave!

  23. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 9:05 am

    LOL from the FAQ

    Why hasn’t my signature been added to the total on the petition?

    Once an e-petition has been signed, the updating of the number of signatures does not take place straight away. Instead, the signature total which appears on the site refreshes at regular intervals, rather than at the moment the signature is added.

  24. Eutelsat threatens satellite firms with US sanctions
    Press TV has obtained some of the letters, which Michel De Rosen, the French-Israeli CEO of Eutelsat, has written to satellite companies warning them against providing services to Iranian media.
    He has said that if European satellite companies do not comply with US sanctions against Iran’s national broadcasting corporation, their assets will be frozen by the government of the United States. De Rosen has also warned service providers that their officials will be denied entry into the US, if they broadcast Iranian channels.
    “Mr. De Rosen initially raised the issue of EU sanctions against Iran. But when I talked directly with the EU foreign policy chief’s spokesperson, Mr. Michael Mann, and aired his comments that EU sanctions did not apply to Iranian media, Mr. De Rosen suddenly changed the story,” said Hamid Reza Emadi, Press TV’s newsroom director. “All of a sudden, Mr. De Rosen starts focusing on US sanctions and completely forgets about the EU embargo that he so passionately talked about before,” he added….

  25. @June. 9 05am

    Now why don’t I feel reassured?

    Brian Kibo.

  26. the revolution will not even be BLOGGED. couldn’t believe how many blogs failed to even cover the continuing revolution.

    MSM drove the narrative – first by ignoring the buildup, then by equating Pro & Anti Morsi protesters – LOL – when there were 20 million to 25,000, by some reports.

    “clashes between” blamed when MB killed protesters. bbc even claimed they didn’t know what they were protesting about, when they & the rest of the MSM have ignored all the grievances building up since Morsi was installed with our help.

    vurtually no MSM among the peaceful millions letting them speak for themselves; probably didn’t want the world to see the anti-obama anti-anne patterson banners while obama was on the african continent; no reporters in other major towns & cities, except for MB stronghold Nasr City.

    this is just stage two of the egyptian revolution; not perfect & may it may fail again but, when the West, Gulf States, Turkey, Jordan, Israel have been busy inserting MB in Libya, Egypt, Syria, i don’t think it takes a geopolitical genius to work out why the people revolted.

    tunisians are learning from tamarod; libyans have begun taking steps to remove the MB, even while knowing the MB will never go away now they’ve tasted power. good luck to them all.

  27. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 9:51 am

    Sorry I called you Brian Kibo!

    Have just been for a lovely walk. Not too hot. The whole of a valley here below the North Downs has been planted with barley. It is just turning from green to a beautiful pale gold. The arable field through which I returned home was a blaze of yellow from the hawkweed.


    Good for Blatter here. I always think of him in connection with FIFA corruption.

    Blatter heads to Palestine for talks travel restrictions

    Friday, 5 July 2013

  28. When Mubarak was kicked out the Egyptian constitution was altered, with broad agreement from all those who participated in the election, to prevent another dictator arising. One of the cornerstones of those changes was preventing the President from making laws without judicial accountability/approval. One of the first things Morsi did once he removed the Army’s official influence from his government was to repeal that law, allowing him to resume Mubarak’s role as totalitarian dictator. He betrayed the electorate, the process and (most importantly) the Army.

    This is why the talking heads are more concerned that democracy is upheld rather than support the justified removal of a religious extremists intent on taking Egypt down a road the people had already rejected. Allowing him to remain in power for the good of a so called democracy, when he has clearly betrayed everything he claimed to stand for in such a short space of time, serves only those who have done exactly the same here “the NHS is safe with us”, “we’re in it together”, “we will protect the poor and vulnerable” ad nauseum. The people here could learn a thing from the Egyptians.

  29. Dreolin at 12.06 am. Thanks for tweeting the Epetition concerning the US spying on us. I’ve done a short blog.

  30. Jay 4 Jul, 2013 – 10:30 am

    A very interesting ‘counter argument’ you present there. Any chance of providing something other than a totally pointless ad hominem next time, like some facts or actualities, to prove that you aren’t a complete tool?

  31. Follow the money;

    “A perceptive look into all this came via a 2008 U.S.diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks. The writer in the U.S. Embassy in Cairo ticked off the various businesses the military was involved in, and considered how the military might react if Egypt’s then president, Hosni Mubarak, were to lose power.

    The military would almost certainly go along with a successor, the cable’s author wrote, as long as that successor didn’t interfere in the military’s business arrangements.”

    Talking of money;

    (original FT article behind paywall)

  32. O/T again I’m afraid. Sorry. Thanks for the link BrianFujisan at 3.06 am.

    Here is another on the same subject of Venezuela offering Edward Snowden asylum. “I announce to the friendly governments of the world that we have decided to offer this statute of international humanitarian law to protect the young Snowden from the persecution that has been unleashed from the most powerful empire in the world,” the United States.”

  33. @Doug Scorgie: You don’t believe in democracy..Can you explain how you think the world should be run?

