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“Don’t say you are exercising when you are really socialising,” says “health” secretary Matt Hancock.

There’s no law forbidding socialising while exercising, any more than there’s a law forbidding resting on a bench because your exercise pattern goes Exertion-Rest-Exertion. But who cares about the law any more?

Want to exercise? Buy a gym membership and the rulers will tell you on your smartphone when the gym is open, and under what conditions you’re allowed to go there, and don’t think the cameras won’t be running. And forget about walking in the countryside. Unless you own it, of course.

Eleven months into fascism, the rulers really don’t like people socialising off-Apple and off-Google.

Is waving to somebody allowed, or is it a case of “That’s what enemy saboteurs WOULD claim they were doing”? I don’t ask that lightly. All it would take is a few bombs conveniently to explode, or just to be “found”, or a hostage-taking or crazed stabbing incident, and the “No Socialisation Where We Can’t See You” order will arrive like an arrow out of the blue.