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It is a mystery why the Observer failed to name Lord Greville Janner as the paedophile abusing boys from care homes. The facts of this particular boy’s continued molestation, and the existence of the letters to him from Janner, have been public knowledge for decades. I can only presume that Britain’s appalling libel laws, which function solely to protect the very rich from exposure of their misdeeds, are the reason for the Observer’s reticence. My own view is that the gross suppression of freedom of speech in the UK has been insufficiently considered as a major reason for the impunity which the wealthy and the powerful have enjoyed for so long.

Janner of course was for decades the leading spokesman for Zionism in this country. His response to the last major massacre of Palestinians in Gaza was to visit an Israeli settlement and blame Hamas rocket attacks. It is interesting to contrast Janner’s protection by the media with the case of David Mellor. For decades the media knew that Janner buggered boys from care homes, and did nothing about it. He remained the whole time the chosen spokesman for UK Zionism.

By contrast, David Mellor was the last British minister who ever told the truth about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The immediate result was a tabloid campaign about Mellor’s perfectly legal, consensual and adult sex life, which destroyed Mellor’s career.

What do you think caused the extraordinarily different media treatment of the playful Mellor and the sinister child-buggerer Janner? Why is the Observer still protecting his name yesterday?

Despite the major evidence against him, there will be no prosecution of Janner because the establishment has accepted an argument that he is too senile. Interestingly enough, a man who knows a very great deal about the much more recent sex secrets of the establishment, “Lord” Edward Davenport, has just been allowed out of jail seven years early on the grounds of ill-health. I was in charge of British relations with West Africa as Deputy Head of the Equatorial Africa Department at the FCO, when the Sierra Leone Embassy was sold to Davenport, under very peculiar circumstances indeed, to become a kind of fantasy sexual pleasure palace for the upper classes.

The whole was one of the weirder things I had encountered in my life. At the time there was in effect no functioning government in Sierra Leone, and the flogging off of the extremely valuable building by the Ambassador was very obviously corrupt. Among the many strange things I was told at the time was that the purchase was funded by Freemasons to whom the building was important. I should say I have no idea if that was true or not, and took little notice at the time. I was told very firmly the FCO had no locus to intervene.

Do not worry, I am not myself going senile. The goings-on inside the former Sierra Leone Embassy after its sale link in to this topic in a number of ways, not only Davenport and Janner’s shared immunity from punishment on grounds of ill-health. But I should make plain I am not accusing Davenport personally of paedophilia or of organising it.

I received an email from a respected friend accusing me of stoking a wave of hysteria. I certainly do not wish to promote a witch hunt. But given that there has very obviously been a culture of impunity in this country for generations, under which the rich and powerful are simply let off criminal activity, a little hysteria is not harmful. Especially when ironically it has been caused by the establishment’s constant cries of paedophilia as their excuse for ever increasing state surveillance of ordinary people. Hoist with their own petard!

The impunity if still there. Where are the scores of bankers going to jail for involvement in Libor-fixing, or the dozens of other illegal scams they have run? It is an accepted thing that, once you are inside the golden circle, a blind eye is turned to a great deal. They all support each other. Whoever replaces Dame Lady Queen Sloshed-Butler, it won’t be one of us, it will be one of them.

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120 thoughts on “Hysteria versus Impunity

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  • Fedup

    Billy fourteen pints gets an office closer to the commons bar by the looks of it.

  • Mary

    Yes correct Anon except it is Sir George Young who is chief whip until 2015 not Younger.

    Other Conservative MPs to have lost their ministerial jobs include:

    David Willetts, ex-universities minister
    Nick Hurd, ex-minister for civil society
    Alan Duncan, ex-international development minister
    Andrew Robathan, ex-Northern Ireland minister
    Damian Green, ex-policing minister.

    All indistinguishable from one another IMHO.

    Talk of a ceasefire tomorrow. Sincerely hope that’s true.

  • Resident Dissident

    You missed out that he was promoted to the Cabinet after he made his remarks about Israel. Strikes me that some are trying to whip up hysteria because they have impunity.

    @David H
    “it is worth considering whether the Sanhedrin Talmud is an excuse for some,”
    No it is not and to the best of my knowledge no one has made such an excuse.

    Mary of course is again found scraping the same old barrel.

    If anyone seriously believes that paedophila or any other from of sexual abuse is linked to any particular religious or political point of view then they really should engage their brains – think about Gerry Healy or the recent events in the SWP if you believe that that revolutionaries are exempt. Those in positions of authority may often misuse such authority as a basis for sexual and other abuse – but it is more due to their biology and individual morality rather than ideology.

  • Anon

    Craig, instead of deleting my posts why don’t you get round to answering MJ’s comment?