    I believe that democracy should be the preferred system by default, and that movements in this direction are to be encouraged. However I also believe that dictatorships or regimes that would take away people’s freedoms should be prevented from coming to power, namely Communism, fascism and Islamism. Overthrowing Hitler, the Soviet Union, and Morsi (especially once he had made himself “Pharaoh” and introduced an Islamist constitution) were all good IMO.

    For applying the Kissinger principle in practice, I would say that civil and economic freedoms are an important touchstone. Thus Swedish socialism is not problematic. Venezuela under Chavez was becoming borderline IMO. As for Cuba, I wish the Bay of Pigs invasion had succeeded, but what’s done is done. Now it may be best to normalise relations with Cuba as America did with Vietnam, and encourage them to give more freedom to teir citizens.

  34. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 12:38 pm

    The price of oil.

    RIP the 167 who died on this day 25 years ago in the Piper Alpha disaster. It was horrendous.

  35. O/T

    M. Gove is such a didactic Gay

    “language in playgrounds that wasn’t effectively policed.”

    Nothing better to do, than teach the world how to behave, is he thinking he is the Education Secretary of the world now? Everyone knows how “Gay” that is!!!!

    PS I is not a homophone, in fact I have many friends who are “Gay”, and I have called them so!!! (I hope the readers would laugh as much as I have writing about this pressing matter for Minister of Education)

  36. If you weren’t watching, the Lions have beaten the Wallabies 41 – 16

    Stick a fork in it

  37. @Abe Rene. 11 46am

    I think you are a brave one, trying to persuade with the teachings of Henry Kissinger. (“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” 1973)

    For me somehow, the words “Kissinger” and “principle” don’t seem to belong in the same sentence.

    There must be a good grammatical reason.

    Or maybe it’s the impossible logic of it.

    Just plain tautological.

    As for democracy, I’m sure you will agree that democracy comes in many forms and the western military/industrial-controlled version has lost most of it’s credibility with anyone who cares to inform themselves.

    Before you swallow any more MSM opinions about Venezualan democracy you might enjoy Oliver Stone’s “South of the Border” and the brilliant Irish documentary “Inside the Coup”.

  38. After Egyptian Democracy Mk 1 I wouldn’t blame those on the streets for being wary of a repeat. The destruction by the army of the Gaza tunnels is an ominous sign given the strong popular support for the abused Palestinians.

    A couple of observations on how it can be:

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”
    HL Mencken (1880 – 1956)

    “Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear.
    Alan Corenk

    Whether it ends up as just another pro-Israel/US stitch-up or not will surely depend on how much support the generals get from the lower ranks.

    Venezuala has shown that once lower ranks give their allegiance to the population then the generals, corporate oligarchs and bishops lose their power.

    I wish the Egyptians well.

  39. I believe that democracy should be the preferred system by default, and that movements in this direction are to be encouraged.

    Is this from miss Ohio’s speech when she won her first beauty pageant?

    What democracy are we talking about? The current O’cracy brand we all are subjected to, is anything but what it says on the tin. To find the failed O’cracy subjects then pontificating how others should or should not live their lives, is a bit of a “does not compute” conundrum.

    Further considering that Hitler lived, way, way, back in the last century, and since then the war criminals in US have surpassed the tally of the dead he had chalked up by a factor of umpteen. This getting achieved in a state of perpetual war, that has been initiated to stop the domino effect across the planet of some trumped up and contrived menace or other. There seems to be little point of pulling the rickety old skeleton of the mustachioed Austrian painter, to make a point.

    Fascism, was defined by the other poster boy of propriety Il Duce:

    The Fascist State organizes the nation, but leaves a sufficient margin of liberty to the individual; the latter is deprived of all useless and possibly harmful freedom, but retains what is essential; the deciding power in this question cannot be the individual, but the State alone

    Freedom of choice, Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression, as currently exercised in US won’t you agree?

    Best learn what these labels entail before using them perhaps. The notion that every system is wrong other than the only system prescribed by the good old US, itself is another fascist doctrine:

    empire demands discipline, the coordination of all forces and a deeply felt sense of duty and sacrifice: this fact explains many aspects of the practical working of the regime, the character of many forces in the State, and the necessarily severe measures which must be taken against those who would oppose this spontaneous and inevitable movement

    Finally “Islamism” or political arrangements derived from the Islamic principles, evidently ought to be rejected and replaced either with “christian/Judaic/atheistic/secular” values instead, so that O’cray can flourish as per the prescribed parameters outlined in the above principles set out.

    This is just fine and dandy for the resource stealing, gun toting apple pie loving marauders, but what is in it for their victim/target nations?

  40. It was of course Muslim Brotherhood member Morsi who replaced the anachronistic Chief-of-Staff Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, a Western Army stooge, by Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, a US trained intelligence officer.

    It is clear to me the West were mindful of Arab intensity and formulated a probability contrivance in case of revolt against Morsi that would then shift power back to the Egyptian army.

    The Egyptian army are tools of the CIA.

