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As readers know, in general I am opposed to the lazy characterisation of Ukrainian nationalists as Nazis, fascists or racists, because in general it is untrue. But some of them are, and one who undoubtedly fits the bill is the anti-Semite Andriy Paribiy, founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine.

Paribiy will be speaking at the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall on this Friday, 23 October, at 11am. The meeting is described as open to all. I do hope people will be able to express their opinion of him freely.


This is the party symbol of Paribiy’s Social National Party, in case anybody doubts me. It is perfectly clear what Mr Paribiy stands for. That the Royal United Services Institute invites him to spread his views in the heart of Whitehall, says a great deal about the position of the right wing British establishment. Today, the British government proposes new legislation to close down mosques and bookshops deemed extreme, even if they advocate against violence and do not break the law. These are dangerous times – and the danger is from the right.

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  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    ‘David Cameron has launched an investigation to see whether extremists have infiltrated Britain’s schools, hospitals and local councils.

    The review will assess the “risked posed by entryism” in the NHS, education institutions, the civil service and local authorities in the wake of the issues raised by the Trojan Horse scandal, where schools in Birmingham were targeted by radical Islamists.

    School teachers are already being trained to spot the signs of radicalisation of children and NHS staff have been trained to check employees joining the health service.’

    What a stupid idea. Making it more difficult for Muslims to integrate into society through worthwhile jobs will encourage radicalisa….. aaah, I see ……

  • giyane


    Radical in political language means ‘reactionary’. The best political slogans for the greed of worldly politicians are the religious ones. The best slogans for feudal politicians are those that sound progressive.

    The Salafis of the original Islam were not making takfir of their own kind, Sunni, practising, devout Muslims. They were making takfir of people who worshipped idols. Our prophet SAW commanded the companions NOT to treat the Yemenis of the time as if they were the same as Pagans, and because they were Christian people of the book. The present day Saudis are bombing the modern Sunni, practising, devout Muslim Yemenis using Israeli pilots. No doubt using the excuse that the pilots are ‘people of the book’

    Salafi my foot.

  • giyane

    I wonder why this Tory govt makes such an issue about purdah in relation to campaigning about EU membership and Scottish independence, when it does extremely dodgy deals with Turkey whose president lost the last election, failed to form a government in the allotted time, and is shortly going to enter new elections in which that same president will only winif he uses the same illegal procedures that the incumbent Tories are in power here viz: borrowing the voting passes of proven young non-voters and falsely claiming a Tory swing from the youth. Corbyn has woken up the younger generation including my own daughter to the possibility of politics becoming relevant, from the left.

  • Tony M

    Corbyn even if he isn’t a fraud, will get no-where.
    The photo-op pictures of him meeting discredited branch leader Dugdale in Scotland were cringe-inducing. If the most important thing on Corbyn’s agenda is looking gormless and pointing at nothing in particular in the sky, for the cameras, then he has already failed utterly

  • giyane

    Where is John Goss? If Craig can blog from the conference floor, why can’t John set up mobile transmission from his bike? You can get an auxiliary electric motor for your cycle, so no need to peddle while you strafe the Ukranian neo-nazis with ether bullets.

  • giyane

    Tony M

    Corbyn has reminded us of the possibility of such a thing as opposition. It looks different. If the poor soul had taken the opportunity to place his willy in the Queen’s gob and had to listen to the full extent of her privy council’s proposals relating to Ukraine and the Middle East, he’d probably have to top himself. Feigned innocence is a great deal easier than the neo-con trick of talking the opposite of the truth.

  • bevin

    This piece by Raimondo reminds us-if not the Royal United Services Institute- of how the Zanis or the Bazis seized power: by ‘killing their own people’ sniping protestors from the roofs of buildings they occupied.
    For a moment it looked as if the EU might be looking into the matter. But, no, saner heads prevailed and the pro-Russians were blamed. A dress rehearsal for the MH 117 propaganda fest which John Helmer examines again today: http://johnhelmer.net/?p=14356

    As to Petraeus being the v-p of this formerly British front for imperialism, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Has anyone got any idea what might have happened to the British activist/journalist found dead in a toilet at Istanbul Airport? The Turkish police are reported as saying it was “suicide”, but that itself raises suspicion. It seems to me that either it was a sudden, natural death (they do happen, of course) or it was murder. Might this have something to do with the situation in Iraq/Syria and Russia/NATO? Did someone squirt something into her ear? I note that another official in this organisation recently was assassinated in a car bomb attack. What exactly was her work in Iraq, for whom was she working and who might have wanted her dead? I post this here in case it has something to do with the current conflict on many fronts b/w NATO and Russia et al.