  • Ali Mohamed

    We have to be careful. Here we pose an existential threat to British national survival with the most extremist views imaginable. We viciously attack core British values of aristocratic impunity, sucking up to the USA, and fucking children. We’ve been lucky. So far all we get to oppose us is two noodges of mediocre intellect. But considering the arsenal of fearsome cyber-weapons Britain wields,


    there’s surely worse to come. We have to be ready for anything… perhaps even honey traps.

    I for one can’t resist a brunette with above-average flexibility and poor judgement. That would take me out like a IDF DIME grenade. It would be the Tsar Bomba of personal destruction. GCHQ would capture it all: my incongruous pop-eyed orgasm face, my awkward love patter, my diminutive member. The ruin and humiliation would far outweigh the fleeting joy of forty or fifty episodes of frenetic monkey sex with an attractive stranger. I’m quite certain I would not dare cross Her Majesty’s government again.

  • Brendan

    Hague, Green, Willetts and Grieve all leaving the cabinet. Lots of dead-eyed women I’ve never heard of to replace them. Don’t that that the wrong way – the men are dead-eyed too. Rather surprised at the list of middle aged men leaving the cabinet, especially Hague, who is a big beast in Tory circles, and still a few years from retirement age. Perhaps he has a gig at the UN to go to. There seem to be quite a few comments deleted in The Guardian, regarding the reshuffle. I’d have no clue what that was about, of course.

    I have to say, to get back on-topic, I’d never heard the Lord Janner allegations till quite recently. And I’d never heard about the Sierra Leone embassy stuff at all. You have to go to the outer-fringes of the internet to get the stories these days, but you never know what to trust. And the outer-fringes of the internet is a scary place.

  • mark golding

    I agree with David Halpin FRCS 14 Jul, 2014 – 7:28 pm; Craig has made a powerful point. I can feel the emotion inherent in this thread. Emotion is key. Some deflect the information with such fluff about words and sentences; some try to mitigate the message by abstraction.

    They are the fools that discourage the intention.

    Billy 14 pints has capitulated – the attentive know why.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis, Harvey Proctor, Cliff Richard, Leon Brittan, Sir Peter Bottomley, Ron Brown, Ken Clark, Peter Brooke, Sir Michael Havers, Lord Robertson, Jess Conrad, Prince Charles, Michael Souter, Richard Miles, Ted Heath, Cyril Smith, Chris Denning, a McAlpine, Anthony Blunt, Patrick Puddles, Lord Greville Janner, Gary Glitter, John Ro …… STOP!!! … Back up … who was that before Gary Glitter? Lord Greville Janner? I knew it, rampant anti-semitism. The only reason for this highlighting the Janner case is because he is a Jew who supports Israel. Virtually everyone here is interested solely in making political capital out of it. Just read the comments, or at least the ones that remain. Paedophiles exist in all sections of society, but all the talk here is of paedophiles who support Zionism and Israel.

  • david holden

    Craig, i saw that Kindersheim reminiscence a while back. i’m a little surprised it is still available online. those dodgy-sounding ping-pong orphanage visits occurred whilst the young Janner was assisting at the Nuremberg show-trials post WW2.

    under Blair Janner was made Lord Janner of Braunstone. since Frank Beck was a resident of Braunstone it has been suggested that the title was imposed – somewhat similar to the way Wilfred Bramble was continually referred to as “you dirty old man” in Steptoe and Son.

  • andreas w . mytze

    why so obsessed with pedophilia in the UK?
    Why not look at the US? Pedophilia galore….
    see for example: John W.DeCamp: The Franklin Cover-Up. Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska. various editions. ou will encounter presidents and vice presidents there not to speak of pedophiles in the Washington D.C. circles and elsewhere……
    by the way what was the relationship between Ted Heath and that awful BBC-Savile? Sorry to interrupt your holy UK obsessions with Lord J for a second! And to be nice to Israel for once: pedophilia doesn’t seem to be a problem there. You better look at Belgium, the Netherlands etc.

  • Fedup

    If I recollect correctly the rumours among the “chattering classes” (as Ann Leslie used to bitterly describe the opposition to the war on Iraq, if can anyone remember that leather face creature) in the build up to the Iraq war, were about the existence of an alternative cabinet drawn up by bLiar, in case the resident kiddie fiddlers in his cabinet were outed, by the peacemongers. (as a pre-emptive step to quickly kick out the “rotten apples” and still get on with his war on Iraq.

    Indeed the invincibility and impunity from any an all reprisals of the selected dear leadership gaggle has resulted in these promoting the the hysteria that has helped them to bring on the filtered internet, censorship, as well as prohibition of photography in UK. Parents no longer able to take photographs of their children in the school plays, and anyone disliking the photographer and videographer can claim the pervert is taking photos of the children.