  41. “As for Cuba, I wish the Bay of Pigs invasion had succeeded…” Abe.

    That says it all, Abe. You’d like the CIA and the Mafia to be in control of a country.

    I agree about normalising relations, of course. It should’ve been done decades ago, but it’s ongoing hyper-power vindictiveness – ‘step out of line and we’ll freeze you out’.

  42. “… applying the Kissinger principle in practice…” Abe Rene.

    What, you mean death squads, torture, carpet bombing, systemic rape and the assassination of an elected president?

  43. Wrt Egypt, it seems it is Hobson’s Choice b/w various Right-wing autocracies/de facto elected or unelected dictatorships, all of which are US stooges. An ‘Algerian Civil War’ situation now may develop.

  44. Mark Golding said;

    West were mindful of Arab intensity and formulated a probability contrivance in case of revolt against

    How about:

    West were mindful of Arab intensity and formulated a probability contrivance in case of revolt against the rule of iniquitous stooges of the West ie Mubarak and sons, and allowed Morsi to be shoed-in as a stop gap, and a means of buying time. Post the austere of Mubarak and thereafter Tantawi, rule of Morsi period proved to be a great asset in dividing the Egyptian opposition, that in turn could lead to reinstatement of the next Western trained and trusted pair of hands at the helm.

  45. “However I also believe that dictatorships or regimes that would take away people’s freedoms should be prevented”

    Does that include corporate corrupted “democracies” ? In which policies are bought by buying/”funding” politicians ? Not much “people’s freedom” around when needed to oppose a paid for corporate vested interest.

    “As for Cuba, I wish the Bay of Pigs invasion had succeeded, but what’s done is done.”

    So you wished that a foreign military intervention had succeeded in overthrowing a popular revolution that had got rid of a corrupt & vicious one-man dictatorship who was selling out his own country to foreign interests, and committing horrendous human rights abuses against his own people ?!

    “and encourage them to give more freedom to teir citizens.”

    Don’t you think that trying to win back the freedoms that we have steadily been losing in the last few years, would put us in a better position to “encourage” others ?

  46. “Swedish socialism is not problematic”

    The Swedes must be relieved.

    “Venezuela under Chavez was becoming borderline IMO”

    Borderline what? Chavez won majorities of 60%. That’s not borderline, that’s called a clear democratic mandate.

  47. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 2:53 pm

    Some unfunny jeering under the cover of satire on The News Quiz earlier from Ms Toksvig et al about Edward Snowden and his appeals for asylum and President Morales’ jet.

    ‘Who couldn’t Bolivia the way the US treated him this week?

    ‘Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in up to 12 different countries. I think that comes across as a bit needy……’ etc etc

    A satirical review of the week’s news, chaired by Sandi Toksvig. With Jeremy Hardy, Susan Calman, Jason Cook and Hugo Rifkind.

    Rifkind, Murdoch hack, is the son of the reliable stooge Sir Malcolm, chair Intelligence and Security Committee who goes right back to 1974 with Heath and then Thatcher who became party leader in 1975 and PM in 1979.

  48. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 2:56 pm

  49. Faming June, thanks, I didn’t realise that about Hugo Rifkind. Yes, I listen into that show and often enjoy it, find it funny and clever, while driving (usually to work), though as with most such shows, there often seems to be a self-satisfied air of ‘metropolitan in-club’ about it. But I’m probably just a demonic ‘Darth Vader’ frustrated writer!

    But I did pick up on what you’re referring to about Snowden. They also attacked Murdoch, but this is a little akin to corporate humour, it seems to me, and might tend to reinforce power. It’s certainly not the Theatre of the Oppressed.

    I have to say – I’m sorry if this offends anyone – that I hardly ever tend to find the Scottish comedienne on it that funny – is that Calman? Some people have a good radio voice and others do not. The pitch and manner of her radio voice irritates me. I think a lot of her material seems laboured and the punch-lines don’t always deliver.

  50. @Passerby 2 11pm

    Thanks for putting that together.

    “…empire demands discipline, the coordination of all forces and a deeply felt sense of duty and sacrifice: this fact explains many aspects of the practical working of the regime, the character of many forces in the State, and the necessarily severe measures which must be taken against those who would oppose this spontaneous and inevitable movement…”

    Il Duce sure saw how that bit worked. And he had the confidence and charisma to expect and receive from enough Italians to assume Status AA++, as “The One who has Everything Worked Out”.

    Primate’s hardwired fatal flaws. A tendency to defer to high status and the malleability to be controlled by conformity and fear.

    Well illustrated by Attenborough in “The Life of Primates”.

    I remember one sequence which starts with the classic mugshot of a blissed-out japanese snow monkey above the steamy water of a hot-spring pool. After a few moments, that give a sense of the zen stillness of the scene, the camera slowly zooms out.

    At first the other five or so aristocratic bathers can be seen, then the burly hench-monkeys patrolling the pool edge for feeding and mating privilages, and finally the lumpen-primatariat, about thirty sad little wretches sitting hunched up with cold amongst the snow-strewn boulders, accepting their place in primate order.

