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The Fringe Meeting at which I am speaking will be livestreamed on Saturday from 12.30 on IndependenceLive.

Meanwhile, Emily has started her own blog.

I had a busy day today moving a lot of stuff to move into my new home in Edinburgh tomorrow. But I must briefly comment on a fascinating opinion poll by IPSOS/Mori tonight, which puts the Tories on 32 and Labour on 29 UK wide – and astonishingly the Lib Dems UK score of 9% only just ahead of the SNP’s UK wide score of 8%, even though the latter is concentrated entirely in Scotland. One reason that SNP figure is so high is that IPSOS MORI weight by certainty to vote, and are predicting a much higher turnout in Scotland than England at the next election.

The scenario leading straight to independence – a Tory/UKIP coalition at Westminster and a crushing SNP victory in Scotland – is looking increasingly probable. One thing I do not rule out at all is a unionist Con/Lab coalition in Westminster after the next general election. There are almost no real policy differences between them, and if coalition becomes the swiftest way to satisfy personal ambition for power and money on both sides (the only thing that drives both parties), I so not think it is in the least improbable. We have seen Lab/Con coalitions against the SNP in Dundee and Stirling Councils, and they were extremely happy together during the referendum campaign. I do not yet see a Lab/Con coalition as the most probable outcome of the next Westminster election. But it is entirely possible.

Speech at 13 mins 30 secs in

Interview at 9 mins 30 secs in.

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  • falloch

    A friend’s theory: UKIP is a Tory construction (wittingly or unwittingly on UKIP’s part), so that when the Tories are sinking in 2015, they have someone else to make a coalition with i.e., not the Lib Dems. Evidence of this is the BBC and rest of the MSM’s willingness to fluff-up UKIP. They are a fake opponent, a safe house for right-wing Tories; when Conservatives don’t succeed in achieving a majority in 2015, they will form a coalition with UKIP, rather than the LibDems. (Hopefully) the WM government will be plagued by a large number of SNP MPs.

    Blue Tories, Red Tories – Labour Red Tories will never make a pact with the Blue Tories – would be like ScotLabour making a pact with the SNP.

  • Tony_0pmoc

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  • BrianFujisan

    How about developing an indigenous Scottish culture that has some appeal and resonance outside Scotland?

    FUCKIN disgusting… TRY this shit Abroad, Against Scots …ANYWHERE

  • Tony_0pmoc

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  • BrianFujisan

    My point being Scots Globally Have among thee best, Pacifist fans / People in the world….

  • Mary

    Again this is not ‘news’ on the BBC website. It is propaganda from Nick Robinson.

    ‘Ed Miliband “absolutely” sees a prime minister when he looks in the mirror in the morning, he has told the BBC.

    In an interview with BBC political editor Nick Robinson, the Labour leader admitted his “mettle had been tested” by reports some Labour figures thought he should step down.

    But he denied his leadership was a problem and said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

    The Conservatives said Mr Miliband had not learned from “Labour’s mistakes”.

    In a wide-ranging interview ahead of a speech at the University of London on Thursday, Mr Miliband said he was “not in the whingeing business” and that the pressure in his job was expected.’

    I wonder which PM Miliband sees in the background when he looks at his reflection in the mirror? LOL

    Ed Miliband: I can absolutely be prime minister

  • Mary

    I watched Alex Salmond’s previous First Minister’s Questions and was impressed. So unlike the bluster and noise of Agent Cameron’s Westminster version. Businesslike, straight forward and to the point.

    ’13 November 2014
    Alex Salmond: I will miss weekly parliament grilling
    Alex Salmond is standing down as first minister, but staying on as an MSP

    A brief history of Alex Salmond
    Who were the first ministers?
    Profile: Nicola Sturgeon’s story

    Alex Salmond says he is going to “miss” first minister’s questions, ahead of his final grilling by the opposition before standing down from the job.

    Mr Salmond, who had “a great run” for seven years in the role, said parliament had evolved to become the “grand inquest of the nation”.

    The politician, who is also stepping down as SNP leader, is preparing to hand over to Nicola Sturgeon.

    Mr Salmond is staying on as MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

    He has also not ruled out standing as an MP in the 2015 Westminster election.’

    Alex Salmond: I will miss weekly parliament grilling

  • Brendan

    My scenario. Ed to get sacked before election, replaced by some shiny nobody, like Chukka. Tories to be largest minority party. UKIP to make gains, but still have less than 20 seats. Liberals to have less seats than UKIP (probably none). And … the SNP to hold the balance of power.

