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While Gaza writhes in agony, Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair’s private jet last week was in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Two months earlier Blair had certainly visited Las Vegas and Los Angeles on the same journey. In Las Vegas Blair was paid a large but undisclosed sum to attend a conference of hedge fund managers. His meetings in Los Angeles were “private”.

I have been unable to discover whether Blair was on his jet last week, or it was Cherie shopping or Alistair Campbell following up on the “business opportunities” for Blair from the July meetings. But he was not evidently in the Middle East. Just before the jet left for the USA he was in Britain hosting a lavish and deeply tasteless birthday party for his wife, two months before her birthday.

Yesterday the Guardian announced Blair’s new role as adviser to the Government of Azerbaijan, to add to the money he gets from advising Sisi of Egypt, Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, numerous Gulf despots and any other dictator who does not realise that the Blair brand has become even more toxic than their own.

Blair’s attendance at the July conference of hedge fund managers was appropriate, as they are the epitome of the heartless irresponsibility and short term financial outlook of the new capitalism which Blair so heartily embraced. His fellow guest speaker at that conference was Francis Ford Coppola. I went to bed last night mulling this article and the aptness of combination of Tony Blair and Apocalypse Now.

Then I woke up this morning to the news that after twenty years of peace fighting had broken out between Blair’s brand new client, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The man really is cursed. Perhaps once you voluntarily brought so much war and terrible death, there is no way to stop. Apocalypse Blair. He should rename that private jet The Four Horsemen.

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  • pete fairhurst

    The man is the personification of evil. He exhibits classical psychopathic traits. And yet he professes faith! Just look at the first picture on your “deeply tasteless” link. You can see evil written all over his face.

    Yet he is still given column inches [frequently in the nominally left leaning Grauniad] and air time in our so called “free” media. Free? You’re ‘avin’ a laugh. Ha ha ha ha

  • Abe Rene

    All this sounds like envy of Blair. Better to be content with our lot, indeed grateful to be citizens of a First World country, and if we are in good health and not homeless, doubly grateful.

  • Fedup

    All this sounds like envy of Blair. Better to be content with our lot, indeed grateful to be citizens of a First World country, and if we are in good health and not homeless, doubly grateful.

    What a strange retort?

    The old chestnut how to hasbara 101; defence 612 -1a!

    The corrupt bastard who took the money to go to war, and since has been making good on the promises made to him of unusual returns post the apocalypse he was responsible for, and now we must be grateful for living in a system that produces evil monsters like this son of a thousand warthogs, and be happy that we have a roof over our heads?

    How about that?

    This war criminal ought to be in jail and his proceeds of crime sequestrated to partially recompense his victims, and not loose to jet around the world to contaminate the wider world with his brand of sleaze and corruption, as he makes even more money out of his crimes.

  • guano

    Tony Blair is a very Gewad man. Gewad = Pimp for your own family in Kurdish. The oil connection between Dallas, the Middle East and Azerbaijan is obvious.

    Everone has forgotten about the UKUSIS operation to acquire Kirkuk oil for Kurdistan and Israel using pseudo-Muslim, USUKIS-trained and armed, ISIS/ Greater Israel Emirate, all-Muslims-are-my-target, hack-saw butcher Islamists in Iraq, because of Gaza.

    Ukraine is the start, Kurdistan the middle, and former Soviet colonies the ultimate goal for NWO UKUSIS Islamist petro-colonialism.

    Political Islam believes that it can acquire sufficient weaponry in the course of these mercenary campaigns to turn back across Iran and bite off the head of the snake, Israel. The Zionists believe that they can control the media sufficiently to convince the world that Russia shot down a civilian jet, blocking the airways between Europe and the East.

    The fact is that in the world of the internet, neither the subterfuge of Political Islam confederacy, nor the subterfuge of the USUKISRUSSIAetc confederacy, are believed by anybody.
    The winners of this vast charade of apocalypse politics will be China, since its straightforward nationalist agenda threatens nobody.

    Israel has influence over China, but China understands what’s really going on.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Abe Rene

    “All this sounds like envy of Blair. Better to be content with our lot, indeed grateful to be citizens of a First World country, and if we are in good health and not homeless, doubly grateful.”

    This doesn’t have to be an either-or, surely.

    We can be content, grateful, etc – indeed we should be (that is the deeper sense of “La vita è bella”) and at the same time give voice to the revulsion (not envy!) that Blair so richly deserves.

  • KingofWelshNoir

    And of course Apocalypse Now was inspired by the more accurately descriptive, ‘Heart of Darkness.’ But Blair will never be a Mr Kurtz, he’s too tacky.

