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What we are seeing in Egypt is counter-revolution pure and simple, military hardliners who are going to be friendly with Israel and the US, and are committing gross human rights abuse.

Western backed counter-revolution is going to be sweeping back across the Middle East; do not be distracted by the words of the West, watch the deeds.  It will of course be in the name of secularism.  There is an important correlation between what is happening in Turkey and Egypt.  I made myself unpopular when I pointed out what the media did not tell you, that behind the tiny minority of doe-eyed greens in the vanguard of the Istanbul movement, stood the massed phalanxes of kemalist nationalism, a very ugly beast.  “Secularism” was the cry there too.


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  • Anon

    Rope-a-dope: The strategy of Egypt’s puppet masters
    The political mechanics of the mass protests on June 30, have been largely misrepresented by sections of the media.

    Walter Armbrust

    Media misrepresentations

    A larger point is that the rhetorical dynamic in the immediate aftermath of the Morsi regime’s fall has been misguided. The Western press was full of sombre meditations on the fall of an “electorally legitimate” regime and the apparent failure of a “democratic experiment.” In opposition to this, some of the most articulate voices among the many millions who marched on June 30 were angry at having their successful campaign against Muslim Brotherhood rule labelled as a “coup” rather than an on-going struggle for true democracy. But the coup vs. will of the people debate goes nowhere. It is better to put these terms to the side and acknowledge that among the diversity of interests that motivated people to enter the streets on June 30 there was significant input not just from the old regime, but also from the security state. This is not to say that Morsi’s opponents actually were nothing but filul, as his supporters often claimed. But alongside well-justified objections by Morsi’s opponents to the American media’s failure to understand what was happening in Egypt, a narrative crystalised of plucky youth challenging the Morsi regime by circulating a petition. It is important to move beyond this attractive image before it turns into another over-romanticised and ultimately distracting “Facebook Revolution” legend. The story of tamarrud as a brave act of resistance is by no means wrong, but neither is it sufficient to explain the current situation.

    …Walter Armbrust is Hourani Fellow and University Lecturer in Modern Middle East Studies at Oxford University.

    More at link

  • Anon

    Groups condemn raids on Egypt TV channels

    Al Jazeera is demanding the release of staff detained by authorities as Mubasher Misr channel shutdown by army.

    Al Jazeera has demanded the release of a top staff member who was detained when Egyptian security officials raided the Mubasher Misr channel, shortly after Mohamed Morsi was ousted as president.

    Three other television channels, all deemed to be pro-Morsi by Egyptian authorities, were also shut down on Wednesday in a move condemned by rights groups and journalists.

    Mubasher Misr’s managing director Ayman Gaballah remains in custody. Four other staff members have been released.

    Global press news agency Associated Press Television News (APTN) was told not to provide Al Jazeera with any footage of the demonstrations in Egypt or any filming equipment, while the Cairo News Company was warned against providing broadcasting equipment.

    Al Jazeera Media Network’s acting Director General Mostafa Souag condemned the actions, saying “regardless of political views, the Egyptian people expect media freedoms to be respected and upheld.”

    “Media offices should not be subject to raids and intimidation. Journalists should not be detained for doing their jobs.”

    Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr, was prevented from broadcasting from a pro-Morsi rally in northern Cairo and its crew there was also detained.

    More at link

  • karel (a conspiracy a day keeps idiocy away)

    dear all,

    like probably all of you I know fuck all about Egypt but love to write about it. Once I smoked an Egyptian cigarette but it was in a distant past and I can tell you nothing about its taste.

    Nevertheless, I have to praise Tech savage for the most reasonable and coherent contribution without wanting to say anything nasty about the rest. In my humble opinion it seems that it must have become apparent to most Egyptians that the morsi governemnt was a disater and they had a human right to demand a change perhaps hoping that it might turnout to be better next time. Whoever is denying them this hope is, in my eyes, a paternalistic fool. People like any change just for the sake of it. I certainly do. Although all my jackets have been perforated by generations of moths I enjoy swapping them now and then even though the one I may wear tomorrow is in no better state that the one I wear today.

  • fedup

    Do please explain. Is this a “Did we meet in California, no we met in St Louis” kind of thing? A speaking microwave,

    Ha, Haaa, I told you so!

    The speaking microwave is the worst kind of the torture weapons systems designed, on par with speaking intelligent toaster. Ask Lister who suffered the most, on his mission in deep space.

    The democratic Generals are now shooting the Egyptians far better than Mubarak used to shoot, with their most excellent shooting that is not going unrewarded too. The US aid is now back up and running, and Billy the piss head fourteen pints is droning on about “we must hold a party for the generals on the beech”!

    Well the Egyptians are enjoying all the democracy they can get from the barrel of the army shotguns and rifles. Whilst the medjia is no longer concerned with the huge numbers of the Egyptians out on the streets.

