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78 people died at Glencoe and we still sing about it over three hundred years later. Over 700 have been massacred so far in Gaza, 80% of them innocent civilians. The UN Human Rights Commissioner has made the very obvious, the unarguable, point that there is prima facie evidence of war crimes by Israel. These include the killing of four young boys playing football on the beach at Gaza, and the use of industrial nail bombs in civilian areas.

Yet the UK refused to support even having an investigation. Please note this was not a vote to condemn Israel, or to declare war crimes. It was a vote to have an investigation.

I am ashamed to belong to the UK. Just as having served the UK for twenty years and having worked my way up to be a proud British Ambassador, I became so ashamed at our complicity in torture and extraordinary rendition, I had to resign.

I want to be part of a country of which I am not ashamed


Now imagine that board with Scotland on it and a green light next to it.

This is the British Foreign Secretary. He declares that Israel “has a right to defend itself” and that for the UN to investigate Israeli war crimes is “unhelpful”.


This man does not represent me, or anything about me. Nor, emphatically, does that flag behind him.

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  • Uzbek in the UK

    mark golding

    Can you please clarify, what exactly you agree about Poland with Harry Bannerman? I wasn’t to enrich my understanding on this subject. Let’s say look at it from different angle.


  • Phil

    “Hope that helps”

    Not at all thank you. How could it when all you do is repeat “the balance was finer than you might think” but this time with more words around it. You add nothing beyond your hope for a better future. Your thesis denies the rule of neo liberal corporate state. Well I face the reality today as an indicator of the future.

    The balance was 100% against an investigation into massacre from the EU states.

    You correctly say “UK Complicity in Massacre”.

    You are blind to “EU Complicity in Massacre”.

    I say “Down with the EU! No to massive, centralised, distant government!

  • Uzbek in the UK


    I read somewhere that conflict between Arabs and Jews has started long before first European put their foot on American soil. Now you ask me to trust you on that when US goes to the meltdown Palestinians will win and Israel will cease to exist? Shall I at least question why do you think so.

    Accidentally, you might be aware that Stalin (USSR) did as much for the establishment of Jewish state as US. Stalin also wanted to have vassal state in the Middle East. But it seemed that US had upper hand (more Jews and better relations with them in general). Since end of 1980th Soviet Jews have in their millions migrated to the Israel thus providing surplus of Soviet Jews there, but most of them hated their former masters and would not want to serve Soviet/Russian interests. But this could easily change if needed.

    Think about it. Open your eyes and think.

  • Phil

    Baal, OK I will read it later. Sorry being shouted at from the other side of the front door.

  • fool

    There seems to be some daydreaming going on today about the end of empires. At least the American concept has some ideals, which we could all aspire to (even if in practice America (like all of us) is failing badly and betraying those ideals). It is worth remembering that when an empire or state or any power falls it is not the daydreamers who benefit.

  • Mary

    Thank you Sverdlov @ 11.53am. I agree with your comment. Some people have hearts of stone.

  • Mary

    Some of Israel’s war crimes committed during Cast Lead
    December 27, 2008 – January 18, 2009
    (3 weeks and 1 day)

    1,417 Palestinians were killed including many children.

    Total wounded: 5,303 (PCHR)

    Total captured: 120

    Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village
    White flags ignored and houses bulldozed with families inside, claim residents
    Fida Qishta in Khuza’a and Peter Beaumont in London
    The Observer, Sunday 18 January 2009

    The Israelis were NEVER brought to court or punished.

  • passerby

    There seems to be some daydreaming going on today about the end of empires

    Have you forgotten the end years of USSR?

    Look around you, the only, repeat only “promise” (in return for the imposed drudgery, inequality, crime, corruption,…) of freedom to buy “things” has taken a huge knock, and there seems to be no end to the recession.

    The amounts of bullets bought by DHS, police cruisers are getting replaced by Police APC (Armoured Personnel Carriers), Boris in London is buying water cannons. Can you not see the disarray and desperation in every corner you glance at?

    Emperor has no clothes, it is all a light and shadow theatre.

  • Ray Jinghar-Don

    “I want to be part of a country of which I am not ashamed”

    Luckily Scots are beyond corruption and ineptitude, and have played no part in your current shame, because you’d be in for one helluva wake up call otherwise.


