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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The wanton propaganda that forced the British public to believe in the corrupt Covert 2019 Rigged Election result, as a legitimate Tory ‘landslide victory’ as supposedly ‘borrowed votes’ accounted for the collapse of Labour’s Red Wall, remains unchallenged. Now with their Tory enabling Trojan Horse leading the ineffectual, hollowed out, ‘flopposition,’ the push poles are touting a modest Labour gain, in an effort to convince the public that a continued lurch to the right will insure potential electability in a fake ‘free and fair’ election in four years time. This is another ‘sunny uplands’ fantasy the Tories want us all to believe, while they steadily utilize the chaos of Covid 19 and a crash-out Brexit to solidify their Dictatorship as the sole enduring feature of British politics for the next three or four decades! We cannot afford to be so complacent, or keep ignoring the powerful warning signs, because Dictatorships really do take decades to remove. Forget a future fantasy election; we urgently need to protest loudly right now before it is too late.

Will the students conned into indebtedness, paying the highest tuition fees in the world, now trapped in costly halls accommodation by contractual obligation, forced to stay put while they settle for distance learning, have the courage to revolt over the relentless abuse of their rights? Few job prospects will remain for those who graduate, steeped in debt to take unpaid apprenticeships as a last option for talented youth trapped in the UK. Will the British people try desperately to emerge from the ongoing tyranny of this authoritarian Tory oppression and exploitation in thirty or forty years time by finding the courage to follow the example of modern day Belarus? This disaster must be derailed right now in the few months left before the brief window of opportunity slams shut; act now and we do not have to wait decades to assert or reclaim our rights. We need to organize that alternative ‘Sound off Saturday at Six’ protest from every home across the UK and relentlessly keep protesting loudly in solidarity until we: “Get the Tories Out!”

The Blairite Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh’s parting salvo on yesterday’s Politics Live was particularly vomit worthy; she made Brexiteer Baroness Fox sound courteously measured in contrast! She was determined to trash the remarkable legacy of Corbyn’s progressive politics in a way that I found so deeply offensive I was left raging at the screen. The powerful self-sabotage drive of the Labour Party by MPs like McDonagh that helped fuel the ‘fantisemitism’ smears to oust a hugely popular and iconic Labour Leader will be exposed if and when the SLAPP cases reveal the truth in Court: bring it on I say. Her toxic TV rant was a strong indication of the depths to which the Tories faithful Trojan horse is prepared to drag the Labour Party down with his vile ‘Starmite Marmite’ promotion of ‘Britain first’ patriotism. Do not allow the Captain of Capitulation, who lied and made false promises just to grab the Labour Leadership, to continue enabling the Tories unchallenged: Starmer must be challenged and removed to restore opposition.

There is no doubt that we are heading into a very dark period in UK history but, terrifying as it is to draw parallels with what occurred during the Nazis rise to power, we cannot afford to remain complacent about this serious threat to our democracy. Although my harping on about how the steps this Tory Government are taking demonstrate a strong move in the direction of authoritarian Fascist Dictatorship, I am not alone in drawing these logical conclusions. In the Daily GasLamp Post entitled, “Fear will unlock Fascism,” they say that the, “Conscious evolutionary entrepreneur and former Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’ Rachel Elnaugh speaks out about what she believes is currently unfolding, both in the UK and globally and her fears of the drift towards fascism.” An Explanatory Video is available on the Daily GasLamp where, as the mother of five boys, Elnaugh shares her fears for the future, urges us all to resist and not become paralyzed by fear.

The Daily GasLamp report that, “When asked about being a “Conscious evolutionary entrepreneur”, she is quoted as saying, “…capitalism is fundamentally about scarcity and really about putting money ahead of all other considerations. As we move into this new era, we’re seeing that businesses that aren’t just about profit but are also very much about people and about the planet are really coming to the fore… a much wider idea of success than just money. We’re seeing a massive change and we’re also starting to unravel some of the programmes of capitalism like scarcity. For example, with renewable energy, the sun never stops shining, the waves and the wind never stop. There’s so much natural resource to tap into that I think this deep programme of scarcity is being unravelled and uninstalled.” That all sounds really positive, but the wealthy, capitalist elite are not about to cede control without a fight.

The Daily GasLamp feature Rachel Elnaugh, “In her latest video, she warns that the establishment is using the covid-19 pandemic to attack people and the planet. She urged everyone to actively resist encroaching fascism. And the key was to resist being fearful. See her video below where she states:
• Covid-19 is a planned event
• The rich are behind this planning – including eugenicist Bill Gates.
• Fear is the key to ensure compliance and establishment of a Command & Control society
• It will be policed by digital signatures (administered by vacinne and nano-particles), high speed networks (that will sense you as you move) and drone policemen.
• Brexit and GE2019 was a PsyOps.”
(Read excellent GasLamp posts explaining Cummings’s PsyOps campaigns.)

