The Rush to War 729

I have never ruled out the possibility that Russia is responsible for the attack in Salisbury, amongst other possibilities. But I do rule out the possibility that Assad is dropping chemical weapons in Ghouta. In this extraordinary war, where Saudi-funded jihadist head choppers have Israeli air support and US and UK military “advisers”, every time the Syrian army is about to take complete control of a major jihadist enclave, at the last moment when victory is in their grasp, the Syrian Army allegedly attacks children with chemical weapons, for no military reason at all. We have been fed this narrative again and again and again.

We then face a propaganda onslaught from neo-con politicians, think tanks and “charities” urging a great rain of Western bombs and missiles, and are accused of callousness towards suffering children if we demur. This despite the certain knowledge that Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had consequences which remain to this day utterly disastrous.

I fear that the massive orchestration of Russophobia over the last two years is intended to prepare public opinion for a wider military conflict centred on the Middle East, but likely to spread, and that we are approaching that endgame. The dislocation of the political and media class from the general population is such, that the levers for people of goodwill to prevent this are, as with Iraq, extremely few as politicians quake in the face of media jingoism. These feel like extremely dangerous times.

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729 thoughts on “The Rush to War

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  • Lez

    Keep on keeping on, Craig. We need your insight into this dangerously insane proxy war. This is no Cold War 2.0, this Cold War 1.x.

  • martin godden

    Regretfully I share your fear.I have been married for many years to a lovely Russian lady and obviously have close connections with Russia.
    I have watched with horror the growth of Russophobia over the last two to three years and the gradual understanding that this has been orchestrated to arrive at the point we are now at.Sadly those that are orchestrating events do not understand history nor the Russian psyche.
    I was a student during the Cuban missile crisis and feel that we are now approaching a similar if not worse situation and apart from a few small voices, there is no real media or political will to make this loud and clear to the masses.

  • Adrian Evitts

    Brilliant post, Craig, with thanks for talking such sense. I can’t help wondering if everything is brewing up for a biggy.

  • The OneEyedBuddha

    Interesting article on Bloomberg on the economic effect on Russia

    It was this bit that made me think

    “The turmoil comes less than two months after S&P Global Ratings reinstated Russia’s investment-grade standing, prompting massive inflows. But the tables turned against Russia quickly in recent weeks since the U.K. accused the country of poisoning an ex-spy on British soil. Britain and allies including the U.S. have expelled more than 150 Russian diplomats.

    It took the sanctions to really rattle investor confidence”

    So massive investment back into Russia has been stopped, however it took the sanctions threat for investors to stop. why didn’t they start backing out sooner when the story broke (you could have predicted that the fallout of this would be bad for their economy..

    always interesting to see what going on in the Markets at these times, sometimes there are truths hidingin the figures..

  • Charles

    Sorry to labour this but I think it is important to highlight when lies come to the surface or hidden things get unhidden.

    It appears Yulia (or whoever the female was) may have been taken to hospital in the helicopter but contamination was not a risk.

    G-WILTS now appears on tracker at 16:30 just south of Minety flies SW to Hullavintinton and then changes course to SE towards Salisbury at 16:35

    But now goes off the tracker at 16:45 in the middle of Salisbury Plain (Market Lavington / Imber / Tilshead)

    Previously a track has been recorded by Barden Gridge

    I haven’t a clue what they are hiding other than Yulia was taken to hospital in the helicopter, it flew there from Salisbury town centre where the Skripals were allegedly discovered on the bench.

    If so it was known then that contamination was not an issue or at least when the Military Grade Weaponised Novichok 10 Times Deadlier than VX Nerve Agent Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction was discovered to be the culprit.