    More musings from Dr Haider Shah on the primate behaviour theme.

    Victims waiting for the next war-cult to arrive.

    How many times are we human’s going to follow these roads to hell, sure of deluded certainties fed them by corporate media narratives?

  51. Doug Scorgie  – 

    “So Jemand you are one of those right-wing wankers that only believes in democracy when it gives the result you want. … If I’m wrong please let me and the other posters know what your stance on democracy is.”

    I’m so sorry, Doug (anti-caucasian), but you are wrong – I am none of those things you regularly accuse me, and others, of. You might want to read Craig’s recent comment regarding falsely accusing commentators of motives etc. 

    I also don’t need to state my “stance” on democracy for you or “other posters” whom you presume to represent, because you are nothing to me.

    Maybe you would like to elaborate on your uniquely succinct “democracy is democracy” theory. Was that the title of your thesis paper with an online university?

  52. And Abe, supporting the Bay of Pigs operation is not ‘supporting democracy’. I mean, the USA was supporting dictatorships in ‘Latin’ America for many decades and Cuba was a prime example. The Bay of Pigs was an attempt to restore the rule of the Mafia/CIA/Batista. So to claim that the Bay of Pigs was an attempt to bring democracy to Cuba is like claiming Jack the Ripper was a feminist.

    In fact, Castro was not a committed Communist at the time of the Cuban Revolution. He was a self-determination nationalist. He wanted good relations with the USA but was rejected because they wanted full spectrum exploitation as they’d had before. And so, Castro was driven by the USA into the waiting arms of the USSR.

  53. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    6 Jul, 2013 - 4:48 pm

    “Egyptians would be lucky if their new ruling generals turn out to be in the mold of Chile’s Augusto Pinochet, who took power amid chaos but hired free-market reformers and midwifed a transition to democracy. If General Sisi merely tries to restore the old Mubarak order, he will eventually suffer Mr. Morsi’s fate.”

    Yes. This is the prefect (sic) solution.

  54. Cute & very smart little Egyptian ;

  55. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 5:48 pm

    Afraid that the name of Susan Calman has never registered with me Suhayl. I see her Dad is the well known chief medical officer first of Scotland and then of England. Sir Kenneth Calman.

    The bunch on the News Quiz are rather too precious.


    What a stench is arising from the dirty tricks now being disclosed that followed Stephen Lawrence’s murder. How his poor mother has stuck with the case, goodness knows.

  56. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 5:55 pm

  57. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 6:00 pm

    The ex IAEA head and US/UN place person is about to be named as the interim prime minister of Egypt according to Reuters.

  58. Kinoh Noh and Flaming June thanks for the information and for signing the Epetition. I’ve added a photo to my blog which might help the numbers which are now in double figures. At least it should raise a smile. These things can snowball.

    It is in all our interests to sign this. It is in all our interests to try and get our friends to sign it too. So sign and spread please.

  59. “Afraid that the name of Susan Calman has never registered with me Suhayl. I see her Dad is the well known chief medical officer first of Scotland and then of England. Sir Kenneth Calman.” Flaming June.

    I didn’t know that, either. Thanks again. Gosh, is everybody somebody’s son or daughter? If you see what I mean. Britain really is like that, still – increasingly, again.


    ElBaradei #Egypt’s new PM. “Failed to win through the ballet box, needed to be installed by the military” was chant on #NassrCity #Egypt
    6:17 PM – 6 Jul 2013

  61. “Afraid that the name of Susan Calman has never registered with me Suhayl. I see her Dad is the well known chief medical officer first of Scotland and then of England. Sir Kenneth Calman.”

    Maybe it’s best not to take humour too seriously Mary.

    I must say that what it said in the link about her getting death threats from Scots Nationalists and being called a self loathing Scot is somewhat disturbing.

  62. OT BREAKING: Boeing 777 Crashes in San Francisco. Reported to be making emergency landing.

  63. Britain does not play with Islam, the religion and belief of millions; Britain secretly and covertly plays with Islamism or political Islam. Political Islam, is an altogether different creature from the spiritual interpretation of Muslim life as contained in the Five Pillars of Islam.

    The British direction to America found political Islam to be a convenient partner during each stage of the US empire building project in the Middle East, from its early entry into the region to its gradual military encroachment, to its expansion into an on the ground military presence, and finally to the emergence of the US as an army of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and covertly in Libya and Syria.

    This present situation, the deceptive arms length British intervention in Syria seems insurmountable, overwhelming, forget it. Not so; knowledge unites and culture connects us, the people. That connection and the power of intention can force the impossible to become achievable.

    Intention can settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a manner that guarantees justice for the Palestinians; an independent state that is geographically and economically viable, tied to the withdrawal of illegal Israeli settlements, an Israeli return to its 1967 borders, and a stable and equitable division of Jerusalem.

    That, more than any other action, would remove a global casus belli for the Islamic right.

