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As readers know, in general I am opposed to the lazy characterisation of Ukrainian nationalists as Nazis, fascists or racists, because in general it is untrue. But some of them are, and one who undoubtedly fits the bill is the anti-Semite Andriy Paribiy, founder of the Social National Party of Ukraine.

Paribiy will be speaking at the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall on this Friday, 23 October, at 11am. The meeting is described as open to all. I do hope people will be able to express their opinion of him freely.


This is the party symbol of Paribiy’s Social National Party, in case anybody doubts me. It is perfectly clear what Mr Paribiy stands for. That the Royal United Services Institute invites him to spread his views in the heart of Whitehall, says a great deal about the position of the right wing British establishment. Today, the British government proposes new legislation to close down mosques and bookshops deemed extreme, even if they advocate against violence and do not break the law. These are dangerous times – and the danger is from the right.

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    ‘NAZI’ is a term thrown around glibly and this weakens its impact, in my opinion at least. If we call someone a ‘grammar Nazi’ or describe a run of the mill Tory as a Nazi it is counterproductive.

    That said – this goon does seem to be a Nazi.

    BTW – There have been some developments in the Assange Asylum case. I would enjoy your insight on these, but understand there are other issues that you may choose to prioritize.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Just in case anyone might imagine the Royal United Services Institution is some obscure organisation with no influence, here are some facts from Wikipedia :

    Patron : Her Majesty Elizabeth II

    President : HRH the Duke of Kent

    Chairman: The Rt Hon the Lord Hutton

    RUSI is governed by a Council comprising Vice-Presidents, Trustees and an Advisory Council. Members serve for a three-year term. An up-to-date list can be found on RUSI’s website.[9]

    Senior Vice President : General (Ret’d) David Petraeus

    Vice-Presidents :

    David Abrahams
    Dr James Hay
    Sir Paul Lever KCMG
    Dr Alexander Mirtchev
    Professor David Omand GCB
    His Grace The Duke of Westminster Gerald Grosvenor KG CB CVO OBE TD CD DL
    Mr John Weston CBE

    Research : RUSI’s research activities fall under three categories: Military sciences, International Security Studies and Homeland Security and Resilience. Since 2010, RUSI began widening its research interests to incorporate subjects such as Climate Change,[4] and Conflict, War and Culture.[5] In 2014, RUSI set up the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies.

    Analysis : RUSI experts are often called upon to provide analysis and commentary on the leading defence and security issues of the day.[6] In addition, RUSI.org hosts timely analysis[7] on the defence and security issues of the day. Content is drawn from its publications and briefings from its researchers.

    Events :RUSI organises a number of lectures, seminars and conferences for its membership and the wider defence and international security community. Its location in Whitehall means that is able to attract leading statesmen and policymakers.

  • Giyane

    “Today, the British government proposes new legislation to close down mosques and bookshops deemed extreme, even if they advocate against violence and do not break the law. ”

    Of course, it would be alright if they supported violence and broke Islamic and international law. They do that all the time.

    As to Ukraine, you yourself highlighted the Conservatives’ links with neo Nazis while they were in opposition. All the more reason to watch them like hawks now that they are in power.

    Especially in relation to Turkey who appears to be running Islamic State. Extremely dodgy deals were done last week which will allow Daish who have been given Turkish passports to travel without visas to the UK. Erdogan has set up a branch of Islamic State in Ukraine.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    To avoid (initial) confusion with other organisations, please use the full party name, Craig: the Social National Party of Ukraine. Otherwise, expect trouble from Fred II. Is Paribiy’s invitation to the United Services Institute not connected with his central role in Ukrainian security, though? I can’t imagine they’ll be interested in his views on Jews. It is to be hoped they’ll use the customary long spoon when supping with this one, anyway.

  • K Crosby

    The influence of the Ukrainian nazis, fascists and antisemites in putsch-Ukraine is second only to the influence of the US State, an organisation not known for its reluctance to commit crimes against humanity, against peace and war crimes.

    Complaining about making analogies with the German nazis is a right-wing kerb, protected most zealously by liberals. Insisting on a qualitative difference between the nazi regime and its Stalinist and west European rivals is historically illiterate; ask the Irish and the Indians.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Maybe they will be interested in his views on Jews….thanks, Node.

    David Abrahams, vice-chair of RUSI and Durham property shark, is Jewish.