    Otherise, as I say, I can’t think why information is being deleted

    • Charles

      Sorry again, when you go tp planefinder (first link above) use map zoom to UK, then just above Malmesbury in Wiltshire Then set clock to 4th March @16:25 and watch where G-WILTS didn’t go

      • Tony_0pmoc


        Interesting information. When I was flying, I don’t think I was tracked. Most of the time, I was not in controlled airspace, but Lasham was fun – its near Basingstoke…sometimes, I would be coming into land, and a massive Dan Air jet would beat me, cos it was there where they maintained them. I didn’t have an engine. They did. The military planes from RAF Farnborough were never a problem. They knew, there would be newbies like me about.

        Personally, I preferred Sutton Bank, even though the hang gliders sometimes got in the way.

        “Glider take off”


    • JakeMorris

      Operation Toxic Dagger took place somewhere on Salisbury Plain. Might be interesting to try and connect the dots here…

    • Barden Gridge

      The solid track for G-WLTS changes to a dotted line around West Lavington at 16:44.
      The time stamp for the dotted line (which leads all the way to the centre of Salisbury) is 17:14.
      I think this means that the last signal from G-WLTS was picked up at 16:44 and then nothing until 18:14 when it took off from Salisbury. I assume that the dotted line automatically fills in the gap between the two known points at 16:44 and 17:14.
      The missing half hour could hardly all be flying time if it was heading straight for Salisbury. I would guess 10 minutes flying time (from over West Lavington to Salisbury) and 20 minutes on the ground. But I suppose it could have gone anywhere if the tracking system was turned off.

      It is possible to change the background in to a GoogleEarth-type satellite photo view while superimposing the helicopter track on it. This may allow conclusions to be drawn about where it spent the missing 27 minutes (from 16:03 to 16:30) in the area of Minety.

      • Maureen

        Haven’t they now changed the story
        the helicopter wasn’t used
        The ambulance logs say that she was taken “fitting” at something like 4″44 to Salisbury hosp.
        I’d like to know more about the lady removed from the office above Zizzi’s at the same time and ambulanced off
        Was she just having a fit of the vapors at the rumour Russian spies were dining down below?

    • thewoodsbeyondthetrees

      I have been wondering if it would not have been more likely for the Skripals to have been taken to a military hospital, possibly Tidworth, which is about 15 miles north-east of Salisbury. It could be that, after an initial assessment at Salisbury hospital, they were then shipped off to a military establishment: there appear to be several in the south/.south-east.

    • Roman_D

      Thank you for sharing the link!
      I love this kind of intellectual people. No doubt he knows what he is talking about, and also trully humanistic view on things.

    • Peter N

      Thanks for the link. Informative on the Skripals certainly. And also very informative on the reasons for the wars in the M.E. Excellent video.

  • Dave G

    I think Russia needs to make sure that everyone knows that they will respond militarily to any attack on them or their allies. If they don’t, the neocons like Bolton will just keep pushing them and inventing reasons to attack them. At some point, Russia needs to say “Enough”, IMO.

  • alexei

    Just a question. Will Yulia be given NHS treatment for free? Or will she have to fork out tens of thousands of pounds like Albert Thompson?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The situation is extremely serious. What is likely to happen if a load of American ships, stuffed to the gills with hundreds of Cruise Missiles turn up just off the coast of Syria…and they are already on their way..

    Just gameplan this from a Russian point of view. If they wait for the missiles to fly, The Russian defenses will be overwhelmed.

    Putin has already stated quite clearly, more or less in these terms, that if you know a fight is completely inevitable “Sink The F’cking Lot Before They Get There”

    This will seriously annoy The Americans, and me. I have already booked the accomodation and flights to Cyprus.

    If they are going to have a war, can’t they please do it in The Atlantic – or preferably The Pacific. There is not that much water in The Mediterranean, and it will become dangerously radioactive. It’s already rather short of fish. There’s more in The North Sea.

    What are these people thinking? I have no idea what the dispute is about. We have only got one planet. Why can’t these people work together, peacefully.

    Why do they want to have a war?


    • Roman_D

      This is war of nerves so far.
      Next will a local missile exchange. And it’s no necesserialy has to get to nuclear weapons.
      I hope.

      • Radar O’Reilly

        Global navigation systems (GNSS) in the Syria region are being disturbed today, according to an NBC news report.

