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Two lines of questions are raised by these recent events. The one as pointed out by Clark above is that Russia is skeptical that this has actually taken place.

“Meanwhile, the Russian military has actually rejected Trump’s claim. Russia’s top military brass does not have reliable information on another operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi, the defense ministry’s spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. He pointed out that ‘yet another’ al-Baghdadi death had no impact on the situation in Syria since the Syrian army, supported by the Russian Aerospace Force, had defeated IS.

And also highlighted that even if true, this had only symbolic significance
Senior Researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Oriental Studies Boris Dolgov, in turn, told Nezavisimaya Gazeta that the IS leader’s death did not really matter to the group’s future. “Actually, it doesn’t exist anymore. As a military and political organization, the Islamic State has been destroyed both in Syria and Iraq. The units and sleeper cells that still remain don’t pose a threat as they are unlikely to revive IS. The killing of al-Baghdadi is more important as a symbol indicating the group’s defeat,” Dolgov explained.

The other questions being asked is what the hell was Baghdadi doing in Idlib which is infested with his arch enemies of Al Nusra Front

Another take is that this was a Turkish US collaboration to oil the deal for Turkey to invade Syria.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed a few kilometers away from Turkish border, in Turkish-influenced Idlib. Turkey was ISIS rat line for foreign jihadists for years.
Turkey might have traded Baghdadi to the US in exchange for being given the green light to attack northeast Syria.