  • oddie

    the war crimes being perpetrated by israel, with no way for the international community to hold anyone accountable (go away Ban Ki-Moon) is literally making people i know (including myself) ill.

    meanwhile, new at Press TV, a 26 minute piece i’m about to watch:

    Kurdish statehood: An Israeli wish
    Israeli President Shimon Peres told US President Barack Obama on June 25 that Iraq could not be kept together and asked for support for Kurdish independence.
    The next day, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told US Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris that the establishment of an independent Kurdish state was probably inevitable….
    This was not the first time Israeli leaders have pushed for Kurdish independence. They have repeatedly echoed this line in the decade since the invasion of Iraq.
    Historical relationships between some Kurdish factions and Israel go back to the early days of the Zionist project.
    Dividing the Middle East into countries of warring minorities can be traced back to the days of British colonialism and today Israel is at the forefront of making sure it happens.

    as for Blair, he & the rest of the war criminals who have destroyed iraq, afghanistan, libya; droned country after country, etc., should be locked up and the keys thrown away. this orgy of destruction must be stopped.

  • alex

    Blair is the Bagman for these monsters I suspect. Scuttling around obeying orders from the Israelis, banks, Neoconservatives media bosses et al, coordinating instructions. He is a willing agent and catamite to the elite. Agent Blair gets his payback. Wonder what a Confession to his priest sounds like?

  • Fedup

    Re “Gewad”

    It should be understood that Kurdish nationalism would have you believe this word is a Kurdish word, alas it is not, the etymology of the word is rooted in Arabic, and in a bid to distinguish the standard practice of pimping of women to that of pimping adolescent males.

    Thus the position of Gewad or Gaw’wad is much lower in the pecking order of the pimp fraternity (ie a higher insult index), unless they are in UK in which case they would be rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers in the high society.

    Thus attributing Gaw’wad to one tonykins could be a curse, and or compliment depending on where is he peddling his stuff at?

    The haunted look on his imbecilic face is telling of an inner torment, but that soulless cretin will not understand or entertain any such notions, and he compensates for it by digging deeper into the abyss that he has thrown himself in. He is an errand boy and he knows it, so he tries to compensate for it by playing big shot connected man. Almost all of his clientèle are rich thugs and Mafioso in search of acceptability and he somewhat fulfils that need. If you would it is a symbiotic existence of lower end hoodlums and tinpot dictators, giving him the excuse to fool himself, he is still relevant!

    Nonetheless that son of a thousand warthogs makes me sick to the pit of my stomach whenever I see his emaciated mugshot with his wanky plastic smile.

    That cretin stands with the blood of millions of dead on his hands, and the curse of millions of crying; mothers, sisters, wives, fathers, and children behind him, may all those curses come to pass.

  • harry law

    I suspect the reason Blair has kept a low profile is because he is 100% behind Israel and Saudi Arabia and other Gulfies in their attempted destruction of the resistance in Gaza. In a CNN report it quoted an analyst who has covered the region for decades, Ali Younes, who considered the war in Gaza as “unprecedented in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
    “Most Arab states are actively supporting Israel against the Palestinians — and not even shy about it or doing it discreetly.”
    It’s a “joint Arab-Israeli war consisting of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia against other Arabs — the Palestinians as represented by Hamas,” Younes said.http://www.manartv.com.lb/english/adetails.php?eid=163678&cid=31&fromval=1&frid=31&seccatid=91&s1=1 Quite true the “axis of evil” are those satraps and other dictators. The sooner they are all hanging from lamp posts alongside Blair the better.

  • oddie

    Mary posted the electronic intifada horror story about the massacre of Dr. Mona El-Farra’s family on the previous thread, & how the Dr. is related to Laila El-Haddad, who addressed Congress on the matter, yet i see no media coverage, apart from the EI piece and Aljazeera.

    on the other hand, the story that a soldier is dead, not kidnapped (whatever that means in this Orwellian nightmare of a war), brings up more than 5,530 results on google! it is beyond obscene.

    Times of Israel – Soldier Hadar Goldin is dead, not kidnapped, IDF tells family
    Hadar’s father Dr. Simha Goldin said he could not “imagine that the IDF will abandon its combat soldier.”
    “I am a reserve battalion commander. I did reserve duty until age 50… my personal commander was [IDF chief of staff] Benny Gantz and I know it’s impossible that he would give an order to leave [the Gaza Strip] while there’s a soldier inside…I know Givati Brigade Commander Ofer Winter…
    Goldin, 23, one of four children, was raised for part of his childhood in England while his parents taught at Cambridge University….
    Goldin’s family is reportedly distantly related to Defense Minister Ya’alon….

