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It is a mystery why the Observer failed to name Lord Greville Janner as the paedophile abusing boys from care homes. The facts of this particular boy’s continued molestation, and the existence of the letters to him from Janner, have been public knowledge for decades. I can only presume that Britain’s appalling libel laws, which function solely to protect the very rich from exposure of their misdeeds, are the reason for the Observer’s reticence. My own view is that the gross suppression of freedom of speech in the UK has been insufficiently considered as a major reason for the impunity which the wealthy and the powerful have enjoyed for so long.

Janner of course was for decades the leading spokesman for Zionism in this country. His response to the last major massacre of Palestinians in Gaza was to visit an Israeli settlement and blame Hamas rocket attacks. It is interesting to contrast Janner’s protection by the media with the case of David Mellor. For decades the media knew that Janner buggered boys from care homes, and did nothing about it. He remained the whole time the chosen spokesman for UK Zionism.

By contrast, David Mellor was the last British minister who ever told the truth about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The immediate result was a tabloid campaign about Mellor’s perfectly legal, consensual and adult sex life, which destroyed Mellor’s career.

What do you think caused the extraordinarily different media treatment of the playful Mellor and the sinister child-buggerer Janner? Why is the Observer still protecting his name yesterday?

Despite the major evidence against him, there will be no prosecution of Janner because the establishment has accepted an argument that he is too senile. Interestingly enough, a man who knows a very great deal about the much more recent sex secrets of the establishment, “Lord” Edward Davenport, has just been allowed out of jail seven years early on the grounds of ill-health. I was in charge of British relations with West Africa as Deputy Head of the Equatorial Africa Department at the FCO, when the Sierra Leone Embassy was sold to Davenport, under very peculiar circumstances indeed, to become a kind of fantasy sexual pleasure palace for the upper classes.

The whole was one of the weirder things I had encountered in my life. At the time there was in effect no functioning government in Sierra Leone, and the flogging off of the extremely valuable building by the Ambassador was very obviously corrupt. Among the many strange things I was told at the time was that the purchase was funded by Freemasons to whom the building was important. I should say I have no idea if that was true or not, and took little notice at the time. I was told very firmly the FCO had no locus to intervene.

Do not worry, I am not myself going senile. The goings-on inside the former Sierra Leone Embassy after its sale link in to this topic in a number of ways, not only Davenport and Janner’s shared immunity from punishment on grounds of ill-health. But I should make plain I am not accusing Davenport personally of paedophilia or of organising it.

I received an email from a respected friend accusing me of stoking a wave of hysteria. I certainly do not wish to promote a witch hunt. But given that there has very obviously been a culture of impunity in this country for generations, under which the rich and powerful are simply let off criminal activity, a little hysteria is not harmful. Especially when ironically it has been caused by the establishment’s constant cries of paedophilia as their excuse for ever increasing state surveillance of ordinary people. Hoist with their own petard!

The impunity if still there. Where are the scores of bankers going to jail for involvement in Libor-fixing, or the dozens of other illegal scams they have run? It is an accepted thing that, once you are inside the golden circle, a blind eye is turned to a great deal. They all support each other. Whoever replaces Dame Lady Queen Sloshed-Butler, it won’t be one of us, it will be one of them.

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120 thoughts on “Hysteria versus Impunity

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  • Mary

    خاله ووسو I think you are exaggerating. At least I hope you are. I know some horrible things have been going on for some while but I think that there is an awakening and that such behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

  • خاله ووسو

    Mary, thank you for your concern. Yes, I think there has been an awakening as a result of people realising what has been going on in the worst broken homes of the feminist experiment. Not all feminists are like the dead-eyed Ayelet Shaked, but if this country is to compete with the rest of the world it needs a next generation of more than sexual-abuse-survivor zombiedom.

  • babushka

    Mary I do believe that things are unravelling faster than you and I might have hoped for.

    Hague and his lady wife (at least, on the Oz MSM) present an incongruent image to those of us who know the score

    Sadly, I believe, as do others, that the Samson Option will be invoked (much like my psychopathic ex-husband used to tip the Scrabble board in my lap, when he realised he could not win )

    We the People are now praying for miracles.

  • Mick

    John G,

    The article you linked to doesn’t mention the sexual abuse inquiry nor does it speculate on the reasons behind Clarke and Hague’s decision, the snide ‘speculation’ is all down to you and others on this blog.

    Remember when you defended Julian Assange against flimsy evidence? I guess you don’t need evidence, flimsy or not, when you are attacking a Tory.

    For the purpose of balance I wouldn’t welcome Fox’s return to the Cabinet. He resigned in disgrace and shouldn’t be brought back, regardless of whether he is in or out of the closet.