  • Herbie

    “RUSI is delighted to welcome Andriy Parubiy, First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council of Ukraine) and former Head of the National Security and Defense Council, to discuss Ukraine’s experiences in countering separatist and Russian actions, with particular focus on assessing the role of hybrid warfare.”

    Must be a “what went wrong” kind of discussion.

    Seems to me that the experts in “hybrid warfare” are probably those on the other side.

    Reflexive control, eh.

    Or, just read Br’er Rabbit.

  • CanSpeccy

    There’s nothing Nazi about opposing the spread of Islam or the existence of Islamic institutions and organizations in Europe. Islam is not some tolerant religion compatible with Christian Science, Quakerism and the Church of England: it’s a head-chopping, hand-chopping, foot-chopping, system of rule by brutal oppression that kills homosexuals by bulldozing stone walls over them or hanging them from construction cranes, stones adulterers, flogs mercilessly, hideously and sometimes to death those who deviate minutely from the rule of the Mullahs, destroys Buddist and pre-Islamic temples and shrines, mutilates the genitals of girls, tolerates slavery, rape and prostitution, and sanctions polygamy.

    And Islam is not, as stupid liberals and self-hating white people contend, a religion of peace and love. It is a brutal, ignorant, totalitarian, mediaeval theocracy, and it seeks through mass migration to settle Europe and swamp the European people out of existence.

    Or to quote the the chairman and head spokesman of the Latvian Islamic Cultural Centre:

    “Islam will replace Christianity in Europe just as Christianity replaced Paganism centuries ago, and it will conquer by womb rather than the sword to make Latvia an Islamic State.”

    Asked “what are the chances that Latvia will become part of the Caliphate?” white convert and centre spokesman Ahmed Robert Klimovičs said:

    “Latvians understand that in 50 years this will be an Islamic State. This is because Islamic children will be in the majority.”

    For further details see here.

  • Herbie

    “There’s nothing Nazi about opposing the spread of Islam or the existence of Islamic institutions and organizations in Europe.”


    This Nazi opposes Russians.

    His supporters in the West are those who spread weird violent versions of Islam.

    If you oppose that form of Islam, then oppose those who foment it.


  • Pete

    “NHS staff have been trained to check employees joining the health service”

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so scary and obnoxious. Having been to a great many interviews when I worked in the NHS, I can tell you that most NHS managers have difficulty ascertaining if a candidate is caring and competent at their job, without having to delve into their interpretation of religion or politics, which is no business of any employer anyway.

    Of course any serious “extremist” would know to give anodyne answers- it would only be the harmlessly naive who would fall foul of this scheme. But what I’d like to know is what is Unison’s (the main NHS union) response to this?

  • Pete

    Chair of RUSI LOrd Hutton, by the way, some interesting insinuations about him in Norman Baker’s excellent book about the murder of Dr David Kelly.

  • Paul Rigby

    Andriy Parubiy is a big Ukrainian fish in the CIA’s thwarted attempt to make the Black Sea an America lake.

    Here is meeting Mikola Volkov in the run-up to the Odessa massacre (29.4.2014):


    Volkov at work during the Odessa massacre:


    Who was Maidan Snipers’ Mastermind? by Adam Larson

    Global Research, 30 May 2014


    Andriy Parubiy

    While he insists he’s not a fascist, Andriy Parubiy co-founded the Nazi-inspired Social National party, now Svoboda, in the 1990s. Outwardly, he went mainstream early on, and joined Yulia Tymoshenko’s Fatherland party, running security operations on the Maidan for the 2004 “Orange Revolution.”

    In 2013-14’s more violent regime-change “protests,” he was given the same responsibility. As Euromaidan Commandant and head of the Self-Defense Committee, he was in charge of security for areas where the mob’s authority had overridden the government’s.