    Which would be interesting. The SNP would probably do the whole confidence and supply thing, refusing to back any party. Stalemate. But don’t think a referendum is on the cards, not for a few years anyway.

  • Tony_0pmoc

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  • Tony_0pmoc

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    A con/lab coalition in Westminster seems unthinkable to me. Although I agree all they really care about is their own ambitions if the two main parties bury the hatchet and work together in Westminster it would totally destroy any fig-leaf of ‘choice’ that remains.

    But if one thing is certain it is that anything is possible in politics.

    In some ways – it could be a good thing as it would open the way for a new movement of people disillusioned or disgusted with Westminster. Though that can be dangerous too – witness UKIP.

  • Mark Golding

    Gutter – Misplaced despondency my friend – You cannot break a system from the outside. A strong SNP and an independent Scotland is the imperative for revolution. That must be Craig’s ‘raison d’être’ and hence his actions.

  • Robert Crawford

    Craig and company.

    Scottish, instead of British, is the only way to be for real Scots everywhere.
    I stopped donating to the Red Cross, everytime I saw that red cross it reminded me of the English preventing me from having my Independence. I now try not to spend my money with the rip off merchants.

    One and a half billion people are living on $2.00 a day. Think how much more money the super rich would have if that was increased to $4.00 per day. A lot of them exist in Sierra Leon. Are you listening T. Blair? What does $2.00 per day mean to you dear reader? £1.20 if you are British or Scottish. It is less than the cost of your computer, your pet food, your booze and a host of other things taken for granted, like T.V. licence, and you could not do without your TV could you?

    When is the “house warming party” Craig?

  • Robert Crawford


    It was a Pope who first started the Crusades in the “Holy Land”.
    How “Christian” was that?

  • Abe Rene

    We could end up with Labour winning the next election, thanks to Scotland being part of the UK. 🙂

  • nevermind

    Don’t hold your breath Robert, there wasn’t a house warming party at Craigs Kent abode, so why should there be one in Edinburgh. But you should get one, cause the new SNP member will have to meet and greet.

    Lab/Cons.pact at Westminster? just to deny others the chance to hold the rotten paddle/sit on it?

    I doubt it. A UKIP/Tory pact is so much safer, after all the Tory’s would only have to deal with a few ex Labourites, so much easier to go to bed with your own kind. Labours opposition to an EU referendum, especially, would make LabCon act pornographic.

    I agree with Lance when he says that voting for the Greens, now that its official that the BBC will never give them the benefit of the doubt, never mind recognise their long term aims and objectives.

    A vote for the Greens is a vote to reform the BBC and a vote against a UKIP/Tory pact.
    What of a SNP, Labour and Green coalition at Westminster, don’t know whether the Lib Dems are going to make it at all, as I do not trust the polls, their standing locally is so toast.

    Lets hope the fervent support for the SNP does not manifest itself in greater nationalism a la Ukraine. One would not want Craig’s ignorance of Svoboda and Right sector there to spread to the masses, the same ignorance that deluded Britain in the 1930’s, because those two fascist parties do NOT belong into the EU, however much the USUK likes them to do their dirty work, we’ve got too many nail boots on the ground already.

  • Robert Crawford


    This is Scotland! A house warming is almost “Mandatory” to success in the area where you live.

  • nevermind

    Thanks Robert, believe me I do like such genetic dispositions, they do bring people together….;)

  • Robert Crawford


    One has to be totally comitted to “self” and what one stands for.
    Look at what the world has, that was invented or discovered by us Scots. We have been good to the human race. Can others say the same?

  • nevermind

    I also like commitment and principles Robert and I’m not Scottish. Does that mean I have a thistle up my Jacksie?
    I’m also proud of what the brains in my birth country achieved, a small part of what is now sitting on a comet, this is all good to instil some pride in one’s own.
    But I would not go as far to say that Gerrmany’s Schutztruppen in Namibia or Samoa were good ol’ boys because they served the nation and their people.

    We all have our national pride to a certain extend and its determined by achievement of sorts, but what it is built upon matters, whether its the scientists that have propelled your nation and shaped its future economic standing or the social construct that arose, whether its Liebknecht or Haber does not matter much,

    but when its leaders who are known for their wars and dastardly concepts, or social national constructs such as the NSDAP had in mind, arousing the masses with nightly flare marches, promoting the youth with mechanic determination to create a different people, then we are merely copying mistakes from the past.