  • Свердлов

    Ok, here is a piece for your pea sized chicken brain Uzbek. In Ukraine rebels are fighting for independence against the military. Have they specifically murder children on the beach, or bomb hospitals, like your zionist friends doing in Palestine? Besides, these rebels would not be fighting if your ziomasters did not remove by force the constitutionally elected President. Why couldn’t they wait until end of constitutional term of Yanukovich. More than half in Kiev government today have dual citizenship, second being of Israel. Did you know that? Obviously not, because your chicken brain stuck in zbc news, it is you who has got no independent opinion, who has got no religion or nationality. You are zombie. You turned up in the UK by cheating and creating stories about torture in Uzbekistan so just to get asylum, but now you are hailing the long term torturers, child killers. Even Karimov does not take the side of the apartheid regime in Israel. You are simply a moron, who has been outcast by destiny from your old friends, family. You can not even name yourself. You double faced свинья.

  • Just saying

    Uzbek says “But your small Butthole brain cells are not capable of thinking, are they?”

    This kind of insult reeks of a “chosen” attitude, we have a right to know if you are a jew – just Uzbek in the Uk wont do. We need to know where you are coming from before listening to any of your stuff against Putin. eg you could have been a Khodorokovsky agent in Uzbek land before they threw you out?

  • Mary

    Gaza Conflict From Space In ‘Saddest Photo’

    Explosions are spotted more than 200 miles above the Earth as the International Space Station flies over Israel and Gaza.An astronaut has posted a picture from the International Space Station while flying over Gaza and Israel, showing the worsening crisis which has left more than 700 people dead.×530.jpg

    German flight engineer Alexander Gerst captured the scene from 220 miles above the Earth as rockets and explosions lit up the night sky with wispy yellow light.

    His photo quickly went viral on the internet as he tweeted the message: “My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel.”

    Tens of thousands around the world shared the image as international pressure grows to stop the bloodshed in Gaza.

    The UN Human Rights Council says there is a “strong possibility” Israel is guilty of war crimes in Gaza, where some 715 Palestinians, including 165 children, have died in the fighting.

    Sky News

    All very sad.

  • Mary

    What’s the title of that song from Fiddler on the Roof? If I Were A Rich Man.

    El Al fares jump by up to 150% after foreign airlines cancel flights 🙂

    Airline denies price hike is connected to cancellation of flights of U.S. and European carriers.

    By Rina Rozenberg | 12:00 24.07.14 |

    Within hours after most foreign airlines flying to Israel suspended flights, demand for seats on Israeli carriers — practically the only ones left plying the routes — skyrocketed, and so did airfares.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    ‘Most of these people deserve to die.’ How IDF constantly refines in Gaza SS techniques of state terror. It’s become a global industry: Israel’s ‘pacification technology’ accounts for a third of its exports. Why this country the size of Wales is now the world’s third-biggest exporter of arms. Gaza has become the world’s biggest R&D lab. Its trapped population are its guinea pigs:

  • Geoffrey

    I agree with you Ba’al(with Gaza)an independent Scotland that wants to continue high state expenditure and with high debt is likely to be saying “Yes Sir” quite a lot to the money men.
    All the three main parties appear to condone Israel in it’s attack on Palestinian civilians,as does the EU.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Words of outrage from the UN; that’s all.

    Cast Lead had some notable war crimes. What is the disposition of that 5 year-old event?

    I shudder to think another will occur before any consequences arise.

  • Ron

    This whole “balance finer than you think” thing…
    This whole “unproven assertion that a Scottish state would be Zionist” thing…
    This whole “Scotland has an electoral system that allows the Scottish Socialist…zzzz” thing…

    You’re just dreaming.
    I remember when you joined the Libdems as well. And look how that turned out.

    I think if Scotland votes for independence, and if I had a vote I would probably vote yes, just on the off chance of change, what you will end up with is a mini me corrupt, NATO-supporting, Zionism-supporting, standard issue EU small country with a desire to suck hard on the tit of the EU and see if they can do better out of it than, say Ireland.
    And Salmond and his pals and their heirs will lord it over everyone else and it will be mired in corruption almost from day one.

    But just in the off chance I’m wrong, I would vote for independence. Basically, it’s a faith based endeavour!

  • Mary

    Message from a physician in Gaza within the last hour. His own hospital is wrecked.

    ‘Greetings from the bombarded, massacred yet triumphant Gaza. (Pyrrhic??)’

    I am still in Gaza city, living near to the main Palestine square in the same home you have visited before with ….. Every hour or even minutes lots and lots of extremely loud explosions that shake the city from all directions.

    I posted some pictures of the ongoing massacre against families and civilians on my facebook. Currently I am at Shifa hospital where I try to help.