    We now know (partly from MP Moskal) that – on the pivotal day of February 20, which will remain the main focus of this report – sniper shots first hit police forces, and came from buildings Parubiy controlled. Ukraine’s previous head of the Security Service (SBU) Alexander Yakimenko said so in March, after fleeing to Russia. When the Commandant proved unable to stop the sniping, which everyone claimed to be against, Yakimenko says he offered to send in a unit to help. He only needed a guarantee his men wouldn’t be shot by Parubiy’s, but he says that was denied. From all this, the SBU chief deduced the snipers were under Parubiy’s command and protection.

  • giyane


    Come on, let it all hang out. You’ve had enough, dear. The proper gander of false-flag, Canada-goons, have finally got too much for you. Sit yourself down and feel free to shed a tiny tear of self-pity. Islam does not condone prostitution, nor rape nor murder. A Muslim cannot lie, fornicate or steal. Same as Christians, Buddhists or Jews.

    USUKIS are desperate that the truth of worshipping God and service to other human beings does not catch on amongst the generally decent world population. A generation of Middle-Eastern Muslims have been preyed upon by these countries while they were under savagery of despots and dictators. They have been brain-washed and tortured by USUKIS clients. Prior to that colonial deals were struck with criminals in Muslim countries for literally hundreds of years.

    The Muslims themselves have betrayed their fellow Muslims, developing the art of deception until they could pose with their little fore-fingers to their mouths as if they were total innocents. Many Muslims think that the knowledge of Islam is the knowledge of deception.

    However, God left the last testament, the Holy Qur’an, to belie the enemies of Islam both from within and from outside of Islam. Read it. It brings shifaa/ cure to the hearts of the Muslims because it clearly condemns the liars/ political liars.

  • Habbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    From Mary

    “Britain is a fascist state.”


    AANVM in the very first response on this thread shows us – mutatis mutndis -what is wrong with posts like Mary’s:

    “‘NAZI’ is a term thrown around glibly and this weakens its impact, in my opinion at least. If we call someone a ‘grammar Nazi’ or describe a run of the mill Tory as a Nazi it is counterproductive.”

    What Mary really means is “there are many features of present-day Britain I do not agree with, which I find wrong and which I should like to see changed”.

    But instead, she prefers to call Britain a “fascist state”.

    This sort of intellectual laziness should have no place on this blog.

  • Ben-Outraged by the Cannabigots

    “This sort of intellectual laziness”

    Let’s examine this notion. First off, there is the disparity in putative democratic states in the definition of political identity. If we watch behaviors, as opposed to the words of bureaucrats and politicos, we are left with words that have no meaning in the democratic sense.

    If the bagger at the grocery asks; ‘paper or plastic bags?’ we have a choice to make. But how much of a choice does that represent?

    Now if the bagger asks ‘fascist or democrat’ we have the same choice by way of Obama/Cameron/Blair protocols/definitions of ‘democracy’, which is a word, bandied about much by those who think it’s best policy for cuckolding the voter. IOW’s the path to victory is using speech not as an olive branch of Truth, but rather the poisonous fruit of duplicity and deception.

    Using that metric frames the dichotomy between the spoken word and actual behavior, as well as the epitome of laziness which is capitulating one’s own honor to make some paltry material gain. Truly, that is laziness defined, because the material is always breaking down to nothing, whereas spirituality lives on without a hitch.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I am swamping Glasgow tonight. It will take me just 45 minutes to spread my dark niqaab over the dear green (see, it is already green!) metropolis. Watch out, Glasgow! I am swamping you! here goes. One, two, three…

  • Suhayl Saadi

    My birthrate is greater than that of Alfred! I am meiosing, I am mitosing, I am multiplying. I am the three Ms. I am algebra (note insidious Muslim reference; mathematics is stealth Islamisation in schools, clearly), I am calculus, I am legion.

  • canspeccy

    I do love this blogs, which so clearly reveals the bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and white self-hatred of the Liberal mind and the opportunism of the settler immigrant well aware that the Brits, under the malign influence of the educational-media complex and Britain’s pseudo-democratic, two-party one policy politically correct regime are ripe for subjugation and ultimate elimination.

  • Extreme Narrator

    The truth is very simple-the kapos wanted to create a New Khazaria out of a tatar vacated Crimea and let loose this nazi genie from the bottle to achieve that end. The FSB who were listening in (victoria f.. you telecon) all the time went along, and Putin grabbed the rook, Crimea and the chess game is now over bar the shouting. Somebody will have to pay for the 10k Russians dead and those sniped at Maidan and garroted in Odessa, kolomoisky and the oligarki will all run to england and israel but parubiy will finally be hanged at Maidan.

