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Tonight’s meeting is upstairs at Watts of Cupar (Fife) 7pm. I have been astonished by the wave of popular enthusiasm and above all by the incredible meld of social media activism and old-fashioned street campaigning. The mainstream media have no idea what is going on as, on the rare occasions they try to cover a Yes happening, they are utterly thrown by the absence of men in suits to interview.

The other quite astonishing thing is the level of political radicalism at all the events I have attended. The world should pay attention to Robin McAlpine. In my view, Robin has the ability to become one of the most important contemporary political philosophers not just in Scotland, but in the World. His ideas of future political and social co-operation in more useful forms of economic transaction, and of politics without party structure, are profound. When the campaigning dies down I will discuss further.

Nobody wants simply to repeat Westminster corporate power structures in Scotland. There is a movement happening here which is truly revolutionary and feels like nothing I have experienced in my life before. I am deeply moved. If we achieve independence, it truly will be the victory of the people, not the politicians.


An encounter at the Wellgate Centre Dundee today captured a key aspect of the campaign for me. An old lady refused to take one of our Yes leaflets. She said she was Labour, and that she had been told by the Labour Party that if Independence came, we would let all the foreigners in. I have no doubt she was telling the truth.

The Labour Party – running a Tory funded campaign against the people to try to hang on to their Westminster jobs, and resorting to the racist tactics of UKIP. An absolute moral disgrace.

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  • Resident Dissident

    The Wiki page for the new chair of the BBC Trist has been heavily edited since yesterday. The reference to her religion as Judaism has been removed.!! Wonder why?

    Perhaps because she isn’t Jewish and the statement that she was came from the same source (a friend of yours?) as this:

    “Rona Alison Fairhead CBE (born 28 August 1961)[1] is a British businesswoman and currently the Chairman of the [[BBC Trust, also Jewish she follows in the footsteps of Yentob & Thompson to ensure the agenda stays biased & pro Israel…Maybe its time the overpaid zealots at the BBC took wagecuts and stopped having lavish lunches at the tax payers expense. Still when it no longer becomes law to buy a tv license and BBC slips slowly into obscurity remember which corrupt, hateful, child murdering bunch poisoned and sucked it dry financially for their own gain.]]—the first woman to hold the post.[2]”

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Resident Dissident


    Then by her own perverted logic she must an agent of the evil UKUSIsNATO ”

    A tad harsh, perhaps. I think it’s just that she doesn’t see that her criticisms and rants lead her into all sorts of self-contradictory positions. This outcome is made more likely by the sheer range of issues and persons she posts about.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Is the Lithuanian President worth an egg should she visit the UK?”

    I wouldn’t recommend it. Remember John Prescott and the egg thrower. And he’s a pussycat compared to Dalia.

  • Mary

    Notes [with transcribed excerpts] at the time of Chris Patten’s pre-appointment hearing.

    Thursday 10 March 2011
    Members present:
    Mr John Whittingdale, in the Chair
    Ms Louise Bagshawe (Mensch)
    David Cairns
    Dr Thérèse Coffey
    Damian Collins
    Philip Davies
    Mr Adrian Sanders
    Jim Sheridan
    Mr Tom Watson @ 21:00

    Louise Bagshawe: You mentioned giving up Medical Aid for Palestinians. As you rightly point out, that could be seen to be quite controversial. In general, how do you think you would reassure the public that your foreign policy views wouldn’t colour your attitude as the Chairman of the BBC Trust, in particular those people who are friends of Israel, who might have some concerns over your close association with Palestinian causes – and indeed, in more general foreign policy terms, how would you give that reassurance?

    Chris Patten: Well, it’s true that I was a member of the Quartet, but since Europe was involved there were six people in it during the early stage of the Middle East Peace Process. And it’s true that as a European Commissioner I was responsible for – which was European and British foreign policy – for providing assistance to Salam Fayyad when he was first finance minister of the Palestinian Authority. And some people objected to that, although I think it helped to create workable institutions in Palestine. But I’m absolutely clear that I would have to demonstrate complete impartiality, and that you can only do by assuring that the Editorial Standards Committee of the Trust operates effectively and that serious complaints about BBC coverage are dealt with absolutely properly. I mean, just looking for example of the BBC’s Middle East Editor in the last few days and weeks – Jeremy Bowen – I think you recognise there is a very high standard of objective and serious reporting.