  • Mary

    Janner is said to plead insanity/senility or similar. These vile people plead it too. Three of the six ‘arrested’ have already been released without charge.

    Abu Khdeir suspects to plead insanity

    14 July 2014

    Three Israeli suspects who have confessed to the gruesome killing of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was abducted in East Jerusalem and later burnt to death, are going to plead “temporary insanity”, according to Haaretz. Mohammed’s father guessed as much last week, when asked whether he trusted Israel’s judicial system: “I think they will say that [the murderers] were insane and give them a year or two and that’s all.”


  • Rehmat

    Cardiff-born Janner took refuge in Canada during the WW II. He is former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an Israeli Lobby, from 1978 to 1984. He has been a key international figure in efforts to suck billions of dollars in compensation and restitution for the ever-increasing Holocaust survivors from Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland. The main beneficiary of this Holocaust loot have been Israel, while the Holocaust survivor families have received between $3,500 to $17,500 annually. UK’s EXPRESS reported on June 5, 2014 that in the long run, it will cost German taxpayers’ more than £275 billion to payoff WW II debt to the Jews.


  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Cardiff-born Janner took refuge in Canada during the WW II…..

    I do hope no-one’s tempted to indulge in anticymruism…

  • Dreoilin

    “I do hope no-one’s tempted to indulge in anticymruism…”

    Ye got me! I was on the point of googling when it hit me 🙂

  • doug scorgie

    14 Jul, 2014 – 7:24 pm

    “Paedophiles exist in all sections of society…”

    Yes that is true Anon.

    “… but all the talk here is of paedophiles who support Zionism and Israel.”

    Not so Anon. Talks about Paedophiles on this blog include Jimmy Saville (not Jewish); Ken Dodd (not Jewish); Stuart Hall (not Jewish); Rolf Harris (not Jewish), the Catholic Church and the Church of England.

  • doug scorgie

    14 Jul, 2014 – 8:46 pm

    “Let me get this right, they let a 10-12 year old boy travel from Leicester to London and back unescorted?”

    I don’t see much wrong with that if he was being met at the other end by someone the parents trusted; which was the case.

    You are trying to protect Janner by implying that the sexual assault was the fault of the parents. That is contemptible.

  • doug scorgie

    15 Jul, 2014 – 1:35 pm

    “Fox turns down Minister of State at FCO, must have considered it beneath him.”

    Well the job offer didn’t include the Middle East (Israel) so that could be a factor. Also he may want to concentrate on securing his parliamentary seat in the 2015 general election. He won in 2010 by less than 8,000 votes.

    He wants to focus on immigration and the EU.

    Being a staunch Europhobe and immigrant basher he will be hoping to attract the UKIP and racist vote.

    “We must close our borders to migrants who burden Britain”


  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Nu-Tory core demographic = wimmin + Essex Man.

    Think there could be disagreements.

  • RichieRich

    >I received an email from a respected friend accusing me of
    >stoking a wave of hysteria.

    I love how when those in power are suddenly at risk of being exposed as the sick, perverted, bastards that they are, suddenly the media becomes the voice of restraint, and we’re all told to calm down and stop being so hysterical. Such hysteria was fine when it was ordinary men and women were being labelled “paedophiles”, though, wasn’t it?

    The Torygraph has been telling its readers that the rich and powerful are no different to the rest of us – that there has been NO conspiracy to sexually abuse children – having previously said that the rich and powerful are where they are exactly because they ARE different – superior intellect, industrious, hard working, blah, blah, blah.

    There is no hysteria over the sexual abuse of children by “politicians”. However, there’s plenty of hysteria from the “politicians” (aka sick, perverted, bastards) about those claiming welfare bringing this country to its knees. There’s been plenty of disabled and sick people killed by the policies of these sick, perverted, bastards – yet the river of blood continues to flow – because those in power are sick, perverted, bastards.

  • Kempe

    “I don’t see much wrong with that if he was being met at the other end by someone the parents trusted; which was the case.”

    Was it? Are you sure?

    Not only would I feel distinctly uneasy about any child of mine setting out on such a journey at that age but train operating companies will not accept responsibility for anyone under 12 travelling alone and the guard/conductor may call the BTP.

    It doesn’t let Janner off the hook, it casts doubt on the whole story.