  • doug scorgie

    Abe Rene
    5 Jul, 2013 – 1:52 pm

    “In principle, as Henry Kissinger said, “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist because of the irresponsibility of its own people.” Substitute “Islamist” and the same applies.”

    “However I would prefer Communist or Islamist governments to be thrown out by their own people, which happily happened here.”

    Well Abe you have certainly “shown your hand”.

    You don’t believe in democracy either as is the case with Jemand.

    Can you explain how you think the world should be run?

  • doug scorgie

    5 Jul, 2013 – 2:45 pm

    @ Doug Scorgie

    “Democracy, wanxxxxxxs.“

    “Come in old boy sit down and tell us all about it“

    “I will ask you- how can we raise standards in a egalitarian society?”

    What are the “standards” that you think cannot be raised in an egalitarian society?”

  • John Goss

    BBC, wonderful!!! Anybody see it? Jeremy Bowen in Egypt. He was reporting on a death due to the military takeover (though of course with the Boston Marathon you never really know if anyone’s died). On the first footage he’s stood there in the street with a few locals around him, and down his left cheek there is dried blood which has apparently come from the region of his left ear. I know reporting in war-torn zones is uncomfortable but who, in their right mind, advised him to do the report without first getting cleaned up. Why did a sensible man like Bowen agree to it. The message being portrayed was that reporters are vulnerable, (which of course they are) but not to clean him up before the report speaks little of news and much of drama. But hold. There is more. The next time Bowen appears he has a bandage, or some medical application, over his left ear. He looks like Van Gogh after Van Gogh attacked his ear and painted a picture of the bandaged ear. Oh my God! Is the drama department running the news now? Entertaining? Yes. Professional. Please draw your your own conclusions if the professionals don’t edit it out, as in this case, I think they should.

  • Dreoilin

    talking microwaves?

    Back in the 70s, my husband (to be) picked up the radio of a local taxi service on a steel string guitar. Scared the shit out of both of us for a short while.

    We live in even more interesting times now.

  • fedup

    What are the “standards” that you think cannot be raised in an egalitarian society?”

    Certainly these “standards” need to be outlined.

    Unfortunate for the Egyptian Revolutionaries the political model of Muslim Brotherhood that was highly influenced by the Saudi and Qatari reactionary elements at its later stages, became unstuck. Although this outcome was precipitated/ensured by the US corralling of the Brotherhood into the current mess; through restriction of money flow into the Egyptian economy, and high rents for any potential borrowing by the Brotherhood.

    Ultimately poor Egyptians will be paying the price. through; stagnant economy, oppression, and a continuation of abuse of their human rights. After all US is only looking after zionistan, and Egypt cannot just decide to go it alone.

  • Fred

    “Back in the 70s, my husband (to be) picked up the radio of a local taxi service on a steel string guitar. Scared the shit out of both of us for a short while. ”

    Which reminds me of a tale both historical and topical.

    After WWII the American embassy in Moscow was presented with a wooden replica of the American seal by the Russians. Inside was a radio transmitter with no wires, components or batteries. It was just a diaphragm and a copper rod, a mechanical radio transmitter. The Russians could direct a radio beam at the right frequency`for he copper rod and it would resonate and retransmit on that frequency with any sound in the room modulated on to it. It took the Americans decades to find it.

  • A Node

    I WOULD feed my family GM food, says Cameron as he tries to win over public on the issue

    Cancer row over GM foods as study says it did THIS to rats… and can cause organ damage and early death in humans–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html

  • glenn_uk

    [Please excuse the OT and personal conversation]

    Ben wrote, “Just wonderin where is he and where you been?

    Hello Ben… hanging out, I guess. Haven’t heard from Clark, I’ll try to contact him. Thanks for the thoughts, hope all is well with you.

  • fedup

    I WOULD feed my family GM food, says Cameron

    Shades of John Selwyn Gummer, these low life bastards would sell their granny if there is enough dough in it for them. Evidently horse meat* injected with water and crappy hoof proteins is not enough, to kill us all in the way of reducing the pension costs.

    * What happened to the enquiry?

  • Kempe

    “Please draw your your own conclusions if the professionals don’t edit it out, as in this case, I think they should. ”

    What’s the matter? A dose of reality too much for you to handle?

  • Kempe

    “* What happened to the enquiry?”

    It fell at the first fence and had to be put down.

  • glenn_uk

    Jeez, Kempe… your posts were pretty weak before. Now they barely appear to show signs of basic awareness.

  • Jives


    You’d be surprised.Even in 2013,if im giggin in a busy city area i regularly get taxis coming thru loud and clear on my amp.

    It’s pretty embarrassing in a Spinal Tap kinda way.

    Rock ‘n’ roll eh?