        Mild jamming started over Ghouta a few weeks ago, and intensified today.

        You can jam GPS (almost accidentally) with an old analogue SKY satellite dish, so it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world, overnight. But EW and presumably Counter-EW and Counter-Counter EW is getting warm. Let me know when the radars go to random monopulse, and the spoofing starts in earnest.

    • JakeMorris

      The small scale of the Russian operation in Syria is perhaps the best indication of Russia’s non-aggressive stance. Whenever USA and its “allies” attack a sovereign country, it’s usually dozens of warships, thousands of warplanes and tanks, hundreds of thousands of personnel on the ground (if there’s a ground invasion).
      Russia’s forces in Syria are minuscule in comparison, even though they’re there at the invitation of the government and have full local support. This was perhaps sufficient to push back ISIS, but seems to be woefully underpowered against a prospective Western strike force.

      Did Russia really hope the West would never challenge it militarily in Syria? Surely Moscow can’t be that naive?

    • nevermind

      Tony, I seriously recommend to re organise your hols to the Carribean, maybe Trinidad and Tobago, the Med is not a safe place, my mate in Crete is talking of people they have never seen, not tourists, not locals or Greeks, but fit looking foreigners who don’t talk much.

      he knows and has his ears to the ground. Yassus

  • Laguerre

    Given that the US has agreed with UK and France on a response to the so-called gas attacks, I expect there’ll be an assault tonight. If there isn’t, it’ll suggest there is some doubt somewhere.

  • Geoffrey

    I agree Craig. Very dangerous Times. I am in Kiev at the moment and there feels like a war frenzy is building up. Is this war or whatever it is called another front of the Syria war ? Certainly feels as if it could be.

    • TJ

      Because first it condemns something we don’t even know actually happened, i.e. a chemical attack by the Syrian government and second it will be politicized like the last UN one, OPCW are going to Douma so let them go and do their investigation.

    • JakeMorris

      Well, USA and its cronies voted down Russia’s resolution as well (which was supported by China and some other SC members).

      Both proposals apparently had a lot in common but differed on mechanisms of forming the investigative team and its reporting.

      Currently a third resolution is in the works it seems, as SC is adjourned for a while.

      • JakeMorris

        In fact the Russian proposal was one vote away from gaining majority (in which case it would have been vetoed by the Western permanent members, but still).

        I have to say there was extremely biting commentary from both UK and US ambassadors. They’ve fired such vicious broadsides at Russia that I thought they were going to declare unilateral action right at the meeting. However, it looks like one more attempt at finding compromise is being made.

        • Roman_D

          US seems to step back of their attack plan. There is a commentary from Macron that they do not plan to attack allies of Syria, and also take several days to announce the decision on further actions. I’ve seen this news in russian media, though cannot find the original at reuters website that is being referred to.

          • romar

            Macron says he will only attack “Syria’s chemical stockpiles.”
            I suppose he’ll bomb Syria State House and then say the stockpiles were under Assad’s bed…

        • N_

          A majority isn’t the bar though even with support from all five permanents. Nine votes are needed.

        • romar

          Announcements of attacking allies of Syria were of course empty talk. That’d be formally declaring war on Russia and Iran.
          However, Iranian and Russian soldiers stationed in all military significant facilities. Does it mean they’ll have to notify Russia and Iran which “Assad’s chemical weapons stockpiles” they intend to bomb?
          With a bit of luck, Russia’s combination of threats and diplomacy will so persuasive that they’ll end up bombing some desert shed to save face.

    • Tatyana

      If I understand it right, USA brought their own resolution for voting, it says the CW comission should not only investigate, but ‘take measures’ also. So I imagine it is supposed to be a military group mandated to find and to prosecute. Waffen SS looking for ‘partisanen’

  • Archie

    They’re all tiptoeing around. Who is so stupid they can be bounced into the first move? Choco and the ukies will step up to the plate

  • quasi_verbatim

    USS Donald Cook must be feeling lonely and vulnerable out there with ten days to go before the Harry S. Truman CBG heaves to.

