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Ginger Ninja

SA, I appreciate the reply.

And who’s going to rein them in? Who or what can rein in “the factions” etc.? The corrupt press? The suspect “justice” system led by Sir Starmer, Lord of integrity, leader of a non-opposition? The sometimes gullible, sometimes thoughtless but mostly twisted services and their attack dogs? The army of mercenary sneaks reading this post? Nobody, that’s who! Electronic surveillance has seen to that. Any protection that democracy once offered is gone. Far too many people operate in the shadows now – without really knowing who they’re working for – they’re like blind turkeys pressing the Christmas button in the dark.

I stand by the fact that the pandemic has been greatly exaggerated in order to profit the few while holding off many a revolution across the globe, with the added bonus of forcing an even more devilish tracking system on the public. I stand by the fact I say 9/11 was organised as a false-flag.