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ET @14.36 What a rational, kind and well-considered response.

Re the 15-44 age group. Yes, it is clear to see that increase in excess deaths in this age range for 2020 in the ONS data, although 2019 was rather a lower than ‘normal’ year, the increase on 2018 was 3.2%, perhaps a little less than that when adjusted for age and population. One interesting thing I noticed is that age group seems to have taken rather a larger and longer hit in the annual blip normally associated with heatwaves in weeks 30-36 than other groups this year. This is apparent in the EUROMOMO graphs here
Other things of note are that, in europe as a whole, the excess deaths in the second wave are still only about 50% of those experienced in the first wave, and comparable to winter 2017/2018. Of course we are noowhere near the end of winter yet and I suspect the UK situation might be a little worse than europe as a whole right now.

Its good to keep scrutinising all the available info, and to look at things like different age groups and other illnesses, whatever one’s personal opinions are.