    But Paribiy might find a sympathetic ear in Alexander Mirtchev…


    On October 25, members of HRF’s board received a veiled legal threat from Mirtchev, who was mentioned in the published letter. His lawyer insisted that HRF retract and remove the statement that Mirtchev had enriched himself by serving Nazarbayev. The “settlement letter” also instructed us to refrain from any repetition or republication of the allegations and apologize to Mirtchev.

    When human rights defenders in Kazakhstan learned about the letter from Mirtchev’s lawyer, they could hardly contain their excitement about the opportunity: “Really? In a U.S. judicial court? Could we come to the U.S. and testify about Mirtchev’s crimes?” They warned: “There may not be enough room in the courtroom for those of us with something to say.”

  • Mary

    I think I will go to ‘Periphery:Israel’s Search for Middle East Allies’! The author is Yosser Alpher a former Mossad operative.

    The blurb is banal. https://www.rusi.org/events/ref:E561638F16CD7D#.ViTV5WGFPSd

    RUSI Events Calendar

    The Future of Baltic Sea Security
    16:00, 19 Oct 2015

    Under 35s Forum – Feral Cities and Urban Insecurity: A Failure by Design?
    18:00, 19 Oct 2015

    A Briefing with Andriy Parubiy
    11:00, 23 Oct 2015

    Resilience Conference 2015: Sustaining Resilience – The Need for a Long Term Vision
    09:00, 26 – 27 Oct 2015

    Book Launch: Periphery, Israel’s Search for Middle East Allies
    18:30, 27 Oct 2015

    RUSI-TAPVA Panel Discussion: Academic and Policy Perspectives on Radicalisation and De-Radicalisation
    18:00, 28 Oct 2015

    International Military Influence Conference 2015: Opportunities too Good to Miss?
    10:00, 29 Oct 2015

    Full list of events https://www.rusi.org/events/

    Andriy and Yosser are free but attendance at the Resilience Conference is £499.

  • Mary

    Remember the donations to NuLiebour scandal?


    ‘Political repercussions[edit]

    ‘Donorgate meant that Gordon Brown’s government was involved in an early scandal, and only a few months after the Cash for Peerages imbroglio which had beset Blair. There was heavy criticism from opposition parties, which includes calls for Harman’s resignation. Conservative leader David Cameron questioned Brown’s integrity during Prime Minister’s Question Time and Liberal Democrat leadership contender Chris Huhne asked police to get involved, in particular as regards the planning permissions granted to Mr Abrahams. Two significant Labour Party heads, those of Wendy Alexander and Peter Watt, rolled as a consequence of the affair.’

    A stench.

    PS Huhne = a biter bit later on.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    He sounds like a nasty piece of excrement, but how can one really get excited about it when the Establishment in London and Washington are just like him, and much more powerful and troublesome.

  • Mary

    No irony.

    May targets ‘all those who spread hate’

    The home secretary vows to “systematically confront and challenge extremist ideology” as she details new curbs on those who “spread hate”.

    3 minutes ago


    Look around you Theresa.

  • Chris

    You need to talk to people in order to understand them.

    Generally I am in favour of the broadest possible dialogue and the greatest freedom of speech.

    Relatively few members of a RUSI audience are likely to be ‘radicalised’ by this speaker….

  • YouKnowMyName

    I bought chocolates this weekend made by Poroshenko (Roshen Fudge/Кондитерська корпорація “Рошен”, it surprisingly didn’t taste of blood, unlike Гематоген of course)

    but may I be the first( sorry second) to congratulate dearest Theresa May on her wonderful new policy of defeating extremism viz. E N T R Y I S M

    the drive against entryism is a key component of the new “counter-ideology campaign at pace and scale” to combat Islamist and other forms of extremism in Britain. . .will also engage charities and businesses to help them identify and tackle entryist behaviour. . .will criminalise for the first time “extremists who spread hate but do not break existing laws”. . .this strategy therefore addresses the full spectrum of extremism: violent and non-violent, Islamist and neo-Nazi – hate and fear in all their forms.

    as a presumably non-violent, neo-nazi hating extremist (I suppose I am by posting on Craig’s blog) then do I add myself to the blacklist – or should I just welcome Андрій Парубій in order to keep mi’job?

  • Ba'al Zevul

    YKMN ; Blacklist me too. I hate porridge. And I urge you, before the antiporridgeism police come for me, to do the same.