    LB: You would recognise that there has been great concern in some quarters of the BBC has in the past maybe not treated the ME conflict fairly and that there has been some bias against Israel’s interests. Are you aware of those complaints….

    CP: [interrupting] I am also aware of the opposite. I mean, I remember there was a huge controversy about the refusal by the BBC to broadcast the Gaza appeal. And on that occasion all the criticism was heavy on the other side of the argument. Though I think it’s exceptionally difficult to cover Israel-Palestine with the objectivity which is required when there is so much pressure from both sides. And it isn’t of course an adequate response that if you are criticised by both sides you must be doing it correctly, because that is a pretty rum notion of impartiality. But I think that given the difficulty of covering that subject, I think the BBC does a very good job. I think that it’s a fair criticism when you look at what’s happened in the last few weeks of months to argue that all news organisations have looked too little at what’s happening elsewhere in the Arab world over the last few years

    @ 1:02:10

    Philip Davies: I wasn’t quite sure whether we got from you whether you consider the BBC to be biased in its reporting in any shape or form?

    CP: No.

    PD: You don’t?

    CR: No. Let me just qualify that. If there are issues where there is thought to be BBC bias, then I think those things should be dealt with. I used to deal with that when I was a chairman of a well-known political party. But when I listen to Nick Robinson, or Robert Peston, or Jeremy Bowen, do I think I’m listening to first-class journalist or biased journalists? I think I am listening to first-class journalists.

    PD: Do you think it has an institutional left-wing bias?

    CP: Well, I’ve read what Mark Thompson and Andrew Marr have said about the sort of people recruited by the BBC being inevitably perhaps being metropolitan with cultural and conceivable political attitudes which go with a metropolitan upbringing. But I’m not sure that that is systemic institutional bias; indeed, I don’t think it is.


    Mrs Fairhead will go in front of the same committee on September 9th. We await their deliberations. The committee now is:

    Mr John Whittingdale (Chair) Conservative
    Mr Ben Bradshaw Labour
    Angie Bray Conservative
    Conor Burns Conservative
    Tracey Crouch Conservative
    Philip Davies Conservative
    Paul Farrelly Labour
    Mr John Leech Liberal Democrat
    Steve Rotheram Labour
    Jim Sheridan Labour
    Mr Gerry Sutcliffe Labour

    Same slimebag chairman. See Craig’s posts.

  • Resident Dissident


    So how is your digging for Rona Fairhead’s (nee Haig) Jewish ancestry going – should be quite a challenge with a Whitehaven girl whose mothers maiden name was Farmer – but at least it will keep you entertained.

  • Miss Castello

    Resident Shit /Habba Babble;

    WTF has Mary’s financial status got to do with you pair of tossers? If Mary’s worked for it, she has every right to claim a state pension, regardless of her political views. What do you expect her to do? Stand on a street corner and beg?

    What utterly loathsome people you must be to single out / pry into, an elderly woman’s personal finances. Have you nothing better to contribute?

  • Mary

    As the Resident Dissident/Eslo/Know All seems to have Mrs Fairhead’s provenance off pat, could he/she tell us if she was selected at university, where she obtained a double first, and picked out by the powers-that-be to become an asset for the USUKIsNATO axis. She has certainly been fast tracked through all of her strategic posts. Bain, Bombardier, HSBC, Pearson, Cabinet Office and so on.

    Rona Fairhead: chairmanship of BBC Trust part of venerable ascent to the top
    Former FT Group boss has had a formidable career across manufacturing, banking and media – and has a pilot’s licence too

  • Mary

    Her husband is a director of this global private equity/asset stripping outfit.

    Tom Fairhead
    Advisory Director

    Tom is chief executive of a group of private companies focused on building materials and waste management and renewables infrastructure. He is an Honorary Alderman of The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, a London Borough which is one of the few European public authorities rated AAA by Standard & Poors, and for 6 years from 2004 to 2010 he was the Cabinet Member with responsibility for its finances. Previously he had spent ten years at Credit Suisse First Boston specialising in international mergers and acquisitions and in technical and financial engineering.

  • Mary

    Brave man. Get well soon GG.