    Nothing means much and what we achieve should mean something, imho.

    For example, as Obama was shaking hands pledging that the US will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by some 25% by 2025, his ambassador to the UK ,Mathew Barzun, was asking us in East Anglia to package tourismn tours with Cambridge to increase US tourism here, promoting cross Atlantic flying.

    This decision will matter more to our children than it does to our selfish and hedonist generation, but what kind of nationalism would one need to stem the tide that eats away at the basics of life, now and in future? Does it take some kind of benevolent nationalism to get to a sustainable lifestyle?

  • fred

    “I’m also proud of what the brains in my birth country achieved, a small part of what is now sitting on a comet, this is all good to instil some pride in one’s own.”

    I think we can all be proud of that one, what the people of the world can achieve working together not against each other.

  • MJ

    “My point being Scots Globally Have among thee best, Pacifist fans / People in the world….”

    Thanks for the clarification BrianF. My point was that emphasising “Scottishness” with flag-waving etc may be the wrong way go. It can appear inward-looking and small-minded and be easy to ignore.

  • Robert Crawford


    If a country sets out to colonise and exploit other countries by force, e.g. guns against spears, bows and arrows and boomerangs it is delusional to think your country is Right.

    Look back at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Scotland, it was the spears, bows and arrows and boomerang countries only, that were there. The ones who had equal fire power were not colonised, therefore, they were not at the games.

    If there is anyone out there when these “space” missions have finished, I feel sorry for them already, if they don’t have the fire power to defend themselves.

    How would you feel if a “Super Power” turned it’s weaponry on you and took your independence from you, to-morrow?

  • Phil

    “Meanwhile, Emily has started her own blog.”

    Blocked by filters at work for containing sexual content.

  • Iain Orr

    A fascinating analysis of the latest poll, but don’t forget – “a week is a long time in politics”, Harold’s lasting contribution to political wisdom. Like @Laguerre at 11.31 pm on 12 Nov, I don’t see a Con-Lab coalition as plausible.

    For a start, there’s too much of his father in Ed Miliband for him ever to risk becoming the 21st century’s James Ramsay MacDonald. But even if he were sacrificed on the altar of the false MSM Gods (which I think unlikely – remember Labour turkeys regularly vote for Christmas), the current and future ranks of conservative devils will always take the lonely Satanic option: “Better to reign in hell than serve in heav’n”.

  • Robert Crawford


    If flag waving is inward looking, look around your country and see who’s flags are being waved and who’s names are on every building, street and rivers and countries throught the world.
    Are they yours?

  • nevermind

    “How would you feel if a “Super Power” turned it’s weaponry on you and took your independence from you, to-morrow?”

    Its not about superpowers anymore Robert, they have not got the power to survive their own destructive urges, destroying stuff costs energy and it costs even more to build up what was destroyed.

    So for anybody to contemplate/argue that he has saved the nation from destruction by a superpower with their very own designed arms, is arguing somewhat besides the point, because in the process they both have destroyed what’s keeping us alive on earth.

    If we think about the children we put into this world and their needs to live, then how should such thought enter policy decision making?

    whatever has become of human intelligence?

    @ Fred. It was a European effort to get there, hence my words ‘a small part of’

    Voting Green and SNP are the only two alternatives, whether they are principled we shall have to see by their short twrm manifesto’s

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    MJ 13 Nov, 2014 – 12:24 am “How about developing an indigenous Scottish culture that has some appeal and resonance outside Scotland?”

    BrianFujisan 13 Nov, 2014 – 4:38 am “My point being Scots Globally Have among thee best, Pacifist fans / People in the world….”

    “Footage has emerged showing groups of Polish fans waiting for Scotland fans outside the stadium after Tuesday’s 2-2 draw… to clap the Tartan Army and congratulate them on the atmosphere created inside the National Stadium during the match.

    Traditionally Polish supporters have a reputation for being a little rough, however, they certainly appreciated the efforts of their Scottish counterparts on Tuesday night and made sure to thank them after the match.”

  • Robert Crawford


    What you envisage as “Super Power” may not be what is. You and me only know what is here now. On planet Zog or whatever, they might have something we have not come up with yet. They might be able to wipe out millions and leave the land “clean”.

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