The Daily GasLamp warn us that, “The Johnson Government is changing the law to allow unlicensed vaccines to be mandatorily administered to the population by untrained personnel with no liability on Big Pharma. This is discussed in detail in this video.” They have included an investigative video where they identify a proposal for ‘consultation’ that offered an extremely limited opportunity to submit input. Regarding scrutiny the documents presented tout a so called ‘independent body’ that turns out to be the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates foundation’ funded by, the Gates Foundation. In the race to production and profit, the Government intends to foist an unlicensed vaccine on the fearful and trusting public. Big Pharma will face zero liability for complications and unforeseen consequences caused by an unlicensed vaccine with the same liability exemption extended to untrained service personnel who will administer it, but watch the video…

In the same disturbing article the Daily GasLamp say, “Covid 19 is a Bioweapon.” The include another video featuring, “Spiro Skouras interviews the author of the US Biowarfare Act, Professor Francis Boyle, who confirms that covid-19 is a bioweapon (as discussed previously on the Daily Gaslamp) and uncovers four separate studies which he claims confirm as ‘smoking gun’ evidence the virus known as COVID19 was weaponized.” Even if you do not believe this ‘escaped from a Lab’ theory, the sheer proliferation of these dangerous Bioweapons Labs in the US and around the globe is terrifying. They point to the West African Ebola outbreak emanating from a US run Lab in that location, just as there was a similar Bioweapons Lab in Wuhan. The political cover for the existence of these Labs is supposedly to create defensive agents to neutralize or eradicate such weapons, but they are in fact developing high tech bioweapons.

The Daily GasLamp draws the following conclusions, “So picking up some threads…
• Brexit and GE2019 was a pysop
• No-one is discussing the origin of Covid-19. The best theory of its origin is Theory Number 4: The USA made it happen. Especially in relation to the agenda being pushed because of the exposure of the Gates-Epstien-Eugenics link. It was a planned event!
• Which puts more credit to the notion that Covid-19 was in any case Man-Made confirmed by bioweapons expert Professor Francis Boyle.
• Even if was “all natural”, it is still all a rich-man’s trick being exploited to further a eugenics agenda.
Resist and Don’t be fearful.”

A series of Byline Times Exclusives on “Sagegate,” peel open the lid on the can of worms that represent the SAGE Advisory Group Meetings with an in depth analysis of what exactly went on entitled, “How Government Neutered Science to Save the Economy and Chase the Ghost of Herd Immunity.” Arriving at some truly shocking revelations, “after a comprehensive investigation into five months of SAGE documents,” Nafeez Ahmed documents how, “The UK now finds itself in the worst of all worlds.” The catastrophic failures are laid bare, the dodgy agenda and malign influencers, Dominic Cummings and others are exposed and the horrendous results are plain for all to see. Ahmed reminds us that, “With nearly 70,000 excess deaths due to the Coronavirus, the country’s COVID-19 death rate has been the worst of all the G7 countries. Simultaneously, its economy is likely to suffer the worst economic damage of any developed country, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).”

The mayhem of failed strategy is far from over if we continue to allow this Tory Government, under the influence of Cummings, to complete their ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple!’ Ahmed asks, “How did we get here? To find out, I reviewed newly released documents from the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE) to see if they could explain the decision-making process that led the country into this dire state of affairs. What I found was some crucial failures – which have largely been ignored by the mainstream press. The minutes of SAGE meetings identify three fundamental breakdowns in the Government’s decision-making process which have yet to be rectified.”

Ahmed identified, “The first is an ideological obsession with protecting the economy at the cost of lives – rooted in an unswerving assumption that protecting public health automatically means putting the economy at risk. There has been a constant implicit concern that public health and economic prosperity operate at odds in some sort of zero-sum game. The second is a point-blank refusal to ever seriously consider trying to suppress the Coronavirus, which appeared to dovetail with the assumption that allowing it to run through the population would facilitate ‘herd immunity;’ despite not a shred of scientific evidence behind this idea. For months, the Government seemed ready to accept that at least 500,000 people could end up being killed as a result of this strategy, but was unwilling to reconsider its approach.”

Ahmed documented which of those crucial SAGE meetings were attended by, “The Prime Minister’s chief strategist, Dominic Cummings.” Of equal concern to us, “The third is an insistence on rushing to lift lockdown restrictions prematurely and haphazardly, against consistent scientific advice – a decision that seems to have been made with the input of the Treasury. Within just two weeks of restrictions being put in place, the Government began exerting pressure on SAGE to identify ways to lift them. Despite SAGE repeatedly warning that lifting restrictions too early without a robust test and trace programme would lead to a resurgent epidemic and renewed deaths, the Government went ahead and did so anyway.”

Ahmed claims that, “Not a single mainstream media outlet has investigated the SAGE documents in detail so the bigger picture of the Coronavirus crisis in the UK remains little understood. But an integrated analysis of the SAGE material dated from February to June throws unnerving new light on how a fatal cocktail of economic ideology; scientifically groundless speculations about herd immunity; and an arrogant failure to pay attention to successful best practice strategies around the world led to catastrophic outcomes.” Over the next few days I will feature each of the three segments on what transpired in these SAGE meetings and who was exerting unscientific influence and pressure on the conclusions drawn. At every stage the name of Dominic Cummings keeps popping up. Cummings remains the most dangerous influence on this Tory Government driving a wrecking ball through decades of civilised and rational conventions, ousting experienced Civil Servants, axing departments and driving failed policy decisions.

There is no question that Dominic Cummings was an inappropriate attendee forcing SAGE in the direction of accepting his warped eugenics pseudoscience ‘Herd Immunity’ agenda. Despite being found in contempt of Parliament and breaking a lockdown law he designed and put in place for others to abide by, Cummings has never been sanctioned or reprimanded by the PM. We must ask why he still remains in his unelected Chief Advisory post unchallenged? I firmly believe Cummings has serious Kompromat on the PM and the Tory Party with regard to the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and how the postal votes were stolen. I am sure that there are other potential Whistleblowers out there who could blow this whole case wide open, but Cummings has all the vital details that could force a full Investigation. Would the Herd Nerd ‘sing like a bird’ if he no longer had the power to control the PM and dictate to the country? I think he might… Cummings is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin! DO NOT MOVE ON!