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Paul Barbara

@ Clark March 3, 2020 at 22:22
Thanks for the link info, I’ll try it another time.
Re it being hard to direct a drone, don’t believe it. It is far easier than a novice pilot (one of whom a flying school even refused to hire a Cessna to, because he was so incompetent) flying a complex large passenger aircraft into the Twins and the Pentagon. All you need is to install a homing beacon in the target building, and the plane makes a B-line for the beacon once triggered to do so.
I repeatedly asked you to check out the video ‘Zero’, where the antics of the Patsy so-called ‘hijackers’ is shown to be so obviously arranged to make sure they are noticed, to set up a red-herring trail, the last thing real terrorists would want.
Then there is the ‘Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot’, ostensibly an anti-hijack system, but it can obviously be used to actually hijack an aircraft (like MH 370 almost certainly was). And the accuracy of drones has been all too clearly proven by the thousands of drone assassination missions (though unlike the Pentagon and Twin Towers, huge buildings, the assassination drones often hit the wrong targets (the targets being people, who are not generally sporting a homing beacon).