    Slain Soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin Was Ya’alon’s Close Relative
    Gag order lifted on murdered soldier’s relationship to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.
    Hebrew media has yet to officially indicate how the two were related, but the Hebrew phrase – karov mishpaha – indicates an immediate or otherwise very close family relationship between the two.
    The gag order was implemented on the family’s request, so as to not escalate the situation with Hamas in the event Goldin was alive and being held captive.
    Ya’alon related to his relative’s death for the first time publicly on Sunday afternoon.
    “Hadar Goldin, z”l, is in my family,” Ya’alon stated. “I have known him since he was born.”…

  • Fedup

    Have a read of this Oddie



    On Sunday, a fresh barrage of rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel’s Sdot Negev, Nahal Oz and Alumim, while a mortar shell exploded in Eshkol.

    Gilad Atzmon is one hundred percent right, the zionist thugs in uniform have not won this war too. Despite yet another one of their “worse than, worse than, death options” and wholly flattening parts of Gaza while their accomplices in the wider world (pusillanimous medjia and the zionist scum support brigades) have been fighting a rearguard propaganda war. Yet they are still getting fired at, on the ground!


    This made me smile, the thoughts of brave tough operatives bolting into the neighbours yard to escape a good pasting!

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Conservatives have been extolling the righteousness of Bush’s remaining below the radar, It’s respectful for an ex POTUS to stay out of the way. Is this Blair’s single virtue as well?

    I suspect pedophiles don’t seek publicity either, but Blair is unabashed.

  • guano


    Gewad. Why make it complicated by talking about the Arabic origin? The practise of sodomy doesn’t exist in Kurdistan.

    The practise of lying in business is normal and spying is acceptable, in order to detect and prevent the practise of pimping women.

    In my experience English culture is very different. Sexual misbehaviour is regarded as normal so spying is considered ungentlemanly and lying about relationships is routine. In England, lying in business is considered morally despicable and a sign of stupidity.

    So when my Kurdish friends lie or manipulate the truth about business or politics, it trips my UK alarm bells which are tuned to sexual deceit, which they only do if it doesn’t cross the boundaries of Islam.

    And when I tell the truth in business, they see it as a sign of great faith, when it is fact a sign of being an old-fashioned Englishman.

    As to Blair, he is useful to the ultra-lying Zionists, because his English tones project truthfulness. Every sentence and every concept in his brain is pimped. One wonders if there is anything left of actual him.

  • Komodo

    This is worth a read in its entirety. Martin Bright, who ran Blair’s Faith Foundation website, lists his qualms about the operation.


    …In February I was told to accompany the chief executive on a trip to Vienna for a gathering of organisations seeking to map data about religious conflict and reconciliation around the world.

    This had the Orwellian title Mapping The Mappers and was hosted by the Saudi-funded King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID). This is the Wahabi-inspired regime doing ‘cuddly’.

    I said I was uncomfortable, considering Saudi Arabia was one of the most oppressive countries on Earth, with a complete absence of religious diversity.

    I wondered whether we should be allowing this organisation to pay for our trip, and continued to wonder as we entered its beautiful old headquarters, a jarring combination of Klimt murals and Gulf kitsch.

    Indeed, as the weeks went by, I began to doubt the point of being at the Foundation at all. Huge amounts of time were spent in meetings to ensure the website didn’t embarrass Blair.

    Why, I wondered, did such a small charity have a five-person communications department whose sole aim seemed to be to say as little as possible?

    Every word had to be cleared by at least two other people. Approval was tortuous. Senior managers took an age to clear pieces for publication – if they read them at all.

    Indeed there seemed to be a general resistance to publishing anything at all.

    Squeezed between the bankers and the communications professionals, I was suffocating in a nightmare combination of red tape and PR jargon….

  • Komodo

    Incidentally, should it transpire that Blair was in LA and Las Vegas with his plane, we have the Faith Foundation caught in a barefaced lie. The above piece makes that more plausible than I had thought.

    Also, if he was on the recent trip, he’s been to LA three times this year; to the Milken conference on globalisation (with Cherie) in April, and then on to the SALT Conference, a hedge fund event, in Vegas ca 10th May. Then he stopped over in LA en route to the Aspen Ideas Festival at, yes, Aspen, Colorado. Which has a perfectly good airport of its own.