    But not as lonely and vulnerable as Yulia Skripal, who needs a writ of habeas corpus.

  • niels

    To kill somewhat 70 people by chlorine there had to be enormous number of barrels containing liquid chlorine to be dropped in Douma, not just a single barrel allegedly dropped from a chopper.
    Here’s what known and udisputed as of now about confirmed use of chlorine as CW:

    ‘Chlorine gas was also used during the Iraq War in Anbar Province in 2007, with insurgents packing truck bombs with mortar shells and chlorine tanks. The attacks killed two people from the explosives and sickened more than 350. Most of the deaths were caused by the force of the explosions rather than the effects of chlorine since the toxic gas is readily dispersed and diluted in the atmosphere by the blast. In some bombings, over a hundred civilians were hospitalized due to breathing difficulties. The Iraqi authorities tightened security for elemental chlorine, which is essential for providing safe drinking water to the population’
    Have you noticed ‘killed two people’ by TRUCK BOMBS and chlorine TANKS, not by just a single barrel dropped?

    Gaseous chlorine is about 2.5 times heavier than air, it cannot kill anyone locate relatively high (standing) above the ground surface, chlorine tends to spread as a thin layer above the ground and under the layer of air (again it’s ‘heavier’). Initially (WWI) as a CW it was supposed to be used against entrenced troops (it fills trenches because, again, it’s about 2.5 times as heavier than air).
    So all 70 people allegedly killed in Douma were supposed to be lying on the ground or in lying on the floor in some type of ‘underground cells’. But, again – just a single barrel that was allegedly dropped from a Syrian chopper could not kill 70. Chlorine layer must cover huge surface areas and completely fill up some type of pits or trenches or underground cells.
    ‘On February 20, 2007 A bomb blew up a tanker carrying chlorine north of Baghdad, killing nine and emitting fumes that made 148 others ill, including 42 women and 52 children’
    A TANKER full of liquid chlorine, a tanker – not a single barrel, mind you, killed 9.

    Chlorine (in any form – solid, liquid or gaseous) is a bleaching agent.
    Watching those staged youtube videos of alleged chlorine attack have anyone noticed white or whitish or somewhat bleached spots on people’s dark (mostly black) clothing ? Nope.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ niels April 10, 2018 at 22:45
      Shoosh! We don’t want facts to get in the way of the Tory Government’s (and their ‘New Labour’ cronies) ambitions to kill yet more Syrians and to try to fulfil their ‘Regime Change’ ambitions, do we? Are you a Commie, already?

  • Buz

    Why did the SOHR report the bombing of 7th April at Douma without mentioning gas? the first item about gas is dated today but if someone had been to count the bodies you’d expect them to report gas.The SOHR has reported chlorine attacks previously elsewhere but not here.He may be exaggerating but says some of the deaths were from suffocation due to buildings collapsing as a result of heavy shelling. As an anti Syrian government activist you would expect him to blame chlorine gas if there was any.
    Presumably he gets his information from the rebels/terrorists and doesn’t simply make it all up.There was bombing and there were casualties.
    I do not believe gas was used for the reasons set out elsewhere on this blog but there must have been casualties that day (“collateral damage”) . I think another group of rebels, possibly wearing white hats, came on the scene and decided to make it look worse. The “decontamination” shown on every news prog is obviously fake.The “rebels” also may have also used the already dead and wounded at the scene to create more propaganda pictures .this is what he reported on 7 April
    “The trusted sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory of Rights that the number of injuries today has exceeds 500, including tens of children and tens of women, where more than 70 of them have suffered suffocation as a result of the demolition of home basements over them due to the heavy and intense shelling on the last area beyond the regime forces’ control in the Eastern Ghouta, which is the stronghold of Jaysh al-Islam, and the Syrian Observatory published hours ago that 11 people at least including 5 children had suffocated, after bombardment by a warplane on an area near the old cemetery at the northern outskirts of Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta.”
    its bad enough that dozens were killed but its important were not killed by gas as that is the red line.the Russians seem confidant that weapons inspectors will not find gas but they should be able to find the bodies if they get the opportunity.
    SOHR is at