    Intention can dismantle U.S. military bases in the Persian Gulf and facilities in Saudi Arabia, force a sharp reduction in the visibility of the U.S. Navy, US military training missions, and US arms sales and distribution to terrorists.

    Intention can fragment British and American visions of democracy, where freedom and justice are the wrappings of intrusion and the empowerment of serfs.

    Intention can force Britain and America to abandon their propensity to make bellicose warlike and hostile threats directed at nations in the Middle East.

    The Internet is our tool our hand-shake our embrace.


    Asiana 214 (Track inbound flight)
    AAR214 · “Asiana” (all flights)
    Incheon Int’l (RKSI / ICN)

    San Francisco Intl (KSFO)
    Terminal I

    Live closeup of crash now on CNN


    I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I’m ok. Surreal…
    — David Eun at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (Airport)

    Looks like most passengers survived.

  66. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    6 Jul, 2013 - 9:37 pm

    Mark @ 8:13


  67. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    6 Jul, 2013 - 9:41 pm

    ‘I’d love to change the World’ TYA

  68. If it were fact that a jumbo-jet fell out of the sky, somewhere or the other every single day, year after year for the last 100 years, would you continue to fly?

    Yet a similar if not more number of people have been killed day-after-day, year-upon-year in the last century or so in wars where human beings kill their own species, other human-beings. It hasn’t stopped war. Activist’s protests hasn’t changed that. We each have to ask ourselves the question WHY? WHY do human beings continue to kill each other? The quest for an answer lies very, very deep — inwardly. How many people ask themselves this question and work hard sincerely to understand the whole process of how this comes to be, how this has come to pass? The future is the past.

  69. Two short clips of plane on fire at San Francisco airport after crash landing. Reports that all passengers and crew are safe.

  70. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 10:11 pm

    Fred When I said that Susan Calman had never registered with me, I meant to say that I have never heard of her!

  71. Flaming June

    6 Jul, 2013 - 10:16 pm

    There is no show without Punch.

    Egyptian army had no choice over move to topple Morsi, says Tony Blair
    Alternative to military intervention was a country in chaos, says former prime minister

    Toby Helm and Martin Chulov

    The Observer, Saturday 6 July 2013 21.22 BST

    Taking a different approach to both President Obama and William Hague, who have expressed reservations over the military takeover, Blair makes clear that, overall, he believes it was the right move. “I am a strong supporter of democracy. But democratic government doesn’t on its own mean effective government. Today efficacy is the challenge.” Having taken this country to war in Iraq in 2003 despite huge public opposition, including a march by more than a million people through London, Blair now argues that shows of public unrest such as that in Egypt – fuelled and organised through social media – cannot be ignored.

    “This is a sort of free democratic spirit that operates outside the convention of democracy that elections decide the government. It is enormously fuelled by social media, itself a revolutionary phenomenon.

    “And it moves very fast in precipitating crisis. It is not always consistent or rational. A protest is not a policy, or a placard a programme for government. But if governments don’t have a clear argument with which to rebut the protest, they’re in trouble.”


  72. Ken Calman (as he was known to everyone then) used to give us lectures at university in the mid-1980s in Glasgow; he’s an oncologist and was an excellent lecturer. He seemed like a pleasant, approachable guy. More recently, he chaired a commission on Scottish Devolution which was opposed by the SNP; hence, possibly the context for the seeming viciousness of the reaction to his daughter’s comments/jokes on the subject. Fred, it’s not at all disturbing, it’s silly, plays into the ‘dour Scot’ stereotype and no doubt was excellent publicity for Ms Calman. After all, she’s not exactly Jerry (‘Gobshite’) Sadowitz.

    Mark, 8:13pm, today – excellent post.

  73. ATC audio

    Explains the original (incorrect) report that the pilot declared an emergency prior to landing. Amazingly Asiana 214 declared an emergency after landing. ATC were in communication with the crew after it came to a stop.

    Looks like they just came in just too damned low. They came in for a visual approach as ILS was apparently not available due to “upgrades in progress”. Seconds before the incident ATC comms shows the pilots thought everything was fine.

    Some reports say they may have tried to gain some more height at the very last moment.

  74. ‘At least 1 killed, 60 reported missing as runaway Canada oil train explosion forces town evacuation (VIDEO, PHOTOS)’

  75. “ATC audio”

    I had heard that, Anon, and I swear I don’t see how those guys understand each other … I suppose it’s an acquired skill …

  76. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    6 Jul, 2013 - 10:51 pm

    I was going to register for commenting on Sibel Edmonds ‘Boiling Frogs’ until I got to the page which REQUIRES payment? Has anyone seen this crap before? I don’t cotton to paywalls. If you have a tip-jar/paypal ok. Voluntary is ok, but this……….

  77. I doubt the tower understood much either in real-time other than the callsign and eventual confirmation from Asiana 214 that they understood that response was on the way. The signal was very weak and it is a miracle they were transmitting at all. I think I can make out bits more of it but as CNN is sticking with “GARBLED” I’ll stick with that as well.