    The filthy Egyptian government has called for a ceasefire from all parties without achieving any lifting of the siege in order to steal victory from Palestinians. (Rub their noses in the sand) The Egyptian initiative came after the Turkish and Qatari initiative was being formulated which ensured lifting the siege off Gaza.

    I just want you to keep in touch, make prayers and take care of your self.’

    He is one of a gracious and polite people. Also very well educated. They have their own university and medical school. British doctors go out to teach when they are allowed in,

  • Mary

    Bloody bastard. He was a ‘witness’ on that dreadful Melanie Phillips ZBC vehicle The Moral Maze last night. I did not listen.

    ex.British AFGHANISTAN Military Expert advises iOf on GAZA…

    ‘IDF does more than any other army to prevent civilian deaths’

    INTERVIEW: Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, talks to Ynet about Israel’s military and moral superiority over Hamas, and says Israel should hit Gaza harder and faster. [ See video ]

    Attila Somfalvi
    Published: 07.24.14, 11:52 / Israel News

    LINK :,7340,L-4548821,00.html

    Israel’s military makes more effort than any other army to prevent civilian casualties, but should be more aggressive in Gaza, says Colonel (ret.) Richard Kemp CBE, the former commander of the British armed forces in Afghanistan and fierce international advocate for the IDF.

    “I would like to see the IDF operating much faster, going in perhaps harder and faster, that’s what I would like to see,” Kemp told Ynet on Wednesday.

    “But having said that, I recognize – as you recognize – the pressures on Israel from all around the world to absolutely minimize the number of civilian casualties they’re causing”, he added. “I believe that on the basis of everything that I’ve seen, that everything the IDF does to protect civilians and to stop the death of innocent civilians is a great deal more than any other army, and it’s more than the British and the American armies.”

    Kemp, who was a strong advocate for Israel in the wake of 2012’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza, said he had come to Israel now “to get as close a view as I can of the current conflict, so I can make my own assessment of what’s happened, to contribute to the international commentary that’s taking place on Israel.”

  • Kempe

    I thought to abstain meant not expressing an opinion either way rather than opposing.

    Yes all the european countries abstained, including Ireland. Why would an independent Scotland be any different?

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Still nothing on Gaza from the Quartet representative, the “Rt.Hon” Tony Blair, for the last ten days.Will he utter before he flies to China? He’s joining Bill Clinton on or about the 25th, to schmooze at the 4th Huatuo CEO Forum, if this is correct:

    The Guangzhou forum which is being hosted by Yan Jiehe, chairman of the China Pacific Construction Group and promoter of the Huatuo Economic Forum, is expected to be attended by over 1000 leading Chinese business leaders and such international dignitaries as former President Bill Clinton; the Hon. Tony Blair; Lee Myung-Bak, the 47th President of South Korea; Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia as well as the following dignitaries and Nobel Prize laureates: Janet Napolitano (chairman of the University of California); Prof. Thomas Sargent (2011 Nobel Prize Economics); Edmund Phelps (2006 Nobel Prize in Economics) and Gene Sperling (chairman Economic Committee of Clinton & Obama Administrations).

    Mr Jiehe is one of the most influential business figures in China today having won numerous awards such as ‘The most excellent entrepreneurs’, ‘One of the Top News Figure’, ‘Talented and influential Chinese business leader’.

    ‘Kowtow’ is probably the action Tone has in mind. Very profitable kowtow.

    His silence and apparent inactivity since he manifestly failed to get an Israeli wish-list accepted by Fatah, and never went near Hamas, are beginning to suggest that he has now been sidelined, and may in the not too distant future step down from what (as he is speaking from a script) can only be described as his role. Peter Oborne recently had an excellent idea for his replacement:

  • Kempe

    According to the Irish Times it was the wording of the draft that was not acceptable, biased and likely to influence the outcome.

    This is from the OHCR itself.

    ” Pillay also condemned the indiscriminate firing of rockets by Hamas and other armed groups and the location of military assets in densely populated areas. Two Israeli civilians have died, 27 Israeli soldiers have been killed during the military operations and between 17 and 32 others have been injured, she said. ”

    If the BBC published that there’d be accusations of bias flying in all directions.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Don’t quote out of context, Kempe.

    The UN Human Rights Council met in Special Session following the launch of the Israeli military operation, “Protective Edge”, directed at Gaza. In the two weeks since, more than 600 Palestinians, including at least 147 children have been killed in the intensive bombardment from the air, land and sea. The UN estimates of those killed, more than 70 percent have been civilians.