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Buz April 10, 2018 at 23:02
      The Syrian Government and the Russians have given ample warnings that a CW ‘provocation’ was planned,, but no one wanted to know.
      Skripol, who previously sold his countrymen out (what we would call here base treachery), was living safe and sound here. His daughter had worked, apparently, for various US companies in Russia.
      Hmmmm, supposing, just supposing, such a traitor and his US-friendly daughter decided to go along with a False Flag hoax to demonise Putin, for a very handsome fee?
      So maybe the traitor and his daughter are still base traitors? Mucho dinero springs to mind.
      Selling one’s soul, and one’s country, is not a problem for some folks (like Bliar, May, Cameron, Thatcher , and peado murderer Heath).

  • Soothmoother

    Lewis and Falconer talk common sense on Newsnight. Especially well done to the Tory.

    BTW hundreds of thousands of people have died by the bullet, bomb, rocket, etc. A relatively small number of unconfirmed deaths by chemical weapons somehow justifies more hundreds of thousands of people dying by the bullet, bomb, rocket, etc.

    I can’t get my head around that.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Soothmoother April 10, 2018 at 23:07
      ‘..BTW hundreds of thousands of people have died by the bullet, bomb, rocket, etc. A relatively small number of unconfirmed deaths by chemical weapons somehow justifies more hundreds of thousands of people dying by the bullet, bomb, rocket, etc.
      I can’t get my head around that.’
      It’s real easy; False flag ops or hoaxes have been the favourite ‘casus belli’ for centuries, for the dominant powers to ‘justify’ wars of aggression and plunder. Really, really simple to understand.

      • N_

        They are making a big thing of the alleged use in Syria of chemical weapons – which I agree is a false flag if it happened – when many more people in Syria have been killed, including in comparably horrific fashion, as a result of the use of conventional arms. They are relying on people internalising the idea “Russia is animals, so the West should attack them” without asking what essentially is the difference in moral import between CW and conventional weapons, or asking any other question they “shouldn’t”. Compare with the Gleiwetz incident which triggered WW2 and which was also a false flag, but the main message was “Poland has attacked Germany” or rather “Poland keeps attacking Germany sneakily”. Much of the population is stupider now than then.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Did Jo Cox turn up? I am almost certain she is still alive. It was a psy op. Look at the timing. I wasn’t even there. I come back and see this. Normal people do not behave like this. In a performance at a funeral, it is rather important, to do a better job, trying to restrain yourself not to burst out laughing, especially when you are live on BBC TV. Mark Golding said he knew she was working for British Intelligence, and I trust him. She might be dead, but I suspect not. The timing was too quick.

      “Jo Cox: sister pays emotional tribute”


      • Pyotr Grozny

        I never went for conspiracy theories until now. A former friend saw them everywhere, from 7/7 to the death of Paul McCartney and my Russian wife subscribes to all the Russian theories but I was much too sensible, until now. The Skripal is an existential crisis for me, and I suspect for many other people too.
        And yes, one would hate to disrespect a murder victim and their relatives but I watched the clip and can we why some people think Jo Cox is still alive.

    • Sharp Ears

      Oh yes Falconer. So useful to Blair (his old flat mate) in subsuming a coronial inquest into the Hutton ‘Inquiry’ within hours of Dr Kelly’s unnatural death.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Someone somewhere mentioned this guy, so I bought his book.

    I would put it at number 3.

    It is not this guy – Stanley Green who we used to see a lot in London’s West End in the 1980’s. He simply got very old and eventually dropped dead. So far as I am aware, no one ever harmed him. He was just there.

    The current wordlwide negative PR re London and England is overwhelming, and some of it is true,

    How can I defend it, when we have got a complete and utter bunch of morons in control?