    BTW – ONLY the Russians have the spiritual power (on the strength of their WW2 20m souls dead)to return this nazi genie back into its bottle, they have a track record too – all these years of the Soviet Union and none of this bandera rubbish or even the kapos dared to show themselves in the open.

  • Mary

    As expected.

    Government consulted Jewish security group to draw up anti-extremism strategy
    October 19, 2015

    The UK government consulted a leading Jewish security group in its latest bid to tackle extremism, which was announced today.

    The government spoke to leaders at the Community Security Trust ahead of announcing its new counter-extremism strategy – which will specifically target extremist Islamist and neo-Nazi hate.

    Quite so.

    ‘Potential UK impact
    CST is monitoring current developments in Israel and how these may impact here in Britain.

    Charity Commission website.

    This charity has been given a dispensation by the Charity Commission from publishing the names of its trustees.

    ‘Income £8,343,181
    Spending £7,141,383

    Administration and Distribution of the Government Grant for School Security Guards
    CST has been appointed by the Government to administer the distribution of f2.2 million of Government grants for security guards at all voluntary aided Jewish faith schools.’

    Plus £1m from DCLG (Pickles’ old department until May. He is chair of Conservative Friends of Israel and has just been to Israel)
    ‘This has been recognised by the DCLG which in March 2015 made a retrospective grant of f1,000,000 for the fiscal year 2014/2015 to support the CST Security Enhancement Project.’

    60 employees, 10 of whom do very well salary wise. p 19 on accounts for 2014.

  • Mary

    The Conservative Friends of Israel (inc Pickles) are very active in the ‘House’ this morning in a Foreign Office Q&A with Tobias Ellwood the minister concerned with Israel and Palestine.

    Many lies are being told. Most of the ‘questions’ are pure pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian propaganda.

    LOL Ellwood himself is a CFoI.

    His pathway….

    ‘Following his return to Parliament in 2010, he was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to then Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, and in October 2011 was appointed PPS to David Lidington MP, Minister for Europe at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In October 2013 Tobias was appointed PPS to Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt MP. On 15 July 2014 Tobias was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.’


  • fedup

    My birthrate is greater than that of Alfred! I am meiosing, I am mitosing, I am multiplying. I am the three Ms. I am algebra (note insidious Muslim reference; mathematics is stealth Islamisation in schools, clearly), I am calculus, I am legion.

    Just in case the self-hating immigrant whose claim to fame is his zoology “degree” in a fashion of Himmler the chicken farmer, whose pontifications are Not hyperbolic trite nonsense at all, at all!

    Suhayl may you multiply exponentially and your seeds take all the white women, and black women, and brown women and any other colour under the sun, because world would be a far better place when there shall exit no white supremacist tossers at all! How’s that for elimination?

  • Katie

    @Mary: “Britain is a fascist state.”

    Worse than that, it’s a fascist state that still can’t make the trains run on time:)

  • glenn

    I am algebra (note insidious Muslim reference; mathematics is stealth Islamisation in schools, clearly)…

    “The word algebra stems from the Arabic word al-jabr, which has its roots in the title of a 9th century manuscript written by the mathematician Al-Khwarizmi.

    Al-Khwarizmi’s Kitab al-mukhtasar fi hisab al-jabr wal-muqabala (The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing) was a pioneering piece of work – offering practical answers for land distribution, rules on inheritance and distributing salaries.”

    One in an interesting series:


  • Roderick Russell

    Re Craig,s statement – These are dangerous times – and the danger is from the right.

    Unfortunately I would suggest that the danger comes from the left as much as it does from the right since the left is just as easily hijacked by an increasingly over powerful establishment and its tools (i.e. a tame press, and security services that are morphing into a secret police) – just think of the last two Labour Prime Ministers.

    The real moneyed interest (i.e. the truly rich; not the upper middle classes) doesn’t care what colour the governing party is since they don’t pay much in the way of taxes anyway. The only thing they care about is that they can control the situation where their interests are affected.

    The real danger is the absence of democracy and the increasing ability of moneyed interests to hijack it.

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