    [The UN Human Rights Council holds a Special Session to discuss the conflict in Gaza © UN Photo/Violaine Martin] Speaking at the Special Session, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, cited these figures and also described the destruction of hundreds of homes and other civilian buildings.

    Pillay also condemned the indiscriminate firing of rockets by Hamas and other armed groups and the location of military assets in densely populated areas. Two Israeli civilians have died, 27 Israeli soldiers have been killed during the military operations and between 17 and 32 others have been injured, she said.

    However, Pillay said international law is clear: “the actions of one party do not absolve the other party of the need to respect its obligations under international law.”

    “Civilian homes are not legitimate targets,” Pillay said, “unless they are being used for, or contribute to, military purposes at the time in question.”

    The High Commissioner was unequivocal that civilians should not be targeted. “It is imperative that Israel, Hamas and all Palestinian armed groups strictly abide by applicable norms of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.” Citing examples where it appeared civilian homes had been targeted; Pillay said there is “a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes.”

    The resolution passed by the Human Rights Council establishes an international commission to investigate all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Gaza Strip in the context of military operations conducted since mid June. The inquiry will establish the facts and circumstances of any violations and identify those responsible. The resolution says the purpose of the investigation is to end impunity, ensure those responsible are held accountable and to assist in the protection of civilians.

    Kyung-wha Kang, the Assistant Secretary-General of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, in her address to the Council, drew attention to the attacks on medical facilities and staff, “such action is completely unacceptable and is a flagrant violation of international law,” she said.

    Kang described the “terror and trauma” of civilians who are given warnings to leave their homes but have no safe place to go. She pointed out that 44 percent of Gaza has been declared a “no-go zone” by the Israeli army.

    While negotiations for a ceasefire proceed, Kang said, there must be a pause in the conflict to allow aid workers to reach people desperate for help. Humanitarian workers must be permitted, she said, to mount search and rescue operations, to assist in repair of essential infrastructure, to assist the wounded and retrieve bodies.

    Lance Bartholomeusz, the Acting Director of Legal Affairs from the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), describing a devastating human and physical toll on Gazan civilians, said by late 22 July, 118,000 Palestinians had sought refuge in 77 of the Agency’s schools. That is six percent of the Gazan population.

    “It is evident to those of us on the ground that the situation of the population of Gaza and of Palestine refugees in Gaza has become completely unsustainable,” he said, pointing to unemployment rates of 65 percent for young people and 80 percent for women.

    Pillay too, referred to the “crippling effects of the Israeli blockade”, a situation where there is very little water to be had, fuel and medicines are in critically short supply and electricity is reduced to a few hours a day. The High Commissioner reiterated her call for the blockade to be lifted once and for all.

    The independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council to address specific human rights concerns and particular situations in a number of countries, the Special Procedures as they are known, were also represented at the Special Session.

    The Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono speaking on behalf of the Coordination Committee of the Special Procedures urged regard for international law and called for prompt, independent investigations of alleged breaches.

    “In Israel and Palestine, the politics of conflict, peace and security are constantly leading to the downgrading, or setting aside, of the importance of binding international human rights law and international humanitarian law. International law is not negotiable. No individual or state can be considered exempt, if they violate the law,” Pillay said.

    Describing the conflict as “dreadful and interminable”, the High Commissioner asked, ”What must we finally do to move beyond a ceasefire that will inevitably be broken again in two or three years?” The answer, or at least a first step, Pillay said, is accountability, “ensuring that the cycle of human rights violations and impunity is brought to an end.

    The independent, international commission of inquiry will report to the Council at its 28th session in March 2015.

  • Mary

    ‘”Precise co-ordinates of the UNRWA shelter had been formally given to the Israeli army,” Chris Gunness, a spokesman for the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency, said on his Twitter account.

    He told AFP news agency: “We’ve spent much of the day trying to negotiate or to co-ordinate a window so that civilians, including our staff, could leave.

    “That was never granted… and the consequences of that appear to be tragic.”

    Another UN official told AFP news agency they had tried to get people to leave the school shortly before the attack, fearing it might be a target.

    He said: “We were talking to the shelter asking them to leave, as we feared it was a potential target.”

    Israel’s military said it had acted “against a terrorist target located in a populated area”.

    Gaza Division Commander General Micky Edelstein said: “We use various technology, like radio or messaging to ask the population to leave.

    “We need to investigate what happened here.”‘

    The Israeli story of terrrrrists under the bed and weapons being stored is wearing thin. Their blood lust is ruling their actions.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    If UK is complicit, perhaps our locals could find Pooooootin is personally and entirely responsible.

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