    Can’t help thinking that criminalising opinions can only drive them underground, where they will fester and organise. One more point to the terrorists: we used to do freedom of speech, but we’ve been terrorised into stopping that.

    Much love,
    The Rice Krispie ™ Front.

  • Mary

    YKMN Indeed.

    ‘David Cameron has launched an investigation to see whether extremists have infiltrated Britain’s schools, hospitals and local councils.

    The review will assess the “risked posed by entryism” in the NHS, education institutions, the civil service and local authorities in the wake of the issues raised by the Trojan Horse scandal, where schools in Birmingham were targeted by radical Islamists.

    School teachers are already being trained to spot the signs of radicalisation of children and NHS staff have been trained to check employees joining the health service.’

    I would like to be a fly on the wall at a NHS interview where Nurse A is asked for her political views against a check list held by the ‘trained’ operative.

    What evil.

    btw Harperson’s other half, Dromey, has just been on Sky News supporting these measures.

    Dromey – large donations from UCATT and UNITE, including a pay off of £30k when he resigned as Dep Gen Secretary of UNITE plus car, phone etc etc. If only the suckers who pay their subs knew. He is just a Blue Labour/Red Tory trougher.

  • Ben-Outraged by the Cannabigots

    So there are some nazis running around Ukraine after all. I’m sure their minority is insignificant on the whole. Is it the exception that proves the Rule?

  • Jemand

    “Britain is a fascist state.”

    And yet, migrants from all backgrounds are climbing over themselves to get in. Makes you think. Or does it?

  • Republicofscotland

    How many times have we seen this played out, the Western fear of Communism, placated by support for a fascist regime, to oppose it.

    The most galling thing of all is that Russia, isn’t a communist country anymore. Anyone with half a brain can see it’s a dictatorship, disguised as a democracy.

    So in essence the West once again is attacking Russia under a false narrative, more over it’s the poor ordinary Ukrainian people I feel sorry for, caught up in the machinations of Russia and the West.

    So the West cries….Communism! and uses or creates and supports, the most vicious right wing party they can find, to pretend to crush something that doesn’t exist.

    Hitler may have burned down the Reichstag, claiming it was a Communist plot, but the West has burned down umpteen Reichstags since WWII, to continue the purge, under mainly false pretences.

  • Republicofscotland

    The British establishment fawned over Fascism, when they saw a powerful alliance between Communism and the Jewish people begin to arise.

    Hitler and Mussolini were admired because the uppsr echelons and aristocrats saw them as a bulwark against the ugly face of Communism.

    Prominent among such peers was Lord Brocket who joined various anti-Semitic organisations. He fawned over visiting Nazi officials whom he invited to his home and even attended the celebrations for Hitler’s 50th birthday.

    Brocket, said to be “a fundamentally nice but stupid man” even deluded himself that he was a valuable link between Hitler and Britain’s leaders. It was suggested that he lit fires on his Hertfordshire estates to guide German bombers on their way to London.

    Another pro-Nazi peer was Lord Redesdale . His daughters, who became famous as the literary Mitford sisters, included Unity who went to Germany and stalked Hitler.

    Having fallen in love with him. Although she did become close to Hitler – he considered her to be a “perfect example of Aryan womanhood” – he told her to return to England as war approached. She shot herself in the head in Munich’s English Garden but survived and was dispatched home.

    Another admirer of Hitler was the Duke of Westminster, a man who believed in countless conspiracies among British Jews to subvert the country. He even spent the first year of the war demanding, to whoever would listen, that peace be made with Germany.

  • Republicofscotland

    Of course other British aristocrats covetd Hitler and his murderous regime.

    One of the most colourful ermine-clad extremists was the 22nd Earl of Erroll, the Casanova of Kenya’s debauched Happy Valley set. After being mesmerised by Hitler, this man promised to introduce Fascism to East Africa. This included a self-supporting empire that would not “trade with the dirty foreigner”.

    But his plans were short-lived. The Earl was found murdered in his car on January 24, 1941, on a country road outside Nairobi. It has been suggested that his death was carried out by the British secret services when his political activities became dangerous.

    One Hitler-admiring peer, the Duke of Buccleuch, was even close to King George VI as the Lord ­Steward of the Royal Household. He also accompanied Lord Brocket to celebrate the Fuhrer’s 50th birthday. It was a matter of personal delight to Hitler that the duke, a man who served in the very court of Britain’s Royal Family, was there .