  • mike

    Well, it looks like the Empire of Death and Lies is serious, folks.

    We’ll find out what new kit the Russians have in about 48 hours.

    See you on the other side.

  • TerryinDorset

    I do not understand why they are seen on cctv having left ZIZZI but are found 5 – 10 minutes later in a collapsed state on a bench 200 yds away. Also how did the military grade poison get to them if it was on the father’s house door ?

    The police sergeant lives 1/2 miles away from me & the panto came to take his car away. Men in protective plastic fiddled about but firemen in ordinary uniforms
    stood 5 ft away…..I have a souvenir photo to prove it. Attending police were also unprotected.

    Teresa May has turned the UK into a joke

  • bj says:

    “Eurocontrol, an EU body responsible for handling air traffic over the continent, has issued a Rapid Alert Notification to flight operators in the eastern Mediterranean, warning them to be ready for NATO rocket launches into Syria.”

    This to me is testament to the fact that the so called allied countries are blethering, windbagging, idle chitchatting. “48 hours” has now become “72 hours”.
    They are daunted by Russia’s response, that is my take on this.

  • niels

    ‘Why did the SOHR report … The SOHR has reported … Syrian Observatory published … ‘

    The two-bedroom Coventry home of Syrian immigrant Rami Abdel Rahman has been the organization’s base and the source of information for major mainstream media on anything Syria-related … Nobody quite knows who Abdel Rahman has on the ground in Syria, but information just keeps flowing on and on, usually in a dramatic fashion and with little detail.

    Another mi6-financed fake creep who hasn’t been back to Syria since 2001 and who does his magical research and discovery straight from his 2-br appartment in Coventry

    Just like that creepy ex-lingerie salesman who miraculously turned into a ‘world leading weapon and aerospace expert’, what’s his name and name of that mi6 shill … copycat, boilingcat or something like that

    • Buz

      I am aware of that. My point is that even though he is a pro rebel propagandist he did not claim it was a chemical attack. If it had been he would have said so at the time. I assumed his first report was basically true and that some people were killed by conventional bombing not by poison gas. I suspect White Helmets came on the scene and used the dead and injured to make the whole scene appear even worse and added fake decontamination scenes. It was a last desperate attempt to draw in the US and others.
      Sorry I didn’t make that clear.


  • John Goss

    My press-release sources have just released two stories that, though geographically time zones apart, may not be unrelated. The US has engaged a notorious company to build prisons (for rendition?) in Syria. There is an ongoing attack on Donetsk for the last few hours. I recall when the shooting down of MH17 took place at almost the same moment in time Israel started its genocide of Palestinians in 2014. Here is Cage’s press release in full.

    “US ‘Guantanamoisation’ of Syrian prisons will lead to further violence and trauma: CAGE
    London – The United States is supporting a rebranded PKK, which is considered a “terrorist” organisation by the US itself, to build prisons in Syria where American officials are participating in the interrogation of prisoners.

    The funding and support for the building of what are essentially legal black holes where thousands are detained, is akin to the US management of prison camps in Iraq, such as Camp Bucca, that only intensified resentment, facilitated widespread mistreatment, and seeded the grievances which lead to the growth of IS.

    Furthermore, by the admission of American officials, the Syrian Democratic Front (SDF) is simply a cynical “rebrand” of the designated terrorist organisation, the PKK. The rebrand was urged by the US opportunistically in order to secure influence in the region through a proxy militia, despite the PKK being responsible for civilian killings, the drafting of child soldiers, as well as arbitrary arrest and detention.

    Moazzam Begg, outreach director for CAGE, said:

    “It is simply unacceptable that the US is allowed to continue the Guantanamoisation of prisons around the world. We must ask what legal safeguards are in place in Syria and whether prisoners are being tortured. Pertinently, why on earth is the US supporting a group designated as “terrorist” by not only most Western European nations but also the UN, NATO, Iran, Turkey and the USA itself?”