  • Fedup

    Detailed history of the case of child molester Janner

    Greville Janner


    Greville Janner is named by witness (09/27/1991)
    Woman and two men accuse care officer of sex abuse (09/27/1991)
    Teenager ‘prevented from visiting MP’; A court heard of systematic abuse of boys and girls at Leicestershire homes. Jack O’Sullivan reports (09/27/1991)
    ‘Abuse victims’ tell of their childhood torment: Witnesses give evidence from behind screen (09/27/1991)
    MP Janner Abused Child, Says Sex Case Man (10/30/1991)
    Home boss says MP abused boy (10/31/1991)
    ‘I Wrote To MP Over Abused Boy’ – Children’s Home Chief (10/31/1991)
    Man in sex trial accuses Greville Janner of abuse (10/31/1991)
    Greville Janner named in court as child abuser (10/31/1991)
    Sex trial man ‘wrote to MP over abused boy’ (10/31/1991)
    I tried to ban MP’s affair with boy’ (11/01/1991)
    Home chief says he wrote to MP about abused boy (11/01/1991)
    Beck trial judge bans VIP naming (10/10/1991)
    Children’s home head denies trying to blackmail MP (11/02/1991)
    Police covered up MP’s sex with boy, ex-children’s worker alleges (11/05/1991)
    I was victim of MP’s sex abuse, claims care boy (11/09/1991)
    Former boy in care says Labour MP sexually abused him (11/09/1991)
    Man tells of sex sessions with MP while in care (11/09/1991)
    Abuse case witness tells of sex with MP: Beck ‘rescued boy from affair with Greville Janner’ (11/09/1991)
    MP ‘sent letter to boy, 13’ (11/12/1991)
    Abuse case jury shown ‘MP’s note’ (11/12/1991)
    Witness in abuse trial ‘kept letters from MP’ (11/12/1991)
    ‘Janner letter’ in court (11/12/1991)
    Beck witness implicates MP (11/14/1991)
    Abuse claims against MP ‘a red herring’ (11/16/1991)
    MP’s letter to boy ‘extraordinary’ (11/19/1991)
    Beck Trial Hears ‘Red Herring’ Allegations (11/21/1991)
    Children’s home head guilty of sexual abuse (11/27/1991)
    Beck found guilty of sexual abuse of children in care (11/27/1991)
    Head of home guilty of abuse (11/27/1991)
    MP Withdraws Debate On Contempt Law (11/28/1991)
    Janner cheered in Commons (12/03/1991)
    MPs refused contempt law review (12/04/1991)


    Press ban at sex abuse inquiry is attacked (01/23/1992)
    NSPCC extendes help for Beck victims (05/21/1992)
    MP at Beck hearing; Greville Janner (06/20/1992)
    Greville Janner Suite (06/20/1992)


    Tories hold back in bid to oust Janner (02/22/1995)


    The strange case of Michael Jackson, Paul Boateng, a spoon-bender and the Palace of Westminster (06/15/2002)


    Lifestyles Magazine (pre-Spring/2004)


    Lord Janner: My friend Michael Jackson (06/26/2009)


    Known Pedophile is Instrumental in Promoting Holocaust Hoaxer and Plagiarizer Denis Avey’s New Book (10/10/2011)


    Galilee school centre name honours Lord Janner (08/30/2012)
    Lord Janner honoured by Israel (11/08/2012)


    Lord Greville Janner’s home searched as part of child sex investigations, say police (12/20/2013)
    Police investigation child abuse search peer Greville Janner’s home (12/20/2013)
    Lord Greville Janner’s home searched as part of historical sex abuse allegations – police reveal (12/20/2013)
    Lord Greville Janner’s Barnet Home Focus of Child Sex Investigation (12/20/2013)
    Lord Janner’s home searched in child abuse probe (12/20/2013)
    Police raid home of Labour Lord as part of historic sex abuse probe and spend two days searching his £600,000 apartment (12/20/2013)
    Police search Lord Janner’s home in child abuse investigation (12/20/2013)
    Lord Janner’s home raided in child sex abuse probe (12/20/2013)
    Former Leicester MP Lord Greville Janner’s home searched in child abuse probe (12/21/2013)
    Police investigate former Thatcher Cabinet minister over child sex abuse (12/22/2013)


    Lord Janner evidence considered in child abuse probe (04/30/2014)
    Police send Lord Janner file to Crown Prosecution Service (04/30/2014)
    Leicester peer Greville Janner in child abuse inquiry (05/03/2014)

  • Good Censor

    I see – only Janner can be named – present government ministers are immune? Well done Craig – it’s this sort of attitude that got us here in the first place.

    No doubt, in 15-20 years time you too will be joining the gush of trite shocked condemnation for something you already knew about.


  • oddie

    Andrew Rawnsley in The Guardian –

    The allegations of the VIP paedophile plot further shred respect for key
    We cannot make meaningful political choices if we trust no one
    Trust me, I’m a banker. Don’t think so. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Did you ever
    work at Mid-Staffs? Trust me, I’m from the intelligence services. And what
    did you have to do with rendition and torture? Trust me, I’m a police
    officer. How many innocent people did you shoot or stitch up to today? Trust
    me, I’m a bishop. Catholic or Anglican? Child abuser or investor in Wonga?
    Trust me, I’m a supermarket. How much horse is there in your burgers? Trust
    me, I’m from the newspapers. When does your trial begin? Trust me, I’m from
    the BBC. And what did you know about Jimmy Savile? Trust me, I’m a
    celebrity. How much tax are you avoiding? And were you mates with Rolf
    Trust me, I’m a politician. Now, you’re really having a laugh.