  78. The thing that struck me about footage of the plane-crash was the lack of a tail-fin anywhere near the plane. My speculation is centring on this. I am pleased there are only two reported deaths at the moment, though for two families this is going to devastate their summers. Ironically I have just finished an article on the Lockerbie mid-air explosion that caused the deaths of 270 people, one of them being the UN commissioner to Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, who was in the process of bringing multinationals who were exploiting Namibia’s natural resources, as well as its workers, to justice. The UN prosecution was inexplicably dropped after Carlsson’s death. Carlsson was another whistle-blower who died in an “accident”. More later on this. Of course I am not trying to draw a parallel between the crash at San Francisco airport and Lockerbie.

    Sweden, a former model of human-rights and peace initiatives has been turned round by public relations’ companies like Prime, with the blessing of Karl Rove, the man who rigged the election that got George W Bush illegally elected, through his electronic voting system. So if the numbers of people signing the Epetition for removing US spy stations from UK soil appears to be stagnating that might be due to external influences.

  79. Approach slope of yesterday’s landing of AAR 214 compared to today’s crash

    From pprune forum member “Paper Tiger”

  80. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    6 Jul, 2013 - 11:59 pm

    “There is also the private-flight option. Reports last week quoted the cost of a private plane to Ecuador to be more than $200,000 on one of the few private jets that could make the trip without refueling. Similar flights to Venezuela or Nicaragua would presumably be only a bit less.”

    I’d kick-in a few shekels…

  81. @Suhayl Saadi

    Just think about what you are saying here. There isn’t anything silly about death threats. It isn’t about playing into stereotypes and it isn’t about publicity.

    It’s just about threats and intimidation.

  82. The thing that struck me about footage of the plane-crash was the lack of a tail-fin anywhere near the plane.

    Lack of tail-fin? It’s an absolute effing miracle so much of the rest of the plane is intact at the speed it slammed into the ground. Looks like only a very last second application of power got them over land. Last transmitted track-log was “climb”.

  83. BrianFujisan

    7 Jul, 2013 - 12:27 am

    Attempted Setup of Luke Rudkowski

    i’ve been hearing of more of the elite’s Lowest of the Low, dirty tricks to catch out Alternative media journalist’s, and whistle blowers, first it was allegations of Rape, now they are planting Child Porn on Target computers.

    I wonder who’s children the bastards don’t give a fuck about planting around the globe.

    we know how evil the establishment are with all the carnage they have been causing just non stop really for the last decade or so, and always blood thirsty for more, And they blood letting gets ever More Ghastly – ( Syria )

    but this sicking child porn weaponry they have been using, leaves one just numb,

    Luke Rudkowski of received an email from an anonymous sender claiming to be a Bilderberg whistleblower with attached photos from inside the 2013 Bilderberg meeting at the Grove Hotel in Watford, England. The email was sent to his personal email address that he has had since high school, not one of his work or WeAreChange email addresses. Luke opened the email from another computerand it stated that the person wanted Luke to break the story so he was sending him these photos exclusively and specifically stated that Luke needed to download the photos. Fortunately before downloading, Yahoo gives a preview of the photos and the photos were actually graphic child pornography. Luke has had his computer searched by forensics when going into Canada to cover the G20 when they searched him and interrogated him for hours, something like this could happen again when we come back to the U.S. from travelling Europe. Had this been the case, even with deleting, they would still find the images. There would be no understanding of the true story and he would be facing a felony charge. Besides that also completely jeopardizing his work, reputation and livelihood. We wanted to make this public for Luke‘s safety and also for people to be aware that this kind of thing happens. We do not know who this was, all we know is that it is so important for anyone in this line of work to remain extremely vigilant.


  84. Hearing that this Quebec oil train crash may be worse than reported up to now.


    Holy guacamole. It’s bad. Really, really bad. Only one person confirmed dead, but a hundred still missing, a thousand evacuated, and the town “cut in half as if by a knife” because of the fires in the downtown area.

    “Leanan” is Oil Drum “staff”

  85. Ben @ 9:37

    “And although my eyes were open they might have well have been closed…”

  86. Fred

    She added: “If we could stop the random name-calling, the swearing, the death threats (real or otherwise) then perhaps we could get somewhere.

    A satirical complains about death threats “real or otherwise”. Hmm…

    ‘Death threat’ comedienne refused to appear on Newsnight Scotland
    Some online commentators have questioned whether death threats were received at all and have asked the comedienne for evidence. There have also been questions over claims by Ms Calman of “a blog which is pretty abusive towards me”, with many people claiming to be unable to find such a blog.

    Newsnet Scotland has contacted the Scotsman newspaper asking if they had seen evidence of the death threats.

    Ms Calman’s facebook page has since been taken down.

    In a tweet to Ms Calman, Newsnet Scotland condemned unequivocally any and all online abuse and threats. We also asked the comedienne to clarify the nature of the alleged death threats, but have yet to receive a reply.

  87. satirical complains

    satirical comedienne complains

    But anyway, just to be clear: I’m all in favour of being against imaginary non-real death threats. As well as real ones obviously.