    ‘I crashed to the ground thinking… this man is going to kick me to death’: George Galloway reveals his terror after attack in Notting Hill – and how he led police to suspect
    George Galloway was left with broken rib when he was assaulted in street

    He also suffered a badly bruised face following violent attack in Notting Hill
    Below, the Respect MP reveals how he feared for his life during incident

  • nevermind, Scotland will not allow FoI's to srew up their foreign policy

    Just to note the next appointed blanket covering the BBC’s paedophile support network.
    Will she manage to shine a light on South Yorkshire police, their illegal actions and friendly get togethers with JS, the fact that they undermined their own possible case, to keep facts out of court by acting illegal and on ‘good advice’? and will they look into all other councils record with regards to child abuse?;_ylu=X3oDMTByaGwzcXNvBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDOARjb2xvA2lyMgR2dGlkAw–/RV=2/RE=1409530247/RO=10/

    I for one know of one case in Norfolk were a woman who has abused her chidlren for most of their short life’s had them taken away and adopted. One of her children (14) was allowed to have a relationship with a much older man. She had 13 children and has had a court date, which she evaded by getting pregnant again. Her child will be taken away from her, but nobody can educate her, show her the facts of her actions.
    According to neighbours she is being visited by mostly young social workers, the old hands don’t want to wash, and she runs rings round the newly employed students.

    This issue is everywqhere, not just in Rotherham, Oxford etc.and I don’t think that it will ever change, sadly nobody has the balls, they are more interersted ina quiet life with an ample pension then in doing their jobs.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Jives squeaks, in the dark of the night:


    Your attempted conflation of Macalpines (SIC)is one of your ugliest tawdriest sockpuppet efforts to date-and God knows there’s been many.”

    In which way was my question a conflation, Jives?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “The two trolls are sitting under the bridge holding their fishing rods hoping to lure me into divulging confidential information.”

    Not at all, Mary.

    Are we to understand that you forego your state pension and your NHS pension?

    If you are over 65 and have worked and paid your social decurity contributions there is surely nothing confidential about surmising that you are in receipt of those pensions, surely?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “As the Resident Dissident/Eslo/Know All seems to have Mrs Fairhead’s provenance off pat, could he/she tell us if she was selected at university, where she obtained a double first, and picked out by the powers-that-be to become an asset for the USUKIsNATO axis. She has certainly been fast tracked through all of her strategic posts. Bain, Bombardier, HSBC, Pearson, Cabinet Office and so on.”

    Are we to assume from the above that one has to be an asset to the “USUKIsNATO axis” in order to have a successful and high-flying career?

    What a curious take on successful people.

    Disclaimer : I am not part of her family, nor is my sister married to her cousin’s brother. I am not Jewish and remain uncircumcised. Have I forgotten anything?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “He also suffered a badly bruised face following violent attack in Notting Hill
    Below, the Respect MP reveals how he feared for his life during incident”

    Well, if course physical attacks on politicians and others in the public (and for that matter private) sphere are to be deplores.

    Having said that, I’m sure that GG will milk the incident for all it’s worth for a long time.

    Just, indeed, as I would on this blog if SS Police General Nevermind were to fulfil his often declared ambition of punching me in the face 🙂

  • Resident Dissident

    Miss Castello

    I think you missed the point – it is Mary that has a problem in believing that sentient human beings are capable of views distinct from their financial interests. I didn’t think for a moment that she would disclose any numbers or give up her pension – and neither should she. You on the other hand might wish to provide us all with your cheque card number, expiry date and security code as your introductory fee for commenting here!

  • Resident Dissident

    “As the Resident Dissident/Eslo/Know All seems to have Mrs Fairhead’s provenance off pat, could he/she tell us if she was selected at university, where she obtained a double first, and picked out by the powers-that-be to become an asset for the USUKIsNATO axis. She has certainly been fast tracked through all of her strategic posts. Bain, Bombardier, HSBC, Pearson, Cabinet Office and so on.”

    With all those things to research why did you alight on her religion first?

