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Today when I received an item I had bought online it came with a note from the seller begging for positive feedback – i.e. unpaid help with his advertising. That is not unusual but this was the first time I have had a communication which ended with the valediction “Stay Safe” followed by its author’s name.

Will this become the “new normal”? Mustn’t say “Regards” or “Take care” or “Best wishes” in writing, or “Bye” or “See you later” or “Cheers” in speech, but to be a good obedient citizen always make sure you say “Stay Safe”?

I could see it happening – a SARSCoV2-era update on “Heil Hitler”. Cops and all sorts of tinpots would love it. “Stay Safe” continues the alliteration too. Get an artist on the case to design a symbol for the initial letters?

Scottish nationalists could do a “Mc” version. After all, they organised a mass doorstep clapping event for their leader Nicola Sturgeon’s 50th birthday, subsequent to the Boris Johnson-led “clap-ins” for the Holy NHS. Perhaps “Stay Safe and Freedom Soon!” would fit the bill? “Tomorrow Belongs To Us” is too wordy.