  • Chris Jones

    You’ve got this the wrong way round Craig-surely you can’t be this naive? Who knows what if there is a hidden hand behind this rising too but its hard to argue with 14 million people. The ugly beast of nationalsim? Dont you support the rights of the Palestines,Uzbeks and Scots to self determination? Are you caught in the grips of critical theory again-the one that said all European sovereign states should be abolished no matter what….how liberal…

    One more point-stop paying attention to Assange-he is just another egotist and applemac warrior poster boy for nothing of much value-what of any true earthshattering insight has come out of Wikileaks? The guardian will say otherwise of course and their new poster boy Snowdon the ex soldier will pay thei wages for a few months until the next liberally acceptable poster boy

  • glenn_uk

    Jives: You’d hear that with any RF setup. Try putting ferrous rings on unshielded leads which might be picking up unwanted signals. The very low-signal, non-amplified carriers are the most susceptible.

  • BrianFujisan

    Forgot to include these great words

    “He has told the truth, in the spirit of rebellion, about the US spying on the whole world,” Maduro said.

    “Who is the guilty one? A young man … who denounces war plans, or the US government which launches bombs and arms the terrorist Syrian opposition against the people and legitimate President Bashar al-Assad?”

    “Who is the terrorist? Who is the global delinquent?” added Maduro.

  • Flaming June

    Brian. Praise be for Presidents Maduro and Ortega for their humanity. Venceremos.

    John Yes noticed that about Bowen too. No comment from the news presenter. A normal person would have enquired what had happened to him and if he was alright.
    ‘It never happened etc – Pinter’

    Will sign the petition.

    Fedup Re GM. Had you seen this? We thought Spelman was bad enough. Paterson is toxic.

    Tory MP says pro-GM Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is ‘industry puppet’
    Richmond Park MP accused fellow party member of ‘nonsensical’ claims about GM benefits of GM technology

  • Flaming June

    The BBC denies that the blockade of Gaza causes medicine shortages.

    Health Check, World Service, 4 October 2012: Finding by the Editorial Complaints Unit

    A listener complained that an item on the situation of people with kidney failure in Gaza gave the misleading impression that medical supplies and equipment were subject to the Israeli blockade, and that the item was misleading in other respects.

    In most respects the item was not misleading. However, the sentence “The blockade of Gaza for example has led to shortages of medicines and medical equipment” gave the impression that the Israeli blockade covered medical supplies, which is not the case.

    Partly upheld

    Further action
    In future, when commissioning reports from freelance reporters abroad, Healthcheck will ensure they take advice from the local BBC bureau before finalising the item.

    The BBC ruling was reported by the Jewish Chronicle

    Please complain to the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU) [email protected] giving your name and address!


    Furthermore, the people in Gaza do not even have use of the tunnels now since the Egyptian military demolished them.

  • Flaming June

    ‘Bowen, a veteran of conflicts around the globe, said it was the first time he had been shot.

    As I helped his cameraman bandage his wounds, he said: “I was crossing the road when they opened fire.

    “I think it was a shotgun. I got two pellets in the leg and one in the ear. It came out of nothing.”

    Bowen, 53, added: “As the crowd got angrier and angrier it started to surge forward and someone opened fire straight away from the military side.

    “Before they had used any kind of teargas they resorted to live fire.

    “Initially I thought it was in the air and then I saw the weapons were levelled.

    “After that I saw a man went down. I saw the body, bloodied, being carried away.

    “We’d been hanging around filming, they fired some gas and the crowd scattered, and just as I was reaching the curb and I felt something hit the side of my head by my ear and my leg.

    “I’ve been in a lot of hairy situations as a reporter over many years but I have never been hit by anything.”

  • Jay

    The “Ugly Beast “ of popular revolution. How is that any form of change can be nationalistic, internationaliatic, secular. Etc.

    As with “standards“ it desire to work which standards come from, and control of the desire to work which ultimately effect standards and cause revolutions.

    Popular opinion is something organic whether cultural otherwise conceived egalitarian raising of standards can be organised if desired.

    What ever revolution in Eygpt they need concerning voice.

    Will the controllers listen?

  • Kibo Noh

    @John Goss. 11 50pm

    Thanks for setting up the petition.

    I took a look 15 mins ago. “No of Signatures: 3”

    I then signed and clicked the confirmation email.

    For the next 15mins the number of signatures remained at 3.

    Finally it registers 4.

    Can the blog’s resident software experts explain if this delay is credible, or is it more likely that the total is being manipulated?

    There seems to be a consistent strand, when it comes to numbers, whether it’s deaths in Iraq, Us soldiers through Shannon, nubers demonstrating or signatures on a pro-whistleblower petition, that the keepers of the official narrative have a problem with numbers.

    Maybe Brand-New-Habba can shed some light on the anomaly.

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