    “CAGE also demands answers as to what extent the British are involved in interrogations, and whether the UK government is also providing military support and funding to the Kurdish militia under the auspices of implementing ‘democracy’.”

    “Attempting to steer and control militias and their detention programme in a deeply divided and sectarian Syria which is still reeling under the blows of Russian, Syrian, Iranian and coalition bombardment, demonstrates the US’s inability to heed past lessons. Instead of traumatising the world again by investing in its failed prison programmes and outsourcing its dirty work, it would do better to take heed of repeating the same ‘unintended’ consequences that have reaped only further violence.”


    Patrick Lancaster an American living in Novorossiya, who’s funding has been stopped by banks and Paypal, writes.

    “Patrick John Lancaster
    2 hrs ·
    BREAKING NEWS: In center Donetsk hearing the sound of artillery for the last 5 hours. Hard to tell whats coming in or going out . Seems explosions on edge of city. (Near frontline)”

    Too tired to expand on these. Hope somebody else may do.

  • Sally

    ‘By chance’ re my comment previously

    From the Russian Embassy Q&A page. 10.04.2018 – Embassy Press Officer’s comment on new media reports on the version of Skripal’s poisoning….
    “The Embassy has taken note of British media reports that Russian citizens Sergey and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by a nerve agent in the form of a transparent and odourless gel which it said to have been smeared over the door handle “by Russian agents in broad daylight”. It was also said that “by chance” doctors with specialist chemical weapons training were on duty at the Salisbury hospital when the victims were admitted. This is yet another example of potentially vital information circulating in the media without the Russian side receiving anything from the British authorities through official channels. The Embassy sent today another Note Verbale with a request to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to confirm or deny the above-mentioned media reports.”

  • N_

    Has someone got links to today’s draft UNSC resolution by the US and the two by Russia? The BBC’s report is extremely biased and Reuters’ is not much better. The US draft is S/2018/321. The voting went +12-2=1 (vetoed by Russia, China abstained), +6-7=2, +5-4=6. Russia’s second resolution was based on an earlier draft by Sweden. Sweden abstained in the vote, but might the Swedish elite be getting cold feet about siding up with NATO in WW3? The country was after all neutral in both WW1 and WW2. (Source: RT.)

  • Tony_0pmoc

    There is something extremely strange going on now in 2018. It is not 1984, and it is not 1964. What’s Going On? This video has had 2,600,927 views and I have never before heard of Barry Mcguire, nor the bloke who wrote it P F Sloan. I personally blame The Americans, yet they seem to like this kind of thing. What’s wrong with them? Can you Please Behave.

    On recent performance, I think us British might get blamed, but it seems the Russians are looking at this, and we will merely get the fall out, which might be survivable.

    “Eve Of Destruction”


    • Dave54

      Just saw more footage of Douma “gas attack” on RT tonight…a stroke of luck! It showed a gas cannister dropped by assad had landed right on one of the kiddies beds duvets…Totally intact. Just incase our leaders ask awkward questions or think “fake news”…

    • Michael McNulty

      Barry McGuire is still on the folk circuit I believe, a singer and 12-string guitar player. He was the lead singer of the New Christie Minstrels and he’s the frontman singing their hit, ‘Three Wheels on My Wagon’. Along with Roger McGuinn of the Byrds he gets a mention in the song ‘Creeque Alley’ by the Mamas and Papas. (McGuinn and McGuire couldn’t get much higher, but that’s what they were aiming at.)

      Creeque Alley with a word from McGuire.

      McGuire on stage. ‘If I were a carpenter’.

  • ashley haworth-roberts

    I’ve been listening to you recently and I think you are a naive fool.

      • ashley haworth-roberts

        If fools should be in bed by now I assume you typed this using a hand-held device and were not sitting in front of a computer screen (as I am)?

        • Crackerjack

          Well done on the whole computer screen thing – you are clearly very proud – but my comment was related to your somewhat juvenile comment backed up by the square root of fuck all.

          Can I ask why you think someone (?) is a naive fool? I see now its to do with an airforce – please expand

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