  88. BrianFujisan
    7 Jul, 2013 – 12:27 am

    Very important post Brian thank-you. GCHQ special division P666 – (is that the devil’s porn) specialise, also terrrror is used.

    I had an email ‘advising’ I would be shot dead if I left my house after 8pm. The email was routed via Pakistan, the IP was from a ‘Chinese’ block allocation.

    Edward should have made that very clear to us…

  89. Suhayl said, “…and so, Castro was driven by the USA into the waiting arms of the USSR.

    While absolutely correct, the point deserves expansion. Any government not “playing ball” (i.e. acting as a client state), and failing to be a stooge for exploitation of its people and natural resources on behalf of corporate America, will be termed as an unfriendly administration.

    If the people are behind that government, having enthusiastically supported a move to direct the resources of their country to the majority of the people, it may be deemed that the entire nation is “going communist”. This is where useful idiots like old Abe come in, nodding in agreement when suggestions like those of Kissinger are aired – old Abe would doubtless also agree that Vietnam villages had to be destroyed in order to save them.

    Tiny countries are a particular threat, because they can demonstrate how the masses can fair well given more even distribution of resources. If tiny countries can show healthcare, education, wealth distribution and power sharing can actually work well, then this is a massive threat to much more wealthy countries where there still exists grinding poverty. Not to mention, horror at the idea of fair distribution among the investor classes.

    In the case of Castro, as with many others, he was actually forced to either accept assistance from the USSR, or abandon the revolution altogether, or to let his people be utterly destitute. The US allowed no other option. Cuba is a tiny country. They have to trade to survive – the US neither would trade with it, nor would they allow any “allies” to trade. Left with no option, such countries turn to the only possibility left, which allows the US to shriek and gasp, “They’re turning to the commies!!”. Shock and horror. Now we can really turn the guns on them.

    What a pitiful, tiny stooge old Abe is – parroting this same washed out line decades after being so discredited.

  90. From ATC recording

    Departing Aircraft (United 285?): “We may need a few more minutes – just a heads up

    ATC: “United 85(?) hold short of runway 28 left. Advise when ready.”

    I think the crew on the ground about to take off saw this coming. That “heads up” was about 5-10 seconds from impact.

  91. 6 july – Former British MP condemns media ban on Iranian channels
    Former British Conservative MP Derek Conway condemned the decision by the international Satellite providers to take dozens of Iranian channels, including Press TV, off the air.
    Speaking on Press TV’s weekly debate program Comment, Conway said, “I just wonder as someone who’s been involved in politics for 40 years of my life, how you can preach about freedom of speech, if you don’t encourage it”.
    You don’t have to like what Iran says. What people have to say is of interest and you listen and maybe you disagree, maybe you go somewhere else for a view, it’s called freedom of speech”, he added. ..

    Iranian officials say they are determined to take legal action against the illegal media ban and are preparing to take the case to the United Nations (UN).
    Press TV and other Iranian satellite channels have been taken off the air regardless of mutual contracts and agreements in several Western countries including Britain, France, Germany and Spain.

  92. yet this is the Norman Pattiz-founded Alhurra western/zionist propaganda channel!

    ABC America – Israelis Strip-Search Arab Journalist at US Party
    The U.S.-funded Alhurra network said Thursday that one of its cameramen was interrogated and strip-searched by Israeli security men while covering a July 4 party at the U.S. ambassador’s residence near Tel Aviv.

    The Arab satellite channel had coordinated with the Israeli prime minister’s office to cover the event on behalf of the international media. Ambassador Dan Shapiro, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other VIPs were in attendance. But when cameraman Samer Jallad arrived, he said he was detained for questioning, ordered to remove his shoes and sit in the sun for more than half an hour, and then taken to a room where he was forced to remove his pants for a body inspection. He said he was held for more than 90 minutes before he was permitted to enter…

    Jallad, who said he has covered Netanyahu on many occasions, is a Palestinian from east Jerusalem who holds full Israeli residency rights and has a government-issued press card…

    “We find it especially shameful that a staffer of a U.S.-funded network would be the victim of racial profiling at an official U.S. event celebrating American Independence Day,” the Foreign Press Assoc said…

  93. There have been no details given of the alleged threats to Ms. Calman following the second last episode of the last series of News Quiz, the whole thing had the whiff of a stunt about it from start to finish, it was initiated by Miles Jupp and it should have been edited out of the transmitted program and Jupp banished, along with other right-wing twits like Rifkind and Finkelstein being given their marching orders back to Conservative Central Casting Orifice. As far as I am aware there has not been a mite of substantiation and if true it would surely have – should have – become a police matter. This smeary story never got off the starting block, despite the big bad BBC itself knee deep in the smelly plot thinking again that it ‘the institution’ is itself the news, rather than the real word outside their over-spun lovey-bubble, this time tragi-comically dragging along some other bad news outlets all to eager to serve the inglorious union that keeps these publishers afloat and these pretendy papers first among the dangerous playthings in the quislings’ toy-boxes. The media is never so ridiculous as when caught smelling their own farts in the glare of a full moon.