  • خاله ووسو

    The term ‘hysteria’ implies feminine mental ill-health caused by gender hypocrisy. Like all mental health labels the innocent are slandered while the guilty liars are normalised. Males allowed to Roger anyone or anything they like and Females in a straightjacket of Victorian domestic pre-contraceptive respectability.

    In this sense hysteria and impunity are one and the same thing. Under feminism many women have placed their menfolk under exactly the same mental stress and psychiatric labelling.

    If we’re going to have a discussion about abusive sexual politics, we shouldn’t confine it to male abuse only. Any breach of contract between 2 parties is vile, whether power related, abuser and victim, or power related male bullying of females or men, or power related female abuse of females or men.

    Aside from the consequences of physical sexual abuse, psycho-sexual power abuse will affect any victim for a very long time.
    Even spying on people’s sexuality is highly abusive because it is a psycho-sexual power-abuse crime.

  • Yasser

    And when, exactly, did YOU name Janner as a criminal? Oh, you didn’t until now, you little shit.

  • hp

    As usual the Church of England is nowhere to be found or if they do peek their benighted heads out from their tax free fortresses it’s to utter a few platitudes and recommend forgiveness, healing, etc. Oh, riiiiiight. Nevermind..

    “Archbishop – A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ.”
    – H. L. Mencken

  • Mary

    Best not to cast any nasturtiums in the direction of Dr Fox. At least he’s not Jewish so that is good for the trolls here. Agent Cameron, if he gathers Fox into his fold, has one fewer competitor for his own job circling on the outside.

    But, where is Adam Werritty? We should be told.

    Agent Cameron is SO dynamic these days. Down with the screaming jets and all the weapons salesmen at Farnborough in the morning then back to No 10 to sharpen his long knives in the style of Harold Macmillan. He has made a lot of enemies in one fell swoop.

    Q. Will St Theresa be able to stomach the sight of these younger dyed and natural blondes around the Cabinet table?

  • Mary

    Not a man with a backbone of steel, more a limp rag. Pathetic.

    Cyril Smith admitted spanking and touching boys, but I let him stay, says Lord Steel
    Lord Steel, the former Liberal leader, said he confronted Cyril Smith over allegations that he spanked and touched teenagers and was ‘surprised’ when he admitted they were true

  • Mary

    Retired Bishop Peter Ball faces more sex allegations

    ‘Sussex Police said he was now due to appear at an unnamed crown court on 1 August.

    Police said the decision to summons Bishop Ball follow Operation Dunhill, an investigation into information received from the Church of England in May 2012.

    Bishop Ball, of Aller, near Langport in Somerset, resigned as Bishop of Gloucester in 1993’

  • Good Riddance

    I see little Willy has been gone’d before his activities in the Welsh Paedo Ring cover-up are exposed. Maybe he will now come out the closet as well.

  • Good Riddance

    As one Israeli stooge/closet homosexual is turfed out the cabinet another one is taken to replace him – must be a quota system they operate on. Welcome to the democrtically elected UK Government, former disgraced minister, liar, traitor and closet homosexual Liam Fox. The British people really need the likes of you running the country.

  • Good Riddance

    “The Welsh Paedo Ring cover-up are exposed.”

    When I say ‘exposed’, what I really mean is that the police, the Welsh Assembly, and the government finally admit to what people already know, and have known for twenty plus years through the efforts of the victims, in order to have the inquirey reopened and conducted without inteference from the very people that are accused, i.e. the police, judiciary, politicians etc.

    William Hague as Sec. of State for Wales limited the inquriy to abuse in childrens home when it was already well establish that the boys were being taken to a hotel in Wrexham to be abused by quite a a large number of the ‘great and good’.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Reliably …no surprise, I am afraid. There have been hints for the last year or so re. Fox. Having lost American poodle Hague, it makes sense to maintain the imbalance with American poodle Fox. Defence or Health, somewhere, I think. He has lots of corporate connections with both areas.

    You can’t keep a bad man down. Where’s Werritty?

  • خاله ووسو

    Some feminist women, after they have broken the father of their children , morally, financially and in the eyes of society proceed to farm out the poor man’s children to paedophiles , either pervs they are in relationship with, whom they leave in charge of their daughters, or well-connected Tory politicians and business men or Top Lawyers into small boys. then, as a reward for their pimping activiies with their own children they are given a safe, salaried vicarship in the Church of England.

    That’s how its done in the UK. The whole countryside of England is heaving with pedestalled perversion pretending to be just the wind on the foliage. Like the people of Lot, the UK hates people who are clean.

    Ali Mohamed, once you have been honeytrapped there are no further barriers to your elevation to high position, but if you want to enter the inner circle of Company or Government power you might have to do a few other things!

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