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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The ‘Wild West’ stand–off continues as the US Election remains undecided with the counting continuing in several states despite Trump’s desperate attempts to end the process in realization that the numbers are moving in the wrong direction that will likely prevent him from remaining in power. The Democrats cannot possibly be thrilled with this result even if they manage to shoehorn their thoroughly unpopular Biden/Harris team into the White House. But they brought this dismal result on themselves, deliberately sabotaging Bernie Sanders and selecting the worst possible substitute to ditch voter priorities for Corporate cash. If Biden crawls over the finish line barely ahead of the most vilified President in US history he will do so with an albatross of shame hung around his neck, the US Senate controlled by the Republicans and the Supreme Court dominated by right wing Trump appointees. Biden is too flattered by the illusion of DNC support to realize he’s no more to them than a hopelessly inept temporary place-holder!

The DNC are looking straight past Biden’s pathetic grasp on reality, that’s dwindling by the day, and banking on their choice for VP who, despite ticking the right gender and ethnicity boxes, has still managed to gain their confidence based on her despicably harsh prosecution record. She has convinced them that they can rely on her to become the perfectly compliant neo-con stooge ready to replace Biden when they are ready to declare him unfit for office or if he should conveniently pop his clogs before they need to oust him. As is the case with other female leaders, ruthlessly ambitious and totally devoid of human empathy, just like the last DNC pick, Hilary Clinton, Harris can be persuaded to go to war when the Military Industrial Complex require a new ‘foreign intervention!’ She will be unflinching in her stubborn resistance to any increase in Social programs, even those that might benefit ethnic minorities or vulnerable women. Harris isn’t governed by conscience, sentimentality, justice or equality: she is determined to be number one!

The challenge from Bernie Sanders was seen off once again after humouring him for a while in the US Primaries; he can be relied upon as a useful generator of youth support and enthusiasm until it’s time for the DNC to take control of the voting just as they have done before. Bernie Sanders should have joined the Greens last time instead of trying to rescue DNC disaster candidate Hilary Clinton, but he fell for the exact same trick yet again with false promises of Presidential support for the progressive agenda that America is so desperate for. Just as this would never have materialized under Clinton it is just as doomed under Biden and Harris when she is shoved to the fore. The group of progressive young women now nicknamed “the Squad” remain an annoying embarrassment to the centrist Democrats, but just like Sanders they draw in young voters and idealistic minorities ready to get shafted by the DNC at the next election. Craig Murray was right to see both US candidates as equally toxic to genuine democracy!

In essence we have followed a very similar model here in the UK, suppressing the progressive Socialist candidate Jeremy Corbyn, who was such a popular and inspirational leader of the Labour Party that it was invigorated to become the largest Socialist Party in Europe. Now there will be a dramatic retraction as the now thoroughly discredited Labour Party shrivels down to become the Tory lite, weak centrist, non-alternative under the Captain of Capitulation Keir Starmer’s enabling opposition. The Tories faithful Trojan horse will relentlessly purge this disgusting incarnation of ‘New Labour’ of all the progressive left leaning MPs using the favoured weapon of fantisemitism to remove them from the Party. Despite a massive lurch to the right Starmer can expect little more than to enter an election as the ‘not as bad as Johnson/Cummings and the Tories’ option he thinks will be enough after five years more Tory austerity under some deceptive new name as they will undoubtedly continue their ‘Decimating Down’ agenda of exploitation.

This assumption that there will be a free and fair election after we have endured another four years of needless Tory misery, is in itself totally delusional. The Tory manifesto pledged to abolish the Fixed Term Parliament Act, but conveniently failed to elaborate on what might replace it. After the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, the stolen Tory majority in Parliament, now with a stranglehold on power, can vote to break the law or condone criminality exactly as they see fit! In order to retain the Tory whip, allegiance to our newly anointed Dictator must be absolute; Tory MPs are completely devoid of independent, conscientious decision making. The same Tory Government who ran into resistance proroguing Parliament for their own devious ends now seek to severely curtail the nuisance of Judicial Review and hand pick Justices who will support their agenda: what else did we expect from this new Tory Dictatorship? If any elections are allowed they will be purely cosmetic and timed to boost Tory support under a warped set of rules.

We cannot afford to ignore the troubling shifts in UK demographics and how the Tory Party is responding to such changes. You might have thought the Tories would want to continue protecting their most reliable voting demographic: the elderly. Sadly for those in this age range we are the most costly and consistent benefit recipients after paying into the system for decades. If you consider how Covid 19 has been appallingly mishandled it appears to represent the intentional annihilation of those unfortunate enough to be residing in care homes the ‘’holocaust in care’ in the UK. There has been an intentional extermination of the elderly and most vulnerable in general during the Covid crisis, a systematic cull that I call the ‘Slaughter if the Sheeple.’ This is the single strongest indicator that the Tory Party no longer needs their votes because they fully intend to rig the system. Yes but… surely you want to attract young, highly motivated voters from ethnically diverse communities? They too are surplus to requirement in a Dictatorship!

We must not allow fabricated accusations of fantisemitism to decimate the only significantly numerous opposition to the Tories in Parliament. This has been deliberately weaponized to eviscerate the progressive Labour Left through manipulation of the media on behalf of the Tory Party. There is no point transforming Labour into what the media insist will be a more electable political Party if there is no realistic prospect of a meaningful election possible for decades; it is far better to robustly challenge the Tories before they are able to solidify this coup. That starts with changing the narrative, calling out the ‘borrowed votes’ lie and the fake ‘landslide victory’ claimed by the Tory Party in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Unfortunately we do not yet have a champion Investigative reporter like Greg Palast actively working our case, but we must try to bring one onboard. Meanwhile we cannot give up ranting about the need for a full Investigation of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election to overturn this disastrous vote and oust the Tories. ;

The US Election has clearly shown that even in the largest and most respected democracy in the world, serious corruption is a distinct possibility; the stakes were a lot higher in America, but they were really considerable here given the chaos that this Tory Government has precipitated with crash-out Brexit. Undermining the commercial viability of the EU as a trading block is significant motivation for malign foreign entities to push the UK towards a catastrophic Brexit disaster. If the British public are too stupid to avert this disastrous act of self-harm we will suffer the consequences for decades. We can still derail this disaster, but the window of opportunity for acting decisively will soon close. The dire corruption we have witnessed in the US that removed the Presidential choice that would have restored equality and justice for ordinary American citizens should function as a wake-up call; we do not have to accept similar tyranny here. Biden will endorse more Corporate exploitation just as Starmer will promote here in the UK. DO NOT MOVE ON!