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In regard to death certification, as in the filling out of a death certificate and the actual certificate’s design, yes, the UK does follow the WHO classification system. What PHE is doing in collating their statistics has nothing to do with doctors filling out death certificates. It may be they want to collect “all fatalities in which a bus(coronavirus) was involved” from our earlier discussions and from those work out what is really going on as per Steph’s ideas. I don’t know Duck but it doesn’t relate to how death certificates are filled out by medics. As SA pointed out, PHE is not the only source for deaths related to coronavirus.
As far as I can tell, from their dash board website, they are reporting deaths within 28 days of positive test for coronavirus in their charts, two different charts one by date of registration of death and one by actual date of death (which appears to lag behind presumably because that is more difficult to collate, though why that is I don’t know because again presumably the date of death is also in the registration data). Again Carl Heneghan and CEBM have remarked on the difficulty with data back in April, so I don’t know how current that assessment remans.

Reconciling COVID-19 death data in the UK