  • oddie

    Louise Eccles in The Daily Mail:

    ‘A culture of sexual abuse of children’: Shocking report claims British overseas territory of St Helena is rife with child abuse, domestic violence and sexual exploitation
    A vile ‘cultural acceptance of the sexualisation of children’ was uncovered
    Were a number of ‘serial’ sex offenders among the island’s 3,800 inhabitants
    A child protection charity – which was dispatched to St Helena Island and Ascension Island last summer by the British government – uncovered a vile ‘cultural acceptance of the sexualisation of children’.
    Health workers on St Helena told respected UK charity, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, that ‘sexual violence and brutality were endemic’…
    Residents told the Mail the island was ‘worse than Pitcairn Island’ – another remote British territory where, ten years ago, six men on an island of just 47 people were convicted of dozens of sexual offenses.
    The report will embarrass the government, which gives the poverty-stricken St Helena £20million-a-year to help the residents survive on the remote island…
    Despite the horrifying abuse laid out in an 83-page report in May 2013, the visit was never publicised and the files were reduced to a four-page summary, which was quietly published on the islands’ government websites…

  • Silvio

    I don’t know for sure if David Icke’s got the shape-shifting-reptilian-aliens stuff right, mind you, but he has been talking and writing for years about the well-connected paedophiles in British political and upper-class social circles who have had an amazing ability to carry out their abhorrent and illegal activities with impunity. This was long before it was considered OK to broach the topic in the mainstream media’s various organs or on “respectable” blogs.

    David Icke’s Newsletter Jan 20, 2013:

    The British Establishment … Paedophiles Everywhere

    Hello all …

    It is starting to get silly now and the arrest for questioning of major figures must take place in at least the next few weeks if the police investigation is to retain any public confidence.

    The evidence for a massive paedophile ring infesting the royal palaces, Downing Street and the Westminster Parliament is overwhelming and mounting by the week. The implications of the full truth being revealed can hardly be overstated – the devastating discrediting of the major political parties and the end of the monarchy.

    It would bring about a total public re-evaluation of everything they have believed about the country they live in and the forces that dictate its laws, direction and methods of operation. The knock-on effect would be the same for much of the rest of the world because what I am about to describe is happening in every country to a larger or lesser extent – not least in the United States.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Can you believe it, no current or former Member of Parliament is among the 660 suspects arrested by the National Crime Agency for alleged paedophilia and child abuse!!

    Too bad Jimmy Savile isn’t around to head the inquiry.

  • OAH

    Amazing! Read through this whole thing and Brittan’s name was not mentioned once.

  • Bertie

    Very concerned about Craig Murray singing the praises of David Mellor.
    Mellor was recently in the news for his staunch defence of Leon Brittan, and his rubbishing of Geoffrey Dickens “lost” dossiers. Quote follows:

    Former minister David Mellor said there had been a “witch hunt” surrounding the handling of the so-called dossier. Mr Mellor, who served under Lord Brittan as a home office minister in the 1980s, said the former home secretary was being unfairly “pilloried”. He said the material was spoken of within the department at the time, but it was “not a very substantive thing at all”.
    “People are talking about this document as if it’s a carefully worked through expose of people. There’s no reason to think it was,” he said on his LBC radio show.
    Mr Mellor rejected criticisms over the way Lord Brittan dealt with the document.
    “I think it is so unfair that on the basis of what is becoming a witch hunt, he’s being pilloried for handling a document… that he did pass on,” he said.

    Really shocking that Craig is holding Mellor up as an unfairly pilloried truth-teller. And pretty shocking bringing in the Zionist angle on the paedophile allegations as well. Westminster paedophiles encompass Masons, Church of England and Catholics as well as “zionists”.
    I’m flabbergasted actually, to find the author of Murder in Samarkand seems to share the views of David Icke and the most prejudiced and skewed internet rumour-mongers.

    I misjudged you Craig Murray. You’re not a human rights activist after all.

  • Abe Rene

    Part of the culture of justice in this country is that very old people are unlikely to receive punishment as severe as would be given to the able-bodied. I would guess that Rolf Harris received a lighter sentence than a man a generation or two younger would. Anthony Blunt had his honours taken away, but continued to walk free. Melita Norwood, an unrepentant Communist agent, escaped prosecution altogether.

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