  • guano


    “Martin Bright:

    I said I was uncomfortable, considering Saudi Arabia was one of the most oppressive countries on Earth, with a complete absence of religious diversity.”

    Within Islam and regarding religious faith, Saudi Arabia allows total diversity. No-one is excluded from visiting the Holy Sites for any religious reason. They are sanctuaries for all.

    Secondly, within Islam, Saudi Arabia is tolerant of a wide diversity of religious and political opinion. Not toeing the line might not get you into comfortable jobs, but not toeing the line in the UK is fairly impoverishing I find, from personal experience.

    I know this is a quote and not your opinion, but the writer shares some of even Craig’s prejudices about Saudi Arabia.
    Hypocrisy, double-standards, racism, pre-judice towards the West, cruelty, snobbery, sexual exploitation of servants – Yes.
    But religious intolerance – No.

  • Fedup

    Gewad. Why make it complicated by talking about the Arabic origin? The practise of sodomy doesn’t exist in Kurdistan.

    Summer, Kool aid, and lots of soapy bubbles. HAHAHAHA No Sodomy in Kurdistan (already independent I see) now that is funny! Those “peshmerghe” renowned donkey bonkers, will pass up a bit more refined past times! HAHAHAHAHA HOw much of that place is bought by the zionist scum, who were there in the day after the IS annihilated en mass the Iraqi army by carpet bombing their positions. (Gabby Rado was dropped to keep the war crimes out of the earshot of the rest of the world.

    Pull the other one, this one fell off!

    You are attributing a word to be Kurdish that in fact is not! The Kurdish nationalists are as crappy as their Jewish nationalist counter parts, and moreover Kurdish nationalists are spawns of zionist scum who are trying to set up a couple more centuries of war in that area.

    Did your Kurdish relative also tell you about bLiar’s oil company (none dare to even mention this) in that Kurdish enclave of Iraq? How about that harridan ann clwyd and her interests there?

    You seem to be tripping in and out of reality mixing it all up, are you sure you are not in the same unit as the rest of zionist scum bags, pouring shite and disinformation all over the shop?

  • Komodo

    I agree Guano, that was maybe carelessly worded, within Islam. As far as I know the Sauds have been faithful guardians of the holy places, and all flavours of Islam are supported in the hajj. However, the public practice of religions other than Islam is prohibited, policed, and punished, as is blasphemy against the Sunni tenets. And a Christian would not be encouraged to visit the Ka’aba.

    Bright’s writing about just one tentacle of Blair Inc…the religious one, which exists ostensibly to promote interfaith harmony (which I am sure we are all for, like not setting fire to kittens), and I think the criticism of Saudi from this viewpoint is valid.

    And that was only one of several points he made, in any case. My favourite concerned the organisation’s dedication to saying nothing, using a team of professional communicators. Balir to the bone, that.

  • Fedup

    As far as I know the Sauds have been faithful guardians of the holy places

    Don’t fall for the appearances, they have been doing their bit of destroying the Islamic heritage (various shrines, buildings, and even grave yards, no rest even after death), under the auspices of destroying and fighting “Idolatry”.

    Furthermore what about the tunnels dug under the holy Mosque Masjid al-Haram The very same mosque that houses the Kaba’ (the cube, see the similarity in words?), by the French commandos in 1979 to attack those who were taking refuge in the mosque during the month of Hadje of Hajj ( a month in which no one in Islam is allowed to carry nay kind of weapons in the whole of the city of Mecca!

    Those pederasts in the house of al Saud have been taking the piss out of all things Islamic for decades!


    Saudi Arabia is tolerant of a wide diversity of religious and political opinion.

    Definitely an agent talking there!

    Al Saud are imprisoning people for mere suggestion of holding elections for town hall councils! Opinion and religious freedom!!! What a load of bunkum!

    No one truly knows the exact number of “political” detainees in the numerous prisons scattered throughout Saudi Arabia. Various media agencies have put the number of prisoners from anywhere between 2,000 and 40,000.

    This is particularly true when examining prisons directly under the control of the Saudi Ministry of Interior – the mabahith, or secret police, prisons.

    One infamous secret police prison is al-Hayer. It is Saudi’s largest prison complex, 25 km south of Riyadh. Last year, hundreds of Saudi families gathered in the last year to protest the detention of individuals and to demand access to them

    No wonder when Al Sauds are in league with the zionist scum and condone their attacks on Hamas, and Lebanon, Syria….. All the while Saudi Islands under the occupation of the zionist scum are not even worth the mentions ever.

    Benighted land of Hijaz could do well to get rid of those bastards pronto.

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