    Buccleuch was opposed to any war with the Nazis and when it did break out in 1939, he joined the Peace Aims Group and urged a truce based on Germany keeping all the lands Hitler had stolen in Europe. Even after the bombing started, he continued to defend Hitler. He was a continuing embarrassment to the King.

  • lysias

    A convincing case that it was the Nazis who were really responsible for the Reichstag fire is made in the two books by Alexander Behar and Wilfried Kugel on the subject: Der Reichstagsbrand. Wie Geschichte gemacht wird (2001) and Der Reichstagsbrand: Geschichte einer Provokation (2013). A more recent book in English that espouses the same view is Burning the Reichstag: An Investigation into the Third Reich’s Enduring Mystery (2014), by Benjamin Carter Hett.

    The previous orthodox view, that the fire was the work of the lone nut Marinus van der Lubbe, seems to have been a product of Cold War thinking.

  • fedup

    FAO Craig,

    Was it you or the Mod who has deleted my comment?

    To find that my researched and sourced comment is deleted, whilst the proven racist and blackguard jemand’s comment is left in place, is puzzling?

  • Old Mark

    Of course other British aristocrats covetd Hitler and his murderous regime.

    Nice use of the AngloIrish gambit there RoS, given that the 2 aristos you go on to describe could legitimately be called Scottish as well as British (the Errolls being the hereditary chiefs of Clan Hay and the Buccleuch lineage stretching back to before Robert the Bruce). ‘British’ aristocrats in Wales,Scotland or (until very recently)even Ireland would invariably claim proudly to be both members of their ancestral nation and loyal servants of the British state.

    O/T 1- I was happy to see contributions on the previous thread from Clark; good to see that he’s got over the trough of despair that affected him so badly a week or two back

    O/T 2- It’s 2 days late, but happy birthday to Craig!

  • Richard

    Craig has it absolutely right in rejecting the blanket labeling of nationalists in ex-Soviet-Republics as fascists etc. Some are and some were. Under Nazi occupation of the Baltic States and Ukraine, many co-operated with Hitler’s armies because they saw the USSR as the greater enemy. Also, many supported and helped the Nazis because they were Nazis, and were very happy to get rid of Jews. Modern Russian imperialism makes use of this history to defame all these nationalists, though the genuine fascist element is very small relatively. (I was very chilled by a Russian Television “documentary” on modern Estonia, a country I do know and admire.) But it is necessary to say again: the well-worn road from the political Left to the extreme Right has a name, and the name is Nationalism. Anywhere.

  • craig Post author


    That was me. I don’t doubt your motive, but we don’t need long lists of racist quotes to show us that racists exist, thanks.

  • farrukh

    I hope the man who sticks his honourable member in the pig’s mouth does not try and close down my radical bookshop! If so I will serve him up with Caliph Baghdadi’s head who will no doubt savour the honourable member that Cameron has to offer.

  • Republicofscotland

    Oh, I do apologise Old Mark, that the aristocrats I mentioned aren’t Anglo enough for you, maybe this will suffice.

    Duke and Duchess of Windsor. He had abdicated as King Edward VIII in 1936 in order to marry the androgynous American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. They were later given the ducal titles .

    Their admiration for Hitler concerned the government, particularly after they were entertained by him on a visit in 1937.

    Even the Americans were alarmed – the FBI sent a memo to President Roosevelt ­stating that the duchess was “exceedingly pro-German in her sympathies and connections”. The Duke was given the wartime job of governor of the Bahamas and ­Roosevelt ordered the FBI to follow them when they visited the US.

    It was believed that Goering had concluded a deal with the Duke to install him on the throne after Germany had won the war. His court would, no doubt, have comprised many of those Anglo peers who had lauded Hitler so lavishly.

    Even Winston Churchill’s relatives couldn’t resist the pull of Fascism.

    One of the most notable figures was Lord Londonderry – Winston Churchill’s cousin and a member of one of the country’s wealthiest aristocratic families.

    The king called him “Charlie” and other members of the Royal Family were frequent guests at his London home, as were major political figures.

    He regularly visited Germany, met Hitler several times and even stayed with Goering at his hunting lodge. He was known in the press as “the Londonderry Herr” for his pro-German leanings.

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