    I can just about forgive Flaming June for posting a link to the Scotsman story which, like all of their effusions is in the category of remaindered imaginative fiction, with added infinite improbability; the source cited desperately wanted for comparision with reality, falling far below usual FJ standards. Fred however is no innocent abroad: emerging from some cave, with matted locks and his once fine garb reduced to rags, clutching tightly a sheaf of well-thumbed last season’s newsprint, some slightly soiled with indeterminate stains of organic origin, and has clipped out this very piece with his bare gnashers, and though now shaped like a pie crust, this article had fired a laggard neuron or two in his noggin -he thinks he scents something, his hobby horse is set a-rockin, knees-trembling, this new scent it mixes with the odours emanating from his full library of learned chip wrappers as they fly in all directions. It’s the holey-grail of a discarded smear campaign -ripe for reanimation, ‘McEureka’ he cries.

    Pungent gaseous media emissions, they drift for many miles backwards and forwards, in all directions, collect especially in low places and take you unawares –don’t succumb. This non-story has been so discussed to death in Independence forums, the story is old and tiresome. Ms. Calman has a rather hyperbolic style with a porous border delimiting fact from farrago, she did once describe a bus trip from Glasgow to Somewhere as ‘her Vietnam’!

  94. Mister Clapper's lapbone

    7 Jul, 2013 - 3:16 am

    Re Luke Rudkowski, that setup looks more likely to be an attack on tormail, a boon to mankind (try it out!), than on Icke’s gang, who have made themselves enormously useful to the permanent state by garnishing awkward facts with easy-mock lizard overlords.

  95. “I had an email ‘advising’ I would be shot dead if I left my house after 8pm. The email was routed via Pakistan, the IP was from a ‘Chinese’ block allocation.” Mark

    This sounds a little like Zerzetsen (see also under Roderick Russell). Mind you, perhaps it was the same people who allegedly made the “death threats” against Ms Calman.

    Glenn, 2:08am, 7.7.13: Wrt Cuba/imperialism, yes, agree.

    Cryptonym, 3:02am, 7.7.13: Interesting. Yes, it seems likely to have become very useful for the anti-independence lobby. So if someone did post ‘death threats’, one would have to ponder on just who that might’ve been.

    Fred, at the Witching Hour: I did think about what I wrote, earlier, as I do about everything I write, since this is a public forum and I am a (sort of) semi-public figure not using a different name.

    Perhaps, though, we ought to have a high index of suspicion, given the political and entertainment contexts (which, unless Mark Golding has become a stand-up comic and unless his father is chairing a commission which, it has been argued, was an attempt to help stymie independence, are unlikely to apply to him). If one is against Scottish independence, one might well see the ‘Calman’ alleged incident as useful ‘comms’/PR/propaganda with which to tar the pro-independence lobby.

    And finally, after all, Calman may well be a lovely person, just like her dad, and I take my hat off to anyone who can stand up on stage make anyone laugh night after night (it’s not an easy job), but she’s not exactly Lenny Bruce.

  96. Flaming June

    7 Jul, 2013 - 7:52 am

    Oddie. The treatment of the cameraman Samer Jallad is appalling.

    This retired Israeli general who once escaped arrest at Heathrow after a tip off, now decides not to risk coming here despite assurances of immunity.

  97. The nationalists are really showing their true colours on this one, seems the victim of the crime is guilty unless proved innocent.

    I think it is obvious that death threats “real or otherwise” means death threats made by someone intending to carry them out and those which are empty threats. Yet in the Nationalist mind it means something different, they imply it means the victim made it up. If she appears on TV regarding the matter she is publicity seeking and if she doesn’t she has something to hide.

    Bullying and intimidation are Nationalist tactics, you just have to read this blog to see that. Those are the tactics of Nationalism everywhere. Complain about the bullying and intimidation and you will be demonised.

    You want evidence?

    “Fred however is no innocent abroad: emerging from some cave, with matted locks and his once fine garb reduced to rags, clutching tightly a sheaf of well-thumbed last season’s newsprint, some slightly soiled with indeterminate stains of organic origin, and has clipped out this very piece with his bare gnashers, and though now shaped like a pie crust, this article had fired a laggard neuron or two in his noggin -he thinks he scents something, his hobby horse is set a-rockin, knees-trembling, this new scent it mixes with the odours emanating from his full library of learned chip wrappers as they fly in all directions. It’s the holey-grail of a discarded smear campaign -ripe for reanimation, ‘McEureka’ he cries.”

    There is your evidence of Nationalist bullying and intimidation.

  98. Flaming June

    7 Jul, 2013 - 8:33 am

    Egypt crisis: Oil giants BP and BG Group withdraw expat staff as violent clashes erupt
    Oil giants BP and BG Group have pulled about 160 expatriate staff out of Egypt as violent clashes erupt across the country.

    Note the LNG contributions to Egypt from Qatar.

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