  • Macky

    @Resident Dissident, since you’ve teamed up for another troll pack attack on Mary, it reminds me of a previous troll pack attack on her, when you & the Habbu-Clown deliberately misrepresented one of her comments, so as to embark on campaign lasting many days, in which you both ceaselessly accused her of “hating her country”, which I’m sure you remember; so in view of Craig’s recent comments of the UK being “pathological state which is a danger in the world, a rogue state”, & “I think it is impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom”, which is by far the strongest “self-hating” & “anti-Western” comments that I’ve ever seen anybody make on this Blog, why are you & your fellow trolls not giving Craig the same treatment you gave Mary ? In fact I recalled that you in particular worked yourself up into rather a self-righteous fury, so I’m actually surprised that you still are posting on Craig’s blog ! 😀

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    I’m surprised to see you on here again after all the the drubbings you used to collect several months back.

    You remind me a little of an ageing, punch-drunk pug, wearily picking himself up off the canvas in the expectation only of receiving another haymaker.

    Now we have been quite kind and tolerant with you so far – everyone deserves a second chance, after all – but you must not abuse our goodwill.

    If you do, you’ll again find yourself fleeing from the blog with your til between your legs and whining about the partiality of the Moderators!


    2013 score: Dissidents 256, Corporal Macky’s XI, 0.

  • Macky

    How sweet of you Habbu-Clown, to have missed me so much ; still fantasising & lying to big yourself up I see, but there’s no disguising the fear behind your false bravado, so yes you better pray that the Mods (& your mate Craig) rescue you as they have done before many times before, except of course, for the handful of times, when you got to experience what real “drubbings” feel like. 😀

  • OldMark

    ‘George Galloway was left with broken rib when he was assaulted in street

    He also suffered a badly bruised face following violent attack in Notting Hill,’

    Before Masterton was named as the assailant, some reports said he was being held pending a likely charge of ABH – a quite reasonable expectation, given the extent of GGs injuries. However once he was named it was clear he would instead face a charge of ‘religiously aggravated assault’- a new offence which will give Masterton’s lawyers ample wiggle room, particularly as he appears to be gentile.

    Instead of using a charge defined by the extent of the victims injuries, the CPS has instead used a charge which is contingent on the alleged religious bigotry of the accused. Have the CPS done Masterton a favour here, I wonder ?

  • Mary

    🙂 Macky.

    btw they (the pack of trolls – like huskies they run and run and never stop) misconstrued what I said. I do not hate my country. In fact I love it and could not live anywhere else but hate those who have come to power and who are wrecking its social structures like the NHS – and its infrastructure for that matter.

    The worst thing that they did was to post on Stormfront using my name. Have you noticed how often Habbabkuk makes references to Stormfront. Makes me think!

  • Macky

    Mary your original comment was crystal clear enough, it takes either extreme dimness or extreme malice to misinterpret it the way they did, and as we know, trolls possess both these attributes in abundance.

    Yes, the Habbu-Clown frequent references are now matching the Angry Aussie’s, so it could be either, but not ruling out, of course, the “accidental discoverer” himself, ResDis.

  • Jemand

    Princess Mary, are you still plugging Stormfront?

    It’s funny how you two idiots throw the term “trolls” at anyone who disagrees with you, much like rabid zionists do with the term “anti-semite”.

    And Macky, don’t make me laugh. You’ve made a fool of yourself before and you’re now retreating into a more safe but obscure position. Of course, lying does seem to work for you, so maybe just stick with that in the absence of having anything intelligent or new to write.

  • Macky

    Thanks for the reminder, as yes, how could I’ve forgotten to mention, extreme fantasising & lying, being another definitive troll attribute, as kindly illustrated in the above example by Jemand The Angry Aussie ! 😀

  • Iain Hill

    We must not go back to business as usual. Let us instead work out how to create a new party(or parties) to represent our communities. Some suggestions:

    Hold public meetings in every constituency of people prepared to support a People’s Party and select a candidate. Selection by ballot. Candidates to require a substantial community connection (residential or business ownership). No incomers.

    Candidates to serve a maximum of two parliamentary terms.

    Candidates to agree and sign a binding community manifesto (prepared after discussion and amendment of initial candidate submission). Significant departure from this after election to enable recall by constituency.

    Consultative network to be set up (social media?) to enable MSP to take advice from a cross-section of community members on controversial issues. Nurture and develop this way of thinking.

    Ban for two parliaments against candidates who have previously sought election for parties which opposed independence. Exceptions only for those individuals who have formally abjured that party and its policies, and whose explanation has been accepted by the constituency meeting. (To be refined after discussion).

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